Friday, 26 June 2009

Another outrage

This is an outrage! How dare anybody point out that the sacred children of the annointed governor may get tired??? This is an affront to the stamina of ALL children! Palingates should be drawn and quartered for using the image of little Piper Palin to suggest children don't enjoy being dragged around the country and falling behind at school! Is there no respect for truancy left in this world?

We should all write to The Political Props Advancement League and complain about this egregious attack on an innocent prop! E-mail them to express your disgust:

When will we hear a statement from President Obama making clear that political props are off limits???

Let's flood all palingates sponsors with complaints! Would they like to be associated with someone who relentlessly assaults the rights of ALL children to truancy and political propping? Our brave soldiers are fighting for these rights!

Oh, palingates doesn't have sponsors, is not American and lives on France, what do we do? Let's write to the United Nations and President Sarkozy (he's Sarah's good friend, he even rang her during the campaign). This is an international outrage!!!

Come on barbarians, let's spring into action!


Anonymous said...

Regina, Regina. Are you trying to get Crazies4Palin to help you get more traffic here? The way they got Linda her FOIA $$, and the way they raised Letterman's ratings to the highest in 4 years? :-)

regina said...


What a shame I don't have a paypal button... LOL

C'est la vie.


sjk from the belly of the plane said...

"we have no intention of boosting David Lettermans ratings." doh!

Buffalogal said...

ha! I bet that'll annoy the bots to no end. I think that they WOULD write to the UN !

And, is it just me or does everyone read the phrase Piper Palin and then in their head hear, "picked a peck of pickled peppers" ?

Anonymous said...

Regina, you are baaaaaad. I love it!

Linda in Virginia

ProChoiceGrandma said...

What idiots would name their child so that her initils would be P.I.G. Palin. Piper Indy Grace Palin. Or is that code also?

Buffalogal said...

O'lordy ProChoiceGrandma - Now you've gone and done it! Prepare for the attack of the barbarians cuz you're next!

(made me laugh and laugh - never noticed it before )

historiesmysteries said...

Great photo!

Is it just me, or have other people reached the point that they feel slightly nauseous when they hear the expression "special needs child"? By the time Sarah is finished, someone's going to have to come up with a different term for those children, because she's tainted this one.

I seem to have gotten myself banned from the Sea of Piss--their server won't take my comments. My crime? I gently suggested that overreacting to this was going to backfire on them and Sarah.

Dianne said...

I've actually called President Sarkozy about you and this exact thing SEVERAL times. He doesn't seem to give a s***t.

Very funny, Reg. I keep waiting for the pee'ers to take the bait. It will be HIGH entertainment.

basheert said...

good one Regina! Child abuse comes in many forms, both large and small.

Being a prop for a megalomaniacal dictator must be boring for a little girl.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I am innocent I tells ya! I simply pointed out how stupid THEY were to give Piper those names in that particular order. Why not Piper Grace Indy Palin? That's why I asked if P.I.G. is some kind of code.
And THEY were the ones that dressed Trig in the Dumbo the Elephant costume for Halloween. How unthinking was that?! That was much more of a diss on a special needs child than any photoshop.
Stupid people, just saying.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Another great shot, girlfriend!

{{{Big hug}}} from Mrs. B

basheert said...

By the way, have you all noticed that with Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson's deaths, AND the Sanford case of Argentinian Adultery, SP is OFF THE RADAR???

Wonder what she will do to attract attention now?

Dianne said...

Remember this one? Another photoshopped image of a Palin child that there was no outrage over.

The Yellow Porcupine said...

Gee,Sarahgirl drags her kids out into the national spotlight and exploits them for personal political gain, but she can't understand how anyone dare use them to depict her superficiality.
She's kinda like Michael Jackson, exploiting young children and then protesting how anyone could accuse her of wrongdoing.

midnightcajun said...

I also, too, was floored that Sarah dressed that 'poor little special needs baby" up as Dumbo. Where was the outrage then?

And for those commenting about the possibility Trig might could have been so docile because he might hearing problems as well, I need to point out that hearing impairment would actually make him startle more. I have a hearing impaired child; they compensate by being especially susceptible to vibrations. My child would have been driven crazy by an arena full of cheering, stomping people.

midnightcajun said...

Well, that came out garbled. But y'all know what I meant! Heading off for more caffein...

regina said...

Well folks, I had to do it! Poor little P.I.G. Palin was feeling left out. It could have repercussions, you know? Bristol, Willow and Trig getting all the headlines and poor little Piper having feelings of inadequacy, wondering when Mommy was going to give her some air time. The lemonade stand and trampoline thing didn't work so well, there was no outrage! It didn't have any impact because there were no late night comedians or anklebiters' blogs involved...


basheert said...

It's ok Reggie - we have got your back.

It's simply a picture of a very tired bored little girl being used as a Prop for her mother. It's the mother that's guilty of child abuse, not the picture-poster.

But maybe the Peeing in the Sea flying monkeys will be outraged enough to attack you too?

