Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sarah Palin is in safe hands...

Meg Stapleton:

"Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother's love for a special needs child.

The mere idea of someone doctoring the photo of a special needs baby is appalling. To learn that two Alaskans did it is absolutely sickening. Linda Kellen Biegel, the official Democrat Party blogger for Alaska, should be ashamed of herself and the Democratic National Committee should be ashamed for promoting this website and encouraging this atrocious behavior.

Babies and children are off limits. It is past time to restore decency in politics and real tolerance for all Americans. The Obama Administration sets the moral compass for its party. We ask that special needs children be loved, respected and accepted and that this type of degeneracy be condemned."

It's official. C4P start some outrage over jokes and Sarah Palin jumps in. If she's taking her cues from that lot, she's well and truly sunk.

I suspected they were the ones who started the Letterman whitch hunt and that Sarah Palin had reacted to their outrage after the Ziegler interview. Then, he was "good ol' David Letterman". The next day he was a perverted pedophile advocating the rape of a 14 year old in the middle of the Yankee Stadium, an affront to her daughters and ALL young women.

Now a visual gag about Eddie Burke has become an outrage over Trig and ALL children with special needs.

When Crooks and Liars posted the very same photo of Sarah Palin with Letterman playing the role of Trig, there was no outrage whatsoever.

The "iconic" photo of mother and son was not taken in a private setting, in the context of a loving mother holding her child. No. It was taken during the campaign, where Trig was passed from pillar to post like a sack of potatoes. There are several "iconic" photos of Sarah Palin parading Trig as a prop: "Look at me! I didn't abort the baby with Down's Syndrome!"

This outrage is part of the backlash against Alaska citizens who dare question Sarah Palin's ethics and "transparency".

They don't like Linda Kellen Biegel, aka Celtic Diva, one little bit. Their comments about her are very "grown-up and dignified":

"I'm sure Linda's husband does his own photo shop jobs. They involve cut & pasting an actual human woman next to him in their wedding photos."

"One thing, it is critical that Sarah herself not comment on this. Don't take Diva the Hutt's bait, Sarah. We'll take care of this for you."

"Celtic Sweathog's creepy little friends just realized we're about to go Alinski on their sorry asses. We pwn3d David Pedo-man, so just imagine what we can do to YOU."

"Sarah should just ignore the pig in this situation - others will come to her defense and expose the vileness."

"Celtic Sweathog: You are completely unhinged. You are dangerous, and you belong in a mental institution. It might be wise for Governor Palin to get a restraining order."

"I just encased myself in a full body condom and wandered over to Diva's Blue Toilet. The Trig caricature is still there, front and center."

"It was on the Thingy's site..but she has since removed it! Hmmmm....wonder why? Gutless Pig!"

Will the C4Pees take Crooks and Liars on? Will they respond to Sarah Palin's giggles when Bob & Mark made fun of Lyda Green, calling her fat and a cancer on air? (Lyda Green is a cancer survivor). What, no outrage on behalf of ALL cancer sufferers?

Now that we know for sure that Sarah Palin keeps an eye on C4P to learn what she's supposed to outraged about, that she adjusts the "facts" to suit their latest distortion of the truth, we also know that there's no serious, credible adviser in her camp.

Can you see Sarah Palin running in 2012 "advised" by a bunch of loose cannons?

Oh dear...

PS: A tearful, apologetic Eddie Burke pleaded no contest Thursday to misdemeanor charges for grabbing at a waitress’s crotch, then offering to pay her $400 to keep her from reporting him to the police.

Please visit Celtic Diva to donate to the Transparency Fund. Linda is very near the target!



FEDUP!!! said...

Well, I think this time they all shot themselves in their collective feet...
This story has gone national, and, I believe through CNN, INTERnational. Diva hopefully will cash in on this and bring out ALL the outrageous things ScaraCuda has done! (Maybe someone could mosey over there and drop a hint or two about this blog here about all the -gates? HINT, HINT!)

Dianne said...

"Iconic representation?" What is she now? Some kind of religeous artifact?

Anonymous said...

Desecration?? Religious icon??

This makes Trig sound like he was wrapped in the "Shroud of Wasilla" when he was born.

Sarah and Meg... you are both IDIOTS!

OT...Is Sarah going to stop on her way back from middle east trip and give a speech to 200,000 in Berlin?

sauerkraut said...

