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Palingates Weekly Roundup - January 10 to January 15, 2011

By Blueberry Tart

Thanks to Regina for the excellent video that she posted as an update to last Saturday’s post and for Patrick’s updates. These included quoting PalinTV tweeting, “Sarah Palin WILL NOT sit down and shut up. She won’t retreat, she’ll reload…” Also, the Christian Science Monitor reported a possible link of Loughner to American Renaissance, a right-wing group, and we were reminded of more overtly violent rhetoric from the Tea Party.

We are all so grateful to Leadfoot_LA and Bella, who were determined to finish what they started. Despite their own heavy hearts, they offered us another fine report on SPAK. Sarah doesn’t want to feed a banana to a caribou so she makes Willow do it; they see seals while kayaking and Sarah comments about her seal purse; they compete to find gold; Piper says Sarah is crazy (truest words spoken on SPAK); Sarah calls her Piper Diaper again; Sarah tries to make muskox into a political metaphor; Sarah enjoys a Blue Angels airshow so much that she can “die and go to heaven now”, another insensitive comment since 4 people died in a crash while practicing for the show. Leadfoot doesn’t think heaven is where Sarah is headed. The post includes Leota2’s perceptive comment about Sarah’s “prop stalker,” an excellent video on right-wing’s violent rhetoric (such as “If ballots don’t work, bullets will”) posted by Nicole Sandler and Sarah Jones’ strong post (“Christina Taylor Green is dead and the Palin camp has somehow managed to make Sarah Palin the victim, yet again.”). Later, wayofpeace and others linked to HuffPo’s video-medley of SPAK; you get a prize if you know how many times Sarah says “awesome.”

Joe Christmas offers a very interesting comment on how humans are wired to make associations, and how this inborn trait leaves people susceptible to propaganda. In this case, Palin and her allies are desperately trying to undo the association of Palin’s violent imagery and rhetoric with the Tucson murders and assassination attempt. “A terroristic act transpired under a bullseye that Sarah Palin endorsed. She is bonded to that image for all time.” Adding to the intrigue is RAM’s clumsy abject lie, which all but the most infatuated Palinbots know is CYA BS. Disqusux documented the Palinbot’s response, and Patrick had this to say: “Sarah Palin has a lot to answer for. However, she won't…She is angry. She is angry that it's her who is being called out...She is not a leader. She is a small and angry and thoughtless person…

Next, Kathleen analyzed Palin’s self-centered denial of any responsibility for the Tucson massacre – actually, not only a denial of her own responsibility but an attempt to blame others for associating her with Tucson – they are the ones who are irresponsible, not she. How unamerican it is to insinuate otherwise! She labels these associations of violence with right-wing rhetoric as a “manufactured blood libel,” proving that her insensitivity is an equal match for her disingenuity. (Perhaps next week she’ll go the next step into the Twilight Zone and blame Congresswoman Giffords for the tragedy.) Sarah and her handlers stage her speech to try to make her look Presidential, and she has the hubris to suggest that President Obama should join her (OMG!) in endorsing these sentiments. (Her narcissism/I am the center of the universe/allow me to bestow my wisdom on you mere mortals is in overdrive here.) As usual, her facial expressions and head movements tell the truth and belie her words (especially telling is the pugnacious mouth). As many readers pointed out, it is revealing of Palin’s true character that she had to make this day about her, rather than allowing those killed and wounded to be honored without having this solemn day tainted by Palin’s self-serving spin. No, this day is about Sarah Palin, as all days are.

I’m going to repeat what many ‘Gaters have pointed out – you don’t call something “a bullseye icon” if it is a surveyor’s symbol. You don’t call people to take up arms and then claim you mean they should vote. You don’t deliberately double down on your violent rhetoric and then claim innocence of the implications. You don’t claim you didn’t know there could be consequences when the actual victim pointed the consequences out 9 months ago. Stop taking people for fools; no one except the lunatic fringe is stupid enough to believe Sarah’s BS.

I also want to highlight here something that came up in the comments: "In the US, blood libel is included in the dogma of neo-Nazi groups like the Aryan Nation and White Aryan Resistance. To anyone who espouses anti-Semitic ideology, it’s a familiar term—a dog-whistle, of sorts—especially as it’s used here to describe the media, which anti-Semites believe is Jewish-controlled." (H/T to Sqrtneg1 and others.)

