Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sarah Palin: form filling as an art form

Sarah Palin had to submit a financial disclosure form to the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) on March 16, 2009, covering the period January 1 and December 31, 2008.

The detail shown above is a good example of how not to do it. Does it look professional as one would expect from a state governor? It appears to have been filled in by one of her younger daughters, in a snarky and childish tone, with a bad spelling mistake. Please note that there's no exact amount quoted. (Click on image to enlarge)

APOC asked for further clarification regarding some items, such as the Arctic Cat discounts and gifts received. The Palins are trying to dodge APOC's request and her expensive lawyer has sent them a letter with some lame excuse about the gifts and quoting a bunch of statutes that apply only to AGIA to avoid disclosing the Arctic Cat discounts.

In addition to all this "transparency and accountability", Sarah Palin's supporters are going to great lengths to boost contributions to her defense fund via a "Begathon". One of their aims is to provide the governor with enough funds to bring SLAPP suits against the citizens who dare challenge her ethics.

Wiki definition:
A Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation ("SLAPP") is a lawsuit that is intended to intimidate and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. Winning the lawsuit is not necessarily the intent of the person filing the SLAPP. The plaintiff's goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism. A SLAPP may also intimidate others from participating in the debate.

Considering Sarah Palin's form filling talents, the aggressiveness of her "getting richer by the minute" attorney and legislation being proposed by one of her loyal supporters to keep complaints confidential, it seems Alaska has a dictator with the mentality of a 14 year old.

Sarah Palin's fans often say that liberals are afraid of their muse because of her power and wisdom.

No, we're afraid of being complacent and allowing a spiteful, vindictive, immature, vain, divisive hockey mom/wannabe beauty queen/hot governor anywhere near the White House.

McCain didn't have the right people behind him to be able to steal the election the way Bush did, but let's not forget that, like Bush, Sarah Palin has strong ties to big oil...


midnightcajun said...

I'm not convinced the Republicans didn't try to steal this last election. If the election were close, all they needed to do was flip a percentage of votes in a few key states to win. I think what happened is that Obama won bigger than they expected, so they didn't flip enough votes. There were some challenges at the time but they were dropped since it no longer mattered. The owners of those voting machine companies are huge wingnuts. I can't believe they'd play fair. There needs to be a HUGE investigation before the next election rolls around.

The difference between Iran and the US is that the Iranians took to the streets when their election was stolen. In 2000, Americans just sighed and watched TV.

CC from far away said...

Our dear old GINO ...

She remains ever-so-classy!!!

What an embarrassment she is to America, sigh...

Emily said...

Palin's handwriting looks like her i's should be dotted with hearts.

Alaska has a dictator with the mentality of a 14 year old.
Quoted for truth.

regina said...


If you look at the rest of the form, it seems the handwriting is not Sarah Palin's on that section. Her handwriting is bigger and more free-flowing... I went by her signature to match to the hadwriting on the form. Some bits were filled in by somebody else, as the detail shown on the post.

Whichever way you look at it, it comes across as utterly unprofessional!


Anonymous said...

Oh Regina!

"agressiveness" - bad spelling mistake or typo?

regina said...

Oops! Typo!

A bad HANDWRITTEN spelling mistake can't be called a typo... he he...



sjk from the belly of the plane said...

dont forget she said SHE keeps the hand me down snowmobiles when the idiots from orange county choppers were visiting....

basheert said...

Again, this appears to be partially the result of this particular state's propensity for allowing her free reign with the State's finances.
I'm not sure who on her Personnel Board might be receiving kickbacks? Who in the Legislature might be "paying to play"?
If what she is doing is NOT reporting her finances, she is in violation of Alaska Law.
Oh that's right, they're individualists and laws don't mean anything.
So who's on APOC and will they force this issue or is SP really above the law/rules and regs?
Why would Alaska want a criminal as their Gov???

Anne Whitney said...

Best observation ever:

"Alaska has a dictator with the mentality of a 14 year old."

Lisabeth said...

I love that comment too!!

How do I see the whole form? I clicked on the statement and it got bigger but I didn't see the whole thing.

Pailin is unreal. I can't stand the immature petty diva witch. She has zero ability to self analyze. She is seriously mentally ill.

regina said...


To see the whole document, click on "financial disclosure form", it's a link to the pdf file.


Anne Whitney said...