It's protected political speech... are the palinistas anti-free speech? Are they anti-constitution? Perhaps the kitchen is getting too hot for Sarahkins... let's send her on a trip... to someplace cooler... like Europe.

Maybe she can actually see Russia from there.

MES said...

Over. The. Top.

First of all, it wasn't making fun of the baby! It was making fun of Palin and Eddie Burke. Wish she would take a little of her own advice and leave the baby out of it. For Pete's sake, he's not a human shield.

Second, why is it worse if Alaskans did it? If it is a "malicious desecration" in the first place, what about the location of the so-called desecrator makes it more so?

If Alaska is so critically important to you, lady, as you have emphasized time and again (e.g. I'll join the NCRA if everyone understands that Alaska always comes first), I sugggest you stay at home and do your job competently, so well in fact that we in the lower 48 don't have to hear about how divisively or controversially you are doing it. Because quite frankly, we are sick of your hyperemotional shenanigans, your selective hair-trigger reactions, and your immature attention-seeking and want you to stay up there. It's not even funny any more.

come on said...

Only Sarah and Palin-bots are too stoopid to notice the difference between Eddie Burke and Trig!

Gawd, they're dumb and ignorant.

The education system is broken and they are absolute proof.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

“Desecration” and “iconic representation of a mother's love for a special needs child”??
Stapletongue is depicting Sarah and Trig on an equal status to that of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus.
If the C4P congregation enshrines Trig as a religious icon, they should be worshiping the Twice-Not-Virgin Bristol and her Baby Trig. Sarah is just His grandmother.

Toss the Key to her Jail Cell into Mt Redoubt said...

Don't forget that Sarah was supposedly PREGNANT when she had that interview and tittered and giggled over Lyda Green. So much for pregnancy "feel good" hormones - about as effective as her Christian values. Oh, unless they weren't running through her at the time after all...

Anonymous said...

Maybe SarahPAC is a religious organization? Otherwise, why does Meg use religious language to talk about the Governor?

And as you point out, Regina, when Crooks and Liars ran the photo and IT WAS OKAY! Poor Eddie Burke can't take the heat? I thought he was a "tough guy." No. He's a cry baby-racist: another antisocial, disturbed "public Palin face."

If Palin is going to let C4Pee run her campaign, as opposed to running them, then I'm going to uncork a nice cold bottle of pinot grigio and enjoy the summer! Because they are the most amateurish bunch of folks I've ever witnessed in my life!

(And the new Pew poll indicates they are undereducated compared to the rest of the population as well--not a good combo for TEAM SAINT PALIN)

Anonymous said...

You should see the comments C4P people are making now....

Susan W, June 25, 2009 2:58 PM
I just called the Democratic Party office in Alaska. They told me they are "disgusted" by this picture as well and asked me to do everything I can do "slam" the blogger who posted it...

Nancy, June 25, 2009 1:53 PM
Thank you for this post, thank you for another chance to view that picture of the love Sarah Palin has for her son.

I am reminded of a story my brother told in a sermon he was preaching. He was giving an example of a mother's love for her child, and tying it in with how much Christ loves each of us. It is hard for me to think of it without crying. This is paraphrasing.

A little disabled boy and his mother were in a Nazi concentration camp. The guards came to take him to the ovens because they were killing the disabled and weak first.

The little boy said, "Momma, I'm scared."

She said, "It's okay, I will go with you."

Sarah Palin would do the same thing for precious Trig.

These folks are liars and drama queens in the realm most folks could not get to even on drugs!

Anonymous said...


Thousands of Alaskan families suffered miserably this year from high energy prices and inadequate fuel supplies. Alaskan coastal communities reeled from declining fish runs exacerbated by ill-considered marine fisheries policies. Alaskan river communities were decimated by catastrophic flooding.

On which of these Alaskan issues is Sarah Palin concentrating her political capital? None.

She’s been busy manufacturing outrage for deposed beauty queen Carrie Prejean and at entertainer David Letterman (and now blogger Linda Kellen Biegel).

Meanwhile, governance of Alaska has been left to others:
• She failed to carry her agenda through the last legislative session;
• She disenfranchised Juneau-area residents while she remained at loggerheads with Democrats over the appointment of a replacement state senator – challenging common sense and law while daring legislators to cross lines she figuratively toed in the dirt;
• She suffered the only rejected confirmation of a governor’s cabinet appointee in Alaskan statehood history;
• She retreated repeatedly over threatened rejection of federal stimulus funds, settling for a commonsense-defying token veto of badly-needed energy funds – incurring agreement by both parties’ legislative leaders that they should consider a rare veto override.

