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Sarah Palin's speech in Wisconsin: Trig's pregnancy story (revised version)

Sarah Palin spoke yesterday in West Allis (Milwaukee County) having been invited by "Wisconsin Right For Life". Like in Sarah's speech in Evansville, Indiana in April 2009, it was again a speech which heavily featured one of Sarah's most favourite subjects to talk about: Trig. There were some revealing details which she gave yesterday. For the first time we received an insight into Sarah Palin's "revised pregnancy story" which she undoubtedly will present in greater detail in her upcoming book - because apparently she discovered that the "first story" contains some "holes", and now, in her mega-selling book, they need to be filled.

We have not only one, but two accounts about what was said yesterday in Wisconsin - we don't have the exact wording, because in typical Palin fashion, recordings were not permitted. The "Sarah Palin Truth Squad" has an impressive list of all the items which were not permitted to take into the venue - "transparency" has never been Sarah Palin's greatest virtue. I guess she will put out a facebook version soon!

What we have so far is a "long version" of the speech in Wisconsin as reported in Mudflats. In this version, the relevant parts about "The Trig story" are described as follows:

"Two years ago I had an ultra sound. I was 12 weeks along. The technician said she saw boy parts. I was like, yes, what could be better than a little baby boy? Then she said the baby’s neck was thicker than usual. I was like yes, that’s great. Then I thought, oh oh. I recall the fear, knowing what a thick neck may mean. More tests. My baby had Down Syndrome. What is amazing is who this child is. My family’s life is so much richer because of this beautiful baby boy named Trig. He’s awesome! Groups like this affirm the value of every life.

That is what I had to hold onto – that seed of faith—when I was afraid.

We know that 80-90% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted. They’re aborted because they live in a society of some people’s idea of perfection, not God’s.

Talks about Bristol and how she’s faced challenges as well, but chose life.

Today I thank God for all of these circumstances. I never thought I’d be asked to walk the walk. It took me a while to get there through my pregnancy. I asked God and I asked Todd, “Why us?” Todd said, “Why not us?”

I want to help you help people to be less afraid and make this world more welcoming for every baby."

The second, shorter account is from the Milwaukee publication JSOnline. In there, it says:

"Palin spoke movingly of her youngest son, Trig, who has Down syndrome. She recalled that when she was pregnant, she underwent an ultrasound and the technician told her, "I see boy parts."

Later, the technician told her that the baby's neck "is a little bit thicker," an indication that there might be an extra chromosome. A few days later, Down syndrome was confirmed.

"I was scared," Palin said, adding that she asked her husband, Todd, "Why us?" He responded, "Why not?"

"My family life is much richer thanks to this beautiful baby boy Trig," Palin said. "He is awesome."

So what is the problem here?

Well, the original pregnancy story read a bit differently, and there was an obvious need to "fill some gaps". That's what Sarah Palin now attempts to do, and we will certainly see this in its full glory in her new book.

Fortunately, we have a very detailed account of the "original version" of the pregnancy story, written by Lorenzo Benet in his biography "Trailblazer". Lorenzo Benet did not "make this up" - far from it. In the description of "Trailblazer", the following is reported:

"People magazine assistant editor Lorenzo Benet met with Sarah Palin and her family just weeks before the announcement that she would be the Republican vice-presidential nominee. He spoke in depth with Governor Palin; with her husband, Todd, the "First Dude," as he likes to call himself; with her children; and with other members of her extended family."

In "Trailblazer", starting on page 181, Benet said:

"Sarah kept mum about the pregnancy until October.

Todd had figured it out but was discreet enough not to say a word. When Sarah finally gave him the great news, she said with a shrug, "Life is full of surprises", she told People magazine. Todd was ecstatic. He had already wanted another son, friends said, and his oldest boy had just signed up for a stint in the Army, and the country was in the middle of a war. There was no telling what might happen if Track were called to serve in the theater, which he eventually was.

For the next five months, Todd and Sarah kept the pregnancy a secret. Any thoughts of breaking the news early to their kids were scuttled when Sarah learned her baby had Down syndrome after having amniocentesis at thirteen weeks. Todd was away working when her family doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, called with the news. Sarah drove over to Johnson's office, discussed the implications, and received some reading material on the disorder. Then she headed home to ponder her fate.

Over the next couple of days, she read everything she could on the disorder. (...) Some children cannot speak until age four, and half of the infants are born with a hole in the heart, as was the case with Trig. If the holes don't close, surgery is often required (Trig, fortunately, avoided surgery).

(...) There was never any question about keeping the baby, and Sarah explained later that the one reason she did amnio was simply to be prepared for any eventuality. It was time, she said, to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

When Todd returned from his trip, she broke the news to him gently during a quiet moment at home. Tears welling in her eyes, she said: "The good news is we have a boy. But we have a challenge." Unwavering in his support, Todd said: "Awesome! I am getting another boy."

It may not have been part of their plan, the couple believed, but certainly it was part of a greater plan. "Why not us?", Todd said. Sarah continued keeping her secret from the public and her children. Not discussing the pregnancy with her daughters, she felt, would shorten the process for them and spare them from unwanted attention. "I didn't want Alaskans to fear I would not be able to fulfil my duties", she told People."

Therefore, the "ultrasound story" which Sarah presented in Wisconsin is brand new. Doesn't it sound sooo much better now? Conveniently, we don't know the "exact" wording of what Sarah has said in Wisconsin.

Clearly, the account of Lorenzo Benet that "Sarah explained later that the one reason she did the amnio was simply to be prepared for any eventuality" doesn't go along at all with the version that Sarah presented in Wisconsin, because there she gave the impression that indications for Down syndrome had been discovered during an ultrasound and that further testing was basically a necessity back then.

But we have another "problem", and this doesn't directly result from her speech in Wisconsin, but from the speech that Sarah Palin gave in Indiana on April 16, 2009. Sarah said back then:

"I had found out that I was pregnant while out of state first, at an oil and gas conference. While out of state, there just for a fleeting moment, wow, I knew, nobody knows me here, nobody would ever know. I thought, wow, it is easy, could be easy to think, maybe, of trying to change the circumstances. No one would know. No one would ever know.

"Then when my amniocentesis results came back, showing what they called abnormalities. Oh, dear God, I knew, I had instantly an understanding for that fleeting moment why someone would believe it could seem possible to change those circumstances. Just make it all go away and get some normalcy back in life. Just take care of it. Because at the time only my doctor knew the results, Todd didn't even know. No one would know. But I would know. First, I thought how in the world could we manage a change of this magnitude. I was a very busy governor with four busy kids and a husband with a job hundreds of miles away up on the North Slope oil fields. And, oh, the criticism that I knew was coming. Plus, I was old . . .

"So we went through some things a year ago that now lets me understand a woman's, a girl's temptation to maybe try to make it all go away if she has been influenced by society to believe that she's not strong enough or smart enough or equipped enough or convenienced enough to make the choice to let the child live. I do understand what these women, what these girls go through in that thought process."

Wait a second!

In the "Trailblazer" book it was reported in great detail that Todd already knew about the pregnancy before the testing was done, However, in the speech in Indiana, Sarah gives the impression that "Todd didn't even know" - but what didn't he know about? The result of the amniocentesis or the fact that Sarah was pregnant? Well, her remark wouldn't make much sense if she was just talking about the fact that Down syndrome had been discovered, because when she first said in the speech "No one would know. No one would ever know" she clearly refers to the fact alone that she was pregnant. Therefore, when she said a few sentences later "Todd didn't even now. No one would know. No one would ever know" connects to her previous remark, and the only possible interpretation in my view is that she wanted to express there that Todd didn't know about the pregnancy when the amniocentesis was done.

Therefore one of the two versions has to be false. Which is fascinating, because it appears that Lorenzo Benet's account is based on what Sarah had told him herself in his capacity as journalist for People magazine.

I am curious to see what the full version in her book will be.

As usual, Sarah's advice "quit making things up" doesn't apply to herself. Sarah's pregnancy didn't happen. None of this did happen. It is made up. Sarah Palin is a liar, and not a very good one, either.

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan wrote a post about the same topic on his blog on Sunday, and I am very happy to say that Andrew not only picked up on the same points that I had mentioned here, but that he also linked to my post on Palingates.

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Anonymous said...

I had my first ultra sound at 10 weeks
Now this was 15 years ago and I think they are much clearer these days... but my baby looked like a lima bean with little sticks for arms and legs wiggling around

Baby part? Can you tell that early?
Thick neck?

So I googled.. I am guessing these are recent in technology as they wre the first hit to come up but look

That is the body at 12 weeks
The neck looks super thick.. well hello I think it is because the neck hasnt yet developed!

Neck is thick during a 12 week ultra sound.. good lawd woman

Am I missing something? Do babies have "necks" at 12 weeks gestation?

Anonymous said...

i posted above
Actually googling I found this so maybe they can tell that early

What is the purpose of my 12 week ultrasound pregnancy scan?
You will usually be offered an ultrasound scan at about 11 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. It's often called a dating scan because it's done to check how many weeks pregnant you are and estimate your expected due date. During this scan your baby can be screened for Down's syndrome.

How far you are into your pregnancy can be determined by measuring your baby's length from top of head to rump. This is called the crown-rump length (CRL). On average your baby is about 4 to 5 inches long at 11 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. Your baby's face is well formed and his or her eyelids are closed. Your baby can open and close his or her mouth and frown. The arms and legs are long and thin and the baby can make a fist and curl toes. Your baby's sex organs are developed but they are too small to see on the scan.

The amount of fluid present behind your baby's neck can be measured to assess the risk of Down's syndrome. This is called the nuchal translucency test. The more fluid present the greater the risk. People with Down's syndrome have an extra chromosome 21. They have physical and mental characteristics such as learning difficulties, common facial features and heart problems.

leu2500 said...

I had to google the "ultrasound revealed baby boy at 12 weeks" bit. Quick check finds that ultrasound can first detect sex between 16 & 20 weeks.

Yes, she's just making more sh** up. You betcha, also too.

