Monday, 8 June 2009

Sarah Palin, a flawed muse...

C4P must be the most paranoid people around... They're pissed off with Gryph because he told them to stop giving their hard earned money to Sarah Palin. They're pissed off with Dennis Zaki for filming Sarah's speech and selling it to CNN. (They really enjoyed her speech, thanks to Dennis, so what seems to be the problem?) They're pissed off with the Trig Troofers, but then, they always were...

Well, they had this Trig Troofer thread going, but they delete ALL comments by Trig Troofers, however innocent. So you have these one-sided conversations going on, it's most bizarre! It happens in just about all their threads, Trig or no Trig.

Some Alaskan woman came out with this comment:

"And here is that new troll patrick who is actually the person who posts palingates.

If I ever see this person, I will make sure to "bellow" loud enough for everyone to hear before I begin the task of making a mockery of him IN public."

I posted a comment: "I'm Patrick?" They deleted it. So I posted another one: "Why did you delete my comment? I was just asking: "I'm Patrick?" They deleted that one too.

Never mind. I'm feeling much better since I had the sex change operation, but I don't know how I'm going to break the news to my sons... my husband has come to terms with having to become gay to stay married to me. It's very exciting for all of us! Good job we're liberals, it saved us a lot of trouble.

Seriously now, one of their people said:

"Liberals are nuts. Why not focus (as we conservatives do) on the horrible consequences of liberal politics? Instead, liberals bang away with these weird notions in an attempt to discredit the person, rather than the person's policies. And when we conservatives do point out some personal character flaw of a liberal (e.g., consorting for 20 years with Bill Ayers) we are attacked."

It's a very strange comment. Why would liberals focus on the horrible consequences of liberal politics? (duh!)

As for discrediting the person rather than their policies, maybe this person should pay us a visit and see how many posts focus on Sarah Palin's policies. Ethics, politics, environment, wildlife, Alaska Natives, hypocrisy, cronyism, you name it, I've covered it. Babygate is a small part of what I focus on, the other stuff take quite a lot of my time.

As you well know, I only deleted a comment ONCE. Some nutter wrote something longer than "War and Peace", going on and on and on about some very strange theory. It was too bizarre, so I deleted it. All other comments, from trolls, from abusive people are all there, in full glory.

You see, I'm not insecure about what I do. Anybody is welcome to discuss the topics I write about, people can disagree with me, with each other, it's fine.

The woman called RAM takes great pleasure in saying: "Get off my blog!" She says it all the time.

The fact that C4P can't stand any kind of criticism says a lot more about them and their muse than it does about the people they ban from commenting.


Dianne said...


Your blog is one of the most thorough and well researched blogs out there. You do great work. The Sea 4 P'ers, with their blinders on, just really don't want to see the truth, whether it be about Trig, or anything else.

get real said...

Sea of Pee is worthless.

All they do is bash and delete The Truth when you post comments.

Just bunch of head-in-the-sand hypocrites over there.

Lisabeth said...

You are so right! They really are rigid people and incapable of even considering an alternate point of view. It isn't surprising though because many evangelical Christians have very strong rigid beliefs and can't handle alternate views. They also sound really angry!
Sarahs on tv now and wearing corsages in every photo. She is so inarticulate it's unreal!!!!! CNN just announced she is attending the dinner tonight. Who cares!! Oh and she sounds manic on TV. I don't remember her sounding that shrill but then I have avoided listening to her.

EyeOnYou said...

What is the most funny aspect of the entire "Trig Troofer" madness they have, is that they all seem to flock to Gryphen's site to read what he has to say. For a group of people who feel it is just obscene to mention it, they sure do care enough to read the sites they feel are "trig troofer" sites.

get real said...

Proving that Sarah Palin is the birth mother of Trig Palin is EASIEST thing in world! Takes a few seconds.

Unless, of course, she isn't.

The Sea of Pee goons don't seem to realize that.

Anonymous said...