Patrick’s excellent post invites Palingaters to think deeply about how the polarization of American politics must be overcome if we are to reckon with the problems of this country and world. He asks this question and invites us to try to answer it: “But where is this supposed to end? How should members of a society co-exist in peace if large parts of the population hate each other?” He reminds us that Germany learned a terrible lesson by allowing extremists to control the country and eliminate the middle ground where problems can actually be solved. The post highlights the hate-fueled messengers of the right and Cenk Uygur’s powerful response to the nonsense about violent rhetoric “equivalence.” This post also features two letters from readers. The first is from a psychologist who wrote that violent rhetoric can fill a void and resonate within a deranged mind, spurring action; this would seem to debunk Sarah’s denial of any possible connection between her violent metaphors and imagery and the tragedy last week. Another reader who encouraged us at Palingates to look inward to express ourselves just as passionately, but perhaps more respectfully. The comments included a range of views, some forceful but respectful disagreement, and showed that many ‘Gaters gave a lot of thought to these questions.

Patrick’s intriguing post explores the roots of political anxiety in the U.S. In a nutshell, “it’s the economy, stupid!” He reviews a German bank’s study of economic trends, here focusing on what is happening in the U.S. In the big picture, some economic indicators are stabilizing, but the unemployment rate continues to threaten our recovery and thus presents fertile ground for political upheaval. Unemployment is both the result and (now) a cause of economic stagnation. Not only is the unemployment rate stuck above 9%, but the long-term unemployment rate is almost double that of any prior recession since 1950; this sets the stage for discontent and potential political exploitation of the situation. Another graph shows that high unemployment dampens wage increases. The huge amount of commercial mortgate debt about to come due appears to be another ticking time bomb for the economy.

Patrick points out that President Obama did not create these problems; he inherited them and has made progress in stabilizing the economy. However, progress is slow; many people are impatient, and some are desperate, to see more progress. Solutions are urgently needed, but further large-scale government spending is not likely amidst the political gridlock that often dominates Washington. This “continues to open the path for political pied pipers” like Sarah Palin, who, regardless of having no solutions whatsoever, could tap into the country’s fears and discontent. There were many excellent comments on the economy; Palingaters are one smart bunch!

Comments of the Week

Palingates provided an important and welcoming forum for so many of us who needed someplace to go where we could express our pain, sadness, confusion and anger about the Tucson tragedy. There were so many excellent comments that I could not do justice to them all, but I still went a little overboard. Here are some that I gleaned before I had to stop...

Anja: 6 people have died & the neocons are out defending Palin?!?!?!? For once can't they STFU & honor the wounded & dead.

CR46: While I wish no harm to Sarah Palin, I want her to be held accountable for her own actions…How do I explain these actions to my 7 and 8 yr old grandsons? How do I explain to our guests that we are sponsoring? How can I, myself, even grasp the reality that the media is as culpable as Sarah Palin in fostering these messages of hate and violence as the "norm"?

BanditBasheert: Sarah Palin is threatening to reload TODAY after what happened in TUCSON????

Austintxx/Kathleen posted this comment which was NOT SCRUBBED from Palin’s Facebook page: A commenter posted the following at 18:12: "It's ok. Christina Taylor Green was probably going to end up a left wing bleeding heart liberal anyway. Hey, as 'they' say, what would you do if you had the chance to kill Hitler as a kid? Exactly."

anonPoster: Title: ANATOMY OF AN ABORTIVE POLITICAL CAREER (condensed version):
Chapter 1: "He's pallin' around with terrorists" -- followed by an ignominious election loss.
Chapter 2: "Drill, Baby, Drill" -- followed by a disastrous oil spill in the Gulf.
Chapter 3: "Don't Retreat. RELOAD" -- followed by a tragic massacre in Tucson, Arizona.
The End.

Silver_desert: Sarah brags constantly about her tough skin but she's cowering and hiding while she waits for others to bail her out of this mess.

HighPeaks had an amazing long comment on guns, on the Roundup thread. Worth reading.
Headset: In RAM's attempt to distance themselves from the "bullseye graphic," she stated that "the graphic wasn't even designed in-house. It came from out outside firm." What BS. In my professional career, any time that I have outsourced production for anything, I'm remain responsible for the output. RAM and the rest of Mrs. Todd Palin's team are PITIFUL. [BBT: obviously RAM/Sarah gave the graphic designer instructions about what they wanted, and it is also obvious from Sarah’s later comments that the imagery was deliberately intended to be a gun’s crosshairs, NOT a surveyor’s symbol, RAM, you despicable lying coward. You owned it then, and you own it now. No thinking person is fooled by your CYA BS.]