Anonymous said...

It is possible for a good ultrasound technician to detect the sex of a fetus as early as eleven weeks, especially if it is a male.

172 women were all scanned transabdominally. Using a midline sagittal scan with the fetus supine and the spine parallel to the transducer face (sound lines perpendicular) ‘without extension of the spine or limbs’, angles were drawn on an image of the genital area with a line through the genital tubercle and another through the lumbosacral skin line. Male fetuses were characterised by an angle >300 (angle increases with age) and a females by parallel or convergent lines (angle <300). In other words, the phallus was vertical/cranially directed in males and caudally directed in females. At 12 weeks the accuracy of gender assignment was 98.7% and at 13 weeks the accuracy was 100%. There was incorrect assignment of males as females in 3% at 12 weeks and no females assigned as males after 12 weeks. The authors therefore conclude that ‘a final decision on invasive testing for sex-linked conditions should be undertaken only after 12 weeks of gestation’.

The Genital tubercle angle has now been increasingly used as an accurate method for diagnosing fetal gender at around 12-13 weeks during a scan for the Nuchal translucency.

NakedTruth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Virginia Voter said...

Wow, just wow...maybe this is why Sarah doesn't want media and all electronics at her speeches. Sarah, most people are told at a young age not to lie so can't keep lying to cover up the lies you already told...looks like you're caught in another one.

I can't wait for this media tour.

Sarah Palin lies as easily as most people breathe.

Dianne said...

Sarah didn't have an ultrasound because she wasn't pregnant. What it sounds like she has done is the same thing that some of the commentors above have done - a bit of research to "perfect" and "progress" her Trig story. She's a liar, liar, liar.

wv - puradis = pure unadulterated sh**.

Anonymous said...

1. Where did she have an ultrasound? the gov coming in for an ultrasound would have caused waves - even if it was supposed to be 'confidential'.
2. WHAT did Toddy know, and when did he know it?
3. If my hubby suspected I was knocked up, he'd say somthing! and not be 'descrete'. After all, he was a party in that, right?
4. She's 'old'. Bull crap. Many women have babies in their 40's.
6. Problem is, she was not preggies, and did not have the ultrasound.

NakedTruth said...


You are correct. I had some very early bleeding with my 2nd pregnancy and had to have an ultrasound around 12 weeks. After finding out all was well I asked the technician if she could confirm the sex that early in the pregnancy. She said yes and told me with confidence that I was having a boy. She was right and this was 9 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Amnio is not usually done at 13weeks. I think you have to wait until at least 15 weeks, which is why I did a CVS test which can be done at 11 weeks.

And it takes time to get results, at least a week and up to two weeks.

Anonymous said...

The FISH results can be given within days....those are the preliminary results and not the final ones.

Also, amniocentesis may be carried out earlier than 14 weeks but carries with it the risk of more dangers to the pregnancy.

That Anonymous Lurker said...

The whole Todd didn't know thing is just bizarre to me -- what 44 year old married woman who's already had 4 kids with this man, who is supposedly her "soul mate" and best friend, and by all accounts constantly with her even at work, does not tell him she's pregnant with their 5th child? Even if she didn't tell him, my husband could tell about the time that I could -- before I'd missed. Who in the world attempts to wait to inform their spouse of something so life altering as another child? What possible reason would she have for doing so?
Why am I trying to make sense of anything the Palins do or say they did?

Anonymous said...

Light bulb moment for me. There is some truth to all of this. Sarah was indeed pregnant with a 5th child. She not only thought of having an abortion, she HAD an abortion. Then she heard rumblings of being on the short list for VP. She knew she would be blacklisted forever if it ever came out that she had an abortion. She faked the pregnancy, and had a Downs Syndrome child...just like the one she aborted. Where that baby came from is anyones guess.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I became interested in the Babygate saga last September when I read in People Magazine that she found out she was carrying a DS baby via amniocentesis at 13 weeks...

That set of alarm bells for me because I've had two babies over age 35 and I know that amnio isn't performed until 16-20 weeks.

I wonder if someone clued her in to this because now she is saying that she had the Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound, which indeed is performed bet. 11-13 weeks.

As for finding out the sex at 12 weeks: it's possible for a technician to detect a penis on an early scan, but in general, gender is not revealed/speculated on that early--you find out the sex at another ultrasound at around 20 weeks.

Anonymous said...

anon 16:29
This would be why she can so easily get in all teary mode when talking about Trig
She is digging into a "real" memory


If she were so teary eyed over Trig she would half show it .. she didnt even hold him for his first photo op... and she Pinched ! his cheek! like he was a little puppy

midnightcajun said...

There is another discrepancy. Here she says she read up on DS. In another talk (can't remember which one) she said she didn't know what to expect because she couldn't bring herself to read about it.

And I'm with those who think it's beyond weird that she didn't tell the Dud. What's even weirder is that she admits publicly that she didn't tell him, which is like standing on a rooftop and screaming, "I have a TERRIBLE marriage!" Even if it were true, why admit it?

The answer may be that the Dud is clueless about all this, too. We've been told by Levi that they are not intimidate; Todd probably never sees her naked, never really hugs her. All it would take is for Sarah to seduce him once at the 9 months before the mid-May fake due date. the guy isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this be like a Sept.11th moment for a woman?

As in she would remember this vividly minute by minute?

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time poster.

I see no problem with the "boy parts" section of this particular version of the story. My son's boy parts were detected during his nuchal translucency scan, at around 13 weeks. Even I could see his penis plain as day.

But the "thick neck" part of the story sounds quite suspicious to me. The nuchal translucency scan does include a neck measurement. Certainly an U/S technician would know better than I, but I believe the neck wouldn't look visibly "thick." Rather, the measurement of the neck combined with the blood test can be used to indicate a likelihood of downs (NOT diagnosis - my understanding is that only genetic testing through CVS or amnio can provide a firm diagnosis). The point is that I don't believe the neck would look substantially different. Only a precise measurement would indicate a higher than expected degree of thickness.

One might erroneously piece together bits and pieces information gleaned from a cursory amount of research, and make the leap from a "thick" measurement on the nuchal being a possible indicator of downs to thinking the neck might appear visibly thick to an U/C technician. My understanding is that this isn't something you can just eyeball (and again, any U/S technicians out there, please correct me if I'm wrong).

Anonymous said...

Sarah has several versions of telling the kids that she was selected to be McCain's VP choice, everything from their not knowing and being on a mysterious plane ride to taking a family vote.

It is truly going to be a field day when "Going Rogue" comes out and we get to match another printed version of Sarah's famsous stories with what is already out there. Factcheckers will have such fun with the Wild Ride, The Family Vote (Hell Yeah), and When I Told Todd. The good thing about telling the truth is that you don't have to remember what you said the last time.

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia:
Amniocentesis is most safely performed after the 14th-16th week of pregnancy; performing this test early can lead to injury to the baby's limbs.
Even with nuchal fold thickening, why would you risk amnio at 13 weeks? It makes no sense.

mxm said...

It seems from the research done by posters that the ultrasound statements by SP are not illogical.

What and when Todd knew or suspected anything and all that other nonsense is classic SP confabulation.

The scenario as SP tells it is that she has a 12 week ultrasound with abnormal findings and pursues an amnio the next week for confirmatory reasons.

I fully understand the reason for an amnio. Having confirmation could be extremely useful in managing a high risk situation for the remainder of the pregnancy and to help the parents become as informed and ready to devote themselves to assuring the infant has the best chances possible to thrive and reach his full potential.

This is what I do not understand. Pursuing this amnio at 13 weeks may be an attempt at a fundie abortion. What MD, in their right mind, would perform an amnio at 13 weeks? For this reason????

There are other confirmatory tests that are fairly accurate and much lower risk that would provide confirmation to a high degree of accuracy. I can understand that a mother would need some immediate corroboration.

Obstetricians specializing in high risk pregnancy --- does anyone know if they will perform an amnio at 13 weeks for this purpose? Hard to believe that CBJ would ever perform an amnio, so she must have referred SP to a specialist.

The only conclusions that I can draw from the new revelations and the previous stories is:

1) if sequence and timing of medical procedures is true (regardless of who it happened to SP, BP or ??), it may have been an attempt at fundie abortion

2) all the rest is just the same old same old "makin stuff up"

Anonymous said...

The Moosiah has spoken...

and it is just another version of her other lies.

emrysa said...

great post, thanks for putting it all in one place.

I'm sure that over the next 2 years we're going to hear additional alternative versions of how sarah found out this baby had ds.

she can't keep her lies straight. sad that there are some in this country who can't see the obvious.

Anonymous said...

your website needs alot of work. its horrible. the layout is terrible. why would i believe anything you say when this is how you present it??? horrible.

mxm said...

Another thought on amnio procedures and risks. Does it stand to reason that if SP remained 'svelte' until month 7-8, then at 13 weeks she must have not had any baby bump at all? Does this add greater risk or challenge in performing an amnio?

Of course, and for the record, I do not believe any of the tale is SP's own experience. The earlier poster who said that SP did her research to put a coherent story together is probably right on the mark. She got the medical and technical stuff organized (minus the risk taking rationale), but she still falls short on the rest of the storyline.

emrysa said...

"As usual, Sarah's advice "quit making things up" doesn't apply to herself."

One thing I have noticed about palin - she is the biggest, and I mean biggest, projector I have ever seen. 1/2 of this woman's statements could be applied to herself. I wonder if, in her obvious deranged mental condition, she subconsciously is actually talking to herself when she says these things. personality #2 lecturing/scolding personality #1. I have never seen someone project this frequently in my entire life.

Anonymous said...

@18:16. Your grammar needs a lot of work. It's horrible. Your punctuation is terrible. Why would I believe anything you say when this is how you present it? Horrible.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing the phrase "nuchal fold" to those of us who had our babies less recently. The idea of an ultrasound tech revealing (for the first time) either "boy parts" or a "thick neck" doesn't ring true with me. The techs I've met are mute as turnips until the doctor reviews the scan!

