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Palingates Weekly Roundup - January 17 to January 22, 2011

By Blueberry Tart

Palingates honored Martin Luther King Day with a post recalling his inspiring words, calling on Americans to stand up to evil and fight hate with love. The timing of his message resonates so strongly with the calls to renounce violent rhetoric in the wake of the Tucson tragedy. The violence that Dr. King saw first-hand and that eventually claimed his life could best be overcome by non-violent resistance – both parts, non-violence and resistance against injustice and evil, being equally important. Kathleen offers some wisdom about putting oneself in the others’ shoes and really trying to see their point of view, and also reminds us of the huge cost of violence, such as the history of Northern Ireland.

Patrick got us very excited with a post about his phone conversation with Kim Chatman, who has heard that there will be a big scandal relating to emails from Palin’s short tenure as Governor of Alaska. Kim, whose credentials include having filed the successful ethics complaint about Sarah’s slush fund, the Alaska Fund Trust, has heard from her sources that the emails contain damaging information on a variety of topics. Kim expects that damaging info on the Palin’s will be released “very soon,” although the exact timeline is not yet known. The comments were abuzz with speculation about which of Palin’s many skeletons will be the focus of this upcoming scandal. Best collective guess: more than one scandal will emerge.

We’ve had an influx of trolls lately, so Regina reminds us that we need not respond to their comments; in fact, please just ignore them. Much like the way that President Obama ignores Sarah Palin, this is the best way to handle trolls. Even the one pictured is really quite harmless, albeit not very pleasant to look at! One other request is to please be careful in labeling someone as a troll; sometimes this label may be WRONG, as happened, ironically, on this very same thread. In fact, if you follow Regina’s advice (please), the second problem will not BE a problem. No need to worry about defending Palingates; we are secure.

Get yourself settled with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite beverage, because it’s movie time! This post includes a great assortment of videos from the past week. We start with the fawning Sean Hannity and his softball questions, allowing Sarah to stick to her obvious script. Stewart and Colbert are priceless; do not miss! Dylan Ratigan points out the utter hypocrisy (up is down) of Sarah’s claim that it is her critics whose words are “reprehensible,” not her own words. Joan Hamsher says that it is a fair question to ask whether Palin acted responsibly in putting up the map and using the words she did, as violence was directed at Congressional offices right after HCR was passed. If I heard right, Joan Rivers called her a Nazi on Joy Behar’s program; Joan and her daughter have obviously been following Sarah’s antics and had some interesting comments. David Frum: “she’s madder than she is sad…it’s hard to imagine [her] coping as President with a tragedy like this.” David Corn called out her blood libel comment where she equated criticism of her with genocidal persecution; he also said, “She’s the last person…to be preaching a…Kumbaya approach to political discourse.”

Kathleen not only questions the idea that Sarah Palin is finished politically in the wake of the Tucson shootings, but she shows polling data indicating that Palin’s appeal remains largely unchanged, except for a small shift in some of her support from “very positive” to “somewhat positive.” The rest remains steady, at least in the NBC-WSJ poll cited. This does not mean that Sarah Palin stands a strong chance of being elected; her favorable:unfavorable ratio among the people at large, and among independents, remains very weak. But it does thrown some cold water on the notion that we can stop worrying about her as a political force.

Comments of the Week

Omomma: ". . . her rise to the top?" Top of what. Pinocchio Mountain? Who writes this crap.

AzureGhost and elizabeth44 were on the case late Sunday, investigating Friends for Palin 2012 (Sarah Palin, President) and its connections to people with what appear to be shady dealings in NV.

Nomadicjoe: So they are comparing her to both Ronald Reagan AND Martin Luther King!?! Sheeeesh, that's quite a stretch. I would have stuck with Evita Peron and left it there.

Later: I watched a documentary online the other day. "Five Steps to Tyranny" and it listed how a sane society can be lured into a fascist one. Step One, create a "US and THEM" and Step Two, dehumanize the opposing side.

CR46: Dr King's words and thoughts are and always will be meaningful, in today's society or in any future generation. The horrible racism and segregation that Dr King and many others fought against in the 60's was not an easy fight. We must ALL be willing to step up to the plate and let our voices be heard. I will not stand by and let evil overtake the great strides that have been made ( and a few more need to be made) in civil rights for everyone. As long as Teabaggers target politicians with violence, the woman's right to vote, child labor laws....we must stand and be heard.

