Friday, 21 January 2011

Sarah Palin - Some recent videos you shouldn't miss!

Here at Palingates, we haven't posted a great number of videos recently, despite the fact that several very revealing, funny and thoughtful clips have already been published in 2011.

So let's take a look at some of the recent videos which in my opinion are worth watching. Well, let's start with a clip which has become an instant classic in the "demagogue" department - Sarah Palin's defence of her "blood libel speech" on Hannity (click here for a clip of the "blood libel speech"). This is without any doubt one of the most revealing interviews Sarah ever did, and caused devastating reactions. Even if you usually cannot stand to watch Palin, this is a must-see:

One of the best reactions to this atrocious performance came from Jon Stewart:

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Stephen Colbert presented a hilarious performance as well - "Mika's Palin fatigue":

Jane Hamsher from FireDogLake and Dave Weigel also had some very interesting things to say:

Joan Rivers talked on the Joy Behar Show about how she was un-invited by Fox News after she made a joke about Sarah Palin:

This clip caught my eye: David Frum (Republican journalist) and David Korn (Mother Jones) discuss Sarah Palin's blood libel speech - both are excellent:

Finally, one clip which impressed me recently: Howard Stern's rant about Sarah Palin after her "blood libel speech." Well, I am aware that opinions about Howard Stern are certainly divided, as he causes controversies on a regular basis, and also uses swear words on a regular basis. In this clip, he uses the "c"-word, for example. If this is too much for you, please don't listen to this clip.

This is our video collection for today, I hope that there was something "in it" for everyone!


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