Since only 21% of the U.S. population will self-identify as "GOP," and of that 21%, only 1/3 support Palin, we are dealing with a very small percentage of the total voting public.

It does not surprise me that C4P are "crazy." They are a fringe group, operating like a celebrity fan club which flirts with issues of domestic terrorism and secession.

As progressives, we must start treating them as we would a crazy "fringe" group. ( FBI?)

Mainstream America will never again go for Crazy Mama Palin and her AK mafia family.

McCain unleashed her on us, and even he regrets it. The RNC and the GOP will not let her run. Watch and see. If she runs 3rd party, she will lose--too small a percentage. For the past 100 years, a 3rd party candidate in the U.S. has not even come close.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

I am PROUD to be banned from RAM land. I have seen threats of violence and other bold inetrnet drek rom them, but they cant engage in any discourse without wetting themselves. I take great pride in having ole Rammer tell me to get of her blog. If they wanna threaten me, I say bring it on! I live in FL, and am heavlily medicated and heavily armed!

LisanTX said...


I say it often, but I want to say it again: Thank you for your blog!!

It is very well done and easy to read.


Anon 23:24. They are a fringe group and from now on, we should refer to them as fringe whenever we talk about them. There was an article on Huffington today talking about fringe right wing people being martyrs for their cause. Pretty frightening stuff. The Homeland Security department was right about these fringe people. They aren't true Americans really.

And to the last anon, you are a hoot. Just do alittle analysis of some one who calls themselves "RAM" and screams at people "GET OFF MY BLOG." Definitely someone with very , very deep psychiatric problems!! And maybe something else, but I won't say unless I know if RAM is a man or woman, but they definitely have sexual problems, don't ya think????

Anonymous said...

Here's what I worry about:

Palin is going to run for POTUS but she knows she doesn't have a chance...too many pro-choice women.

She will run to try and build up her base because she wants to be VP on Romney's ticket. She wanted to run with him in the last election.

If she gains even more big money backers (Fred Malek, Rupert, Greta/Coale) she could be a force to reckon with. The GOP needs the money and yes, they will use her in rallys and to raise money.

She's going to want payback and her cult followers will scream for it!

Something to think about!

regina said...


RAM is a woman.

So was I, until the C4Pees turned me into Patrick!


Ennealogic said...

I'm about to write a new blog post wherein I reveal e-mails between myself and RAM, and also, too, wherein, even though I was posting on C4P about plagiarism and asking how C4P'rs felt about Michael Reagan's wish to stuff hand grenades up babies' bottoms... I was accused of being a Trig Truther and summarily banned.

I really have to wonder why the parentage of Trig is such an awfully sensitive topic with them. If it were proved, I guess, they'd just disintegrate. Therefore, they will tolerate no one pointing out facts and discrepancies about things Sarah says and does, and most especially, they will not tolerate shining light on Trig's parentage.

It's pretty scary!

regina said...


They're scary, but they're scared themselves.

They go out of their way to justify EVERYTHING SP does or says. I don't think they're right in the head.

When it comes to politicians, I reserve judgement. I may support A or B or C, but I watch them, see how they perform. I can't see myself going into a blog to say how cute President Obama is. I admire him greatly and believe he's a true statesman, but cute?

Their devotion is very childish. The last time I fell in love with a stranger the way they love Sarah Palin I was 12 years old and the object of my affections was John Lennon!


Patrick said...

Hi everybody,

I had a very good session on cee4pee today, and I am just uploading a few screenshots from the comment section on cee4pee to my flickr in order to give you some impressions from today. And I want to make clear that I definitely did not pretend to be "Regina" and have nothing to do with this wonderful blog here, apart from being a supportive reader. ;-)

Here is the link to my flickr - it will take a few minutes until all screenshots have been uploaded:

What I want to say is that: There is absolutely no need to be afraid of these people. The are living in a warped reality, and it's extremely easy to make fun of them. But there is a more serious background: We should not let this "cult" of Sarah Palin, the "great faultless leader", go unanswered. The Palinbots are some kind of "miniature" version of Nazis in this respect.