MadamDeal: The Fairness Doctrine is the new "attack on freedom of speech." The day after Obama's Tucson remarks, Rush said "Civility is the new censorship."

There were many thoughtful comments about this and other tumultuous times in American history and Dr. King’s legacy.

Elizabeth44: …I firmly believe that love is light, and light overcomes the darkness… Those who have chosen evil will fight us every inch of the way, because it is their method of obtaining power. Those who are cooperating with evil out of fear, love and caring can help. Where do we start? Our families, friends, and neighbors.

Nin1963 implored God to spare us from Palin… other ‘Gaters joined in her prayer.

Juicy76 has a brilliant new nickname: Sarah "I have a scheme" Palin, that great civil rights leader.

Espresso4me: After all these years I still have a dream, Martin. One in which the fires of hate, violence, bigotry and ignorance are not stoked by those who have their own selfish personal and financial agendas. One where the voices of reason, peace, respect, and intelligence are strong, sound, and unfaltering...

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
Martin Luther King,

More_Cowbell: Could you ever have imagined that we'd be talking about Facebook and Twitter as being the main communication strategies of someone who thinks she's a viable candidate for President of the United States?

Nin1963: Carl Bernstein on Morning Joe said in response to Joe's question: "Should the media report every thing Palin says on her facebook as if it came from Mt Olympus" and Carl responded: "The media needs to treat her for what she is, a demagogue." Couldn't agree more. She has NO real solutions, only soundbites and quips and is a populist whore. She needs to be treated for what she is.

Later, Nin had a long list of traits of NPD and it sounded like Sarah’s biography.

Leota2: As I'm having a quiet morning---I just googled PALIN WHINES and giggled at the over half a million hits. . . . That's a lot of whining.

Later Leota said: …there is a serious problem with the Palin women's need to label any male who disagrees with them a pedophile. That is some serious Freudian baggage those sick puppies are dragging around.

Tan: …this was the perfect opportunity to [reach out to those outside her base] in a sympathetic manner. She could’ve expressed her innocence whilst also admitting regret in her poor choice of words and symbolism and followed up with a pledge to unite. She also should've apologised for the choice of 'blood libel'… But her mental illness is just too strong and compels her to - an explosion of rage and spite and hate. Sickening!

Live blogging Sarah’s Hannitizing ritual with 59 people on chat was apparently a blast!

BanditBasheert: difficult [week] for all of us but obviously no one has suffered more than Sister Sarah. She is the "biggest victim" of them all. She got caught being exactly "WHO" and "WHAT" she is.

Patrick’s post on Tuesday opened the floodgates for VERY excited comments by ‘Gaters dreaming about what fate our Sarah might endure… the most enthusiastic seemed to involve an orange jumpsuit.

Casey’s Mom: Breaking news: Wasilla Wal-Mart announces an unexpected shortage of canned goods. Details at eleven. ;o)

Wayofpeace: Who so diggeth a pit shall fall therein. –Proverbs

ProChoiceGrandma had a good list: Oh, so many choices….
How about the mysterious 15 oil & gas explorers who received $193million?
The Pipeline always seems to involve bribery.
Dairygate is another big one with criminal consequences.
Housegate would also involve bribery/favors/theft.
But please let the emails at least show how she lied about Trig’s birth! Insurance fraud.

Femme7 calmed us down: I'll get excited AFTER the damaging emails are released.....IF they are released. I just have seen this impending "iceberg" story too many times to get too worked up. Sorry I'm a party-pooper but I remember after Palin quit and the big iceberg stories were running wild and nothing ever came of them… But…I do think that once there is a crack in the dam, I think Alaskans will come out of the woodwork to tell their Sarah and Todd stories.

Ltl1: She is the real victim here! Ignore all those dead and wounded people over there in Tucson! Look at poor, poor Sarah and the threats she must deal with!

Juicyfruityy found this Hubert Humphrey quote, which seems apropos: "You cannot go around and keep score. If you keep score on the good things and the bad things, you'll find out that you're a very miserable person. God gave man the ability to forget, which is one of the greatest attributes you have. Because if you remember everything that's happened to you, you generally remember that which is the most unfortunate."

