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Palingates Weekly Roundup - December 27, 2010 to January 2, 2011

By Blueberry Tart

We had a blissfully Sarah-less week, without any Tweets, Facebook rants, tabloid announcements or whatnot!

We know that Leadfoot_LA is a professional publicist and writer when not sharing her writing charms with Palingates. Sarah cut tress, had a dig at the "Treehuggers," tried to correct her refudiate gaffe and the selected Palin child for quality-time-with-mom was Willow. But really, it does little good to summarize this three-generations-of-opinion roundup of this episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska," seen through the eyes of Leadfoot_LA, her daughter Bella, and featuring Bella's grandfather, "Papahio" (so named by Bella because he lives in Ohio). You just have to READ it -- and it's SO much more entertaining than watching the program.

On many political issues, Leadfoot_LA and her dad have simply agreed to disagree, and I find it a miracle of three-cornered respect for these family members to sit down and .... well, say what they think.

[note by Regina: This summary was written by Mrs TBB for last weeks' roundup, but it belonged to this week's, so here it is...]

Regina revealed some tricks of the TV/film trade, creating the illusion of reality, but everything is staged. “…The whole narrative is dishonest. This series was put together to show Sarah's version of reality. She wanted to show that there aren't any challenges she won't embrace…She…protect[ed] Kate Gosselin and her brood because she's a sharp shooter… She created a tale of hunting in a remote spot, where only one person could be transported on the plane at any one time. The crew with all their paraphernalia must have teleported to that spot, yes? Willow's boyfriend "sneaked" upstairs, past the whole crew, because he was told to do it. Willow smashed Piper face into the cake because... she was told to do just that… Regina also clarified how comments are handled at Palingates – freedom of speech is alive and well in this corner of the internet.

The Year in Review. Major stories: Haiti. Game Change and Steve Schmidt interviews. Andrea Friedman. Health insurance reform. Kernell trial and both Palins’ perjury. Fencegate. Palin’s ties to right wing extremism and the Koch Brothers influence; parallels to the rise of Nazism. The Palins’ bullying, vindictiveness and their children’s out-of-control behavior and foul mouths. Vanity Fair article. The election and Palin’s failed nutcase candidates. Palin’s media overexposure; more people like her less. Babygate. And much more…This is why Palingates is the 2010 Bloggers Choice Best Political Blog!!

I particularly enjoyed reading Patrick’s “end of year musings,” and so you’ll see some of them again in “The Last Word,” below.

This post reminds us of Palin’s narcissism, which is at the root of her exploitation of her own children for political gain. Patrick then gives us a sobering picture of the roots of today’s manipulation of the news. None other than propaganda master Joseph Goebbels established the model by frequently using his own family in newsreel footage aired during the Third Reich. Goebbels was also the master of the “Big Lie” and his lessons about how easily people are duped by a breathtakingly brazen lie are in full operation today by the right wing, as Alternet’s recent post highlighted. Kathleen found a report showing that Fox News’ corporate ancestor, Twentieth Century Fox Films, was involved in making some of the most important Nazi propaganda films.

On a happier note, Patrick also reported the remarkable page view/visitor statistics that Palingates earned in 2010. Wowser!

Comments of the Week

Maelewis: …as someone in Alaska might write: pabulous porum por fosting imfortant and punny foints op view. I'm always bepuddled by those letters. Signed, Sarah Falin).

Ivyfree: I keep wondering: why another delay on the emails? Face it, if they were innocent emails there's no reason to delay on them…

TruGal: Regina...after reading your post, I can only say I love Palingates even MORE than before (how is that even possible?) One of the reasons is because of ALL the blogs I check every day, the comments on this one are just so SMART. That makes a difference. I really believe many mainstream journalists check in here often, because your research is remarkable, and I just hope you and Patrick and Kathleen know how much you're all appreciated. Keep up the great work!

Mocha: What is the fascination with these staged "reality" shows? I loathe them.

Juicy76 found this quote from Kathy Griffin: “But I do enjoy watching Sarah Palin’s interviews because they have so much thinly-veiled contempt. She’s so easy to see through, which makes her such a great target for my act.”