Also, midnightcajun, again, you made me laugh hard, with $P's non-disclosure revisionist disclosure actually disclosing that she has "A TERRIBLE MARRIAGE!" No morning sickness? No first-trimester drowsiness? Of course not, because $P was never pregnant... with TriG, at least!

Even without the Internet, the multiple tales told differently eventually would have tripped up $P.

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Anonymous said...

I also don't understand why she would immediately get an amnio. The only reason would be if she was considering having an abortion (you'd want to find out as soon as possible).

People who have amnios only to be informed and prepared (not because they would consider terminating) don't do it early when the risk is greater. They wait until the normal window.

If her doctor is a fundie as well, why would she agree to this extra-risky procedure?

Anonymous said...

I am finding new respect for Richard Henne. He gathered his family together on CNN to discuss their "wild ride."

It will never happen with Sarah Palin. Hence, she can have many versions and change Todd and everyone's parts.

hmmm... If this was another governor, and there was circumstantial and some photographic evidence of having committed a major fraud, at no time the accumulation would ever be enough to start a fraud investigation? A governor where it was suspected children were being used to perpetrate lies and crime.

Our justice and electoral systems have major flaws that work against citizens. The whole religious, leave children and family alone, she's a woman and childbirth thing works as a shield. It is territory that no media or law dares explore.

Suspected fraud and child abuse of another sort could and would be investigated.

Anonymous said...

So... let's see. Sarah didn't think she had ever even SEEN a Down Syndrome child, right? She said that at the Special Olympic thing or something? She didn't know what to expect with a DS child, and we all wondered how this could be, because they're not that uncommon.

Yet, when she had an ultrasound, she realized immediately what a "thick neck" might mean?

Mind you, this is the woman who DOESN'T READ. She goes by her gut. So... a thickened neck is just something she picked up from casual conversation? I don't think so.

Plus, what is up with that technician talking? Technicians don't do that. They say boy or girl. I think most OBs would be really irritated if a technician said anything besides, "looks like a boy. The doctor will give you the results." Technicians aren't educated to diagnose and those that aren't stupid know that giving more information is just going to get them into trouble.

Nope, she's lying again. She had to, because she wasn't pregnant with Trig. And what happened to that story about thinking, she's out of town, nobody would ever know if she didn't have a baby? Is she trying to say that later she thought about having an abortion but when she first realized this could be a DS baby it didn't cross her mind? That makes no sense. One's first impulse would be to consider an abortion, and once the diagnosis was confirmed, THEN make a decision.

The woman is not only a liar, she's really a stupid liar.


Anonymous said...

Regina, I for one like the layout, the pigs, the large font, don't change a thing! This is probably the same person the other day who thought your background color should be changed.

@18:16...If you don't like the layout , no one is forcing you to come here to read. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. 18:16 is a "concern troll."

Anonymous said...

$arah, $arah, $arah....Sweetie, you need to keep better track of your lies.

I think it is not looking good for Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson who ordered an amnio at 13 weeks. Reckless and makes no sense Not surprising. At the end of the pregnancy, she did not tell Palin to go to an emergency room when her water broke.

This is nothing but a bunch of LIARS.

You can bet every word in "Going Rogue" will be checked against other printed reports, $arah.

Forever Anonymous said...

Abortion is Sarah's Achilles'heel. she just can't run from it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the lack of vetting for GOING ROGUE (due to its weird RUSH to release) will be a problem for HarperCollins. Did no one check the various versions of the birth stories already out there?

baffled said...

I am baffled with SP. Didn't the family, including Todd, learn the new baby was DS when Willow noticed his hands (something like that?).

Patrick said...

Anon 18:16

You made me laugh. Thank you.

Patrick said...

Anon 18:15


Love it!

Anonymous said...

With my second I had an amnio scheduled with a PERINATOLOGIST at 14 weeks (FP's don't do amnios).

Unfortunately we were unable to do the amnio since at 14 weeks my membranes weren't fused, a COMMON problem for amnios done under 16 weeks. That means the perinatologist has to poke through 2 layers, not one, and increases the risk of complications.

It's HIGHLY unlikely Sarah had a successful amnio at 13 weeks.

Sex was easy for the perinatologist to determine at 14 weeks. It was a boy.

Anonymous said...

Because this pregnancy did NOT happen to her, Sarah has all these cute little stories about how it could have been. They all could have happened, but didn't. She embellishes too much and changes the story every time she thinks of a better one.

I think she gets this confabulation ability naturally from her father. What a dubious gift!


Anonymous said...

Maybe they were both preg., Sarah got an abortion and then covered for Bristol? She didn't tell anyone about being preg. not even Todd, may not have been his. Maybe the tests on Bristol were actually for Alcohol Syndrome, since all the parting was going on. Maybe Bristol baby wasn't expected to live, but did and the coverup started. Sadie with the skinny baby and couple months later Sarah with the chubby baby? I think Levi was led to believe he was the father of Bristol's 1st baby.

Anonymous said...

I agree with baffled. There was an early version of the Trig story where it was Willow who had just been learning about Down Syndrome in school (what a coincidence!) and noticed that newborn Trig had the same traits. What a scientist! Sarah said that she didn't know what to expect, yet in this latest speech, she was studying all about Down Syndrome ahead of time.

I also remember that Sarah said that Trig was perfect. That is not a word that I would use considering that he was going to require extra care and therapy.

Anonymous said...


I do remember something from awhile ago where Willow was supposed to have made a bedside diagnosis. I remember a lot of the comments along the lines of that she should be attending Harvard with those kinds of skills.

Achilles'heel said...

Okey, the rogue's book of lies will be out in a few weeks. The old lies are documented. That will fly over the heads of her small radical base. What about the rest of the world? The GOP needs her "viagra" so desperately they will remain complicit with this fraud?

wayofpeace lays it out..."my take on SP's political future: SP's political future"

I now question if the GOP will expose her. I don't see another VP run in her future. It is a matter of time and her game will be up. How much will be exposed? She and the GOP would benefit if they pretend (back room negotiations and quid pro quo) she was a viable contender but at some point she quits. They don't have to have a major GOP blow up. She spends months pretending to run and collecting money only to do a "gracious" exit and "unify" the party by giving her radicals to Huck or whoever.

@ Forever Anon, Abortion is Sarah's Achilles'heel.
She can't escape her accomplices (unwitting or not). Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, Todd, Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, Levi and unknowns. Church, hospital and Rep Carl Gatto? Others?

Jess Wonderin said...

Valued researchers:

With your knowledge of Sarah's schedule and travel requisitions, do you know where SP was at the 12 week mark of her alleged pregnancy?

It would be interesting to know. Was this the NYC visit, perhaps, also, too, where she progressed her knowledge?

Anonymous said...


I'm not trying to be argumentative, but I don't agree with your assessment that a technician doesn't provide info re: sex of the baby. With both my pregnancies, it was ALWAYS the technician who let us know. They kept reconfirming it - yup, boy. Yup, boy. I guess my doc said something about it too, but really just confirming what the tech found, and it's really not difficult for a layperson to see either, especially with a boy -- circle obvious image of penis on screen and type "boy."

However, I do agree that the technician is less likely to mention something like nuchal fold thickness (which, incidentally, I still think you wouldn't just notice from a passing glance at the scan - you'd need to zero in on the nuchal fold and actually measure it... and from my experience, this measurement isn't part of a standard ultrasound, but is a special ultrasound performed as part of the nuchal translucency test, which is specifically designed to be an early test for birth defects).

Anyway, I'm pretty sure you'd have to be looking for it in order to find it, which is why I find this part of the story highly suspect.

KaJo said...

Mrs. TBB (your comment @ 18:26 re: "...either "boy parts" or a "thick neck" doesn't ring true with me. The techs I've met are mute as turnips until the doctor reviews the scan!")

So true! I know a lot of us have had various x-rays, ultrasounds, mammograms, etc. -- and in NONE of those exams will the tech actually doing the procedure say anything about the results IF THEY'RE ANYTHING BUT BLESSEDLY NORMAL...and even then, if all looks "normal", most are cautious about what they say, if they say anything at all.

My experience has been, even back in the days before HIPAA, that not only will the tech not say anything, she/he will say a definitive report won't be available until the specialist/radiologist reviews the scan/x-ray etc., and dictates his report.

Then the report goes to your personal health care provider (doctor, nurse practitioner), who THEN either calls you and reports the good news, or calls you to make an appointment to discuss the not-normal news.

SP is so full of sh!t. And her devoted followers are so stupid, they believe anything she says, even if it's so far beyond the pale of proper HIPAA restrictions and medical care, that the tech who administered her alleged ultrasound should be fired, and prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, Jesus didn't preach against abortion. Abortion has been practiced for thousands of years. At the time of the roman empire infanticide was practiced -- when Jesus was alive -- and it was common practice to kill a baby born as either an "idiot" or a "monster," in the terminology of that time.

Abortion is legal here. Very few, if any, claim to have been forced to have an abortion; it is more likely that there are women who have been coerced into not having an abortion. The point is, people now have a choice, legally, but Sarah Palin wants to prevent people from having that choice.

Why isn't she working for a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion? Could it be that she doesn't want to lose an issue that she uses to divide people with and she uses to raise funds with?

Anonymous said...

Y'all don' wanna ride a dinosaur in Sarah's themepark? Yeehaw! It'll be alright, at the intersection of Sarah Palin's Real America and Glenn Beck's White Culture!

Anonymous said...

eventually it will all come out and be a noose around her throat.

Hope that happens sooner than later, but eventually it will all spill out.

Look at the Carrie prjeans sex tape. It seems these types with their ultra hypocritical stance are flawed. She obviously simply didn't believe anyone would dare bring it up. No one wants to buy it, though it was out there for months.

Ditto S'arahs faKed pregnancy, Until it is proven and irrefutable the press will ignor it.

Not that there aren't genuine people, but the ones who go the public route seem to have feet of clay.

Palin can't resist embellishing, doesn't seem to understand people are keeping track of her lies.

Anonymous said...