She’s forsaken governance while aspiring to leadership of an ever-dwindling segment of the electorate.

Even young evangelicals are abandoning culture-war wedge issues for substantive policy goals in areas such as protecting the environment and reducing poverty, and seeking leadership more in tune with their concerns.

Trading barbs with a late-night television comic is not a recognized characteristic of leadership; many would consider this penchant for the muck to be the antithesis of leadership. It does, though, support conservative columnist Kathleen Parker’s September 2008 assessment that Palin is both “vindictive” and “immature.”

Palin’s “vindictive” immaturity and the self-serving hypocrisy of her belated attempt to cast herself as the spokesperson for feminist outrage are on display when an Anchorage radio host railed against Lyda Green , Republican Senate President, cancer-survior, and former Palin mentor: “Lyda Green is a bitch, and she needs to go away because she is a cancer on the progress of the state of Alaska." Palin laughed.

The b-word: one of the most common degrading labels applied specifically to a woman. Regarding Letterman, Sarah Palin maintained that “degrading” remarks about women are “not funny;” except, apparently, when applied to someone she no longer likes.

The irony is amplified when you consider the Letterman affair began with a Sarah Palin interview by John Ziegler, who has been building his resume around Palin: peddling a DVD he produced from a video interview in her home; a principal behind the Web site and the failed protest outside the Ed Sullivan Theater; and booking Palin as the first guest on the premier of his conservative radio talk show June 8.

Ziegler is on record saying he likes a woman “who is informed and is rational, which I realize is kind of an oxymoron for women.” So, Sarah Palin can simultaneously revile New York/LA media types who may feign misogyny when they mock her, while exploiting LA/New York media types who embrace misogyny, so long as they adore her. Self-serving, hypocritical, and opportunistic.

Sarah Palin resists detailed policy discussions, defers on issues of governance, escalates drama, and embraces cultural issues when they serve her cause.

There is a segment - dwindling as it may be - of society that reveres Sarah Palin as a potent leader and would like to follow her to the ends – and perhaps the end-times – of the world; but only in a world where being the first lemming to leap over the cliff can be considered leadership, could Sarah Palin truly be considered a leader.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Palin supporters have started to build spaceships so they can fly to other galaxies and start over there yet?

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

saint sarah and the magic baby burke. thanks seee of peeeee for making this VIRAL....!!

midnightcajun said...

I saw the "iconic photo" comment on Sea of Pee yesterday; that's definitely where Stapletongue got it from.

Her followers are so close-minded they are completely incapable of seeing how this latest stunt of hers looks to anyone else. They are riding high, thinking they can "Lettermanize" anyone who dares to criticize or poke fun at their idol, or who fails to show what they consider the proper reverence. I'm hoping the overt religious language used in this press release, likening Palin to the Virgin Mary and Trig to Jesus, will offend a lot of people...if they're bright enough to realize what she's doing.

Let's call them Team Saint Sarah said...

From now on, C4Pee = TEAM SAINT SARAH in my mind. And I picture them building spaceships together, with Saint Sarah's picture on the booster section.

Drew said...

drew from lil ol texas said...

My response to Meg...


Spare me the bullshit!!

As most good leader's know, You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.

A class gino obviously missed or slept thru.

KaJo said...

I've changed my personal Blogger avatar* to the Photoshopped Palin/Letterman avatar done by bgalrstate (see Regina's link above to "Crooks & Liars"), in honor of Celtic Diva's use of the IDEA to get across to people who wonder on whom Sarah Palin has an iron grip.


* -- for the second time -- the first time I found out a C4P'er had copied my REAL FACE without permission! -- imagine that, a C4P stalker of my very own! Name of Toki -- I think they've since removed it, probably on advice of the few real thinkers over there...

karen said...

Sarah Palin is a Cult Leader. Period.

KW said...


She's more like the cult follower... The Sea of Pee fart and she springs into action!

Twice she followed their lead into faux outrage, making her story match theirs.

Willow wasn't at the match and the joke wasn't about Trigg.

Evil spin...

Susan said...

@ Anon 21:30 - spot on assessment!

mdlw56 said...

