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More details on the lavish "Palin4Life" fundraiser: Vicki Garza, lots of prayers for Sarah Palin and connections to the oil & gas industry - UPDATE!

This post is a follow-up to our previous post about "palin4life".


If somebody tries to cover his/her tracks, I get excited. Why? Because if you dig deep enough, the internet will reveal it all.

In my post yesterday I mentioned that the website "", which is now deleted, was registered with Vicki Garza, who runs a marketing company in Dallas. This URL was given to the media in Dallas by the office of the mayor, and it redirected automatically to the "palin4life" website, as explained in our first post.

You cannot my imagine my surprise when I today clicked on the whois registration again and saw the following:

Whois - uptownwomenscenter
Vicki Garza has disappeared from the registration overnight! The website is now registered to the anonymous provider "Domains by Proxy".

For a moment, I was annoyed with myself because I didn't take a screenshot of the original registration yesterday, which was on the name of Vicki Garza. But then I remembered: The internet is a LARGE place. Everything can be found. ;-)

And here we are - this time, however, I took a screenshot:

Whois DNS uptownswomenscenter Vicki Garza

Therefore, we have good reasons to look a bit closer at Vicki Garza, as she apparently tries to cover her connection with "palin4life". Who is she?

We already know that she runs PR marketing company "Garza Communications".

What else does she do?

She is - surprise, surprise - a member of the Board of Directors of the Downtown Pregnancy Center in Dallas! Screenshot:

Vicki Garza - Downtown Pregnancy Center Board

This screenshot is taken from a PDF-document, which can be downloaded HERE. It is the report of the fourth quarter of the Downtown Pregnancy Center.

Also in this report, we find many heartwarming pictures of mothers with their babies and also pictures of Vicki Garza standing next to Governor Rick Perry, taken at the "Light of Life Gala 2009":

Vicki Garza with Perry - pic 1
Vicki Garza with Perry - pic 2

What do we find in other reports of the "Downtown Pregnancy Center"?

Well, we find the details of the exact project that "" is fundraising for - this report can be downloaded HERE. Excerpts:

DCP - new development 1

DCP - new development 2

DCP - new development 3
DCP - new development 4

What else is there to say about Vicki Garza?

Well - thanks to our great reader "sallyngarland, tx" we now know that Vicki Garza has a very special relationship to Sarah Palin, because Vicki Garza created the website "PrayForSarahPalin" back in 2008. From a news report:

"An advertising executive from Texas has launched a website encouraging Christians to pray for Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Vicky Garza runs the Garza Creative Group in Dallas. The businesswoman, mother of five, and grandmother of seven says she got the idea for the website the day Governor Palin made her acceptance speech. Within two weeks, was online, with a goal of having someone from every zip code in the nation participate.

"Everyone right now can see what a spiritual battle is [lingering] over the United States of America [at] this time, specifically that we're going through the election process," she explains. "I really set this up so it could be a ministry tool, so when someone comes up to people and starts talking about the elections, they can call people to pray."

It is more beneficial for Christians to pray, Garza contends, than it is for them to bicker and argue over politics."

The design of the website looks pretty similar to "palin4life":

PrayforSarah website bit smaller

The Whois DNS record of "prayforsarahpalin" looks very familiar to the one of "" (which redirected to "palin4life"), too:

Whois DNS Prayforsarahpalin

Vicki Garza herself was not shy to explain her support for Sarah Palin - this video can be found on the "PrayForSarahPalin" website:


Do you think that this is everything?

No! ;-)

Vicki Garza has also published a book in 2004 called "Faith Adventures". It is quite a read!

In the book, she also explains how she worked at companies for oil and gas exploration - and in her book she mentions that "God told her" that she should "own" an oil and gas exploration company as well!

Whenever we hear "Sarah Palin"+"Texas"+"Oil and Gas exploration", our alarm bells go off ("GIDDINGS")!

We don't know yet whether she is still involved in the industry. There is a "Vicki Garza" mentioned to be an employee of the Oil & Gas drilling company "Transocean" in Houston, Tx, but this could be a different person.

Vicki Garza says in her book that she "charted her new corporation", an oil and gas exploration company. What's its name? Curious minds would like to know.