DebinWI: I think the show finally pointed out to a lot of uninformed people that she isn't the sweet, church-going mother of 5… Not at all. Her show cast her as shallow, highly vindictive…and self-centered. It also highlights her lack of parenting skills…

Aview999 found this on WaPo: From Fred Hyatt: "Is Elmo a Kenyan, too? Or maybe a Socialist? He is awfully red, after all. I ask because the Sesame Street puppet recently visited the White House to support "Let's Move," first lady Michelle Obama's campaign against childhood obesity. And that campaign has become, in one of the more striking political stories of the past year, the latest battleground in the left-right culture wars.

Laprofesora: I've been wondering about the negative comments directed at $P by conservatives, and thinking there may be some behind the scenes maneuvering. I'm wondering if someone hasn't contacted her to say, "These comments are just a small preview of what you'll face if you choose to run. We have a lot more and a lot worse and if you run you won't know what hit you." Not that it would stop her anyway.

Fromthediagonal: May God, whoever She may be, protect the rest of us from fanatics of all stripes...

Here’s a round of applause and ((())) to nycgirl, A Fan from Chicago, mmboucher and others who are beating the smoking habit. Austintxx, dusty17 and curioser11, c’mon, you can do it; we’ll help!

Nefer: I also think Sarah simply has to have someone around to deflect criticism. It is a defense so automatic for her, she doesn't even have to think about it…the presence of a child diverts people's attention (which means they're not paying close attention to what Sarah says or does). What she says or does, then, is less likely to be criticized…

465janedoeseeker: Having her young children around instantly places the intellectual level of the conversation at a much lower level. At an unconscious level, the interviewer and audience automatically expect much less of Sarah: she is given 'slack' without even having to ask for it. They were also shields and deflections against any accusations or suggestions of dishonesty/wrongdoing…

Peacepax: The paragraph below tells us that every body knows damn well that Tripp is not Bristols first pregnancy. Of course there was no ban on them dating when pregnant with Tripp. They were engaged to be married, for God sake. When Bristol became pregnant with Tripp in April, 2008, school was out for the summer before she could have even known for sure she was pregnant. She was not working in any coffee shops, and going to school when pregnant with Tripp. Every body knows, but pretends they don't. What has happened to America? Does everybody want a Fascist Government? Sure seems like it.

"While Bristol was pregnant last year, she was living in Anchorage with her aunt and uncle, Heather and Kurt Bruce, and working at two espresso shops – while also attending West High School. Levi was 40 miles away in Wasilla, but, "there was certainly no ban on them dating," reports Trailblazer. "Levi used to drive to Anchorage to take Bristol out."

Aview999, maelewis, Amy1 and others commented on Mat-Su, CBJ and the pregnancy hoax; info on how to file complaints is included in mae’s comment; she also linked to the PG post which covers this topic.

Nycgirl, mmboucher, Jack Slater, cheeriogirl, yknott and others had a live-blogging party Thursday night with Sarah on Hannity. Lots of excellent snark.

Maelewis: When Sarah talks about Mama Grizzlies, she calls them commonsense constitutional conservatives. I don't understand what that means. The Constitution is not a document that was drafted as "common sense." It was the work of scholars and political philosophers who wrestled with establishing a government that would work, one which would not repeat the mistakes (some of the mistakes) of the British system that they fought against, while embracing the elements of the British system which honored the rights of men. (I'm thinking of the Magna Carta, for example.)

KatieAnnieOakley had an excellent long post; here is the beginning: ... I thought this show wasn’t supposed to be political in nature, but was to be showcasing the great state of Alaska. Guess not. Every. Single. Week. there is a political dig, a “dog-whistle” for the Conservative Right’s benefit. Which, of course, everyone is picking up on, it’s so blatant and transparent. And it is diminishing Palin’s Brand right before everyone eyes but the most die-hard of her followers. Her brassy, harpy, critical, cutting tomes are blatantly obvious.

