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Sara Hickman sings "Palin' By Comparison" - Lyrics and special message to Palingates

I already mentioned Sara Hickman's brilliant new song "Palin' By Comparison" recently in an update, but the topic deserves its own post - especially now where we have received the lyrics together with a special message from Sara Hickman!

Sara Hickman is the reigning official "State Musician of Texas", following in the footsteps of Willie Nelson, and she is a truly independent musician with a most impressive biography.

A great source for updates is also her facebook page.

And she clearly has courage, because she is willing to take on the Quitter Queen. ;-)

Palingates received a special message from Sara:

Dear Patrick!

THANK YOU!! so!!! much!!! for posting my little handmade video about some of history's amazing women and how Sarah Palin pales by comparison.

Here is a copy of the lyrics, but more than that: thank YOU SO MUCH for helping an independent artist share a creation with the world. It's a big world, and having people pitch in to share my music has made MY YEAR! I hope it also educates people further about looking into women's studies and learning more about significant women---not just Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, or independents, but artists, doctors, lawyers, dancers, social commentators, so many I didn't get to include - all who have made contributions to social change on behalf of others.

For example, EVERYONE should know who Elizabeth Fry is....Do an entire page on her contribution to changing prison conditions for women, and men, in Europe, in the 1800s...while she was still, I believe, only 11 years old!

Palingates rocks my world!
A very grateful mamasita,
Sara Hickman


Thank YOU, Sara!

Here are the inspiring lyrics of "Palin' By Comparison":

Words and music by Sara Hickman

Last week you came a – callin’
Seemin’ mighty proud
Like you’ve got all the answers
And you haven’t gotta doubt
You’re makin’ all these promises
I know you’ll never keep
I guess someone forgot to tell ya
Talk comes cheap
So I don’t buy your act
When I know the facts
About so many other women who
Took courageous leaps…

Joan of Arc went on a mission
No other teen would take
She helped the French beat the English
She was burned at the stake!
Since 1431
She’s been in movies and books
Even the pope named her a saint
For the bravery it took

So you’re palin’ by comparison
Yea, you’re palin’ by comparison
Oh, …I hate to have to be the one…
To tell ya you’re palin’ by comparison

Back in time I’ll take your mind to 1852
When Harriet Tubman knew exactly what to do
In the dark of the night she set to settin’ others free
Determined to break the chains of slavery
Thru the swamps
Without fear
And no where certain to go
She led hundreds of people home to freedom’s shores


Helen Keller was a woman who will really blow your mind
She couldn’t hear or speak and she was totally blind
She had a teacher who could reach her
Who taught her how to sign
She was a beacon of light
That no child should be
left behind
By learning to speak
To read and to write
With a little love you never know who’s
Waiting inside…

CHORUS (add “ooh oohs”)

Now I’m bringing up two women
That are daughters of my own
Who may grow up to call
The mighty White House their home
But whatever they decide
And wherever they go
May they always remember
What you will never know:
That it’s more than a suit
Or a smile or a wink
And you can betcha they’ll be mavericks
Who can think on their feet


Aspasia, Frida Kahlo, Juana Ines de la Cruz
Rosa Parks , Rosa Bonheur,
Wilma Mankiller, too…

Pearl Buck, Emily Dickinson,
Maya Angelou…
Sappho, Sojourner
…and the ruler T’zu

Gilda Radner, Carol B the wacky Lily T.,
Tina Fey, Wanda Sykes all make
Ya scream, “Whoo-pee!”

Betty Friedan, Sally Ride,
Took us to the another side
Mae West was the best
She’d come up and see ya sometimes!

Oh-prah! Madame Curie… Anne Frank…
And O’keefe…
And the little ol lady who said,
“Where’s the beef?!”
Pearl Bailey
Evita too
All these women’s names should
Mean a-something to you

Ani and Ellen are
Two Nice Girls
And let’s at least give Eve credit
For naming the squirrels

Josephine, Ella, Bessie, Sarah, Marian
Bonnie, Alberta and the Divine Miss M
Billie Jean, Mother Teresa,
Sacagawea, Susan B.
And, of course, we all love…Ethel and Luu-ccccy!
Last but not least
Are The Guerilla Girls
Why doncha Google ‘em up
Cuz they’ll rock your world…


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