I've been to a doctor and had vital signs done by a nurse before seeing the doctor. When I asked the nurse whether the b.p. was normal, she would only state the number and said that I should ask the doctor about it. The issue is that only certain people are considered to be qualified under the law to offer a diagnosis/prognois.

An ultrasound tech. is trained to operate the equipment and collect the data the doctor has ordered .. nothing else.

Anonymous said...

The deception starts with " I am a Christian leader" all down hill from there

Anonymous said...

anon of 2024 .. Yes! When she was elected mayor, she told a guy that she was the first Christian mayor of Wasilla. He said, "Oh, really?"

Techgnome said...

This story only makes sense if abortion is an option. At 12 weeks you're talking about a fetus that's about 2.5 inches long and weighing less than an ounce. An ultrasound would be a very unreliable indication of Down Syndrome at this point and you have plenty of time to monitor the fetus without the addition risk of amniocentesis.
From the Wiki: Amniocentesis is most safely performed after the 14th-16th week of pregnancy; performing this test early can lead to injury to the baby's limbs. Although the procedure is routine, possible complications include infection of the amniotic sac from the needle, and failure of the puncture to heal properly, which can result in leakage or infection. Serious complications can result in miscarriage. Other possible complications include preterm labor and delivery, respiratory distress, postural deformities, fetal trauma and alloimmunisation (rhesus disease). Studies from the 1970s originally estimated the risk of amniocentesis-related miscarriage at around 1 in 200 (0.5%).[2] A more recent study (2006) has indicated this may actually be much lower, perhaps as low as 1 in 1,600 (0.06%).[2] In contrast, the risk of miscarriage from chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is believed to be approximately 1 in 100, although CVS may be done up to four weeks earlier, and may be preferable if the possibility of genetic defects is thought to be higher.

It's not something you do out of idle curiosity at 12 weeks.

sane said...

Man, how pathetic are you people. Palin has got you all by the balls and there is nothing you can do about it.

nswfm CA said...

Haven't read all the comments, but if someone hasn't suggested it, you should do a side by side comparison of this in a "spreadsheet" with the links to the sources, kind of like the pregnancy photos and the dates that were so effective.

Forever Anonymous said...

Bristol was pregnant twice, she chose life, she has one son.

It makes sense she is not actively speaking for The Candie's foundation, because while she could still advocate for abstinence, it would be painful to talk about her experience.

It is painful to write this, but one must still emotions to reach Sara's way of thinking and not get distracted by her fabrications.

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

from ocean of urine......anybody have a link for this? Is Meg or Harper releasing pre-recorded info? so Scarah won't have to do the talk show circuit? thoughts anyone?

"BIO channel is having a half hour special on be aired.. well right now and again at Midnight MST!"

Patrick said...

One of our faithful readers just sent me the link to a Palinbot's website - she was in Wisconsin and had listened to Sarah's speech.

What I found really interesting is this paragraph:

"I gotta tell ya, the place went absolutely insane. I've never seen her in person before. My first thought was, "Oh, my goodness, she's short!" (Not like, tiny short, but short, nonetheless). My next thoughts were somewhere along the line of "I can't believe she's right there! I can't believe she's right there!....." You get the idea."

---> When I read this, I remembered the discussion we had here recently about Sarah's height, and where is "baby were supposed to go" when Sarah was pregnant. Sarah apparently is only 5'3", so no wonder that this supporter was surprised.

Also, a nice tidbit here:

"The theme of her speech seemed to be Truth. She kept coming back to that word."

TRUTH AND SARAH PALIN! That's like chalk and cheese!

I sometimes wonder: Will these Palinbots feel really stupid when the truth comes out, our will they just move on to the next crazy politician?

Sarah’s Wisconsin speech described by a Palinbot

Patrick said...

Just picked up on twitter:

"husband thinks Sarah Palin's book title (Going Rogue) sounds like she isn't wearing underpants"

fluffer nutter palin said...

Re: Todd in the know ... I remember reading somewhere a quote from Todd that he wasn't told about the pregnancy until November ( at the time I thought they were referring to Bristol in the article which made no sense since the whole world was told in Sept) however when I tried to find the article again --- poof. But the Indiana speech seems to fall in line with that premise.

kassie said...

To Anon @ 19:55 My daughter was born 3/31/08 and while the technician most likely Can tell what gender the baby is mine told me they are not supposed to tell the patient until the info is Verified by the doctor.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, the Palin's may not wear underwear. When the clothes had to be returned to the RNC, Chuck mentioned that Sarah was going crazy trying to find things and said, "the kids lose their underwear."

(I have doubts whether all the clothes were returned. There is one jacket she wore while campaigning that she also wore in an appearance campaigning for Chambliss, after the pres. election)

Anonymous said...

So, $arah was distressed during her speech about the new gold coin where "In God We Trust" was moved way over to the side...implying OBAMA had something to do with this. In fact Congress voted on this coin in 2005 under President BUSH. your homework, sweetie. You cannot continue to re-write history. We are all watching now. Sherlock

gigi21 said...

I think scarah has realized that the base does NOT like the idea of an early AMNIO at all - it is a BIG NO-NO in their world (big threat to the fetus) - so now, therefore, also, too, she is saying ultrasound to describe the process. Do I have that right? I am thinking the "amnio" word will not be used again. Too late scarah.

Simba said...

I think the poster who suggested that a side by side review of the ex-half term govenor's schedule during the time she states she was twelve weeks and at a doctor's office.

Might be very interesting, no? Also, too, when she states she was out of town and considering going rogue with her pregancy and aborting the fetus. Maybe she tripped up on the dates.

Anonymous said...

She's short. Yeah. That's why her HS basketball stories are soooo good.

Anonymous said...

"Sane" your real name Meg S., Melissa S., Christine M., Chuckie H., Kristan C. Todd P, or Ivey F.? Just askin'......


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the true pro-lifers don't get amnio because they are committed to accepting and loving the baby no matter what. They don't even care about the baby's sex and are happy to be surprised by God's gift when the baby is born.

Anonymous said...

For those of you keeping the timeline....figure out where Palin was supposedly at during her 12th week of pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

The reason the stories are inconsistent is that the basic story isn't true. She is concerned about the myth of Sarah Palin, the "narrative" that low-information voters use to make a decision.

The star basketball player is another part of the myth. I believe it was Frank Carney of Wasilla explained that she got the 'barracuda' name by sucking-up to the coach and dissing the other girls on the team in order to get more playing time.

Anonymous said...

She's coming to an independent bookstore in Plano, just north of Dallas. I don't think I can bring myself to go, really, I don't, but I'm not sure it's as "friendly turf" as she thinks. That's high dollar snooty land; she's a little declasse for those parts and especially for that particular store, which tends to cater to the well-educated.

I'm intrigued by the WI ban on strollers and carseats...what happened to those fambly values, Sarah???

Pat in Texas

Anonymous said...


That's interesting. What your saying makes sense, but just doesn't gel with my experience. Come to think of it, I remember my sister finding out the sex of her child from the technician as well. While that child was pre-HIPAA, both of my children gestated post-HIPAA.

I didn't need the technicians to tell me anyway, because I saw it right there on the screen before they even pulled up the "It's a Boy" autotext. It was obvious with both my boys, including the one whose penis was visible at the 13 week nuchal translucency scan -- leg, penis, leg. I felt like I was being flashed!

I also imagine that with a girl, it is probably more difficult to tell.

kassie said...

Is Sarah following Pres. Obama?? He was in Madison on Nov. 4th to talk about education. Might be interesting to following the upcoming speech schedule to see if she is trying to 1up him. stalker

kassie said...

"I'm intrigued by the WI ban on strollers and carseats...what happened to those fambly values, Sarah???" Pat in Texas
Just because they don't want those babies aborted doesn't mean they actually want them in the room!!!

Anonymous said...

AnonLurker: No matter how fertile, it is harder to get pregnant after 40. And REALLY hard after 42.

So this means they had a lot of sex, lots of sex, to make this happen at 44 without IVF.

So they had a frequent intimate relationship and he didn't notice she was looking pregnant?

If they were not intimate he might be clueless, but if she really were pregnant, they were intimate.

Anonymous said...

When was the picture of Sadie and the tiny baby at home taken? We know the ones with Sarah and Trig were taken a few days after(his birth-handover).

sandra said...

There are a couple of points that seem to add to the confusion over the apparent conflict in SP pregnancy stories.

When a pregnancy is stated in weeks, it may be the weeks since conception vs. weeks since last menstrual period beginning. This could be crucial when we're talking about 10 to 15 weeks.

The amount of information a technician can give a patient may depend on the latitude the physician gives the tech. This will vary from office to office. Unfortunately some techs will take on more responsibility than they should. Usually this is because they don't understand the limitations of their understanding.

Forever Anonymous said...

gigi21- yes, that is my impression, also, she kept reference to Trig short this time, gone were her ambivalent thoughts and understandings of someone choosing abortion and the expectations of loving adoptive parents. In the Indiana speech I think she was setting up the stage in case somone told the truth about her fake pregnancy.

wv: crows

Anonymous said...

Patrick, re: twitter that "Going Rogue" means going without underpants. According the Urban Dictionary, men "go commando" while women "go rogue," first definition, meaning sans underwear.

There are four other definitions; the last one references a Sarah Palin coloring book. That leaves three which are too dirty to repeat here, but for any adult readers who don't mind reading x-rated definitions.......

Anonymous said...

Another thing: Was she paid for last night's speech?

kassie said...

To Anon @ 21:05 You are right also. I had my first boy ( of 3) 14 years ago and the tech did tell me each time tehn verified later by Dr. . I had my girl last year and she was the one the tech would not Absolutely confirm gender with Dr. verification.

Anonymous said...

Patrick and Regina" would you make a chart of all the different testing and who told who when stories?

Trailblazer Story
Indiana Right to LIfe Story
WI right to life
any other interviews I forgot about
the new book version of the story/..

It might be very useful in forming questions for reporters to ask her!

Anonymous said...