I just scrolled through that whole document. I remember the contents of it being discussed in various places at the time it was released, but I had never looked at the actual doc before. Talk about amateur hour! I cannot believe she hand wrote that thing! The misspelled word! No excuse - get someone - or many someones - to proofread! You are the Governor! And the snide comment about her attorneys' fees? Pouty much? How unprofessional - I know, shocking.

In the next Presidential election, can we have an essay question for the candidates - blue book, a la college? I think that would filter out a lot.

Anne Whitney said...

I forgot to mention those checks! Those people that sent her money - what were they thinking? May their names live in infamy amongst their friends and families.

regina said...

There was a comment by charlie on the Open Thread about Debbie Richter (now Bitney) and a computer failure processing the 2006 PFD. I wrote a post about it:

I tried to contact the reporter quoted in the Juneau Empire article to learn more about it but received no reply...


Anonymous said...

hey Regina.....keep bugging for a reply, they can't ignor you forever.

Anonymous said...

It needs to be sent back to be redone. Not acceptable.
It's not possible that someone in the highest leadership position managing state goverment, is unable to read instructions and enter correct responses on a simple form.
This means one of two things:
1. She really can't do this properly. Which we do need to know.
2. She refuses to do this. Which we do need to know.

If this is deliberate, here's the appropriate state response:
“A person required to file who refuses or knowingly fails to disclose required information within the time required, or who provides false or misleading information, knowing it to be false or misleading, may be subject to penalties of up to $10 per day and may be guilty of a misdemeanor. AS 39.50.060.”

APOC and Personnel Board, please be advised:
AS 39.52.190. Aiding a Violation Prohibited.
It is a violation of this chapter for a public officer to knowingly aid another public officer in a violation of this chapter.

charlie said...

Thanks Regina, glad you follwed up on my comment re Debbie Richter.
Here is something else to ponder re "Richter Investments" and the Palins posted Sept. 2008:
Please ignore any reference to Jimmy Carter; The Raymond Carter in Wasilla seems to have a daughter named "Amy."

charlie said...

check this out too:
Heres the land listing between Richters and the Palins

Heres the tract map

The Richters also own a portion of the Palins residence in Wasila

The address for Alaska Inaugural Committee is

Alaska Inaugural Committee, Inc.
P.O. Box 521591
Big Lake, AK 99652

and don't get me started about where that jet went (the one she did not sell on ebay) - will make your hair stand on end - but I don't want to hog the board.

regina said...


Please DO hog the board! If you prefer, send me the stuff by e-mail:


Anonymous said...

I agree with Midnight Cajun. The same crooks who stole the last election were very probably hard at work behind the scenes, but had be a lot more circumspect because this time, there were more people alert to their tricks. Rolling Stone magazine had an article some time back estimating that about 3 million votes had been flipped or discarded.

I think "they" were taken by surprise that Obama was able to get out so many voters. I suspect he won by an even greater margin than the current record suggests.

Our whole voting system needs an overhaul, but for now, I am grateful every day we have "No-Drama Obama" in the House and not The Tabloid Queen of Alaska. Thank you, America!

P.S. Yes, do tell us about the airplane she "put" on E-bay.

basheert said...

I wanna hear about AirplaneGate!!!!

The Yellow Porcupine said...

I love how she takes the opportunity to attack the ethics complaints as "frivilous"(sic), etc. No chance she'll even fill out the form in a mature, professional, self-assured way - it's got to be the petulant, immature teenager whining about how unfair everyone is being to her.

charlie said...

airplane gate sent to regina via e-mail for two reasons:
1. Appears to be very good info and involves McCain - but I prefer Regina decides on the authenticity.
2. Yes, I AM afraid of HER (hint: NOT because she is so beautiful and smart and can become POTUS).

Anonymous said...

check this out to see if it may have anything to do with the "stolen trust fund info" post.

Anonymous said...

and check this out for real estate hankypanky........

Anonymous said...

Great post, usual. And the comment about a dictator was superb!!

Charlie, I am shocked about the house in Wasilla. The home the Palins are living in??? What about Hanson(sp)? Seems like I ran across a deed where a lady Hanson sold her portion to Todd, another co-owner.

I did hear that the plane was sold at a loss to a politician.

Anyway, great work, guys!!

Anonymous said...

Airplane gate.. remember Palin's comment when asked about the Governor's jet
Hard to hear but something like.. "well that is why we sold the governor's jet.. it couldnt land on gravel" ..

Not exactly the reason she gave on the campaign trail..