Then we can all talk about Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Mark Sanford?????

...but I am curious - what happens if everyone in the world ignores her??

KW said...


I had never noticed the poor girl was PIG Palin! How cruel...

FEDUP!!! said...


On another note... According to Gryphen, ScaraCuda is in Kosovo today. (after having twitted about Triggy boy yesterday... ANOTHER FAKE SMOKE SCREEN PRETENDING TO BE A CARING 'ICONIC' MOTHER!)
So... SHE can tell the world about when/where Colbert is (when he _actually_ went to the 'front'), but HER itinerary cannot be made public - even though she only goes to cushy Kosovo???
Who does she think she is???
Why is she visiting the troops in the first place?
What other GOVERNOR has done that?
I understand Senators and Congress people go do that once in a while for photo-ops, but GOVERNORS?!?
Who is paying for this trip?
Who is in charge of Alaska while she is gone? Is it just like last year, when she claimed per diems, and ruled Alaska from her dueling Blackberries?

I guess she is hoping that the 'ICEBERG' will blow over, just like all the other things that she has been successful at diverting, but I fervently HOPE that she cannot do it, and that she will be arrested when she sets her foot back down on US soil... (I can dream, can't I?)

Anonymous said...

Naughty, naughty, Regina. You will soon be joining the group blogger dis on C4P along with the latest team member, AKM. I'm guessing that you or Gryphen are next. This is way too funny. You go girl.

Anonymous said...

@FEDUP, why did Palin dis a Vet (John Kerry) in front of a group of men and women who are currently serving our country?

Yeah, she's REALLY patriotic.

FEDUP!!! said...

Why shouldn't she? She is in good company there - remember how, under gw [sic], they paid lip service to the Vets, however, they dissed them at every turn? Remember the Vet Hospital scandal? Remember how they made fun of the multiple-amputee Vet (I forget his name right now - he was running for some higher office), that he was not really a Patriot?

I guess she thinks that since THEY were able to get away with it, SHE will, also, too...

What she does not realize is that the winds have changed...

Anonymous said...

OT, but there's a video of Sarah addressing the troops in her lighting "Here I am proving I'm a world traveler and foreign affairs and military expert" tour, and get this: she's wearing a short-sleeved shirt!

Is it odd, or is it really odd that the two times we see her not wearing a jacket/sweatshirt are when she's overseas? It is not that hot in Kosovo this time of year. Someone suggested she couldn't take her little pills through customs, so that her body temp has readjusted to something approaching normal.

I admire all those people who are charitable enough to hope she doesn't crash and burn. I want to see her go down in ugly flames. It will take something really dramatic to snap her cult followers out of their trance.

Anne Whitney said...

That child's name is Piper Indy Grace? PIG Palin? They are either incredibly callous or just massively clueless and illiterate. Is Indy for Indiana Jones or the race cars?

get real said...

Only the most simple minded people go after cartoons, pictures and messengers.

That would explain the motives of the Sea of Pee.

basheert said...

get real:
HUGE leap of faith to even imply the Sea of Pee-ers have a mind.

FEDUP!!! said...

OMG! I only was able to stick through a couple of minutes.
I guess the slaps in her face about her 'casual dress' have arrived - she is making fun of herself (GASP!!!) and the casual way she is dressing vs the clothes she got during the RNC stint.
But when she started talking about her son, and how her son is doing this and saying that, I lost it.
So, after this, she is going to GERMANY, not to IRAQ... Armchair warrior, as usual. But her itinerary is a state secret.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I'm sorry, this is O/T, but just saw some info about the REPUBLICAN Gov. of Nevada, Jim Gibbons. The divorce papers were unsealed and he was accused of philandering with two other women.

Here is a comment by Gibbons about his wife that sounds like a Ziegler:

Jim Gibbons' divorce filings stated that he wanted his wife out of the Governor's Mansion because she was aggressive: "It was once said in another context that being in close quarters with such a volatile person was like being locked in a phone booth with an enraged ferret."

Oh, even better, see under Undeclared Donations: he also had a legal defense fund! Good reading!

Ella said...

I think the "Indy" in Piper's name is for "Independent" as in A.I.P., Toad's Party at the time. Lots of blogs touting GINO's joke about John Kerry: "Why the long face, John?" I thought it was kinda funny, so I researched it and Palin Plagiarized it from guess who? LETTERMAN!
"To his credit, John Kerry was very, very upset about the joke and he apologized. ... As a matter of fact, all day long, he's been walking around with a long face." --David Letterman
Letterman told the joke when Kerry was running for POTUS. I KNEW the GINO had no original thoughts in her head.

Anonymous said...

How could Sarah go on a trip without dragging along Todd, Willow, Piper, Somebody!

Just how many governors actually go abroad and visit their National Guard serving someplace??

Anonymous said...

Politicians go on these trips for the publicity and pictures with troops. It is also a trapped audience.