Leu2500 (on Bristol’s upcoming speaking gig on abstinence at LoveFest): Bristol's talking about the wrong stuff. The break-out session on bullying seems more her area of expertise.

Maelewis, missharleyquin, mxm and others poked holes in Sarah’s fable about Track staying in Eye-Rack an extra month because he gave up his seat to someone who had an emergency at home.

Rocky in Texas said…[re Palin and Miller] Neither one of them have a clue when it comes to...Knowing when to fold em, or...Knowing when to hold em.

Sunnyjane: Sarah Palin would crawl naked down Constitution Avenue before she showed birth certificates or agreed to DNA tests. [BBT: sounds like a tweet.]

Psalm73 summarized a few points from an article by Charles Thompson on
Pathological liars are usually very congenial toward others though they may engage in "back-stabbing" behavior in order to get ahead in life. They lie without regard for other people's needs or feelings, many times sacrificing their friends and families…Most PLs have a narcissistic attitude…will lie even when the lies are transparent, will stick to their lies even when they are confronted with evidence of their treachery…PLs have detrimental effects not only on their own immediate circle of family, friends and colleagues, but on anyone whom they come into contact. They are more likely to blame someone else for a situation than to take responsibility…

BanditBasheert: The pathological lying that Palin does is yet one more facet to her mental illness cascade. She is first and foremost a Sociopath. She has a trait for Narcissism. She is rabidly paranoid which also fits as a category in the sociopathic litany. She is a pathologic liar - she lies unnecessarily. This also fits with the Sociopathy. Later: She lies to lie. She lies because she can. She lies because media like TLC allow her to lie and don’t call her on it.

Voiceinwind: …using a baby with a disability to deceive the American public for political and monetary gain is the worst of all gates, IMHO.

Sari737: Paylin is such an angry person and has shown the world how small and petty she is that it would be hard for anyone to believe her if she suddenly became that jovial, optimistic candidate. She has a negative persona that her small base loves and that persona is going to be part of her downfall.

Gio had several interesting comments on the Nate Silver article Saturday; here are snippets: …Sarah won't hire a proper staff because she is too paranoid to do so… couldn't handle the pressure and critiquing that comes with the involvement of political professionals. Sarah doesn't possess self-control or astute judgement when it comes to picking her battles and her use of new media… The [Republicans] know they're screwed because they thought she was their rock star, the one who could spearhead a massive popular uprising against the Dems. Sorry, wrong choice…

Others pointed out that Silver has proven to be a skilled analyst of political data/trends and is not taking sides.

Jack Slater (quoting a friend posting on SPAK site): "I’ve made a resolution to pay more attention to pseudo-political figures trying to appear like they can relate to everyday people. I have very good friends who have lived in Alaska since the late 1960s, and Sarah Palin’s Alaska does not represent typical life for the normal folks of Alaska. She is using the show as a vehicle to communicate certain themes about herself. She also manages, in each episode to directly or implicitly criticize a person or a group who opposes her. To point out each and every instance of phoniness, clumsy attempt at reality, and self aggrandizing statements would be like counting the stars. No thanks."

louiecypher: …Here's hoping 2011 is the end of letters to Sarah!

Madam Deal picked this up from HuffPo: 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' wins Golden Globe for Best Musical/Comedy A middle aged mother woman of 20/half-term governor who runs around Alaska with her kids, shooting caribou and beating fish. There's nothing funnier on TV. It's a comedy, right? Good lord, please say yes.

Cheeriogirl and sickntiredofpalin are looking into a Michael Smith from ND with oil & gas industry connections; it’s unknown yet whether this is the same guy whose house Bristol bought. He is affiliated with Paladin Resources (oil & gas brokers).

Silver_desert: …we seem to have recognized from the beginning that Sarah Palin is not the mother she claims to be or pretends to be and her actions demonstrate it time and again. I wonder if her mental illness prevents her from recognizing this and she truly believes she's a good mother or does she try to compensate with lies, knowing she's failed? Right now she may be suffering a depression (which often happens after a long manic run), or she may have momentarily retreated, only to reload with more lies and venom. One thing is for sure, her vindictive personality is not going to change.

