Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sarah Palin in control

EyeOnYou found some nice information regarding Sarah Palin's Facebook page and it came from a good source, a Palin fansite...

"We now have confirmation that Sarah Palin monitors what is stated in the comments section of her facebook page.

Thank You C4P for this tidy bit of information:

Governor Palin is clearly on top of the situation and paying close attention to what is being plastered in the comments section of her Facebook page. She responded:

Just so we are clear, Sarah Palin actively monitors her facebook page and responds quickly when something appears that she does not like or finds herself not in agreement with.

I think we now have ample evidence that Sarah Palin was actively encouraging the harassment of Local Alaskan Judges on the ruling in her daughters court custody case which also prove Bristol was wrong to claim her mother was not involved in this case. We can also infer that since it was reported that death threats were made against these judges, and they now require full time protection due to the threats received from Sarah's fan's, that these threats were also made with Sarah's blessing since she allowed the originator's of the protest to actively post their solicitation for participation on Sarah's facebook page numerous times.

I hope that Rex Butler and any other attorney working for Levi in his custody case are paying attention and taking notes on this information as it will come in handy when showing them exactly what the Palin family is like and how quickly they are to attempt to manipulate the laws and decisions of judges when the rulings are not as they wish them to be.

She posted quickly about the "racist comments" and quickly decried that behavior as unacceptable on her facebook page. She made a point of saying that her page would not be a forum for that type of behavior.

With the solicitation of protesters nothing was said. The comments were posted numerous times over the course of several days by the originators of the protest and they were left in place with no comment from Sarah.

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We know that anything that is considered unacceptable by Sarah (and her moderators who are acting on her behalf as it is her page, with her name, notes posted are signed by her) is quickly deleted and the commenter banned. They have gone so far as to ban supporters.

This is clear evidence that anything that stays enjoys her support. Since the protest solicitiation was not a single posted comment but several of them over the course of days, it should be clear that she was supportive of this protest, which ended up in threats being made to the judges."

The protesters have posted a disclaimer on the protest page.

The campaign of telephone and e-mail harassement is ongoing and runs until May 7, 2010.

The protest had 213 "guests" on January 19, 2010.

Alicia Fix and Dave Smith appear to follow the blogs and must have read the posts associating Sarah Palin to their protest via her silence, so they posted a disclaimer. That's to no avail, as we now have confirmation that Sarah Palin actively monitors the comments on her Facebook page. Her silence speaks louder than any disclaimer aimed at damage control...

The judges conducting the Bristol v Levi case are under threat, thanks to Alicia Fix, Dave Smith and their misguided 213 followers. The judges are under threat thanks to Sarah Palin's silence.

Will Sarah Palin stay silent until somebody gets killed?

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