Go there and tell them what you think - friendly and respectfully. You can have a lot of fun there!

pam said...

Hello all, thanks for all the wonderful information and research on this crazy topic. I have something else, rather sinsiter to add to the mix. It sounds pretty crazy, but maybe that is why I can't let it go.

I just have this thought that keeps going through my head. Sarah is not giving up her hopes for more political gain. She seems very secure in that she is preceived as a good mother and politician. A few of us believe otherwise. So why does she not just go away? She must have some plan, even though planning is not her strong point. She knows that Levi and a very few others know the truth about her deceipt with Trigg. She cannot at this point in time ever admit that she faked the pregenancy. For goodness sakes, too much has been said and covered for her to backtrack on that issue. No matter what the reason. The only option left for her will be to have Trigg have an accident, probably while she is out of town. It would have to be such a horrible accident, of some type, that his body is never recovered. That means no DNA.

I hope that Levi has had the good sense to cut a lock of Trigg's hair and have it secured in a place that only his laywer knows.

I know this sounds insane. But so is faking a pregnancy and all the other actions she has chosen to take. I don't think that Levi has Tank around for anything other than his safety. And it must be very difficult for him and his family to keep quiet. They must be getting good advice. However, I still think something is going on inside Sarah that just is not good at all. I hope I am wrong. She knows that the truth will come out and you can be sure she has a back up plan.

I am sorry if these thoughts offend anyone. But I just felt I needed to say this in case something should happen to Trigg. Keep him and the Johnstons in your brightest thoughts. Pam

Patrick said...

Eddie Burke just said in his radio show that Sarah Palin is "pleasurising"!



Patrick said...

..."pleasurerising"...I think it was ;-)

Oh, I love these Palinbots, these cee4pees, these Eddie Burkes etc. They are so entertaining!

Dennis Zaki doesn't want to talk to Eddie Burke. So Eddie Burke just said on the air "come on, Dennis, big boy, call me!"

And a guest in his show has just said to Eddie Burke that Dennis Zaki is the "official representative of CNN in Alaska", and Eddie didn't know what to respond...

sandra said...


I hope you are wrong, but I have wondered since last September why no one has died. There were so many deaths after Watergate, that I just sort of expect strange things to happen. Hoping we just have overactive imaginations.

Anonymous said...

Pam's scenario is a pretty realistic view of things. Do you all remember Troopergate? Sarah and Todd wanted their ex-brother-in-law fired from his state trooper job. Todd especially, working from a phone at his own table in Sarah's offce (remember, he wasn't elected to anything) sounded like one of those inforcers we used to see on "The Sopranos." His conversations were taped and played; there was no mistake in his intention. When the guy in charge did not fire the ex-brother-in-law, he was removed. They play tough, so Levi had good reason to hire a body guard.

Maybe one reason that Bristol has been so tough on Levi's visitation is to deny him the chance to bring Trig into a lab for a certified DNA test that could be witnessed and certified as legal. I'm sure that with a little imagination, we can come up with some good game plans for the Johnstons.

Anonymous said...

OOps, excuse me, in the post about Levi bringing a baby in for DNA testing, I should have typed "Tripp." But, if he's anyway involved with Trig, what the heck, bring them both in! Sorry about that.

Patrick said...

R.A. Mansour from Cee4pee will be on the Eddie Burke Radio Show on 7.45 EDT, in about 25 minutes!!

Feel free to call in! I am still searching for the number to call in to KBYR AM 700...

Will post it later!

Patrick said...

This is supposed to be the call-in number for the Eddie Burke show:


lisabeth said...

Pam, I think Palin is the type of person who would do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Including your scenario. Where is Trig lately anyhow? I don't remember seeing a photo for a long time. Most one year olds are starting to talk and say first words.

All I know is we have to prevent this woman from going any higher in politics. She is dangerous and her followers are cuckoo.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone look at the article on Huffingyin Post with photos is Sarahs toenails. They look like little hearts on her pedicure but that is a guess.