ApparentReality: Now, millions of people who did not think about Palin in the past now know about her bullseye map and the fact that she set crosshairs on Ms. Giffords. That is an undeniable fact. The public at large have now seen with their own eyes what a totally irresponsible person Sarah Heath Palin is. Some who thought she was just silly or harmless will have now changed their tune about her. Millions now see that she is totally unfit to be in the political arena of this country.

AzureGhost: Thank you Joe Christmas and Patrick for this latest post, and to everyone who has contributed to Palingates over the last few days, whether as a poster or as a commenter. Sometimes it feels as if the world has gone completely crazy, and in those moments it's such a relief to have an oasis of sanity and reason.

CR46: As all Gator's and frequent readers of Palingates know, I am an avid hunter and own many weapons. From this day forward I WILL fight to ban semi-automatic and automatic weapons… I vow that I will write, email each and every congressperson and senator regularly until we ban the sale of such weapons.

Leadfoot_LA: I can't believe that anyone, A N Y O N E with a heart, brain, or soul, could defend that map and what Sarah did. Has humanity really sunk that low?

Louiecypher: It's not just the "crosshairs", Sarah it's more than that. It's having people yelling "Kill Him!" at your rallies and doing nothing but smile. Scaring old people with lies, veiled accusations of being a terrorist or secret Muslim. Having no compassion for other religions except you own…

JCos: For people keeping a scorecard, Palin has broken Commandments 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. [BBT: is that just this week?] I could add 5 as well, but I think the others are enough to confirm her place in Hell…I think she's going for the career slam in Commandment breaking. She may as well go for the Grand Slam - breaking all ten in the same calendar year.

ProChoiceGrandma: I would like to see some examples of how school districts would handle threatening graphics such as Sarah's. In most cases, I believe expulsion, or at the very least, suspension. Can we request that Sarah be expelled from politics??

Cheeriogirl found this quote from Sharron Angle: "Ms. Angle elaborated on her defense of inflammatory language stating: "Without inflammatory language I got nothing to say!" said Ms Angle, "In fact we on the right need this hyperbole and distortion to keep the American people confused, imagine how they'd react when they learn that all the problems in America are because the corporations pay us to do their bidding."

‘Gaters noticed that Sarah’s fake folksy accent was gone, and sick of Sarah said: Appears Sarah was given a big stocking full of "g's" for Christmas. She did not drop any during the entire video.

Cackling Rad: …her use of a provocative term has served its purpose and predictably provoked ongoing discussion; instead of talking about the shooting everyone is now talking about Sarah.

BanditBasheert: We all know that she DELIBERATELY did three things here:
- She tried to grab the spotlight from the President's address because she is a narcissistic freakshow who can't stand that the African American man beat her ass in the election.
- She ratcheted up the rhetoric while saying she was NOT ratcheting up the rhetoric and dog whistled her followers that they should "keep up the good fight" and in fact, go after the Jews now.
- She proved to everyone with a working brain that she is incompetent to not only hold public office, but to be breathing our air. She proved she has no sympathy, no humanity, and no intellect.

Ibwilliamsi: Why is no one looking at Tort law and more particularly at Vicarious Liability? It worked on the Metzgers.

Femme8: On a day of mourning, Palin decided to ramp up the rhetoric rather than tone it down.
THAT, tells America all they need to know about this woman. She basically states that it's the media's rhetoric that is to blame and they should be held accountable. But, her hate rhetoric.....well, that's just fine and she should not be held accountable.

maelewis: Where did anyone get the idea that Palin would apologize for anything or admit to a poor choice of words? …Being Sarah Palin means never having to say you're sorry.

BluedogAK: …Mrs. Palin has never seen a situation that she cannot make worse through her own narcissism and idiocy. She has done the unbelievable: Made this whole situation worse for herself.

Curiouser11: Orwell.

Mel coined a brilliant new moniker: The Mansourian Candidate.

sickofSarah: All Alaskans that know facts about babygate, housegate, dairygate or any gate that will destroy Sarah's political career... now is the time to come forward. It is time to end Sarah's reign of terror.

