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"Palin4Life" in Dallas needs your money! $ 75,000 for a "foursome" with Sarah Palin!

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Sarah Palin has truly become a precious item. Two months ago, "VIP" visitors in Columbus, Ohio had to pay $ 1,000 for a "private reception" with her. I actually thought that this was a lot of money. Was I wrong?

Sarah is currently on a tour to meet "real Americans" all over the country. We know that it's a lucrative tour, as her regular $ 100,000 speaking fee is no secret anymore. On April 30, 2010 she will be in Dallas, Texas, at an event for an obscure organization called "palin4life".

Palin4Life evening with Sarah

Palin4Life address details

The real Americans she is going to meet then will need big pockets. Very big pockets. But the good news is: All you need is $ 1,000. This will give a ticket for the dinner, but don't expect to get close to Sarah. Touching will cost ya. If you want the "VIP reception", you will need to spend at least $ 10,000 - per person. This will make you a "silver"candidate.

May I present the other options to you?

Have a look:

Palin4Life tickets small
"Gold": $ 25,000 for 2 tickets

"Platinum": $ 75,000 for 4 tickets

Strangely, two tickets for $ 25,000 apparently give you the same return as two tickets for $ 10,000 each, but I don't even want to try to understand it.

Therefore, it seems that a lot of people will pay a lot of money to see Sarah. $ 75,000 for four tickets surely is a lot of bucks to see the Queen of the Quitters. Definitely out of reach for the ordinary teabagger.

In addition, this event will happen in Texas, which is one of Sarah's most favorite locations and where she has got some very, very suspicious "oily" connections, as we reported a short while ago.

Therefore, we have several reasons to become curious.

This is what we have found out so far:

Don't expect to find any details anywhere about this organization called "palin4life". You won't find anything. No contact name, no address, nothing. The website is registered with an anonymous provider, and no information is given on the website.

However, on their hompage "palin4life" claims to be a "501(c)(3)" non-profit organization. Where have we recently heard that before? Oh yes, Sarah Palin's "Alaska Fund Trust", the one with the missing reports and the unresolved ethics complaints, can "donate unspent funds to qualified 501 (c)(3) organizations". Could there be a connection? We don't know, but it immediately caught our eye.

Further investigation reveals more curious details:

Although "palin4life" claims to be a "501(c)(3) organization", it is not registered as a 501(c)(3) on the IRS Publication 78 website. The "Dallas Observer" reports that "the local spokesman is looking into it".

The domain registration shows that the website was only created on March 8, 2010.

So who is really behind this organization?

There are clues, and they only point in one direction. The website states that this event "benefits a new women's center in uptown Dallas". A property, apparently costing $ 1.8 million, is supposed to be bought:

Palin4Life tickets proceeds

"Women's center" + "Sarah Palin" + "life" = anti-abortion movement (?)

The "Dallas Observer" finally managed to receive more crucial details:

"Heinbaugh (mayor's chief of staff) responds, "It's a fundraiser for the Uptown Women's Center. He's doing a welcome." The mayor's chief of staff also sent the URL for the UWC, which redirects you to But, as it turns out, the Uptown Womens Center will be a satellite office of the Downtown Pregnancy Center on S. Ervay, which has been eying a location on Turtle Creek Boulevard and needs money in order to make the purchase."

So it will be a fundraiser for a "satellite" of the "Downtown Pregnancy Center". Why not say this right from the start?

What about this new "URL" which they were given? The "Dallas City Hall Blog" was also on the case today:

"I googled the Uptown Women's Center and clicked on this address - which took me straight to"

...which is now dead. Strange!

The address was registered with Vicki Garza, who runs Garza Communications, a marketing company in Dallas.

Therefore it seems possible that Vicki Garza also created the "palin4life" website as a web designer.

Let's turn our attention to the "Downtown Pregnancy Center". As suspected, it's a pro-life organization:

Downtown pregnancy center - Rick Perry

"Join the Downtown Pregnancy Center for its annual "Light of Life" fundraising dinner and gala. Keynote speaker, Texas Governor Rick Perry, will be honored for his leadership in the pro-life cause as the Downtown Pregnancy Center celebrates 252 babies saved last year.


• Rick Perry, Governor of the State of Texas
• Carolyn Cline, Executive Director, Downtown Pregnancy Center"

So why all the secrecy? Why set up a new organization and give no information about the people behind it whatsoever? Why not organize a fundraiser directly for the "Downtown Pregnancy Center"?

As always: No easy questions, no straight answers when Sarah Palin is involved. She surely loves Texas. At least that we know. The announcement on the website of "palin4life" that it "will be her only appearance in Dallas in 2010" seems somehow premature to me. Just a hunch!

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