Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sarah Palin's frightening supporters

I tried to embed a video of the "Fire Letterman" protest in New York, but it appears to have a technical glitch and it won't play. I gathered a few comments the only time I managed to watch it:

One protester said Letterman has a daughter born out of wedlock. No, he has only one son. Another called Letterman's son a bastard and his wife a slut. Someone said Willow was at a basketball game. One only watches Fox News. The most vocal among the 15 strong crowd said all borders should be closed. They seem to be uninformed and seriously disturbed. (I left the video embed in, but I don't know if it will play.)

The first I heard about Letterman's joke was through the comments on C4P. Of course it all started with the "slutty flight attendant" remark. Rudy Giuliani went on the Eddie Burke show, talked about the game, the remark, but didn't mention Willow at all. Sarah Palin went on the John Ziegler program, talked about the slutty remark and didn't mention Willow or "that" joke either.

Meanwhile, at C4P, they were working themselves into a frenzy, both on the blog and via Twitter. They started talking about raping a 14 year old, etc. Then Sarah and Todd Palin issued their rape, perversion and pedophile statements against "good old David Letterman". After that, Sarah Palin went on national TV and the story had by then turned into the rape of her 14 year old daughter in the middle of the Yankee Stadium and so on and so forth.

As many people already pointed out, Todd committing incest with his daughters is OK, because not only there were no protests against the joke or the guy who told it during the campaign, but Sarah Palin saw fit to appear on the same show a few weeks later.

What has changed since then? Sarah Palin thought she could plow through the doors of the White House. Incest and knocked-up jokes were just a minor distraction. There was no outrage, no self-esteem issues, no feminist crusade.

Another difference is C4P, where a few people believe Sarah Palin farts rainbows and constantly look for "haters" and conspiracies against the hot governor.

Some of their comments:

Sapwolf said..."When the Cuda calls off her wardogs via an acceptance of Letterman's apology, the Sapwolf stands down and heels as the obedient canine that he is."

"I suppose we can give thanks that through facing down Letterman on this issue, we really HAVE had victories and made important inroads among the leftwingers. For once, they DID "feel" how the Palin family did, and since liberals care most about "feelings," their hearts were moved, for once, in alignment with NORMAL people: with us and Sarah. Praise God!"

"I think we should expand this beyond Letterman. Every time Olbermann, Maher, Matthews, or any other media troll slams Sarah we should let their bosses and sponsors know that we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!"

They are bloggers with a difference. The media have used them as sources of hard news, as we have seen this past week, a practice condemned by Sarah Palin...


midnightcajun said...

These people are beyond scary--and so stupid one doesn't know where to start. So to show support for women and kids, they go on tv and insult a four-yr-old boy and his mom? DIdn't it occur to them that if a woman who has a child out of wedlock is a slut and her child a bastard, that makes Bristol and Tripp...?

What is it about Sarah Paliban, I wonder, that incites people to such hatred? It's as if she reaches into their souls and pulls out the bloodlust of barbarism and everything vile within them.

I suspect they will try to go after every comedian that trashes her. The Sea of Pee is already calling on their obedient canines to drop HBO because of Maher's Lettermann/Willow routine. Good luck. This is a dog that only barks once.

But like Maher, what disturbs me the most is the way a lie gets itself into the media and then is perpetuated until it becomes an accepted truth. Millions of people across america believe Dave made a joke about raping a 14 yr old in the middle of a stadium. Where do you start to fix what's broken in this country?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Midnightcajun, it also disturbs me how Trig was dragged along on the campaign trail as Palin’s fifth child and therefore millions of people across America accepted it as truth that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig. To most people, it would be inconceivable that anyone would lie about a pregnancy, but she lied and the media has allowed her a free pass. Sarah Palin should be the last person to complain that the media has been unfair to her!

Patrick said...

I yesterday commented on Cee4Pee regarding the fact that R.A. Mansour went on the Gordon Liddy radio show to promote their "Webathon" (to "settle" Sarah's legal bills...) - and there I said that RAM is obviously paling around with a terrorist (look up Gordon Liddy in Wikipedia if you are not accustomed with his life story).

Needless to say that they didn't like that. They said that Liddy "repented" and was "feisty" despite the fact that Gordon Liddy in 1994 recommended "headshots" when you happen to get into a firefight with US government officials.

