Friday, 8 May 2009

Sarah Palin's knight in shining armour

Eddie Burke; Sarah Palin with Piper

The "charming" radio show host Eddie Burke, darling of Sarah Palin's C4P fanclub and defender of all things Palin, is not such respectable character.

A report from 1994, not available from ADN's online archives, tells us this:

Anchorage Daily News
July 22, 1994
Section: Metro
Edition: Final
Page: E3

Daily News reporter

A tearful, apologetic Eddie Burke pleaded no contest Thursday to misdemeanor charges for grabbing at a waitress’s crotch, then offering to pay her $400 to keep her from reporting him to the police. Burke, owner of a downtown gas station and former Anchorage Assembly candidate, was fined $1,500 for assault and compounding a crime. Prosecutor Susan Wibker said Burke was out carousing that April night, going from strip joint to strip joint in a white limousine with friends. After midnight, Burke stopped by the Peanut Farm, a restaurant and bar on Old Seward Highway.

"He was intoxicated and he was sexed up," Wibker said.

Burke approached a waitress from behind, pinned her against a cash register and stuffed his hands in the front pockets of her apron, groping her between the legs and laughing, Wibker said. Later, he assaulted a bartender, putting him in what Wibker described as a headlock.

Years later, in August 2008, Burke pulled another stunt:

Rep. Charisse Millett received a vile, graphic, sexually charged text from Eddie Burke in the middle of the night. When I say this text was graphic, the word graphic does not describe it well enough. It was a disgusting comment.

A month later, Eddie Burke was back:

Anchorage AM radio host Eddie Burke has been suspended after broadcasting the phone numbers of women involved in organizing a protest rally against Sarah Palin over the weekend, his station manager said today.

Last week Burke, host of a conservative daily talk show, called rally organizers Charla Sterne and Ilona Bessenyey "socialist, baby-killing maggots," read their phone numbers on the air and encouraged listeners to call them. The women said their voice-mail quickly filled with angry, profane messages, some of them threatening.

This week Burke harrassed Republican activist Andree McLeod during a public event in Anchorage, then used the recording in his radio show.

Andree has asked for disclosure of some official state e-mails that were copied to Todd Palin. She filed her request over seven months ago and Sarah Palin's administration have been dragging their feet since then, asking for extensions every time a deadline for releasing the information approaches.

Sarah Palin's knights in shining armour are mounting a campaign to discredit anybody who dares challenge any dodgy actions by the governor.

Let's use Sarah Palin's own logic: is she palling around with a sex offender?

This is the same Eddie Burke who interviewed cute Piper Palin on his program...

Eddie Burke picture: Mudflats


LisanTX said...

Burke May Have Violated Alaska Law in the Andree McCleod Incident

Someone should check with an Alaska attorney to see if Burke has violated any criminal laws or given McCleod a civil cause of action for his secret recording.

Or McCleod could meet with the police or DA to discuss whether charges should be filed.

Here is a short section from the Alaska criminal statutes:

Sec. 42.20.310. Eavesdropping.

(a) A person may not

(1) use an eavesdropping device to hear or record all or any part of an oral conversation without the consent of a party to the conversation;

(2) use or divulge any information which the person knows or reasonably should know was obtained through the illegal use of an eavesdropping device for personal benefit or another's benefit;

(3) publish the existence, contents, substance, purport, effect, or meaning of any conversation the person has heard through the illegal use of an eavesdropping device;

(4) divulge, or publish the existence, contents, substance, purport, effect, or meaning of any conversation the person has become acquainted with after the person knows or reasonably should know that the conversation and the information contained in the conversation was obtained through the illegal use of an eavesdropping device.

(b) In this section "eavesdropping device" means any device capable of being used to hear or record oral conversation whether the conversation is conducted in person, by telephone, or by any other means; provided that this definition does not include devices used for the restoration of the deaf or hard-of-hearing to normal or partial hearing.

Anonymous said...

Palin never thought the light would be shone on all things in AK, donthca know....Pallin' around with sex offenders for Palin? You betcha.

Great article, Regina.

Anonymous said...

Well done finding this article! With all the shadey people blindly supporting the Palins, surely this will help at least one of them come to their senses :)

Lynn in Australia

Anonymous said...


Excellent article!

This maggot needs all the exposure that can be brought to bear on him.

Is grabbing crotch part of real "conservative values?

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...


This is seriously wonderful reporting, Regina. There's a gold mine in newspaper morgues that aren't online, for anyone diligent and not too sensitive to dust.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Burke has a long list of lawsuits filed against him in the Alaska records:

If he is Edward A Burke, Jr., born 4/11/62, he has a case still open:

A lawsuit was filed against him by his landlord in 2008 for not paying his rent:

He got a stay a proceedings due to filing bankruptcy in federal court. Hmmm-guy with a job doesn't pay rent and files bankruptcy?? How responsible is that?

If you check out the public records at the top link, you'll see almost a page full of cases against Eddie and Edward Burke.

Aren't public records great?

FW said...

Wow, the Yukon's own Rush Limpballs Jr...fabulous

Kyra said...

(1) use an eavesdropping device to hear or record all or any part of an oral conversation without the consent of a party to the conversation;

The key here, is a party to the conversation. I once worked for a business that wanted to record calls "for training purposes" without telling the caller and told me it was legal as long as I knew about it. I checked with my brother-in-law, an attorney, and they were correct. I felt slimy about it though, and quit. But, "a" party is the key term.

basheert said...

Well he isn't exactly Alaska's answer to Limpballs - It has been reported that Rush is more into little boys. Women tend to find him disgusting.

Kyra said...

Rush has been married what, 3, 4 times? I remember how excited he was that Clarence Thomas performed the wedding for one of his marriages. ewwwwhh. ick.

AKMuckraker said...

Nice job putting together Burke's "other" resume. Keep up the good work!

Emily said...

What a disgusting individual! Does Palin ever associate with sane, intelligent, decent folks at all?

LisanTX said...

Kyra-It is my understanding (which certainly could be wrong) that neither party to the conversation knew that Burke was recording them. If this is true, then it seems to fall within the statute above.

Regina, you got a compliment from AKMuckraker! I think that is pretty cool. See what incredible work you've done? Congrats!!!