I think Meg's comments may have more to do with Burke's "Homophobic Red Shirt Bible Thumping Nazi Gay Bashing Tea Bagging Rascist White Guy Bigot" t-shirt then anything else. Oh, yeah, they are using poor Trig again, as usual. But those pictures of Burke showed up at The Mudflats within the last 24 hours.

Maybe ol' GINO is trying to distance herself from her friend, Burke. All the other stuff ol' Meg said just a diversion to shine light away from that bright red t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

Here's another reason why Sarah Palin can never be a serious presidential candidate-- that thin thin skin or hers.

Bravo (or brava) to Anon 2:31. Just look at all of the editorial cartoons that are drawn of any US president. If Sarah can't take a joke or a cartoon, she won't make it. (And, by the way, when you use your children as political props, then you can't invoke privacy).

Sarah needs to be noticed (Sanford has been hogging the spotlight for crazy governors). She needs to deflect attention from those coming ethics violations (people are saying FBI). She spends far too much time on image instead of substance. And, this time, she will have a terrible record to run on; she won't be able to pull that "I said thanks but no thanks" stuff. Oh yeah, she already tried that.

buffalogal said...

I know articles about Sarah's connection to the Third Wave and to the Ana Mendez spiritual warrior group have been circulating since Sept. 2008 but I just have to share this piece that I'm reading at the moment.

Once again, the more I read the more I understand what is fueling this woman. It's not about being Republican. It's entirely about being a Third Wave Warrior who truly believes she's been prayed into the political scene.

I have more thoughts but at the moment I'm pretty much speechless and a smidge stymied. If you've not read this piece yet, please spend a few minutes. It's worth it.


"malicious desecration of a photo"
"iconic representation of a mother's love"

Classic hooey!

lisabeth said...

Buffalogal, the religious extremism is very scary to me. Anyone who embraces any kind of very extreme religious belief has something missing personally from their lives. They seem to glob onto that as a reason for living.
The more I read about Sarah Palin, the more dangerous I think she is.

Oh yes, liberals, independents and many Republicans are "afraid "
of her. Its because she is a religious zealot, has far right fringe views and has zero ability to self-anaylyze and/or admit when she has made a mistake. That is not a leader of the free world, sorry......

Sad day today - Farrah dying and now Michael Jackson-LA times says he has passed away suddenly/CNN says he is in a coma. Wow. I went to a Jackson 5 concert when I was in 5th grade....Despite how weird he got, what an incredibly talented person, and so young. Really sad and who cares about poor Sarah's victim whining. I am so sick of reading about her in the news. She is a media whore.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @21:30 - well done!
And Regina, as always, you are terrific!

Julie said...

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford faced legal and ethical questions Thursday as he fought to save his job after admitting having an affair with a woman from Argentina.

The state's top senator questioned whether Sanford broke the law when he disappeared for several days on trip to South America and didn't transfer power to the lieutenant governor.

Sounds like someone we know...

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Buffalogal, thanks for the link to that article, I have added it to my collection of mind-boggling scary religious fanatical ties to Sarah Palin. I would never think a dimwit like Sarah could possibly come close, but I thought the same thing of W and look what happened - twice! It will take decades to recover from the damage his puppeteers caused our nation. I just want to make sure that the same puppeteers who put W in the White House for 8 years will not get away with that again.

GinaM said...

Those fools @ Cee4Pee are going after Phil of Progressive Alaska because he posted two posts about GINO birth story. They are truly deranged. Juju has stirred them up that she had nerve to think that Celtic Diva removed the picture because of them!! They obviously don't realize that she changes her post picture everyday. So the "picture" just moved down when she puts up a new post.

Anonymous said...

So, it seems that Sarah responds with real anger and another press release to every perceived insult to one of her children. She's so quick to defend poor Willow (who never was the butt of the Letterman joke). And poor Trig's photograph, how dare they?

So, with all of the different posts raising questions regarding Trig's parentage-- where's the outcry? Where's the outrage? In fact, where's the lawsuit for slander and defamation of the innocent child? Oh yeah, someone might have to produce real evidence that would hold up in court; no more note from my doctor, for example. Sarah has a talent for picking some small detail that no one else would bother to notice and blowing it all out of proportion. Boy, does she need the attention, no matter what kind of attention it is.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

HeH! they probably didn't get mad at the "crooks & liars" graphic with letterman b/c he's much cuter than eddie! lol!
God they are freaking bunch of

basheert said...

