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Sarah Palin doesn't believe in coincidences - Who are the "15 new oil & gas explorers" who received $ 193 million from the State of AK in July 2009?

Sarah Palin doesn't believe in coincidences. She wrote these words in Going Rogue and repeated them in her speech at College of the Ozarks in Missouri.

Starting from the premise that there are no coincidences in Sarah Palin's world, let's have a good look at the following "coincidences", researched by our good friend EyeOnYou, helped by AustinTxx.

After her trip to New York state in June 2009, Sarah Palin stopped in Dallas and Giddings, Texas.

She tweeted extensively while there:

Info on today's announcement re: deal reached by TransCanada & ExxonMobil thru AGIA. Historic deal & day in AK & US energy history.
12:00 PM Jun 11th from web

Here's link to presser & photos re: TC/Exxon partnership. &
12:09 PM Jun 11th from web

EIA estimates US energy consumption will INCREASE by 44% in next 20 yrs. We MUST utilize our local energy sources.
3:17 PM Jun 12th from web

A month later, there was a nice little tweet:

AK is the place to invest. 15 new oil & gas explorers rcvd $193M cash from State for their tax credits in FY09.
10:50 AM Jul 12th from web

An anonymous source reported that Sarah Palin stayed with someone named “Smith” in Giddings Tx, who had a connection to Wasilla, and that they believed that the actual place she was staying at had a gate with the letter/number “Dj-1” on it.

Who are these people?

Dorwin and Joanne Smith, the principals of complex subcontractor DJ Excavation & Development, have donated $7,100 to Palin ……..Joanne is a Palin appointee on the state Board of Nursing.

The Wasilla-Giddings Connection:
Dorwin Smith
1584 County Road 226
Giddings, TX 78942-6174

(979) 542-3443

Dorwin R Smith
2970 E Cottle Loop
Wasilla, AK 99654-7251

Same name, same last four digits on the phone numbers. Coincidence?

Sarah Palin may have enjoyed the hospitality of this generous couple, maybe not. But one thing is for sure, she enjoyed the generosity of a number on Texan business people on June 13, 2009. SarahPac received some large donations on that date:

sarahpac donations tx 670

We ask again, who are these people?

Robyn Roberts ($5,000 donation)

She and her husband Alan live in Giddings. They have numerous properties, and own a “Ranch” with an airfield, helicopter and airplane and it is right down the road from the gate with the Dj-1 marking.

Pumpco, Inc.
P.O. Box 742
Giddings, Texas 78942

Julie Irwin-Cotton ($5,000 donation)

119 Bucks Rd.
Paige, Tx 78659

Owner of:
J Irwin Co.
3775 Hwy 290 East
Paige, Tx. 78659

Pipeline Contractors

Kimberly Morgan Sarahpac donation ($5,000 donation)

Partner with husband (Michael Ray Morgan)

Morgan Petroleum Testers
(physical address)
1038 Private Rd. 7703
Giddings, Tx. 78942

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1600
Giddings, Tx. 78942

RJ Nitsche ($2,000 donation)

WCS Oil & Gas Corp

451 Cactus St.
Giddings, Texas 78946

He is also listed as being a partner in a construction firm, Chasco and listed as CEO of Insurance Network of America (Texas).

sarahpac donors insurance network of america

All the above SarahPac donors have connections with the gas and oil industry.

Two other people from Texas who donated on June 13 are not directly connected to the industry, but let's look at them just because we're curious:

Larry Lehman ($1,000 donation)
Larry & Darlene Lehman Owners of D&L Consulting & Investment
931 Acorn St.
Giddings , Texas 78942

I could not find a website or any further information on D&L Consulting & Investment.

Kelli L. Higgins
(although her donation to the PAC was only $250.00, there is the Paige Tx address, where “Irwin-Cotton” is from)

Ms Higgins and a William Higgins are connected to Lone Star Auctions

Kelli Higgins
450 Schwantz Ranch Rd,
Mcdade, TX 78650

William Higgins Jr
Rr 1,
Mc Dade, TX 78650

Ms Higgins is also listed as:

Giddings New Horizon Lions Club
Kelli Higgins
P.O. Box 531
Giddings, Texas 78942

We have four large donations from people connected with the oil and gas industry, one from an investment company and a small donation by an individual, all on the same day and all from or around Giddings, Texas.

Remember that tweet from earlier?

AK is the place to invest. 15 new oil & gas explorers rcvd $193M cash from State for their tax credits in FY09.
10:50 AM Jul 12th from web

soa oil tax credits

No one has been able to find a list of the 15 new oil and gas explorers who were the recipients of these $193 million dollars. The press release is not listed in the archives under the Oil & Gas Production Tax News.

There may be no connection whatsoever to those companies or people in Giddings, but there are so many coincidences... the timing of Sarah Palin's visit to Giddings, Texas, all the donations to SarahPac on June 13 and this lovely tax break for 15 new investors...

Sarah Palin doesn't believe in coincidences...

Feel free to explore these findings a bit further. Please don't use the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers that appear on this post to badger people for information. The contact information for all these people and companies are easily found on their own websites or through searches, but let's be careful out there.

(Some of the links provided in Sarah Palin's tweets don't work anymore. I provided hyperlinks to the ones that can still be accessed)


ADN July 22, 2009

The state paid $193 million in cash over the past year to oil and gas explorers in exchange for tax credits they had accrued for making investments in the state, the Department of Revenue said.

For fiscal year 2009, which ended on June 30, the state distributed the $193 million to 15 "new" oil and gas explorers, the department said.

By new, the state means companies that aren't yet producing any oil or gas, said state Revenue Commissioner Pat Galvin. He said he couldn't by law reveal the names of the individual companies. (H/T to MicMac for the link)

Has anybody found out which law prevents the state from revealing the names of the companies?

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