Peacepax: I found a quote on that web site which made me think of palingates. “Fear not the path of truth for the lack of people walking on it.” - Robert F. Kennedy

Drpatois: Regina, did you find those trolls under the bridge to nowhere?

Alembic had a good summary of all the reasons why Independents will never vote for Sarah.

Monkey99 had several excellent comments; here is part of one: …I have gone to Pro-Palin blogs, and can't believe the level of childish thinking and use of offensive language. The level of fear (mostly hidden by bravado) and mistrust of pretty much everything is a far cry from what I am used to. The field of combat is not something you can exactly argue with, but if any of these Palin supporters were to be thrust into it, I'm not sure I could trust them with a weapon. I commend you all for making Palingates a class act!

Lilylake was hopeful: I think this is the "tipping point" for Sarah Palin. We have witnessed it. Things are downhill for her now; no one in their right mind wants to listen to her nonsense, much less support Sarah Palin for national office.

There was a mini-thread on why Sarah won’t sue the NE – because what they have printed is true and also a suit would expose her to depositions and other discovery. I just want to make sure this comment by Patrick is not lost (referring to NE report on an affair that Sarah had with Todd’s then-partner): The Brad Hanson story is true, confirmed to us from several very good sources, including a member of Brad Hanson's family.

Mmboucher had us ROFL with a quote from C4P “refudiating” the NE article, including this gem: “Given what we know about the Palin family, and their transparency in how they conduct themselves, this story is ludicrous on it’s [sic] face.” OMG, they are SO delusional!

Lilybart: Two nights ago I was at a NYC media party talking with a Vanity Fair reporter about Palingates etc...he was very interested in babygate. I enticed him with the things that most reporters would find odd....that the McCain campaign asked for proof of Trig's parentage and she refused. Why would anyone who is chosen from obscurity to be the VP nominee not provide everything asked of them? And the ADN reporter Lisa Demer who tried to put the rumors to rest, and again, she would not cooperate. He kept asking questions.....he also said that VF has too many stories in the can, backed up, so I don't hope this will be a story, but I am sure they will talk....

KatieAnnieOakley: When people spoke out about G.W. Bush, they were traitors; when people speak out about Obama, they're Patriots.

Nomoosestew: She is the real victim here!! People were shot, killed, and now Gabby is fighting to get well but people weren't nice to Sarah. Have you no heart?

Alex posted this quote from Mark Shields on PBS: "This is America, where a white Catholic male Republican judge was murdered on his way to greet a Democratic Jewish woman member of Congress, who was his friend. Her life was saved initially by a 20-year old Mexican-American gay college student, and eventually by a Korean-American combat surgeon, all eulogized by our African American President."

AKRNC had another great comment with insider info on Friday afternoon; here is a snippet: It seems that due to her refusal to communicate with these people who are ready to invest millions in her, they now have cold feet and are looking elsewhere. They had been told many times prior to this that Palin did not take direction from anyone but they had thought with their investment in her, she would listen to them. She has them running scared because they realize now how uncontrollable she is.

Wesinoregon: I think I officially have "Palin Fatigue". (that should be a new medical term)

Indy_girl: Well, Sarah *is* as important as Jesus, Mohammed, the Easter Bunny, Father Christmas, St. Patrick, Buddha, Allah, and the great Pumpkin....all rolled into one narcissistic package, dontcha know! *wink*

Maelewis and others provided info on the fact that Justice Clarence Thomas failed to disclose the income his wife received from the Heritage Foundation. This, along with Thomas’ and Scalia’s failure to recuse themselves from the Citizens United decision, points to the direct connections between right-wing power brokers and the SCOTUS, and the apparent conflicts of interest of these justices.

Emily Peacock, responding to Ripley in CT: Exactly. It's the emails. They've fought tooth and nail over releasing them using every legal trick in the book. They MUST be very incriminating.

Kilob was inspired, dubbing Sarah the “self appointed Demander in Chief” – excellent!
Palingaters send our love to Mr & Mrs Gunka.

Links of the Week

From HIG and others, here is the link to Frank Rich’s NYT opinion piece.

Need a laugh? Amy1 has this for you: Hi Mrs Gunka -- Here's me doing my pageant walk. (note by Regina: We lost the original link, so I searched for a similar one, just for the laugh. Sorry, Amy1... I hope you like this one.)