But even "funnier" is what Gordon Liddy recently said about Sonia Sotomayor! He said on May 29, 2009 on the confirmation process of Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States:

""Let's hope that the key conferences aren't when [Sotomayor]'s menstruating or something, or just before she's going to menstruate. That would really be bad. Lord knows what we would get then." Liddy also referred to the Spanish language as "illegal alien" in the same interview.

So these are the people that the Palin fans are paling around with. Hypocrites as Sarah herself, they are just made for each other.

And don't forget what kind of humor Sarah herself prefers:

peninparadise said...

So THIS is what this brouhaha was really all about?

She is a disgrace.

Dianne said...

In reference to the Letterman video - the embed worked fine for me. What a group of ignorant and uninformed people. They made such fools of themselves for a very unworthy cause. "I only watch Fox News." Excellent way to inform yourself to be severely STUPID! That group of people just showed how deranged her followers are. At this point I do believe I will send an email to CBS in support of David Letterman. Her followers are pathetic. If they weren't so dangerous I would pity them. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Sarah must be proud to have such charming and intelligent supporters. Some articles are saying they came out if force ALL 15 OF THEM!

It must warm her heart to hear unwed mothers (ie Bristol) called sluts and out of wedlock children (ie Trig & Tripp) be called bastards.

As Kathy Griffin said on Larry King last night, Sarah is a MORON.

Anonymous said...

palin herself was unmarried and pregnant, so, WTF?

majii said...

What is baffling to me is how uninformed and easily led some of these people are. Sarah attracts them because they share one key trait (among others) besides being uninformed: they are incurious. They do no research on any topic and speak from their guts. They are intent upon forcing Sarah Palin down the nation's collective throats, but are not aware of the fact that the majority of us want absolutely nothing to do with her, her politics, her morals, her racism, her divisiveness, etc. What is even more revealing is that SP does not know that David Letterman is primetime, and that she is NOT ready for primetime, no matter how much she craves it. She does not realize that America rejected her en masse last year, and that the majority of us intend to block any path she may seek to the White House. Charles Krauthammer may not have realized it when he referred to living in an alternate reality that he was describing himself and most of the conservative base.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Sarah's agenda looks like this:
1. Keep name in the media no matter
2. Raise money no matter what
3. Solidify the few remaining fans,
no matter what
4. Keep name in the media, no matter
5. Check Resale Shop for cute clothes

ps my wv=haratick, that says it all

basheert said...

I believe they are exactly right. All FIFTEEN of them should mobilize and praise god, take their moral stand to protect their Glorious Leader and Defender of Moral Virtues.

Now she has entered into professional victimhood, actually not a bad place for her. Especially when it wasn't about HER to begin with.

Letterman has a gazillion fans - so let the Bots have their fun and the rest of us will just sit back and laugh at them. Their stupidity at this point is funny.

Perhaps it is time for them to rapture themselves and get the hell off of our planet?????

patstevens said...

Isn't SP a bastard child herself?

Anonymous said...

This entire situation was created for her begathon.

She admitted on the sea of pee site that "she KNEW" that this begathon was needed so they had to start this. When asked if she had been in contact with anyone her response was "Trust me I KNOW" that this is needed.
She professes on a regular basis that she has nothing to do with Palin or her admin/staff, but that just falls into the "thou doth prostest too much".

Anonymous said...

^^Was talking about RAM^^^

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

The peelanders are the most "inhumerous" people!
They make up lies for the GINO/queen!
If you notice it is the same ones, over and over, who comment all over the web, VO,RAM,JUJU,upinak,GREG, there must be like 16-20 of them?
This is her base.
Then you have JZ, and MPL! Two huge headcases.
I think RAM is incrediblly jealous of Shannyn Moore and is trying to get herself on as many wingnut radio shows. Its funny b/c unlike Shannyn, RAM is very unprofessional and comes off like a Rube!
Its really hysterical, funny!
When is GINO going to have them drink the Kool-aid?
To Rapture & Rupture themselves out? I guess when she can no longer have them bleed money for her....!

not that sarah said...

Is it worse to be the disgraced whore of babble on or have someone tease you about looking like a slutty flight attendant?

Or would it be much, much worse if the world actually called you on one of your many, many lies?

When will Palin be made to apologize to Letterman for calling him a pedophile and rapist?

Her followers are clearly displaced mental patients off their meds, which makes a ton of sense. I mean, weren't you wondering who in the world could possibly....

And then I heard Man Sewer on the radio and boy, is she one utter nut job.

Hey, Letterman is laughing his way to the bank.

You're not in Alaska or high school anymore, Sarah. You can't ever go home again.