Where is The Family? It looks like she will have time to sneak off to Transylvania for a transfusion. Kosovo and Germany is a day trip. What is her real motive? Would the taxpayers have to pay for Todd taking a side trip to Amsterdam's red light district?

I betcha they so fudge on all their travel expense reports.

lynnrockets said...

We're with you over here at Lynnrockets' Blast-Off. A counter-offensive email blast to Palin sponsors is in order. We await your command to don our tinfoil helmets and spring into action.

Lilybart said...

I understand trying to dress like the troops I guess, but still, I think it's really a chance to jiggle in a t-shirt for the boys.

USO tour with Charro comes to mind.

Roget said...

@ Lilybart: Coochi Coochi. LOL

She's on her "Pretend to be the POTUS Tour". Enjoy Sarah. It's as close as you'll ever get.

I ♥ Regina

Anonymous said...

ProChoiceGrandma said...

What idiots would name their child so that her initils would be P.I.G. Palin. Piper Indy Grace Palin. Or is that code also?


Could this be the code of sorts???

This is what is meant by "putting lipstick on a P.I.G."???? (reference to being kissed by her mommy)

(for that C4P crowd - this was my first thought and it is meant to be a JOKE. Personally, I think that Piper is as cute as a button.)

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I was not dissing little Piper. I was just commenting how stupid it was of her parents to give her initials like that. Personally, I thought it was just adorable when she licked her hand to smooth the hair of her little nephew, Trig. That was a precious moment and made everyone smile, whether they were Repubicans or Democrats.

Patrick said...

Another outrageous insult!!! Trig is depicted as Santa Claus, a person that not exists, therefore the insane notion is supported here that Down-Syndrome Babies do not really exist and can be ridiculed any time!!

Call Megaphone Stapletongue!! Call crazies4palin!! Call the FBI !! Arrest whoever committed this crime !!

Buffalogal said...

Sea Monkeys are announcing to the world that the blogger haters against Palin,(especially the Alaska bloggers )have a promised code of silence in order to protect each other. It's too weird to even attempt putting into words.

They have, however, dropped the word "iconic" and replaced it with the phrase, "an easily recognizable photo". I say that THAT'S not even correct because most of the world doesn't follow her life all closely. Most folks would just say, Oh yeah - that's Palin with one of those kids.

It's too late tho to drop the words "desecrate" and "iconic" because they've already done their damage and it went viral on their butts. Stupid,stupid, stupid people.

basheert said...

I believe this comment has a biblical origin...searching now:

"It was once said in another context that being in close quarters with such a volatile person was like being locked in a phone booth with an enraged ferret."

FEDUP!!! said...

O/T (again...) : Ever notice how she only bares her arms for the troops? She did that last tour in Iraq, and now in (cool to cold) Kosovo... (but not in LITERALLY hot Texas...)

Lisabeth said...

Anyone know why the mystery commenter kept saying Grand Torino" "grand torino baby?". Just curious ? I keep thinking about it.

Sometimes I wonder if we are too hard on Sarah and maybe we should feel sorry for her. I mean she definitely has some kind of mental illness. But she is so not nice, so vindictive,controlling and nasty it's hard to have any empathy for her. She went on another "see me" trip because she is already running for president. That's what she is doing. See me! See Me!!Why don't the C for Pee people see Sarah clearly. I mean would they still idolize her if she was found guilty of a big crime? I just don't get what they see in her and their comments about her aren't based on reality at all. Now I do feel sorry for them and wonder if they are either too trusting, naive, clueless or just plain dumb.

regina said...


I was looking at the comments on C4Pee earlier and some woman admitted to having a girl crush on Sarah Palin. She also said lots of her friends, regular, straight women, felt the same... all the women and their husbands simply love Sarah!

They're a strange lot.


Vaughn said...

Some of the Governors that have
visited their states National Guard
troops are Pawlenty,Selibus,Culver,
I would say there are a whole lot
more that have gone overseas,but
these are the names I found in a
few minutes of searching.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure she's stopping in Munich for the champagne reception and dinner at the Schloss Nymphenburg, with concert to follow in Hubertussaal, presenting Mozart, Rossini,Vivald masterpieces performed by outstanding artists in historic costumes.
Menu: smoked samlet filet with cucumber pasta and salad; braised meat in barolo with sautéd vegetables, shallot-butter served with rosemary-potatoes; espresso-panacotta on fresh berries.

Or Ziggy and Damien Marley have a gig in Munich?

Why Kosovo? Why Munich? At least Murkowski traveled for trade missions.
I miss the good old corrupt days in Alaska...

Anonymous said...

There is a hospital in Germany. It is typical for politicians to visit.
Kosovo is a typical visit also. This trip was no doubt planned way in advance. Her public relations sucks.
The secrecy is extreme.

Why is it taking so long? she could have returned within 24 hours. What else is she doing? She can't travel alone, who all is getting a free trip and who is paying?

Anonymous said...

You people are a nasty,mean spirited, petty small minded lot.
Go Sarah!