Here is part of a good comment from AnonPoster: You can't make the argument that rhetoric CAN'T incite violence when you're talking about YOUR words, but claim that journalists' rhetoric CAN incite violence -- ALL in the same speech…3) You can't morally claim a "blood libel" with respect to yourself without considering that placing crosshairs over Democratic candidates was a parallel analogy for killing them just because of who THEY are. (Not to mention the incomprehensible insensitivity in using this analogy when the Congresswoman with a bullet hole in her head is Jewish.)

Linda1961: Nice going $arah, not only have your supporters firmly connected you with the Tucson Tragedy and with crosshairs, but you have done so as well. But you had to do them one better and connect yourself with the term "blood libel". Do you feel better after your pity party? Or are you still in the midst of it?

Kathi in NJ: …that video was an attempt to seem presidential and was entitled "America's Enduring Strength". It will now forever be known as "The Blood Libel Speech"…

Heidi3’s Republican husband’s reaction to Sarah’s speech made my day (and it’s only 8:30 a.m.): Palin got to the point of saying, "President Obama and I may not always see eye to eye" (or something like that), and my husband freaked out. He yelled at the screen, "You fucking bitch!!". He snapped off the computer, and came stalking out to where I was sitting. He was livid! He said, "How dare she put herself on the same plane as our President?" Whoa...We both agreed that it was the most insincere piece of contrived, self-serving garbage ever purported to be a "speech". He also said, "uneducated Wasilla housewives who don't take care of their 5 children don't 'give speeches'". He is very impressed with President Obama. This is a watershed in our household!

Laprofesora: …Robert Draper…who wrote the piece on her for the New York Times Magazine…said he had been in touch with the Paylin people...He said she couldn't handle a face-to-face interview, even with Fox. She is way too unhinged to be on the national stage. She's not even in office and she can't do an interview. He also implied the video was all RAM.

Austintxx: I liken my America to a large table. One that welcomes EVERYONE to sit and break bread and imbibe. No matter your race, religion, age, sexual preference. We sit and laugh and talk and counsel and help each other any way we can to the best of our collective abilities. As with most families, it can get tough. But, with an open mind, we work it out. Any one is welcome, as long as they mind their manners and are receptive to different ideas and are in turn listened to. Children are the most important at the table…

ProChoiceGrandma: Quite frankly, I believe we are doing just fine they way we are. Patrick, Kathleen, Regina, Blueberry Tart and all the guest posters have authored the most magnificent posts, and we comment our opinions. On occasions when Sarah has done something outrageous (like every time she opens her mouth), we are incensed at her audacity and furious at the media coverage, or lack thereof… The difference we have at Palingates is that we don't wish physical harm to come to Sarah, we want her to be exposed for her lies and hopefully face jail time for her criminal activities... Rather than using gun imagery like the right-wing nutjobs, our "weapon" of choice is humorous ridicule. Narcissists hate ridicule…it is much more debilitating to an egomaniac like Sarah… In short, I am not going to STFU.

Brian: …the media once again gave her a platform for what was obviously a planned preemption of the president's speech, an act of profound disrespect for the office and especially the people hurt by the tragedy in Arizona…Palin as this alien political being riding a wave of inchoate discontent… She sees herself as a messiah, the ultimate victim. She isn't merely maligned, she is blood libeled…People with messiah complexes don't typically fade away peacefully…With her blood libel speech she shows a willingness to up the ante, to wantonly sow the seeds of anger and chaos…

Regina: Words matter.


I am disgusted by any individual discussing Native American rituals and individuals in such a derogatory way Kilmeade did. Has he never seen a four-direction blessing before? It's outrageous that Kilmeade derided native rituals in such a public way. The invocation/blessing was extraordinary!

Wait, I'll tone it down.
It is severely disappointing that Kilmeade is so culturally, intellectually and socially deprived--and sits in front of a camera/microphone spewing ignorance.

It is too bad that Kilmeade is so xeonophobic that he finds native traditions strange, especially since native peoples were HERE IN AMERICA FIRST - FIRST NATIONS...


SCmommy: I think the thing that I have objected to first, and loudest, and most vehemently, because of the seriousness with which I've always taken my vocation as an at-home mom--is the FRAUDULENT motherhood persona she tries to pull off. Because, if you are a parent, that is who you are at your core, first and foremost… And I have NEVER trusted those who don't make that shift as a person once there is a child in the picture… I'm talking about a SHIFT in your CORE in what you find as the highest priority in your life. It was BLATANTLY obvious to me from the first time I heard her speak that the children were not the priority--SHE was. And I knew immediately she was not to be trusted. And she never should be.