Forever Anonymous said...
It makes sense she is not actively speaking for The Candie's foundation, because while she could still advocate for abstinence, it would be painful to talk about her experience.


Why would she sign up to be an Ambassador if she knew it was too painful to talk about her experience?

I don't recall the spin at the time she and Todd went on TV with the "out cold" baby. It seems when she was on Greta, they promoted that program as if it was Bristol's initiative. Was the Candies Ambassador promoted as Bristol's initiative?

It would be horrifically cruel to set up a volatile teen to speak for something too painful.

However Bristol got there, she did sign on. Like CBJ's letter may not be hers, but she did sign on to it as hers.

What are they holding over Bristol to get her to cave into things that are so self destructive to her soul and very being?
She is an adult and responsible for what she signs up to do. Her blatant quitting on teen pregnancy is an affront to everyone. She tosses teens, her mother's abstinence-only and campaign under the bus when she flakes on her sign ups.

Of course, Bristol will be a saint in the rogue book. Her actions show she is a flake and complicit with fraud.

If Frank Bailey unleashes illegality and they do start serious investigations, that might lead to another look at the fraud Palin lays out with the babygates. I can't wait until the public knows for sure the Justice Department is on this. They can ask everyone the right questions.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is already on DOJ radar. During the summer of '08 she received a letter from a U.S. Attorney.

ArmchairJane said...

This new story is just more proof Sarah and her "inner circle" read the blogs. The old story did not make sense, and combined with the pictures of Sarah clearly not looking pregnant when far along, that information was enough to convince many people that Palin is not the birth mother of Trig.

So what to do? Have to make the birth story better and more believable! After video of the Indiana speech came out and people found more discrepancies, then Sarah knew she had to work on the story even more, and also try not to let people who are not "true believers" hear any more details they might not like or believe (like too early amnios). So in the future, no taping, no cameras, etc!

The version that is in the book will probably be like what she said last night. But it sounds like "a likely scenario" that was developed for the book and all future speeches. It almost sounds like it was a story written by a committee who tried to "fix it" for her target audience, and also try to clean it up enough to satisfy the loose fact checking of the MSM.

Googlers, start your engines! I would not be surprised to find that someone, perhaps in the "Right to Life" community has written a book or other account of how they found out they were pregnant with a Downs child and "chose life" that lays it out very much like the scenario Sarah states. When we have the exact words in "her" book it will be interesting to see if anyone finds them elsewhere. Probably should not have said that because if the account is online, well then scrub a dub dub!

Unfortunately for Sarah, the supposed Downs pregnancy is her main claim to fame with the base, so she has to keep talking about it. That and her "hotness", that she is supposedly a "regular mom with kids" are her main draws. Well except when she is speaking to the elites at the Gridiron dinner. Because the Downs and "pro-life" cred is so key, she is going to have to keep telling these stories, but apparently behind closed doors with no official record?

The Wisconsin RTL may indeed release a tape, but my guess is that Quitter will have editorial control if they do.

Oh, and one reason for the current troll invasion is to try to stop people from reading the blogs that discuss Babygate in any detail, and also to create a lot of noise in the discussion threads prior to the book release, so that people who read her book will not come here and find out that she keeps changing her Trig story. And the reason she does is because it is NOT TRUE in any form that has her actually birthing this child.

Patrick said...

Anon 21:33

What exactly are you referring to?

You could also drop me an email:

Anonymous said...

Armchair Jane, you lead and I will follow! Great advice. I'm going to fire up my Google now!

LIZ said...

The bigger lie i see here is:

from the speech that Sarah Palin gave in Indiana on April 16, 2009

Where she says...

"I had found out that I was pregnant while out of state first, at an oil and gas conference. While out of state,..."
(Which was most likely the O&G conference in Sept 2007, or the one in Dana PT, CA November 28 - 30, 2007)


Benet writes in Trailblazer:
(People magazine assistant editor Lorenzo Benet met with Sarah Palin and her family just weeks before the announcement that she would be the Republican vice-presidential nominee)

"Todd was away working when her family doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, called with the news. Sarah drove over to Johnson's office, discussed the implications, and received some reading material on the disorder. Then she headed home to ponder her fate."

So she was out of state, but ummm, no she really wasn't...


Anonymous said...

Patrick, the letter in the summer of '08 was a warning letter. The warning was about the Wooten affair -- troopergate. I have read about it on the internet. It may have been Newsweek.

Googling for "palin" "wooten" "u.s. attorney" I got from Wikiepedia:

In late July, former U.S. Attorney Wevley Shea, who had acted previously as an informal advisor to Palin, wrote her an unsolicited letter in which he urged her to apologize for "overreaching or perceived overreaching" to get Wooten fired, and warned that the matter could snowball into a bigger scandal. The letter said that she should fire any aides who had raised concerns with Monegan.

Newsweek, CNN & others show-up with that search

Truly Madly Deeply said...

Liz I think that the first story refers to when she found out that she was pregnant and the second one refers to her discovering that the fetus had Down Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

whoops! "former" U.S. Attorney! But she was advised to fire anyone that talked to Monegan about getting Wooten fired. Let's see what Baily, her hatchetman, has to say.

KaJo said...

Anon @ 21:05, it may be OK for a technician to pass along the obvious to the patient at the time of an ultrasound -- after all, the patient is looking right at the screen along with the technician -- as you say sometimes a boy baby's sex is obvious.

But they are NOT supposed to blabber their opinion about a possibly not-normal finding right in front of the patient, and are trained to deflect questions and refer the patient to their own doctor for the report.

Obviously Sarah Palin hasn't done any follow up with her pet doctor to find out details like this...

KaJo said...

I recognized the name of the Palinbot, whose blog Patrick linked to -- Uffda. I've seen that name at C4P before.

I don't know how long it'll stay there, but I posted the following comment at Uffda's blog:


That change in the gold coin that got Sarah's attention?

That bill passed through the Republican-controlled Congress back in 2005, and President Bush signed the bill into law.

That coin's been like that for 4 years.

Uffda, you didn't say WHEN Sarah said her friend asked her what was missing on the coin.

Something concerns me about the technician Sarah referred to, who said, "Huh, that's funny; his neck looks thicker than normal."

Now that those remarks are out in the open -- here -- that technician is now liable to pay a penalty for violating HIPAA law. Blabbing an opinion about a test result, especially a not-normal finding, directly to the patient is a violation of ethics and law. This finding should have been verified by a specialist, who'd then tell Sarah's own physician, who'd then tell her.

I'm really horrified, having worked in the health care information field for 30 years, if that technician really said that.

ArmchairJane said...

LIZ, I agree, those two accounts really don't match up. It would be interesting to note the top 5 or 10 things that don't match up, wouldn't it?

Whatever the book says will become the official version. Since Lynn Vincent wrote it, the word choice might be a little bit better than how Sarah would have phrased it, but since this story is so key, I would guess Sarah gave a written version to Vincent so it can be cleaned up a little. But whatever she says in the book I am sure will become the "official" account. No matter that she told Benet things that contradict, she will blame that on Benet...

I agree with the person above who said, wouldn't these important moments be burned into your mind forever?

Not only that, but $P said that she started keeping journals during the pregnancy, which is one reason the book could be written so fast. So again, you would think she would have her story straight if it were actually true.

Finally, Todd not noticing for months she was pregnant just not believable. But then the other story, that he was "discrete" and didn't say anything, is even worse! Well, why was he "discrete"? So if she wanted to have an abortion she could do it "discretely" and he would pretend he never knew so as not to ruin her pro-life cred???

I cannot imagine a husband not saying to his wife "are you pregnant" because he is "discrete"? Sounds more like what you would do if you know you and your wife have "an arrangement", and so you pretend not to notice she is pregnant but you haven't slept with her in months. It does not sound like a normal relationship.

emrysa said...


it is possible that those two statements above are about 2 different scenes - the scene when she found out she was pregnant, and the scene when she found out the baby had ds.

they're both probably lies anyway, but they don't contradict each other.

ArmchairJane said...


You are right on about the ultrasound and what the technician can say. A doctor may have a lot of studies done by a particular tech and have given permission to for the tech to confirm the obvious about the sex.

But NO WAY is the tech going to blab something implying or stating that there is a MAJOR abnormality, and no way may the tech diagnose any condition to the patient. And techs DO learn these things in school, they will have it drummed into their heads and with current privacy laws that goes double.

Even the wording "huh, his neck looks thicker than normal" - NO WAY! Sounds like a typical Sarah confabulation, how she imagines she might hear it. It's like imagining you would get a brain scan and the tech would says "huh, looks like there is a big giant mass there is not normal" - yeah, right!

KaJo, I wonder how long they will let that comment stand...

Forever Anonymous said...

Anon @ 21:20

I agree, It would be horrifically cruel to set up a volatile teen to speak for something too painful.

But we are talking Sarah palin here.

When Bristol introduced Tripp on the Greta interview, she expressed that abstinence was not a realistic approach, Sarah brought in Tripp and proceeded to explain how Bristol could use her experience to help others. Bristol and Greta were surprised to see Sarah instead of the other grandma. Sarah was doing damage control.

Later on Bristol went on tv said her statement were misconstrued and that she would not go into details about her personal experience.

Bristol could get away with that then but, image she makes an appearance for the foundation and the attendees ask her questions and we and other people following babygate discuss every answer..not a good move. Sarah knows that and Bristol must feel relieved.

I ask please go easy on Bristol, she has grown up under Sarah'regime.

ArmchairJane said...

I just used the pregnancy calculator with Sarah's speech data that "two years ago I had an ultrasound, I was 12 weeks along".

Since the length of pregnancy/"how far along" is expressed to the patient in terms of weeks since last period, I counted back 12 weeks from yesterday (day of speech) to find the "date of last period", and converted dates to 2007. Used a 28 day cycle.

Results of the calculator:

First day of last menstrual period:

Length of cycles: 28 days

Fertility window:
from 08/24/2007 to 09/03/2007

Estimated conception date: 08/29/2007

Estimated gestational age: 12 weeks, 0 days

Estimated due date: 05/22/2008

That due date looks pretty much what she claimed. Amazing the ultrasound we've just only started hearing about was 2 years ago exactly!

