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Sarah Palin and the Swift Boater

Thanks to our reader "lilylake", there is a new discovery:

Sarah Palin is going to appear at the Convention Center in Austin, Texas on April 29, 2010, at an evening appropriately named: "An evening with Sarah Palin".

Heroic Media - Evening with Sarah Palin

The event is organized by "Heroic Media", located in Austin, Texas. According to their website, they have the following purpose:

"Our Mission

Heroic Media is a faith-based non-profit that reduces abortion by creating a Culture of Life through television, billboard and internet advertising which connects women in crisis with life-affirming pregnancy centers.

Our Regions

Heroic Media aims to help women and babies in crisis across the nation. To accomplish this mission, we are structured by regions: Northeast, West, Midwest, South, and Southeast."

In short, "Heroic Media" conducts anti-abortion campaigns - for example on TV, Internet, billboards and radio.

On the Heroic Media website, they freely admit they attempt to deceive teens with their advertising (h/t EyeOnYou):

"Heroic Media’s billboards are designed so you can’t tell if they’re pro-life or pro-choice. Our billboards typically showcase young women instead of babies. That’s intentional because women in crisis respond best to photos of women they can relate to."

Example of a billboard by "Heroic Media":

Part of their campaigns is a website called "" which urges teens not to abort. The website is aimed at children from 12 years of age onwards. In case the message falls on deaf ears, the website presents horrible pictures of abortions in order to convince the youngsters that abortion is evil - apparently with success .


The connected website "" cites from comments which were reportedly sent to "":

"I finally decided to look at a web site that shows the cons of abortion. After seeing those pictures and reading those stories, I don't see how abortion can still be legal. ABORTION IS HOMICIDE. I could never live with killing a baby, born or unborn."

On the Heartlink website the backers of "" are mentioned:

"The Rosetta Foundation has been advertising a new Web site for teens,, on Google through the keywords "abortion", "teen abortion" and "teen pregnancy." When a keyword search is done on abortion, bringing up over 10 million Web sites, is outbidding the abortion clinics and pro-abortion groups for that all-important first place spot."

Heartlink is part of "Focus on the Family" - which, as many of you will know, was run until February 2009 by infamous evangelical leader James Dobson.

Now that we have established the general background, let's get back to "Heroic Media" again.

Who is Brian Follett?

He is, as noted in public records, one of the major financial backers of the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth". He is mentioned with having donated $ 40,000 to the "Swift Boaters", which places him at No. 19 in the individual "Donation High Score" of the Swift Boaters. However, other records indicate that his overall donations were actually higher and amounted to $ 47,500 in total.

Therefore, it seems that the past rears its ugly head.

After all, the Swift Boaters were not liked very much - even by some Republicans.

One Republican said in 2004:

“I deplore this kind of politics. I think the ad is dishonest and dishonorable. As it is, none of these individuals served on the boat (Kerry) commanded. Many of his crew have testified to his courage under fire. I think John Kerry served honorably in Vietnam. I think George Bush served honorably in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War.”

This statement was made by:

John McCain - the man who just had Sarah Palin, "The Whore of Babble-On", campaign for him.

Sad times for America, sad times for Republicans.

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