Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Bad news for Sarah Palin on the horizon - A big pile of emails

Palin angry

Many of us have been impatiently waiting for a long time for the "big revelation" that will finally end Sarah Palin's political career. After all, Palin's life is just a big fat pile of scandals and inconvenient secrets - most of them persistently ignored by the media, treated as "taboo" subjects, something you cannot even talk about. Like Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy. It's hilarious that we know for almost two years now with 100% certainty from reliable sources that the pregnancy was faked. But does anyone dare to talk about it or ask simple questions - with the exception of Andrew Sullivan? No way.

However, this post is not about the faked pregnancy, but about something different.

We had a phone conversation today with Kim Chatman. As you will all remember, Kim successfully filed the legendary ethics complaint against Sarah Palin's first legal defense fund, the "Alaska Fund Trust", a complaint which was successful and cost Sarah Palin A LOT of money. Kim Chatman works at the moment as a civilian in the military at the US Ramstein base in Germany. Kathleen and I visited Kim a short while ago and had a lovely time there with her and her family.

Kim told us today on the phone that a source within the State of Alaska said to her that a big scandal regarding Palin and maybe even more people is about to break at some point, connected to Palin's emails that the State of Alaska will be forced to release. Media outlets such as MSNBC.COM and journalists such as Geoffrey Dunn (don't forget to pre-order Geoffrey's upcoming book!) requested Sarah Palin's complete state emails from the time when she was Governor of Alaska.

The release of the emails has been delayed 14 times so far since October 2008! CBS News reported in December 2010:

Despite repeated requests dating back to October 2008, Alaska has yet to release the public record of former governor Sarah Palin's official emails from her time in office. As the Anchorage Daily News reports, the release has been delayed 14 times, and two more delays are now pending.

Four journalists, an activist and an author have been seeking emails from Palin's state email account as well as from private accounts on which she conducted state business. The activist, Andree McLeod, argues that Palin and her successor, Sean Parnell, are abusing power by delaying their release.

Kim told us that the scandal will be HUGE - that "all hell is gonna break loose."

It's possible that the emails will be released quite soon, but we don't know for certain.

Kim also tweeted about it a few hours ago.

However, whenever it will eventually happen, Sarah Palin, and I know you read this, at some point, your emails WILL be released. It looks like this could be a very happy day - but not for you, Sarah!



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