People who have Palin's schedules, there are some dates for you to look at ;-)

ArmchairJane said...

To add to the above about the dates, where was she EXACTLY two years ago, since the calculator seems to say that for her previously claimed due dates of 5/18/2008, the ultrasound should have been within one week of two years ago today.

Except I have seen mentioned that at some other time, she claimed due date in June 2008. If that can be verified, would be interesting to know.

Anonymous said...

Politico says that $P often veered into rhetorical cul-de-sacs in her speech last night.

Dead end. No exit.

sandra said...

Doesn't it seem strange that the technician used the term, "little boy parts," rather than "penis." Who was so uncomfortable with the word, "penis?" The technician or SP or the RTL audience that uses "baby" for "fetus" or "embryo?"

Anonymous said...

follower of the blog for a couple of months and a first time poster.

here's my theory on what may have transpired which is basically mishmash of other readers' theories.

i think there were three pregnancies prior to official birth of trig in april.

sarah was pregnant, possibly out of infidelity, and decides to keep it from others and eventually terminate it.

bristol gets pregnant, and sarah convinces her to let her adopt the baby to keep up appearances.

and there exists a third person pregnant with a DS baby who is trig.

the possibility of sarah's pick as vp nominee is floated around in early 2008 and discovery of a past abortion would look really bad. to harbor sympathy from values voters and to discourage people from digging up into her past abortion, sarah decides that a special needs baby would fit her needs...i.e. shame on you to even question my pregnancy with a special needs baby.

so she decides to adopt the special needs baby instead of bristol's baby, possibly by trading babies or giving up bristol's baby for adoption so bristol doesn't look bad. sarah's calculating enough to consider that.

so the pictures with sadie holding a baby was probably bristol's real baby whereas the baby sarah presented later on as trig is a third person's baby. so trig was trip before trig.

then as rumors keep rising that trigg was bristol's baby probably made an insecure sarah feel nervous that her own abortion story may resurface. so she decides to convince/encourage bristol to conceive another baby in hopes of quashing those rumors, and further attempting to reinforce her pro-life appearance. that probably explains levy's comments that he's pretty sure sarah knew that he spent nights there.

Anonymous said...

She is so busted today, right now, with that demogoguery about the coin, that all of her statements last night (and any ever made) should really be doubted.

Anonymous said...

First, you don't have an official transcript of Palin's speech. Second, you are simply playing semantical games trying to twist words to fit meanings of your own design. The three stories don't contradict each other, but they do supplement one another. Third, you are the liar, not the Palin family. You are unable to prove a single thing about how Sarah Palin supposedly did not give birth to Trig. You cannot offer any proof of such a claim, and never will, because there is none. If you even did, you would take it to reputable news agency. The fact you don't is telling.

Anonymous said...

How's the homework, kid?

Anonymous said...


Trip trap over your bridge back to your own place where no-one speaks to you. OK?

Anonymous said...

22:40 wrote: "Politico says that $P often veered into rhetorical cul-de-sacs in her speech last night."

Too FUNNY! That summarizes SP perfectly. She is stuck in a rhetotical and political cul-de-sac.

Anon 23:03 again said...

oops, should be "rhetorical," not "rhetotical."

Anonymous said...

... , she [palin] began her remarks with a puzzling commentary on the design of newly minted dollar coints.

Noting that there had been a lot of “change” of late, Palin recalled a recent conversation with a friend about how the phrase “In God We Trust” had been moved to the edge of the new coins.

“Who calls a shot like that?” she demanded. “Who makes a decision like that?”

She added: “It’s a disturbing trend.”

Unsaid but implied was that the new Democratic White House was behind such a move to secularize the nation’s currency.

But the new coins – concerns over which apparently stemmed from an email chain letter widely circulated among conservatives – were commissioned by the Republican-led Congress in 2005 and approved by President Bush.

-- Politico


Policy based on email chain letters, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Kajo and others, re: U/S technicians:

I completely agree about the neck thickness not being something the technician would mention, as opposed to the sex of the baby which is something technicians, at least in my experience, mention freely.

As I said previously (sorry, I'm posting anonymously, so I know it may add to confusion), I am not sure neck thickness is something a technician would notice in passing as s/he does an ultrasound. I believe it's something you have to measure more deliberately. In addition, the difference between a normal measurement and an abnormal measurement is, I believe, not obvious even to the trained eye, UNLESS you take the time to measure it. Which you wouldn't do unless it were in the context of a nuchal translucency scan, which is done in conjunction with a blood test (quad screen) specifically for the purpose of identifying birth defects.

In other words, I agree. The idea that the technician would say - hmm, the neck looks thick - doesn't sound right to me for a two reasons. First, I don't think a technician is supposed to say anything that would imply a problem. Second, I don't think a technician would be able to eyeball that. The fold is quite small and the person performing the scan needs to zoom in and measure it to ascertain whether there is an abnormally thick fold.

I'm neither an OB nor an U/S technician though, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Thx Forever Anon

I am mixed about Bristol. Sarah may have grown up under another regime and yet she needs to be responsible for her deeds.
I grew up in a neighborhood with a brother, sister and their Sarah-like mother. From time to time I would see them again as adults. Both were dead by their late 40s. As kids I was sympathetic to the siblings and got caught up in the dramas. There were no murders, but plots by the mother. The son was asked to put one of our neighbors in a blender to get rid of the body. I take that back about no murder, the son claimed the mother did give the daughter a final injection, she was going to die anyway was the attitude. Mercy killing?

For years I was easy on the son and daughter. They were intelligent people and well educated. If not so messed up they would have had successful careers. I finally woke up to the reality that they were as deceptive and criminal as the mother.
If things had not gone easy they may have ended their damage to others much sooner. They may have had better lives and not self destructed so tragic.

Bristol is a big part of the Palin right to life story and mystique. If the pg hoax and fraud is exposed Bristol will be a key player whether or not she is anyone's mother. A gifted con will bring their family into a plot and keep them all close with the this is our little secret routine. At some point no one that is complicit deserves to have it easy.
They are just passing on the mess to Tripp and other innocent ones.

I should have noted this was re: Bristol, teen pg, abstinence-only, birth control, abortion,RTL 07 November 2009 21:26

Anonymous said...

She's makin' stuff up!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

I am CONFUSED. When did she tell her husband she was preggers? Not until after 12 weeks? I thought they were sooooo close? IF and I say IF she ever was preggers, and I doubt it, tawd wasnt the father. (Doesnt she know EVERY story she tells is recorded for posterity?)

Anonymous said...

She's talked herself into another one of those "rhetorical cul-de-sacs" again.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's wheel is still spinning, but the hamster is dead.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, she did it again.

Joe Christmas said...

Oh well, bottom of the thread.
I was called a reverse-birther today, and so I am more than my usual pissed about this hoax.
But what strikes me the most about spalin revising her lies is that it only insults us. She and her handlers are so arrogant and conceited to think no one notices that their spew is nothing more than an affront to our humanity.
Fascinating though, innit?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read her her rights?

Anonymous said...

sjk from the belly of the plane

We need a time line or time lines for the different versions.

None of it sounds like the "close" hubby wifey they are trying to sell.

Close like a den of thieves.

Anonymous said...

ANON 22;49--I think your pretty close to the truth..maybe this was seen before-interesting post over at Amazon in the book discussion by Bella Luna from Homer. Can't figure out how to link..

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

anon @ 07 November 2009 23:30, LOL....How do they do it?

3122 said...

_ 22:49 _

Anonymous said...

Jesus said that there is honor among thieves.

emrysa said...

"Third, you are the liar, not the Palin family."

and how would you know?

Forever Anonymous said...

oh Anon
I also meant to say that for the purpose of our discussion( Sarah fake pregnancy) to go easy on Bristol as not to get caught up on emotions that may prevent us from examining what Sarah was up to when she sent Bristol to live in Anchorage.

Anonymous said...

Nothing she said last night should be believed without an investigation, because last night she also told the bogus story about "In God We Trust" on the coins.

Anonymous said...

And she based the "In God We Trust" story on an e-mail chain letter....

Just like she based something she did on "Desperate Housewives." No source is too mundane to serve as her inspiration.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

A concern Troll

ArmchairJane said...

@ 00:13
"No source is too mundane to serve as her inspiration."

lol - no kidding! Here's somebody who uses parents' fridge magnets for "quittin' speech".

So we've got:
Desperate Housewives
email chain letters
fridge magnets

I think in her tweets that she also mentioned some kind of page a day book with "inspirational quotes" she liked so much she tweeted them to her fans. So we can add that as a source as well.

Oh, and John Birch society literature - wasn't that what she was photographed with at her desk back in the Wasilla mayorin' days?

Anonymous said...

And she based the "In God We Trust" story on an e-mail chain letter....

That is hilarious, in that sad sort of way.

That is almost as good as basing it from Twitter! Will she apologize?

Archivist1000 said...

Armchair Jane: Re: Palin quotes/misquotes

Don't forget this one, during the campaign:

At a rally on Saturday in California, Sarah Palin offered up a rather jarring argument for supporting the Republican ticket. "There's a place in Hell reserved for women who don't support other women," the Alaska Governor said, claiming she was quoting former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

The statement came after Palin had recounted a "providential" moment she experienced on Saturday: "I'm reading on my Starbucks mocha cup, okay? The quote of the day... It was Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State [crowd boos] and UN ambassador. ... Now she said it, I didn't. She said, 'There's a place in Hell reserved for women who don't support other women.'"

Actually, Albright didn't say that. The accurate quote is, "There's a place in Hell reserved for women who don't help other women." (Sources made the same point to CBS's Scott Conroy.)

Read more at:

ella said...

From Andrew Sullivan:
"But they were half a mile long in line to see the Immaculate Misconception beforehand. It seems to me like a Mass. Her very divine presence is all that matters; what she says is largely irrelevant. There's some small news in her re-telling of her fifth pregnancy story (more on the latest version tomorrow),....."