Forgotmyname: [Ron Reagan Jr] decided to clear something up. He said (not exact) "my father had nothing whatsoever in common with Sarah Palin. Nothing. Zip. ZERO." Quite emphatic.

Maelewis (on new RNC chair): The good news about him is that he thinks that the RNC is part of the Tea Party. This guy is so far to the right that I think he is the one tipping the earth and screwing up the zodiac.

Overit!: As far as Sarah not knowing what "blood libel" meant, Micmac said it best,"(She) Most likely (thought it was) a surveyor's term."

Madam Deal: Breaking News: US bridges are safe to travel on; all trolls are engaged in internet "heated debates."

Wayofpeace reminded us of Dickens’ brilliant words:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,
it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness,
it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity,
it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness,
it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair,
we had everything before us, we had nothing before us...

Links of the Week
(too many to keep up with)

Linda1961 linked to an excellent article on southpawbeagle (a new site for me).

MrsTBB linked to thinkprogress on Lamar Alexander urging the media to stop reporting on the Palin-crosshairs issue. Censorship is alive and well under the GOP.

Cheeriogirl: Death Threats Follow Health Care Reform.

Juicyfruityy found a petition to indict Palin.

Teutonic13 posted the clip of the Tucson vigil with the full statement about Palin that was cut off by Fox News.

Cheeriogirl found this linking Tea Party and American Renaissance; H/T to KO.

Patrick found this excellent comment by Tina Dupuy.

Even Dave Weigel called BS on Palin/Mansour claim
that symbols were not intended to be crosshairs of a gun sight.

Austintxx posted this video by a young man whose pain and passion is amazing. Powerful!

He also posted this from the Center for Public Integrity and a link to Alternet on false equivalence.

Sunnyjane linked to Rachel Maddow.

Linda1961 found an excellent post by Cenk Uygur.

Leu2500 pointed out this excellent piece on truth-out.

Older_Wiser: Tea Party Express spins and asks for contributions in aftermath of AZ horror.

JCos found this from CarolDuhart who focuses on things we can do to make a difference.

Kellygrrrl linked to littlegreenfootballs on 28% of Repubs saying anti-govt violence can be justified (compared to 11% of both Dems and Indies).

Sallyngarland,tx linked to Alaska Dispatch: Blowback for Palin

Honestyingov: The Guardian: Palin’s Presidential Hopes Can’t Survive Assassin’s Bullet.

Overit!: Finally a description I can live with, "Former reality-show participant and private citizen." The writer at Vanity Fair continues, "Sarah Palin released a video today in which she responded to the Tucson tragedy, and implored viewers to avoid casting aspersions on any individual or group (particularly Sarah Palin) for influencing alleged gunman Jared Lee Loughner."

Maelewis and Older_Wiser pointed out Jim Clyburn’s response to Palin’s Non est mea culpa.

TruGal found more good commentary on “Palin’s Tucson statement steeped in stubbornness.”

MrsTBB linked to thinkprogress on Jewish community’s response to Palin’s use of “blood libel.”

Sickntiredofpalin had this from WaPo on the same theme.

FormerRepublican: Jewish leaders on Palin’s use of “blood libel.” "Instead of dialing down the rhetoric at this difficult moment, Sarah Palin chose to accuse others…of somehow engaging in a 'blood libel' against her and others…This is…a particularly heinous term for American Jews…" "The term 'blood libel' is not a synonym for 'false accusation…her use of the term is totally out of line."

lilybart found that firedoglake nailed it.

Sqrtneg1 found this: "In the US, blood libel is included in the dogma of neo-Nazi groups like the Aryan Nation and White Aryan Resistance. To anyone who espouses anti-Semitic ideology, it’s a familiar term—a dog-whistle, of sorts—especially as it’s used here to describe the media, which anti-Semites believe is Jewish-controlled."

Juicy76 linked to an outstanding comment by David Brock of Media Matters.

Wesinoregon pointed out this from politico: Even on the right, her talk was seen as a missed opportunity. “The strongest way to rise above would have been to talk about suffering, tragedy, hope, strength and recovery,” said former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer. “But instead she followed the more conventional political route and made it about herself rather than the victims.”