Aspiecelia said...

What a bunch of wack jobs. I am sitting in an internet cafe laughing my butt off and people are staring at me. These are Sarah Palin's supporters, the uninformed, uneducated, and undermedicated.

ravenstrick said...

I have no use for the Governor, but some of this actually makes me more than a little frightened FOR her. That Sapwolf person sounds postively psychotic and dangerous. Those sorts often turn on their objects of affection.


basheert said...

ravenstrick: At some point, SP will be held responsible for her actions, hopefully by her own supporters when they realize she is not the icon they and she have created.
She is ill, mentally ill, which is why she attracts people with no ethics or moral standards.
They elevate a woman to sainthood who was an unwed mom and has raised another unwed mom and is working on #3. This is her concept of good parenting.
These people are sick and twisted. They would follow Charles Manson, Adolph Hitler and James Jones. They are the fruits and the nuts.
There are very few of them obviously, and their support is a pathological idolatry, not simply a support of a politician.
SP has created a cult - fortunately one that most individuals do not wish to join.
And if they turn on her, too bad. As an adult, one learns that one is often held responsible for what they say. She has already had a "follower" kill a physician who was performing a legal medical procedure.
When I saw her during the election, she gave me chills. I see a very divisive, destructive and inept person who can inspire great violence on others. If I was her, that would not be what I would want for my own image.
The pathological attachment they have for this cretin is sick and they are very likely to go out and kill someone how disagrees with them.
Violence begets violence and SP does not advocate for peace.
Jim Jones ... all over again.

Virginia Voter said...

Ravenstrick...I agree...I think Sapwolf is a little too Silence of the Lambs for my taste...he/she sounds like the type who would like nothing more than to wear Sarah's skin like "last year's Versace" (one of the best line's from Real Housewives of NJ, when talking about of the the character's obsessiveness)

Anonymous said...

Folks, re: Palin supporters. There are much fewer of them than they would have us believe. MUCH fewer. They are "loud." They are "scary." And none too bright.

ADN show grow a pair.

Some Palin online supporters are even PAID to post favorably about her, or so it is alleged.

If NOW, misguided though it seemed, got any rightwingers to donate money to their pro-choice causes due to this, then good! Better the $$ goes to NOW than Palin.

And Letterman's ratings are through the roof. We watched him again last night. We'll watch him again tonight!

I truly hope that Palin supporters will keep showing up so we can film them.

b-p-p said...

Patrick, Did Cee4Pee delete you? I couldn't find your comment. They are really high about all the attention Rebecca is getting from the radio loons.

They will want to distance Sarah from the bad press, but she is obviously close to Zeigler. He made an appearance with the 15 Letterman protesters. Sarah is a Tea Party advocate and she can't distance herself from the likes of Michael P. Leahy. Isn't he the one to start the fire Letterman protest? What happened? Did Zeigler take over?

KaJo said...

"It's as if she reaches into their souls and pulls out the bloodlust of barbarism..."

Midnightcajun, I would suggest that's why they call themselves "ordinary barbarians".

In their "who we are and what we stand for", they say "No one controls us. We're a horde."..."...I need a new name for all of us. I can't call us morons -- I have too much respect for the King Moron to steal his thunder. All of you know how much I admire Robert Stacy McCain's discourse on "Ordinary Americans." As an homage to RSM, I shall dub us "ordinary barbarians" -- unlike those "Barbaric!" barbarians in Washington, DC."

The rest of us can call them morons, though...

Anonymous said...

They will always be knuckledraggers in my eyes. :)

FEDUP!!! said...

FIFTEEN supporters. That's all she could muster.
THAT, my friends, is what the REAL numbers are - NOT "20,000" at the Auburn parade! Those 20,000 came there to see the parade, not to see TeflonCuda.
Maybe they had 15 extra people come there to see her...

Also, her fundraising abilities seem to have gone way south - otherwise, why would she need to have a 'webathon' for something she opened - what - one month, two months, three months ago? I guess more people than none are of the mind that she should have to pay for her own legal matters. :P

regina said...

Meg Stapleton claimed that a 20,000 strong came to see Sarah Palin at the Founders Day Celebration in Auburn.

From an Auburn website:

"Genesee Street in Auburn was the place to be on Saturday June 6th as the City kicked off its First Annual Founders Day Celebration with a parade lead by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Approximately 10,000 spectators lined the streets to greet Governor Palin and celebrate Auburn’s Alaska connection."

regina said...

oops, missed the word "crowd" after strong!