I am sure the video is on youtube but it is on this page midway down
Her jet blab comes around the 2:30 mark

(you may want to hit pause after she blabs.. as the next part is the man of God blabbing about how jesus saves)

Anonymous said...

About the Republicans trying to steal the election: Remember the big scandal involving federal attorneys who were fired. Seems that the Republicans were doing everything they could to disenfranchise (take away the vote) from minorities, who tended to vote Democratic. It is called "caging," and there are a number of tricks. For example, they sent a post card to a registered voter, who just happened to be away at school, or away in the military. When the post card was returned as not delivered, they struck that person's name from the voting list. (In Detroit, someone sued, explaining that they had just lost their house to foreclosure. Being homeless - they were staying with relatives - doesn't take away your right to vote). They targeted likely Democratic voters; it was not done uniformly across the board. Attorneys who didn't go alone with the caging, or would not bring rigged charges against Democrats were fired. When a few complained, the whole thing became public. In 2000, they purged over 3 million votes just in Florida. In addition to caging, they removed voters whose name was similar to that of a convicted felon, who couldn't vote. 3 million more votes, and President Al Gore probably would not have gone to Iraq.

Gary said...


You guys are the actual embodiment of the word loon!

You have absolutely no freakin' idea about what you are talking about.

Oh, And I LOVE the talk about "transparency". With the communist Chicago street thug being the most non-transparent so-called "president" in history, you have a LOT of gall to mention the transparency of America's Governor.

As for the Arctic Cat deal it's proprietary information. Now I don't expect liberals to understand this, because of such a low IQ, and absolutely no understanding of business whatsoever, but I'll try anyway, just in case someone with a brain accidentally stumbles onto this ridiculous website.

You see, Todd Palin is a sponsored racer. His sponsorship from Arctic Cat comes in the form of a discounted purchase price on a snowmobile.

This is actually a fairly common deal in motorsports. It's a win-win. The manufacturer gets a racer out there with their livery, with no cost to them, and the racer gets a substantial discount on the vehicle.

How do I know this? I once had a deal with Kawasaki USA on a new bike to go Super Stock drag racing.

Here's the deal. The manufacturer sells you the vehicle at their cost. By cost, I mean the exact cost to manufacture. Not dealer cost, not retail (which no one pays), but the raw cost to manufacture.

This is, of course, information that is NOT something manufacturers disclose. Obviously, one doesn't want their cost structure out there for the competitors to see.

You sign a non-disclosure contract when you do a deal like this.

Of course, being liberals,and having no clue about the way the world works, I doubt you grasp all of this.

Now, before you trot out the old "they're buying influence from the Governor" BS, remember, Todd has had this relationship with Arctic Cat for over 14 years!

The Arctic Cat people are brilliant if they are able to pick out a Governor 14 years ahead of time! Especially since the budding Governor was a city council member of a small town at the time!

If those guys are that good, I'm going to ask them for the correct 6 numbers in the lottery!

You people are really, really pathetic!

Dianne said...

@Gary - If we are "pathetic" and "loons" why are you bothering to read this blog? Did we hit a nerve? PLEASE show us some evidence that your goddess was ever photographed in Artic Gear promotional clothing prior to her being elected governor or prior to being non-vetted for VP.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Gary Gary Gary, of course you miss the entire point. Its not that the "contract" is so sacred, and its NOT, its that once crazy darah became mayor and then govern-not, her and dud's personal finances became subject to more scrutiny than YOURS. State of AK says so, and the IRS could give a crap about a trade secret. How much did they recive and what did it cost them? You are NOT the governor of ANYTHING so your secret contracts dont apply here sonny.

The MFG secret price of apparel? Please. She's done.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

sjk from the belly of the plane said...
Gary Gary Gary, of course you miss the entire point. Its not that the "contract" is so sacred, and its NOT, its that once crazy sarah became mayor and then govern-not, her and dud's personal finances became subject to more scrutiny than YOURS. State of AK says so, and the IRS could give a crap about a trade secret. How much did they recive and what did it cost them? You are NOT the governor of ANYTHING so your secret contracts dont apply here sonny.

The MFG secret price of apparel? Please. She's done.

KaJo said...

I have to admit, I got a laugh out of Gary the C4P Troll's comments. Projecting seems to be the signature of the C4Per -- "loon" and "pathetic" -- lots of "!!!" too.

It's pretty funny that Gary thinks his experiences with Kawasaki are equivalent to that of an elected public official subject to laws, rules and regulations governing their personal, professional, and official behavior.