LOL AT "Immaculate Misconception!"

Anonymous said...

No wonder she froze when Katie Couric asked her what she read.

CR46 said...

How did her husband not notice (excuse me if this offends anyone) that she was not having her PERIOD every month. I've been married 30 yrs and my husband is certainly aware of my bodily functions. In fact my husband regularily asks me if he needs to pick up tampons etc, but more over he certainly knows when there are wrappers from feminine products in the bathroom and that I am having my period because we share a bed. Something with Todd not knowing or the Todd not saying goes against a close intimate couples interactions.

Anonymous said...

I've only been married 3 years, but my husband can tell if I have a headache just by my tone of voice!

If I were pregnant, he'd know immediately.

Anonymous said...

CR46 said...How did her husband not notice

Levi did not know them to have that kind of marriage. What was it he said? He didn't get how she could get pg, with the first Dud.

Dud was in the garage with beer and a recliner to sleep downstairs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 23:44

I can see S and T honoring their thievery bonds of marriage. In a twisted parasitic way. Track and Bristol are married to the clan in the same way if they can't grow into adults and move beyond.

Patrick said...

New post up!

Anonymous said...

Throughout the years I spent with them, ...

The Palins didn't have dinner together and they didn't talk much as a family. ..., even before the campaign Bristol was already the mom in the house, ...

Sarah was always in a bad mood ... Todd was always out in the garage working on his snow machines and drinking beer or screwing off. (Eighty percent of the time he's in the garage. Once winter is here, he's out riding every other day.) He's not supposed to have beer, because Sarah doesn't like him drinking. (She only goes to church four or five times a year -- mostly on holidays -- but Sarah doesn't drink or cuss much.) So Todd will hide his beer, go out there, and work on his sleds. ...

If Sarah and Todd did talk -- they really don't communicate at all -- they were fighting. ...

There was a lot of talk of divorce in that house ...

The Palins didn't take family vacations or weekend trips, since Sarah and Todd pretty much led separate lives. ...

Levi Johnston, from VF

LisanTX said...

Forever Anonymous--Thank you for your posts!!

Charlie said...

Jessie, how do you know there isn't proof ?
Seriously, how do you know this?

Cuz guess what? There is proof. Some do know where Trig came from. Their word is proof, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Because Charlie, it hasn't been presented. It is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Where's Trig's birth certificate Jesse?

Anonymous said...

Okay after reading this article here's what I think happened:

Sarah and Todd are the biological parents of Trig.

Sarah couldn't get pregnant, again.

A surrogate mother was used and Sarah and Todd's dna was implanted.

Bristol is/was the surrogate.

ArmchairJane said...


That's another good one!

"I'm reading on my Starbucks mocha cup, okay? The quote of the day... It was Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State [crowd boos] and UN ambassador. ... Now she said it, I didn't. She said, 'There's a place in Hell reserved for women who don't support other women.'"

So I guess it's okay for the women in the crowd to BOO another woman? Does Palin even realize what just happened there?

If she had any class she would have said "wait a minute, there" as her crowd BOOS mention of a woman right as SP is getting ready to make an implied claim of the victimization of women at the hands of other women. But she meaning of course, SP herself, when other women don't support SARAH. Who cares about Madeleine Albright!

She and her crowd are self-parodying. I think that's part of why she is morbidly fascinating.

Anonymous said...

So, if evidence hasn't been presented yet, it doesn't exist?

With that kind of failed logic, it's no wonder there are still some Rebiblican voters. And I'll bet a certain someone still believes WMD were found.

serena1313 said...

God only knows Sarah Palin cannot tell the truth if her life depended on it. No doubt documenting Sarah's discrepancies and falsehoods is tedious work and praise is well deserved, maintaining credibility is equally important.

Which is why I wanted to point out that Sarah does not appear to be inferring that Todd was unaware of her pregnancy, but rather that he did not know about the amnio test results:

Indiana speech second paragraph:

"Then when my amniocentesis results came back, showing what they called abnormalities ... Because at the time only my doctor knew the results, Todd didn't even know."

When Sarah found out she was pregnant, she was out of town. When she found out the test results, Todd was out of town.

Generally Sarah cannot keep the details of her stories straight, but in this instance, rare as it is, does not seem to be the case.

But then again ... who knows for sure!

Sane said...

"Charlie said...
Jessie, how do you know there isn't proof ?
Seriously, how do you know this?

Cuz guess what? There is proof. Some do know where Trig came from. Their word is proof, isn't it?"

I call bullsh!t! There has been no proof presented ever! Period. And there has been no one to claim they know the truth and given thier word on the subject, ever. Period.

There is no proof and you all know it and Palin knows it. Thats why you all are still here over a year later trying to debate birthdates, analyze photos, and disecting myspace Some of you all need to get a life and accept the FACT that Palin has won on this issue. You will never win this game because she is not playing with you anymore.

Such losers. But you do provide me a little entertainment so not a total

Hello said...

Something I found browsing the internet.

Rogue beer: what to drink while reading the book.

Anonymous said...

"""So, if evidence hasn't been presented yet, it doesn't exist?
With that kind of failed logic, it's no wonder there are still some Rebiblican voters. And I'll bet a certain someone still believes WMD were found. """

No, it doesn't exist as it cannot exist, as we evidence that conclusively proves the contrary.

Where's Trig's birth certificate Jesse? """

Where is your birth certificate?

Sane said...

Im sure Trigs BC is in a filing cabinet in the Palin home, thats where normal people keep them.

Tell me what gives you the right to see it? If I were Palin I would deem you all crazy, and I know I wouldnt be showing my childs BC to crazy people.

So again what gives you any right to demand Palin show you her childs BC?

Just because YOU dont believe she didnt give birth to him is not enough to demand anything. You have provided no evidence worthy enough to be in a position to make demands.

Again where is your proof? Oh yeah... You dont have any.

ArmchairJane said...

If Palin is "winning" anything of substance, she would not be behaving the way she does. She can't take scrutiny or criticism. She is not a credible presidential candidate, and it is clear that is the one prize she most wants to win.

Since she can't win that, she'll content herself with grifting. Being Governor was fun for her only as long as the grifting was good.

After Sarah found she had a large flock of sheep to be sheered, she quit, reneging on her oath. The possible take after quitting would be much more than the per diem for staying in her own home, and travel reimbursement for dragging her kids around the state at taxpayer expense to events that were in no way enhanced by the presence of the governor's children.

However, even though Palin will never win the presidency, she knows she can continue to make money pretending she is going to do it. And she is really damaging the country as she does this.

This country needs a credible opposition party. The so-called Conservative Party as represented by Hoffman is not a credible opposition party. If the Democratic Party is really as liberal as its critics claim, then what we need is a moderate party, not a far right party.

Palin right now is helping to destroy the Republican Party. I hope somebody there has the courage to call out Palin and end the charade of "Palin 2012". If a moderate Republican were to stand up to Palin, Beck, Rush, Bachmann, and the other divisive loudmouths, they would have a very good chance to rally the moderates and independents who are sick of the far right but feel the Democrats are too liberal.

All of the Republican 2012 hopefuls (other than Palin) seem to be men. Maybe it will take a woman to have the brass to take a stand for a moderate position? Too bad most of them have been chased out or silenced by the purge.

Anonymous said...


What does a political moderate believe in?

ArmchairJane said...

JC, maybe YOU should do some RESEARCH on what a "politcal moderate" might believe. This is not exactly some new concept that I just invented. It's also not my fault that your logic and knowledge are apparently deficient for this forum.

Your own profile shows you have not thought your own positions through very well. For instance, how does a country provide the strong national defense you say you desire and yet keep taxes low?

I am not here to answer your questions. But if you want to try to answer them yourself, I am sure many of us find your answers amusing.

Of course, your own blog would be the place to do that. Get over there and start writing. I don't think you realize how funny you really are. If you put half the energy into your own blog that you do into trolling around over here, you might get some readers over there.

Anonymous said...

Hey JC - I have my birth certificate and have no hesitation in showing it.

I also have my children's birth certificates and if anyone dared to question their parentage I'd whip it out faster that you can say Santa Claus! So why didn't Palin?

Sane said...

Ok Anon @ 3:19 I know Im a total stranger but I believe you are not the biological parent of your child/children. Please produce thiers BC's so an online stranger can have some peace of mind regarding your childrens true parentage. And do not redact any birhdates or places of birth please.

Dont forget that I am a completely anonymous stranger, who wants to see your childrens BC's.

You can just post them on photobucket or flicker, that would be perfect. Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Several people were in the room when Trig was actually born. It's amazing what money will do isn't it?

Someone talked....tick tick tick

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patrick, you did an excellent job with this post!

Amazing what one big fat lie can do, huh?!

And thanks Regina, for putting the site back like it was. Distractions are increasing. Anyway, hope you're having a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

when anon @3:19 takes an amniotic fluid leaking wild ride and bypasses facilities capable of handling a potentially complicated delivery of a down syndrome baby, prematurely, with a heart problem to be delivered by a family practice doctor in the sticks and gets asked to show a birth certificate, I know she would.

Anonymous said...

proof trolls rule.

Archivist said...

Just a thought here, but .... I believe that in this case a BC would be irrelevant.

If you think about it, and follow through on the premise that

1- Sarah faked a pregnancy
2- So that she could pass off Trig as her natural/bio son
3- Then she has some high level people helping her with that deception.

4- The birth certificate would be part of that deception, (fraudulent)


1- At some point, if a true BC is presented, and it shows a different birth mother, the fake pregnancy would be exposed ...

THEREFORE, if the pregnancy was FAKED then the BC must also be fake. As well as all other birth documents.

AND >>> this involves many, many people who have a lot to lose if a fake pregnancy is ever proven.

Anonymous said...

""" Anonymous said...
Hey JC - I have my birth certificate and have no hesitation in showing it.

I also have my children's birth certificates and if anyone dared to question their parentage I'd whip it out faster that you can say Santa Claus! So why didn't Palin?"""