Arvid found some good advice for Sarah from David Frum; of course, she won’t take it.

BellPeppery linked to a good article in the Nation on Palin’s unsubstantiated death threats that are being reported as fact. Also2 several ‘Gaters pointed out Palin’s history of making claims about threats (such as the gang rape threats against her daughter) which were debunked by the authorities.

Lilylake linked to Jack Cafferty’s comment on Palin’s speech.

Dlb44: Conservative critique of $arah in the Washington Post.

Amy1 linked to the NYT and her own excellent comment on their thread.

Cheeriogirl posted a link to Michelle Obama’s letter to parents about Tucson.

Leadfoot_LA found a fascinating exchange between Robert Gibbs and Russian reporter Andrei Sitov on the right to bear arms.

Leadfoot and ThanksABunchJohn also linked to politicususa on “blood libel.”

HopeforAmerica and others linked to an Esquire blog on Sarah saying sorry.

Andrew Sullivan was on a roll with quite a few excellent posts on Sarah; here is one linked by soapydog.

TruGal linked to NYT profile of Gabby Giffords.

Here is John McCain's op ed in the WaPo Saturday.

Tweets of the Week

Just in case anyone was taken in by Palin/RAM’s disingenuous claim that the crosshairs had nothing to do with guns: here is more proof from the horse’s mouth that the rhetoric was always about guns.

@SarahPalinUSA Will NOT sit down and shut up. She wont retreat, she'll reload, resolve will strengthen and will come back stronger than ever

Sunnyjane: @sarahpalinusa: Even after criticism 4 crosshairs map, a defiant Palin doubled her violent rhetoric in 3/2010:

Austintxx found this tweet: @flipflops: So Palin & crew are feeling unjustly blamed for the actions of an extremist. Maybe they can ask Muslims for advice on how to deal w/that.

Dusty17: How is it that @SarahPalinUSA who claims 2 have a BA in Communications/Journalism now states her verbiage &imagery are misinterpreted?

ProChoiceGrandma: Jeez, it's embarrassing to be listed on @SarahPalinUSA's list that she follows in same line as Hobo Miller & Scamaritans Pickpocketers. Is she trying to ruin my reputation?

@SarahPalinUSA, Jason Marcella's feelings hurt @RAMansour does not consider his crosshairs map "in house". #P2

dailykos Sarah 'blood libel' Palin makes day to honor the victims all about her

Nin1963: @SarahPalinUSA pls understand, the term 'blood libel' is UNNECESSARY provocation; it stabs hearts. Pls reject Palin in interest of healing.

AzureGhost: Being @SarahPalinUSA means never having to say you're sorry (h/t maelewis @palingates) #Palin #p2 #gop #tcot #teaparty

ThanksABunchJohn/BanditBasheert: "SarahPalinUSA "blood libel" is dogwhistle 2 Aryan Nation/White Aryans/Congrats U jst linkd yurslf 2 the SHOOTER.

Ennealogic: Our President represents hope, not hatred; healing, not hurt; humility, not hubris. h/t AzureGhost @Palingates

Honestyingov: @SarahPalinusa, Ur "HATE & Pity" speech was done with 1 of those Librul teleprompters.No room 2 write the speech on Ur Hands,TOO much blood?

Cheeriogirl found this excellent tweet: HT to J_Carmon Jordan Carmon "Take the vowels out of "Reince Preibus" and you get "RNC PR BS."

From the Boston Globe:

The Last Word

President Obama: I want us to live up to her expectations. I want our democracy to be as good as she imagined it. All of us - we should do everything we can to make sure this country lives up to our children's expectations. If there are rain puddles in heaven, Christina is jumping in them today. And here on Earth, we place our hands over our hearts, and commit ourselves as Americans to forging a country that is forever worthy of her gentle, happy spirit.


Note by Regina

Mystery solved! I visited a site that uses disqus and noticed they had an original, unique to the site default avatar for non-registered users. I thought that our flying piggie looked a lot nicer than the old silhouette, so now you know, it was me...



Kim Chatman told us today on the phone that a source within the State of Alaska said to her that a big scandal regarding Palin and maybe even more people is about to break, connected to Palin's emails that the State of Alaska will be forced to release at some point.

Kim told us that the scandal will be HUGE - that "all hell is gonna break loose."

It's possible that the emails will be released soon.

We don't know more at this point, but we will all keep our eyes wide open. ;-)


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