Including public financial disclosure statements.

I'd recommend Gary do a little research before he venture out of his safe haven again, but I guess he's used to the kind of research they do over there, and their wacky conclusions.

marie said...

Gary is just another brainless Palin-troll that proves just how brainless they are!

Geez, where is the ignorant farm where they grow these people?

Emily said...

communist Chicago street thug being the most non-transparent so-called "president" in history

As they say on Wikipedia, [citation needed].

(Why am I bothering to argue with someone who thinks Obama is a communist? It's Sunday and I have nothing else to do.)

Terpsichore said...

Re: Gary, even if the state of AK lets her not disclose it, do you think for a moment an IRS auditor is going to say "Oh, you had a contract agreement with Artic Cat not to disclose what you got? Oh, fine them, I'll just take your word for it that amount here on line 27 [or whatever] is correct without looking at any receipts".
No company's contract trumps U.S. law.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Charlie, you seem to be a wealth of knowledge! I need help. Can you or anyone tell me where the two recreational properties are located that are listed on the 2007 and 2008 Financial Disclosure forms ? I can't find Safari Lake in Alaska and the other property just says Tract E Ak St Lnd Srvy 72-36. I need to know if either of these properties are close to something else.

jo said...

Here is a very under reported, never on Fox of course, about RNC voter fraud. Foe news in demonizing the President tells bogyman stories every day about ACCORN, this story is bigger:

Anonymous said...

Gary - Todd has not had a relationship with Arctic Cat for 14 years as you claim because the simple fact of the matter which you cared to overlook is that he also owned Polaris snow mobiles. Families in Alaska usually stick to the same brand for life but Todd decided to spread the love around a harm in that I guess.

So do us all a favor and climb back into your Team Sarah/see4pee hole obviously prefer the dark.

Andrea G said...

What I want to know is:

Why was the list of estimated travel expenditures for 2008 (presumably made up by Linda Perez) faxed on 3/13/09 from the Mountain Sky Hotel & Suites, presumably the one in Valdez (which looks very swanky)?

Fax number looks like 901-835-2437

Mountain Sky Hotel & Suites lists their fax number as 907-835-2437, but I think the 7 in the area code just didn’t print right. I tried the 901 area code with the number. Somewhere in TN, and certainly not anything close to a Mountain Sky Hotel.

Who was there faxing it, and why did they have to fax it, three days before it was due? I mean, why wasn’t that information already somewhere in one of the Govs offices, like, say Linda Perez’s?

Anonymous said...

governor sarah palin is most ethical politician in american--no one but sarah could be attacked as much as she has and see always comes out clean---she is honest

Anonymous said...

anonynous @1:22

Learn Engish!

Just curious, are you guys paid 1c or 2c a post?

You Palinbots are really funny. Did you guys all get a field trip out of the asylum today?

charlie said...

prochoicegrandma: The above posted tract map is all I have - here it is again:
Heres the tract map

If that is not what you meant, go to, click maps, and put in that legal description, it might pop up.

AKPetMom said...

Here's the info on the jet:

CC from far away said...

@ Gary

Classic!!! Liberals are the ones with the low IQ ... all the while defending the Alaskan-narcissist-in-chief-who-is-dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks? And you say this with a straight face,er,font???

Talk about Palin Derangement Syndrome!!! Yes, it certainly does fit, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, my progressive friends! We must tolerate the illiterate, ad hominem attacks from Crazies4Palinites.

They are in a state of political mourning, going through the many stages (anger, denial, angry denial, depression, etc.) before they will reach acceptance.

We all know that that nat'l portion of SP's political career is over. It's obvious to us. But we're not in a cult.

Anonymous said...

See how angry the Palin supporters are now? Just look at what they are doing to this board. It is sad. And they wonder why her image has been ruined by them...

Anonymous said...

I just read Reginas posts about Mr. Jack and his lawsuit against Scarah! Talk about upsetting! Does anyone else think he could be the mystery poster? If his story his true, Scarah is meaner and sicker than I thought!!

Is is his case against Scarah gone or still acttive! Not all prisoners are monsters. Some have mental illness or learning disabilities and no matter what he did not deser e 3 days of rape/sodomy! And then to be denied counseling after!? What the h is wrong with our world! I believe Mr Jack had a definite history of bipolar illness. This is the first I have read about "prisongate." If you haven't read Regina's posts take a look.

