Saturday, 29 January 2011


Patrick and Kathleen have become homeowners and their bright new house is open to old and new friends and they will welcome all with open arms, I'm sure.

In the meantime, I have a lot of work to do after my tenants moved out. I have to rearrange the furniture, dust the corners, brighten up the place a bit and prepare some dishes and refreshments for my own guests. I have a juicy piece of beef in the oven, getting ready to be served. But if I have to keep running backwards and forwards because I keep hearing loud noises of people fighting in the main room, dinner will be delayed or spoiled.

Analogies and metaphors over.

I'm going to state this very clearly:

Palingates is not involved in any confrontations going on elsewhere. I'm finding it difficult to concentrate on my own blog, trying to prepare new posts and get on with my own work when there are very distracting things going on in the comments. Other people's battles are being enacted in the wrong place.

I made it very clear that my decision to shake things up wasn't based on a single event and I can't allow the final single event to fester and infect Palingates. I did what I believed was right. If there are ramifications elsewhere which coincide with one or more of the factors that influenced my decision, I have no control over any new developments.

Do you want to take Gryphen's side? Go and tell him on Immoral Minority. Do you want to take Patrick's side? Go and tell him on Politicalgates. Do you want to remain neutral? Stay on Palingates.

I don't do blog wars.

This is yet another post that strays from our aims. I hope it will be a case of third time lucky.


Anonymous said...

We love you Regina. Don't ever forget that. I like the new look! It's bright and fresh, like a NEW START! I'm still spreading your links around at HP. MXM's post this morning is EXPLOSIVE! So much detailed information. Thank you for being are NEEDED, like all Anti-Palin Blogs are.

Anonymous said...

Hey Regina - check out this picture that just came through #egypt
It'll break but WARM your heart.

Reminds me of Tiananmen Square 1989.

Anonymous said...

You go girl, good for you!