Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Discovery Channel’s advertisers laugh at "Sarah Palin’s vision of Alaska" - Open Thread - UPDATE!

By Kathleen

The Young Turks have reported that they have an inside source at Discovery Networks who was at the recent annual sales conference for all the buyers of ads across Discovery’s thirteen networks. The source revealed to them that the employees and the advertisement buyers, who put forward the money that finances shows, were “rolling their eyes snickering and even laughing” when presented with the promotion of Sarah Palin’s new documentary about Alaska. The advertisers said that Discovery had reached a "new all time low" with Sarah's show.

According to Young Turks' source, it seems that "no one took it seriously" and it does not appear that Discovery’s gamble on Sarah, as Fox have also discovered, will pay off quite the way they had anticipated. We’re going to say it: “We told you so”!

In addition, please also revisit Helen’s post on Palingates regarding the background of the Discovery deal: “Connecting the dots”.



Here is a video showing Sarah's speech at the Tea Party rally in Boston today. Wasilli Vanilli shows again that she is a demagogue par excellence, using her new "trademark" screechy voice.

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Little did we know that there were very original and funny anti-Palin protestors at the Tea Party rally in Boston today! Our reader "austintxx" pointed us in the comments to this hilarious collection of pictures from today's event! Here are some examples - extremely well done, folks! Thanks a lot, we owe you!










Is Sarah Palin still wearing her campaign clothes? YOU BETCHA!

Sarah Palin - Wearing campaign clothes at Tea Party rally in Boston - April 14 - 2010


Would you buy a used car from this woman?

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