This women Scarah Palin is a cold, nasty and Godless woman. One day she is going to be forced to face the evil things she has done. She is evil.

Anonymous said...

Does PDS occur in old rusty hags after suffering long-term cobweb crotch?
Just asking.....

Anonymous said...

Todd, is that you?

CC from far away said...

Don't know Anon@02:04 ... but you should ask Gary and find out.

Get back to us, though.

Anne Whitney said...

"Todd, is that you?" --- LOL:)

regina said...

Could the people using abusive language and lowering the tone of the discussion kindly leave? I don't like to delete comments because I don't agree with censorship, but if you don't have anything to contribute to the discussion apart from a foul mouthed rant, I wouldn't consider it censorship, it would be just like using disinfectant...

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Thanks Charlie! I spent a couple of hours and finally found what I was looking for, and more. :-)

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

"I wouldn't consider it censorship, it would be just like using disinfectant..."..

CLASSIC....break out the RAID. It rids all kinds of bugs, insects and morons.

Esq Leonard said...

Gary, I just read what you wrote and you are a small minded red neck moron!! First of all, the word "freakin" is not a word. Second, all liberals have a low IQ and don't know about the world? That is funny given that most liberals are far more educated than the average American.
Did you go to college or graduate school Gary? Where are you from? Have you traveled, been to Europe or anywhere international? Because Gary you don't sound too bright and I won't bring your politics into it. Only a stupid person would say all liberals are this or all conservatives are that! See Gary, smart people are not black and white like that. Now I know you might not understand that and oh well.

Something else Gary, just to educate you since you obviously aren't too worldly. A lot of conservatives and Republicans also think Sarah is a lying crook! And Todd too! There are millions of us too! And ThankGod all conservatives are not as dumb and simple minded asvyou or we would really be in trouble!!

Oh and calling someone "pathetic"well Gary it sounds real uneducated. It isn't an appropriate use of the word Gary! Now I know your Queen Sarah uses it, but she is as dumb as a brick, so I wouldn't use her as an example.

Finally Gary you clearly do not understand the law or ethics or the fact that the gov is a public servant and legally must disclose certain information. It doesn't matter if Aectic Cats costs are proprietary or not Gary. The LAW supercedes (use your dictionary Gary) that and the Palins are not above the state or federal law Gary. I know this was an awful lot for you to absorb Gary and I am truly sorry for the simple narrow minded way you view the world and this issue.

regina said...

I have saved screengrabs of the most abusive comments as a sample of the kind of people who support Sarah Palin. Now I've deleted them from here because they were polluting the thread.


Anne Whitney said...

Gary, here's the deal:

When SP became Governor of the State of Alaska she became subject to the applicable ethics laws and disclosures required by law of all holders of that office. That supersedes whatever private deal preexisted her being the Governor of the State of Alaska.

Furthermore, any elected official endeavoring to uphold ethical behavior while in office is concerned about conflicts of interest and appearances of conflict of interests. What is particular appalling about SP is that she ran for the office of the Governor of the State of Alaska on a platform promoting ethics and transparency. And SP as Governor of the State of Alaska appears to not know the meaning of the phrase "conflict of interest" nor appears interested in learning its meaning.

Instead, just to provide two egregious examples, she has abused her firing power in pursuit of a personal, family vendetta, and she has turned her body and that of her minor child into a billboard for Arctic Cat and hoovered up the swag.

She can rest in comfort that there are no requirements of the office of the Governor of the State of Alaska with respect to spelling or grammar, but there are requirements in respect to ethics.

Anne Whitney said...

Yes, I know, "particularly appalling" :)

lisabeth said...

Wow lots of swearing today! Why are the C 4 pee people so angry? It's scary! Are they not raising enough money in their marathons? I don't read there so I don't know what their collection goals are.

The comment that has me laughing is the one saying Sarah always comes out clean? Really anon?! That is funny because most of the world doesn't see it that way at all.

Her supporters are scarier than she is! I just wish they could see her clearly but they don't.

Back on track here, why would anyone own a piece of the Palins home residence? That is unusual, isn't it? And I also read the prisongate stuff quickly and am also not clear whether his case is dead or not. In Arizona, we have crazy sherrif Joe and he treats prisoners terribly. Some of it I can see, but all people should be treated like human beings, IMO anyhow. This is quite a discussion Regina. I don't like the swearing/language either. But it just makes her supporters look low class which doesn't make her look to good!

regina said...


