Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sarah Palin Photo – Worth more than a Thousand Words?

By Kathleen

Sarah Palin was spotted at McCarran International Airport yesterday by the daughter of our very own Bandit Basheert. Sarah, failed VP candidate turned grifter extraordinaire, was on her way to speak at the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America convention in Vegas and Basheert’s family was heading for a well deserved spring holiday break. Basheert’s daughter, full of jovial airplane spirits, raced over to Sarah and gushed that her mother was “her biggest fan on earth” and “please, please, please would Sarah allow her daughter (who is perfectly aware of her grandmother’s sentiments regarding Sarah) to have her photo taken with her”. Darling Sarah, ever mindful of her growing popularity and celebrity status, perkily agreed and in true rock star style posed with one of her “fans”. Remarkably, there were no demands of cash for photos.

This private photo opportunity was granted for free.

Here is Basheert’s account of her family’s close up and personal with Sarah:

Sarah was totally alone - she was talking to everyone - in the airport. There were NO children, handlers...she was talking to people about their kids. In all honesty she was very nice and chatting up everyone but totally alone.

It was my daughter's whole family. K and A had gone to the bathroom - they had seen her on the tram but hadn't realized she flew in on the same plane. When K came out of the bathroom, she got the idea to chase Sarah down - grabbed A and ran up to Sarah. She "gushed" (you would have to KNOW her) how much her mother LUV LUV LUVS her - told her I am her BIGGEST FAN and could she get a picture with A (who IS aware of how I feel). Sarah spoke with them both, told both of them they were very beautiful - told K she had a beautiful daughter. Then A posed with her. K took 3 pics but 2 were totally blurred.

Hubs and her son had gone ahead so weren't aware of the exchange until they hit baggage claim.

sp airport blur 3

Earlier Sarah had also posed at Sea-Tac airport:

Just ran into Sarah Palin at the airport!

Perhaps Sarah felt accommodating because she was, apparently, “in good spirits” as she later confided to the WSWA, mostly middle-aged and male audience. Standing on her “whine” box Sarah no doubt expected laughter in return for her jokes, especially when she revealed to her audience that she was on her own because “Todd was at a snow race”. However, the responding silence was deafening and the empty seats suggested a less than enthusiastic run on tickets to see her.

Ostensibly, Sarah’s magnetism had not pulled in the full house bums on seats that the organisers had hoped for.

She plowed on with her hotpotch, potpourrie delivery of political canned soundbites, aware that somewhere in an airport nearby she would once again find the appreciation that she truly deserves. Eyewitness reports confirm that Sarah finished her speech to awkward applause. Her audience was not impressed. No matter for super trooper Sarah. She was in Vegas to pull in their money and to take another swing at Obama, not to impart the non- responsive WSWA members with her wisdom and wit regarding the hard liquor trade.

How ill at ease would Sarah have felt earlier at McCarran Airport if she had known that her “biggest fan” was actually one of her biggest critics? I doubt that the possibility was even briefly entertained by her because in Sarah's mind she is valuable. She thinks she IS a goth star and everyone wants a piece of her.

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