Anonymous said...

Palin is soooo dumb. America will never elect anyone to any sort of national office with hearts on her toes.

midnightcajun said...

Most of Sarah's followers are extreme Christianists, and they have twisted their religion into something very strange that I think is infecting their political thinking. They've taken the old Manichaein dualism in which everything is either good or evil, and they've decided Conservatives/Republicans=good, Democrats/liberals=bad, and thus anyone who opposes them or their anointed one must be in league with the devil. They are truly crazy.

A few months ago I visited the site of a Palinbot who commented on PD; she went nuts, emailing me all kinds of stuff. It's like they recognize that Sarah is a fellow crazy and are drawn to her because of that. I never realized there are so many unhinged people out there. Its' scary.

the problem child said...

RE: toes: looks like maybe an Alaskan flag?

Helen said...

Get a load some time of how Rebecca Mansour, self sacrificing devotee of Bad Sarah and the impotent wet rag behind C4P, oh so adoringly, lovingly and caressingly refers to her Mama Bear as...are you ready?

((( 'Cuda )))

That's of course baby talk for "Barracuda". Having a cutesy-poo pet love name for a politician who you admire but never met strikes me as - stunningly unprofessional as a writer and quite creepy.

Patrick said...


The censor-crazy R.A. Mansour was on the Eddie Burke Show yesterday and admitted that she actually doesn't know whether Dennis Zaki "misrepresented" himself or - and that she would like to hear his own explanation. But on their website, the Cee4Peers claimed that Dennis Zaki recorded the speech without permission! Is anybody here surprised...?

(from about 8:05)

There is also a second part:

Anonymous said...

Ram went further than that on the website..she commented and I quote: Zaki didn't have Gov. Palin's permission. He's a lying sack of horse dung. And he might be in big trouble.
June 8, 2009 1:04 AM:

She has is just full of it and was forced to admit on air that she doesn't know shit from shinola

Patrick said...

Regina, you should start twittering on a regular basis!! It's a great tool!!

Everybody, here is Regina's twitter:

Please encourage her! :-)

pam said...

Regina, with you wonderful writing and research skills would you be able to see just how the government of Alaska has grown in the Wasilla and state since Ms. Palin has been govenor? She talks about less government, but we know that is not correct. I think it might be nice to see some actual numbers as to what she has DONE and not just what she says. We know she lies. And it is so difficult to keep combating the lies, and distracting from what else she may be planning. But there are some excellent bloggers in Alaska that can continue to focus on her actions and not her speech. It is probably easier to understand her actions, anyway. Her speech is so inarticulate. thanks for your hard work. Also, with your British background you were probabbly educated in school about monarchies and how they "threw people under the bus", only I think they did more chopping and such. Might be interesting to see how many "rulers" hurt family members for their own gain. Great work!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @4:16, maybe Zaki should sue RAM for slander, libel and defamation of character? After all, Zaki is the face of CNN in AK. RAM has done a lot of damage by spreading such falsehoods about him.

basheert said...

RE: the Sea of Pee-ers.

I have three words for you.

Jim Jones, Jamestown

That's who these people are. They quite simply are individuals who are stupid enough to get sucked in by a mesmerizing cult leader.

Now before you all lynch me, I do not equate "mesmerizing" with either intelligence, class, or even rudimentary low level I.Q. I simply refer to individuals who, like limpets, attach themselves to someone they idolize.

Very common in our development however disasterous when the idol turns out to be made of nothing sustantial.

Palin is flash in the pan. She's too stupid to get elected, too corrupt to amount to anything substantial within the Party (whatever is left of it) and she ONLY has the Sea of Pee-ers as fans.

So .. what...she has may 200,000 supporters (I'm being kind) in a country of almost 300 MILLION people.

Are pigs flying yet????

Regina: Congrats on the successful morphing into Patrick. It's a difficult procedure and both of you handled it well.