Therefore I would like to conclude this update with some heartwarming excerpts from Vicki Garza's book "Faith Adventures" - funnily, the "godly style" reminds me of Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue":

Vicki Garza - Faith Adventures - book 2

Vicki Garza - Faith Adventures - book 3

Vicki Garza - Faith Adventures - book 5

Vicki Garza - Faith Adventures - book 6


It's particularly touching that Vicki founded her advertising business because God made a prophecy:

Vicki Garza - Faith Adventures - book 9 - start advertising agency



Surprise! The "" website is back to life again and now displays a beautiful picture of the "object of desire", together with the announcement that Sarah Palin "will be at a gala at the Fairmont Hotel to cast our vision for this fabulous new center" on April 30, 2010.

We have another surprise, because the website claims that the "Uptown's Women Center" is also 501(c)(3) organization! Now we have two of them!

The website then links to "palin4life".


uptown woman center website with address



Thanks to the Dallas Observer, which kindly linked to Palingates in a new story, we now know the exact location of the shiny white building which is the "object of desire": It's the so-called "White House", with the exact location: 2401 Turtle Creek Blvd., Dallas, TX 75219.

It would be extremely interesting to know who currently owns this house.

White House - Turtle Creek Blvd - Dallas TX



Thank you all for sending me material and commenting here with new facts!

Our reader "Trigmund Freud" (love the name, by the way!) found the property records for the "White House" - the official address in the records is "3503 FAIRMOUNT ST". The current owner is:

4514 TRAVIS ST STE 326
DALLAS, TEXAS 752054186

The "Turtle Creek Bldv 2401" address therefore seems to be "just for show".


White House - Property Record 1

White House - Property Record 2



I would like to add that under the address "4514 TRAVIS ST STE 326" in Dallas I can only find the following companies, all real estate companies:

2) The McKinney Fund (which consists mainly of members of Cienda Partners)

McKinney Fund

Even the number of the suite (326) is the same.

It seems safe to say that Cienda Partners are part of the establishment in Dallas and are also well know to the Mayor of Dallas. They report on their website under "Philanthropy":

"Dallas Faith Communities Coalition

Several members of Cienda Partners were appointed by the Mayor of Dallas to serve as the leadership team of the Dallas Faith Communities Coalition (“DFCC”). The DFCC works with both non-profit and for-profit homebuilders and volunteer talent from Dallas’ many faith communities to build affordable housing in the city and assist with the city’s new homeless shelter."

Cienda Partners - Philanthropy

The Mayor of Dallas, who will give participants of the "palin4life" fundraiser a "special welcome":

palin4life - Mayor Tom Leppert welcome




More discoveries - including some real oddities!

Thanks to our reader "lurknomore" we are now able to finally establish the link between the owner of 3503 Fairmount Street, which is "TC Holdings, L.P." and "Cienda Partners, L.P.". Although the common address already indicated a connection, we now learn that Barry Hancock, the owner of "Cienda Partners, L.P.", is also the owner of "TC Holdings, L.P."!

HERE is the company Tax Record for "Cienda Partner", and HERE for "TC Holdings".

TC Holdings Dallas


Cienda Partners Dallas


But now starts the weird part:

The registration date for TC Holdings, L.P. was January 9, 2008. However, the Deed Transfer Date for the property 3503 Fairmount St was just a few days later, on January 15, 2008! Therefore it seems safe to say that there is a direct connection between the purchase of this property and the foundation of "TC Holdings".

But that's not everything.

3503 Fairmount St Dallas - Market value

The market value jumped from $ 368,480 in 2005 to $ 1,450,000 in 2008! How could that happen? Did they discover an oilfield on the property?

Well - maybe they invested a lot of money there and increased the market value?

We know the answer - it's a clear NO.

The Downtown Pregnancy Center themselves said in the report for the third quarter 2009 that this building is "beautiful on the outside", but is "in need of a total renovation on the inside":

3503 Fairmount St - Total renovation on the inside needed

So what the heck is going on here?

Any readers with property knowledge, please come forward! I for my part cannot see any logic in this.

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