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Current NOW President, Terry O’Neill, Bought and Paid For By SarahPAC? - PART II - The Elaine Lafferty Files

Guest post by micmac

Glebe picture

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Detail of a generic map of a mediaeval manor. The demesne was land held by the lord in the manorial land system; the glebe were strips held by the incumbent of the benefice.

In the Roman Catholic and Anglican church traditions, a glebe was an area of land belonging to a benefice. This was property (in addition to the parsonage house and grounds) which was assigned to support the priest. Glebe included a wide variety of properties including strips in the all but universal open field system or with enclosure, complete farms, individual fields, shops, houses, factories, etc. An incumbent was entitled to retain the glebe for his own use if he wished (for instance, some incumbents farmed their own land) or he could let it out, and any income formed part of the stipend.


Let’s see now, the last time we left Ms. Elaine Lafferty, she’d been sentenced to six month’s hard labor down at The Glebe, working off her debt to High Priestess Shelly Mandell for the use of 3906 Tilden Avenue, Culver City, CA as a campaign donation address.

In sweeps the Dark Prince McCain, forking over an impressive $50,000 ransom to set her free. In her gratitude, Lafferty writes the penultimate Palin poofery “Sarah Palin’s A Brainiac”, featured in The Daily Beast on October 27, 2008 -- a silver bullet aimed straight at the heart of Conservative Peggy Noonan’s October 17, 2008 WSJ slam-book entry: “Palin’s Failin’.”

Lafferty does mention her employment status in the article:

“I'm a Democrat, but I've worked as a consultant with the McCain campaign since shortly after Palin's nomination. Last week, there was the thought that as a former editor-in-chief of Ms. magazine as well as a feminist activist in my pre-journalism days, I might be helpful in contributing to a speech that Palin had long wanted to give on women's rights.”

But notice this “disclaimer” is fairly well skipped over in the Daily Beast hagiography, eclipsed by the bold type lead-in:

"The former editor in chief of Ms. magazine (and a Democrat) on what she learned on a campaign plane with the would-be VP."

Just giving the Brainiac pointers for her speech, that’s all. This article is presented as journalism, which it most assuredly is not. It was campaign propaganda, pure and simple, and the Daily Beast got had. It’s not journalism, folks, when you are paid $25,000 as a Communications Director for McCain the previous month, and will pick up another $25,000 from the campaign four days later. (On Halloween!)

Not to mention another $2976 on December 4, and $3672 on December 10, 2008.


Elaine Lafferty disbursement page 184

Elaine Lafferty disbursement page 379

Elaine Lafferty disbursement page 337

Elaine Lafferty disbursement page 211

Elaine Lafferty disbursement page 211 - two

The individual pages with these disbursements by the McCain campaign and the McCain-Palin campaign can be downloaded HERE.

The complete reports of the "John McCain 2008 Inc" committee can be accessed HERE and the complete reports of the "McCain - Palin 2008 Inc" committee can be accessed HERE. For more committees click HERE.


This Sarah-dipitous plane ride, during which the scales from Lafferty’s eyes supposedly fell, was no accident. Lafferty was on her way to Henderson, NV to join forces with the McCain PUMAS, including her old buddy Shelly Mandell. To CAMPAIGN for Sarah.
“Palin was joined on stage by five women who endorsed her candidacy, including two members of the Democratic National Platform Committee, two leaders of chapters of the National Organization of Women, and a former editor of Ms. Magazine [Elaine Lafferty].”

Palin delivered a stem-winder of a speech on women’s rights – which Lafferty most assuredly wrote for her. The speech criticized Obama for not paying the women on his campaign staff as much as the men. (This is rich, knowing what we know now about McCain’s payments to Lafferty and Mandell.)

What would be the equivalent from the Obama side? Perhaps Glenn Beck “accidentally on purpose” taking a plane ride with Obama, then writing a “column” wherein he descried the Democrat nominee as, well, “totally NOT the Marxist/Socialist/BabyKiller” the FauxNewsians had cracked him up to be.” After appearing on stage with him during a campaign stop.

I can see the verbiage in my mind: He’s a Centrist I tell ya, a Centrist! And he’s not as smart as everyone claims him to be! He’s one of Us! Dumber than Dumb!

And then picking up a check for $56,648 macaroonies on his way out the door...

After the election, Lafferty’s PUMA bus vapor-sucking in the wake of Palin’s Naughty Monkey Heels just would not. . .let. . . go. Lafferty and BFF/co-restaurateur and co-author Greta Van Susteren gave one last go to affix themselves to the Palin Brandname on November 7, 2008, laying the palm fronds down in preparation for Sarah’s (and their) future:

You need not watch the whole thing. It’s basically a retread of the same old tired topics:

The staff loved her, they totally loved her.
She was smart.
She didn’t have time to shop for clothes.

Yeah, Elaine, she didn’t have time to shop for clothes, or do her hair or fix her makeup. That’s why she had other people do it for her – her hairdresser and her make up artist - Angela Lew and Ami Strozzi - were paid handsomely by McCain, you may recall, $19,000 and almost $36,000, respectively.

That McCain, he pays his women so much more money than that mean old Obama-man.
Maybe that’s why Obama picked Biden for a running mate – he was too cheap to pay for a hairdresser.

I’ll leave you with one more Laff from the Gafferty, taken from the above interview:

LAFFERTY: I think she's going to surprise a lot of people by being a much more moderate voice in politics in the future.

Wowser. What a Brainiac. . . .and they actually pay her for this stuff????



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