OK I must admit, thanks Regina. I had NO clue that nilaP was really Eddie Burke's mother? I knew he was obviously special needs and in dire search of someone who could spell, but didn't realize she had given actual birth to that fat idiot.

Thanks for clarifying this.

The Peeing in the Sea idiots had better check out Protected Speech in the Constitution. It protects OUR rights to imply she is a lying sack of donkey muffins and a rotten mother as well as a really horrible GINO.

There is no way she is going to be able to impinge on free political speech. (Note to C4Pers - look in dictionary to find meaning of big word). We can say anything we want about the ex-beauty pageant LOSER.

basheert said...

Hey guys - the fact that Michael Jackson just died is once again going to bump Palinnnnnn to the bottom of the garbage heap of news.

Heh heh heh...

Wonder what she will do to get that mug back into circulation this time? She obviously doesn't realize that her looks don't matter when she opens that nasty mouth.

She is quite probably the dumbest person I have ever heard of.

Helen said...

Wow the comments quoted in the post by Creepies4Palin are just unreal...

AKPetMom said...

You know what is really interesting, not only do Down's children have sight issues, they also experience diminished hearing ability as well.

This could explain why Trig was so complacent when put in front of noisy boisterous crowds...not only can he not see very well but he can't hear as well, if the Down's statistics regarding sight and hearing apply to him.

Anonymous said...


How could they explain Tripp's out cold?

Trig looked too out, don't think it was deep sleep.

Lisabeth said...

If he can't hear, he should be wearing hearing aids! And yes it is easy to test even a baby and fit them with hearing aids if they are taken to the right place. The younger, the better!

And poor poor poor Sarah, her fake cries of indignation are being overshadowed. That is because no one no one cares. Her use of the media is becoming more and more obnoxious. Who is giving her political advice? Americans do not want or need such an over reactive, thin skinned drama queen in any kind of political position! She even brought Obama into her ridiculous statement. I can just see Meg and Sarah laughing and rubbing their hands together thinking they are so clever while coming up with their over the top statements. Someone should tell them how ridiculous they look. After awhile, no one will even pay attention. It's already happening and wait until the iceberg is revealed completely!!

AKPetMom said...

Hey, I wasn't defending SP, just stating that Trig could have just been unable to hear because of a genetic disorder....

As far as Tripp, hmm, have no idea why he was so out of it on multiple occasions. All the folks that I know with children have very loud, very active in point, I'm going to the 2nd birthday party for the neighbors child right after I type this reply. I can hear her screams echoing through the neighborhood right now :-)

I think that Tripp was either zonked from air travel (on the Greta interview) or is given antihistamines to knock him out. Who knows, but the Palin's certainly don't deserve two such well behaved complacent babes.

Anonymous said...

Regina, for your Trig photo montage you need to add the Halloween photo of Bristol holding Trig dressed up as Dumbo the elephant.

Talk about cruel.

Seriously, there is something wrong with Sarah Palin's mental health.

FEDUP!!! said...

I agree with anon @ 06:55. When I saw that picture the first time, I said to myself: NO, SHE DIDN'T! But then I had to pinch myself and say: YES, SHE DID!
A D.S. baby, depicted as (a) DUMBO...
And NONE of her peons were outraged about THAT!

basheert said...

The Pee=ers might not like it, but both the babies appear heavily medicated whenever anyone sees them.

Depending upon how much affect Trig suffers from with his DS, he may also have serious cardiac issues and other accompanying medical issues.

Whether they are being medically addressed is a question.

Vivian said...

I think Sarah Palin just needs more experience and has to do more "homework". So she might be a far better politician. But at her current state she really would have been a bad vice president.

Anonymous said...

@Vivian, I totally agree she would be a terrible VP. But you really need to follow her more closely, if you think she's learning anything from experience. Experience teaches Palin nothing. She is never going to be any better than she is right now. Perhaps she is learning disabled? She cannot process new information or change.

Take a look at how she runs the largest state in America: via Twitter and two BlackBerries while she globetrots (like Sanford did!). Does that sound like someone who has learned from past mistakes? If I were the governor of the largest state in the union, I would be trying hard to cover all of that state that I could, instead of running around to New York, D.C., Texas and Kosovo. I would not have left the state to go to Indiana during the last days of the 2009 Legislative session. I would not waste tax dollars/time in an argument with a comedian.