Links of the Week

Regina posted the holiday recipes (and a few more on Sunday), with h/t to sleuth and others who provided/collected the recipes. More to come!

And Regina got this into the Urban Dictionary (I couldn’t stop laughing!). Don't forget to give it the thumbs up.

Aview999 linked to Sullivan; here is a snippet: "This is a dirty tactic repeatedly employed by Ms. Palin. She invents fictional versions of people she wishes to ridicule and goes on the attack apropos of nothing. She must spend all her time dreaming up fictional people to throw to the wolves, satisfying the insatiable conservative hunger for hated enemies."

Aview also linked to politicususa on the new political calculus and found this interesting article on “Groupthink.”

McNett found this interesting story about Haitian brothers who are doing a documentary about the spirit and resilience of Haitians rebuilding their lives after the earthquake.

Amy1 linked to the NYT; here is the opening paragraph: IT was a year in which the daughter of one president was married in a largely private ceremony on a gorgeous summer day and one in which the daughter of a possible future president went on a prime-time dance show to give “a big middle finger to all the people out there that hate my mom and hate me.”

Dusty17 found this uplifting video on President Obama; others posted it too.

Honestyingov linked to Daily Kos on GOP using PACs to evade campaign finance laws and to WaPo (with H/T to Kim Chatman): Is Sarah Palin toast?

HIG also found this excellent article on alternet on The Big Lie; here is a snippet: “In essence, Breitbart's Big Lie was of a particular sort: those designed to prove that one's opponent is guilty of the same sin of which your side stands accused.” The article specifically calls out the Koch Brothers, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart

Congrats to our fellow blogger and reader Floyd Orr, whose new book was just published; here is a link.

Buffalogal: Is Palin's run already done for?

Annes_123 linked to Nate Silver in the NYT.

Juicyfruityy found this on politcususa.

Austintxx linked to Daily Kos on GOP distancing themselves from Palin’s latest idiocy.

Tweets of the Week

Honestyingov: #SarahPalin is Presidential Like #Nixon. He had the "Water-Gate", She had the "Water-Break" in TX. Details @palingates. BOTH Made-up stories

To which 465janedoeseeker replied: Both were dishonest, and both were quitters.

Another from HIG: @AlterNet : A gigantic lie is more likely 2 be believed by the masses/than small 1.>

BellPeppery: @SarahPalinUSA Breitbart has nothing but fake journalism, the "smoking gun" about your fake pregnancy is at Palingates

ProChoiceGrandma: Steve King: Pander to pro-life, pander to pro-gun, pander to Tea Party = Pander Bear. via @huffingtonpost #GOPlies #p2
#2011wish: Pls let @palingates blow American journalists out of the water with Palin newsbombs.

@sarahpalinusa: Better stock up on Bailey’s because Palingates will make sure you take a long holiday to the Island of Obscurity in 2011.
@sarahpalinusa: Happy 2011, Sarah. You’ll hate waking up every morning of this year, because Palingates will be exposing more of your lies.

HIG also retweeted David Frum: Krauthammer: "No Chance" Palin Can Win in 2012 #tcot

And found this from O’toolefan: " Palin 2012 10,000 Mayans Can't Be Wrong"

The Last Word

Patrick: 2010 was an unforgettable year… Palingates developed into something special, something unique - a hard-hitting investigative blog with a great community. So I had the feeling that we were on a "mission." We all together wanted to prove that the "boundaries" of the internet haven't been fully explored yet. Citizens can have a much stronger voice on the internet than many would believe - provided these citizens are willing to invest a lot of work and are determined and sometimes daring…

… The "community concept" of Palingates proved to be a smashing success. We managed to motivate our readers and they were willing to help us, often even without us asking for anything. I do hope that many, many blogs will follow this example in the future and will establish similar online communities in order to work for common goals.

Finally, a big thank you to all our guest posters, our tireless researchers in the background, commentators, donors and other readers. We have a very special community here on Palingates, and you can all betcha that 2011 will be even more exciting than 2010!


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