Go ahead, show me your birth certificate. Scan it and post it online. I'm waiting.

To archchairJane:

I asked you for a reason. What do you believe a political moderate is? I wanted your take on the matter. But since you gave me such a snide reply, I won't bother requesting any more elboration from your part.

As for low taxes and the military, we had an excellent national defense before the income tax was implemented. We have done it before, and we can do it again.

On a not on a mission to amuse you, but to discredit you and the bloggers here. I have already done so some time ago, but I am not finished just yet.

Anonymous said...

What do you know???
I hope you tell us something!
Have you alerted Regina or Patrick?
tick, tick, tick, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wasting time playing with the trolls.

Stay on target!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

To the poster above:

Is that the best you have, miscreant and intellectual vagabond?

I have witnesses and actual documentation from the doctor involved in the birth.

You have nothing.

Anonymous said...

She wouldn't have to post the BC for anonymous strangers to see. She could just show it to the sympathetic editor of the ADN and he would set the record straight. (He offered to do this months ago) Yet she hasn't? I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Nut up or shut up. Put it to rest if you have the information.

Anonymous said...

Witness and actual documentation? ROFL
you don't have that at all! That's hysterical! And I thought maybe you knew something. Now we know you are just some lonely yahoo who thinks Palin is wonderful.
You haven't discredited anyone here. If you think you have, it's in your head. Too funny.

You get Dr CBJ to say outloud on video that she delivered Trig from Palin- that's evidence dearie! What you have iss a letter that has not been authenticated. It isn't evidence. It would not hold up in a court of law.

Anonymous said...

If there's nothing to worry about, why are you two trolls here? Obviously, you are VERY worried and insecure about Sarah Palin.

Patrick said...

Anon 03:41

"tick tick tick"

I would be very interested to know what you are talking about - could you post more, or drop me an email and give a hint?

Thanks a lot!

Patrick said...

Anon 04:01

Your comment contained profanity and was deleted. However, because this was the first time in a long while that such a thing happened, I will post your comment here again without the profanity, but just this one time. Civil discourse, please!

The comment:

hahaha! Sane and JC think that challenging a commenter on a blog to show their birth certificate online, available to complete strangers, is the same thing as asking a former governor (only because she QUIT) who touts family values and transperancy, with a seriously screwed up birth story to prove that they gave birth. BTW s and jc, the only PROOF there her word.

Anonymous said...

Now you are asking for it.

Chuck Heath was a witness.

Even Levi Johnston said that she gave birth, several times, and in fact, the video is on this site.

The doctor's letter:

Now, if you can prove that letter is false, a forgery, and if you can get a few doctors to go on the record and say those photographs you parrot around are conclusive proof that Sarah Palin was not pregnant, then we'll talk.

Otherwise, you have nothing. You are not lawyer or a doctor. Don't lecture me on what can be proved in court.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:12 is right. I am an attorney and that is not evidence. If she were challenged in court, like the real birth mother or father said Trig was theirs, that letter from the the Dr would not suffice. It isn't even notarized!! And it appears fake because that is not the format of most medical reports. For all we know, Sarah could have written it herself. It is definitely not proof of anything.
And for the record, I voted for McCain-Palin but I thought there was something suspicious about the wild ride story.
As a mother, I don't believe her.

Anonymous said...

Then you need to go on record and write an official statement professing the questionability of the CBJ's letter, Anonymous. Come on, don't be fearful. The Trig Truthers were always waiting for someone like you!

Anonymous said...

Levi Johnston said that she was his mother as far as he knows.....that is not conclusive. Even his lawyer will not allow Levi to conclusively admit that Sarah Palin is the mother.

As for Chucky Boy - he was reported to having arrived at the hospital later that morning. He was not at the birth. Besides which who would believe him - he has too much invested in the hope of Sarah becoming President - he would say anything.

The Doctor's letter needs to be properly authenticated. besides which it has a glaring inaccuracy in it which makes the rest to the contents questionable. I bet YOU don't know what that is do you Jesse? Because you are a know nothing. Now get back and finish your homework. have you forgotten that Bailey's book is out on Monday. hahaha! Palin will be proven a liar again!

Anonymous said...

Sarah has yet to get a doctor to go on record stating that she gave birth. That shouldn't be too hard to do if ya actually gave birth. However, it's quite challenging when you're fakin' it and a problem she has yet to solve

emrysa said...

"I have witnesses and actual documentation from the doctor involved in the birth."

so jesse are you a member of her church? how would you happen to have that evidence?

Anonymous said...

This Canadian Broadcasting Corporation footage from Sept. 2008 which questions "Babygate" is still quite fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Too many of you are too emotionally invested in this conspiracy; you would accept no level of evidence. Sarah Palin's doctor does not have to go on record to answer your charges. Why should she answer to a few deluded bloggers? Would anyone post their birth certificates if I asked for them. Of course not.

Now, as for the doctor's letter, I'm still waiting for experts to prove it is a forgery. From all that we know, it is true. It has the same level of proof backing its authenticity as Barack Obama's doctor's note did. I don't see you questioning that.

Anonymous said...

The doctor who wrote President Obama's summary had a press conference. He went on record validating it for the world.

But you really should be comparing it to Vice President Biden's situation. Oh, right. His doctor, too, had a press conference and stood by his results.

Sarah Palin dumped hers the night before the election where no reporter had a chance to vet it, and no press conference was held. Why do you think there is a major error in it?

Anonymous said...

Jesse, can you explain how on earth Piper's birth year is wrongly stated in the famous medical letter? And don't come at me with the typo nonsense. This is supposedly an official document. Official documents do not contain errors, especially one as fundamental as that mistake.

Do you know that that one glaring error invalidates the validity of the letter?

Don't let the door slam behind you when you leave, will ya?

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to when the DoJ or a grand jury begins to look into fraud. A cohesive collection of documentation and it's authenticity could get the ball rolling.

If it isn't all available yet, it will be. It doesn't have to be conclusive final proof. I don't need to see Palin's proof of anything. I want it all to be verified under the law.

Wv: state

Anonymous said...

To whoever said that errors do not occur in official documents, you never bought a home before, yes?

I don't know if the Palin's children birthdates are incorrect, because I've never seen contrary birthdates by a reliable source.

I've never seen Obama's doctor conduct a press conference, however, legally, a signature is binding. It is as strong as any press conference.

Anonymous said...

When Conan and Shatner learned the facts they saw things different. That will be happening more and more.

Dolores Kearns Goodwin, when she looks into this will want to preserve history in the best possible way. As a guide or how she can contribute.

The Dr. letter is an example of technique and style. We need to know if it is authentic or where it came from.

She is a woman who is not a part of American history. Women are having some tough times. Check out what happened to 40 women in Congress.

Sarah's Dr. represents professional women and the medical profession. We need the whole true story.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't state anywhere in your "binding" document, that's as good as any press conference, that Sarah gave birth to that baby. Read the document. So where is your proof?

Anonymous said...

poor Jessie, he is far too emotionally invested in Palin to even consider she might be a liar. It's really something else.

We need a group prayer session for him! I mean how odd that this is how he spends his time? It's pathetic. It would be like one of us spending hours at cee of urine arguing with them and trying to discredit them. Why would I do that? It's a very negative way to spend ones free time, I'll never change their minds nor is it my duty or desire to do so. Plus they have a right to their opinion as do I. EveN if I think they are dead wrong, which I do, it's their right.

Jessie don't you have anything better to do. My God get a grip. And talk to your therapist about the way you choose to spend you time. Because it's odd and not normal or healthy. Really it isn't. And you aren't doing any good,it's sad you don't see that. I have to believe you are paid otherwise it's really pathetic. You haven't discredited usbor stopped us and guess what, you are also wrong about Sarah. Do yourself a favor and find someone else to idolize and get a hobby! Where is your wife? Take her out!

Sane said...

"Anonymous said...
Several people were in the room when Trig was actually born. It's amazing what money will do isn't it?

Someone talked....tick tick tick

08 November 2009 03:41"


sg said...

If the first line of your post contains the troll's first name or his/her initials, may I remind you that you're not following palingates posting instructions:

"Please don't feed the trolls. Do your best to ignore them completely."

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION: She is a woman who is not a part of American history.

Dr. is a woman who is a part of American history.

What can I say? Scotch and soda.

Sane said...

What you all fail to realize is that you think you matter to Palin. She doesn't provide you proof because you are anonymous internet posters. You have no bearing on her life. You have nothing that would warrant her needing to provide proof to you. You cant even get a real news source to pay attention. Hell you cant even get liberal blogs and forums to take you seriously. Post this garbage on Democratic Underground and its ridiculed. So if you cant even get Palin opponents to hear you what makes you think Palin will give you any consideraion at all.

Pathetic how you think you matter

Anonymous said...

"""At the time of her most recent medical evaluation, she continued to be in good health and was recovering well the birth of her last child, Trig."""

Perhaps you did not read the letter.

Sane said...


But the trolls give you something else to talk about besides the same stuff you talked about last week and the week before that, and the week before that,and the week before that....

break the cycle... have a new thought.

Anonymous said...

The "Angel" "Devil" no one would know spiel seems odd to me. She goes through this testing to know what to expect, but when her membranes rupture, she takes a wild plane ride from texas- Does this make any sense at all?

How could Todd not know?

Anonymous said...

@6:10 -fine! Then why are you here?

Archivist said...

Sane ... you do not get it, do you ... Sarah's SUPPORT comes from Internet posters ... they sure as hell DO MATTER to her!

Internet posters are ALL she has!

Speaking of which, I just posted this on her Facebook Wall .. it lasted less than 1 minute!

SARAH thank you SO MUCH for your "HELP" .... guess whose vote was #218 ?????? It wasn't Hoffman ... nope ... it wasn't Dede ... nope ... it was OWENS .....

Sarah, the libruls LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!! (wink wink)

Anonymous said...

If all's well in Sarahland, why did Sarah's Web Brigade target this blog?

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