Sjkfromthebellyoftheplane linked to Daily Kos: Sarah Palin Is Not Responsible. Sarah Palin Is Irresponsible.

Juicyfruityy had a great link to smirkingchimp on MLK.

MrsTBB linked to Dion singing Abraham, Martin and John.

TruGal/wayofpeace linked to an interesting NYT piece.

Palinized pointed out this Media Matters piece on violent rhetoric.

Juicy76 found another Frum takedown of Palin.

And this British bit on What is a Sarah Palin.

I love me a good Sarah smackdown, like Business Insider did here; thanks to HopeforAmerica for the link.

Quite a few ‘Gaters posted this link to the Young Turks showing the Sarah Palin song (to Battle Hymn of the Republic]; it’s an instant classic!

Wesinoregon found some links to interesting international coverage of the Palin map-crosshairs-violent rhetoric-rise of the right wing themes. HERE and HERE

Politicususa on “blood libel.”

Aview found this in WaPo; seems even the Repubs don’t think Sarah is handling things well. and here is a WaPo poll that doesn’t look good for Sarah. Aview also found a post from Malia Litman on the snow machine tweet and several good posts at politicsdaily.

Soapydog linked to the Colbert Report on “Mika’s Palin Fatigue.” Must see!

HopeforAmerica found this on Sarah’s “sobbing meltdown” because she was afraid the blistering criticism in the wake of Tucson would derail her presidential ambitions.

And this good article on RAM in The Daily Beast.

These 2008 articles (H/T nomoosestew and MadamDeal) never get old. HERE and HERE

Cheeriogirl found this great link on the Congress themselves requiring health insurance in 1798, signed by President John Adams. Fascinating!

Paradigm Shift linked to witsend on pollution affecting trees and ecosystems.

Older_Wiser: CNN piece on Palin fatigue.

TurtleTears linked to firedoglake on Loughner’s defense team possibly using Sarah’s rhetoric and map, among other things, in an insanity defense.

Austintxx linked to PolitiFact’s Obamameter.

Wanda found that Andrew Sullivan doesn’t buy the Palin news-blackout idea. No surrender.

KatieAnnieOakley pointed out “Sarah Palin’s Pregnancy Decision Map.”

Tweets of the Week

ProChoiceGrandma (with H/T to xboxershorts): Palin feels she's being unfairly blamed for the actions of an extremist. Maybe she can ask Muslims for advice on how to deal with that. #P2

On @MorningJoe Carl Bernstein says we need 2 fact-check @SarahPalinUSA. @Palingates ahead of you, Carl. #P2

History would be different if there had been Hitlergates. We have @Palingates to expose crazy demagogue #P2

HIG: Progressives to ‘uncloak’ the secret financers behind the Tea party

HIG also highlighted NewsHounds: Fox News Throws A Pity Party For Sarah Palin, The Martyr Of The Arizona Massacre: On Martin Luther King Day (1/1...

BellPeppery: @SarahPalinUSA MLK preached & practiced nonviolence; reflect on that and recommit to peace - PULL DOWN YOUR HIT LIST!

ParadigmShift found this tweet: @sarahpalinusa The party's over for you.

KashaKnish: 4 $arah #Palin "Everybody's Talkin'@ me-I don't hear a word they're sayin'-only the echoes of my mind."

Dedicated 2 Sarah #Palin - "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" Elton John @sarahpalinusa

@sarahpalinusa The Party's Over -"It's time 2 call it a day-it's time 2 wind up this masquerade ..." - #Palin

ThanksABunchJohn with H/T to sjk: @SarahPalinUSA You may not shut up but you may have the right to remain silent - verrry soon! #iceberg coming

KatieAnnieOakley: Scientists studying Palin's travels. Hoping 2 learn about flight patterns of an elusive species: Wild Alaskan Dingbats.

The Last Word

Toccaro had a powerful comment on Palin’s attempt to co-opt Dr. King, including: This woman knows nothing about the real legacy of King and those like me who were there and experienced that awful time in history…We are of all persuasions, political leanings, cultures, countries, colors and more, but the common thread, I believe, is that we believe in the good of mankind and that good will triumph evil. Like King did. We dream of a better tomorrow.

And here are some cartoons:

Maelewis pointed this cartoon out:

And this one that Joe Christmas found in the WaPo is excellent:

(Click to enlarge)

Annettek pointed out this mother lode of cartoons.

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