Anonymous said...

The unreported story in all of this. Did the Yankees tickets exceed the allowable gifts a sitting Governor in AK could receive? Don't those seats go for up to $2500?

Patrick said...


Cee4Pee always delete ALL of my comments, regardless what they are about (because I am on RAM's beloved blacklist as I am a Trig Troofer...). But they usually leave most of the responses on the page, so there are always traces left after I was there... These people are thicker than the Chinese Wall, and it doesn't need a lot of effort to expose the garbage they are spreading around there.

Virginia Voter said...

Anon @ know you may be right...those seat cost a ton. Just last month, my brother (lives in NY) was telling that his law firm dumped their box seats at Yankee Stadium because of the outrageously high cost. He said the tickets were over $1,000 each per game, plus annual fees. I don't know if they were over $1250 each, but I will look into it.

Also too, Willow was not at the game...but if she was that would definitely put the value of the tickets well over $3,000!!

Anonymous said...

Another SP manufactured "outrage" about her daughter who wasn't even there.
She uses and abuses her kids - I pity them. Their gene pool is lame.

Anonymous said...

Crazies4P: They are a useless little fan club.

They like to hide "in their pajamas" and make big promises to Palin on their keyboards, but they won't show up to protest for their Queen in front of the cameras, will they?

They are cyber-suitors to Palin and not really much use in a real campaign, mere amateurs...

Whereas Romney already has a working machine in place, with offices and staff. So does Huckabee (and he's got Chuck Norris). Heck, Kathleen Parker said Jindal is the smartest one of all, so he's probably building an incredible political machine right now, without putting his children or grandchildren on the cover of PEOPLE or getting into public spats with comics.

And Palin has Crazies4Pee. They protest comedians. They freep polls about comedians. They give their e-mail addresses to CBS. They "virtual high-five" when one of them is on the radio talking about Palin.

I don't want them to fold! They are hurting Palin much more than they are helping her.

But you'd have to be a professional to know that.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

"Meg Stapleton claimed that a 20,000 strong came to see Sarah Palin at the Founders Day Celebration in Auburn.".

All we have to do is verify how many folks came to last years parade to show yet another lie.


Emily said...

I have this terrible suspicion that the next right-wing terrorist attack will be aimed at Letterman. I hope he gets out safely, of course, but an attempt on his life(backed up by words like "Palin sent me") would really confirm just how crazy these Palin supporters are.

regina said...


I looked up last year's parade. There wasn't one. It was the first EVER Founder's Day celebration!

However, Meg doubled the actual number of people who attended...


sjk from the belly of the plane said...


Thanks for setting that straight!
If Staplemouth lips or pen is moving, shes lying!

Anonymous said...

She's just another whore from babble-on (sorry have to say I LOVE that nickname for slutty GINO).

Stapletongue is another one that must simply be a lovely person to be around.

I will say though that Sarah Palin makes Adolph Hitler, Charles Manson and Jim Jones look like beginners. When do her followers start killing people they disagree with?

Anonymous said...

@21:46, the murder of Dr. Tiller and Mr. Johns, the guard at the Holocaust Museum....

Anonymous said...

Anon @21:46 - they already did at the Holocaust Museum in DC :(

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Reg, it was even Less than that!

AUBURN - The city was decked out in its best for its first Founders Day, as thousands of people gathered Saturday along the parade route and outside Auburn's city hall to enjoy a family outing and get a glimpse of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the guest of honor for this year's celebration of Alaskan statehood.
Chet Susslin / The Citizen
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, walk part of the parade route at the Founders Day celebration in downtown Auburn on Saturday. Palin later spoke at city hall and at a fundraiser for the Seward House.
An estimated crowd of 5,000 to 6,000 people, according to the Auburn Police Department, filled the downtown area along with dozens of vendors, entertainers and other festival participants.
So all of them Liars! Megamouth, Palin,peelanders, all of them LIARS!!!

Anonymous said...

@crystalwolf: "So all of them are LIARS!"

Amen!!!!!!! We cannot forget it!

Anonymous said...


Re that Larry King Show last night that had Kathy Griffin on. I just posted over at Gryp's about it. I'm not a fan of hers but this is a must see. It's on at the following site:


If you haven't seen it, please note her jokes about Levi and the baby. Especially this one..."holding a kid he couldn't identify in a lineup."

I'll bet this attack on Letterman has other comedians furious! Maybe this is what was needed to get the MSM involved.

I hope!