That case is dead. The man in question has lots of health problems, it's very sad. He was convicted for theft and is serving a 4 year sentence.

I saved the offensive comments as future ammunition. Here's a good quote I found today:

"One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you." ~Dennis A. Peer

Says it all!


Anonymous said...

@lisabeth: "Why are the C4Pee people so angry?"

1) For a politician, SP has had the worst June EVER and the month's not over yet.
2) No one wants to donate to the beg-a-thon.
3) No one wants to publicly protest for her Crusade Against Comedians.
4) For cult members, reality bites. These people have a form of Stockholm Syndrome.
5) They are, at some level, angry people in general or they wouldn't have been attracted to Palin as a candidate. She is always angry.
6) Iceberg paranoia?

Anonymous said...

When I began reading this blog, I expected to learn more about the ethics complaints about Sarah Palin. Instead, I discovered that the comments are more of the low-class, off-topic gutter posts found on other liberal hate sites. This blog is pathetic. You should read to become more educated about the "Gates" planted and nurtured by the corrupt Visa-card users deposited in Alaska to "spread" the vitriol. As one of the anonymous posters to this blog so aptly stated: "Our whole voting system needs an overhaul..." Obama's get-me-elected thugs were very adept at using the playbook promoted by Saul Alinsky and implemented by the ACORN community organizers and other fraudulent factions.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys - I've found out where Gary lives. Thought you might like to check it out.

If you thought that the Sarah cult brigade of C4P were crazy these guys are beyond redemption........

Lisabeth said...

Regina that is very sad about Mr Jack. It does sound like his case was tampered with.

Why don't you delete boog bears post. Whenever someone repeats Rush Lumbaugh talking points, and calls anything pathetic, they aren't interested in discussion of any kind and aren't capable of it either.

Plus Regina you don't deserve his ignorant comments about this blog. He is another Palinbot or "Gary" with a new name.

Her supporters obviously just can't handle Palin's big fall and it has clearly started! They must have gotten marching orders to write here. "how pathetic!!" (ROFL). God her supporters are like cult members.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING, Regina. You must have totally struck a nerve with this post and your site! If you ever wanted confirmation of your value, look at the trolls and their frenzy! Maybe they know that the end of SP's career is near?

Thanks, Regina, for all you do!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

When Sarah was talking about "Neanderthals", she must have been referring to her illiterate no-class cult followers the likes of which are usually found at C4P, but some have begun posting here. Sarah’s Neanderthals can certainly spew the gutter talk, but what amuses me most is that they NEVER have any FACTS, they simply repeat the talking points fed to them, and they blindly follow.

Anonymous said...

@ProChoiceGrandma, so true. And that is one indication that they are a cult.

I wonder if they all feel like they are on the Titanic, and the iceberg's coming....So they're jumping off over here?

empish said...

Just enter the owners name and the property details come up. (All their properties)

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Lockstep marching orders is a closer description. And her supporters ARE cult members. Sarah would like the title of “Supreme Leader”.

Anonymous said...

Yes thanks Regina!!! For all you do. It's making the kooks comeout in droves! And the minute they talk about Sorus,Obama, Chicago thugs, Acorn etc you know they are far right fruit cakes. THAT is who Sarah Palins followers are. Conspiracy nuts, limbaugh followers, wingnuts, kkk members like the Holocaust killer. The fringe right nuts of the "real America."

Yep, Palins followers in all their glory! Pretty darn frightening. Just watch them go and you'll quickly see what ignorant, pseudo Christian, angry nutters they are!

Lisabeth said...

Prochoice Grandma, it's truly frightening!! I have always found cults and also people who idolize very interesting psychologically. If you read about the kind of people who fall into this, they are like Palins supporters. Insecure, not too bright, unhappy, angry and looking for meaning and so on.

And is it a full moon tonight???

Anonymous said...

I think this post and the information from Charlie is definately getting to them. They want us to get distracted. Let's keep investigating Charlie's leads.

Anne Whitney said...

Yes, thank you Regina! This site is really fantastic, and you should not have to tolerate such course hatred.

Basheert said...

Rather than making my decisions based upon a paid troll who lives in a garage and gets paid 2c a post, AND who the subject of the post doesn't give a rats ass about...
It is about time the Peeing in the Sea-rs realize that SP doesn't care about them. There is no room for cult followers in the mind of the clinically insane. They are simply people she uses. In other words, they are dumb!
The rest of us, liberals and others, recognize that SP doesn't care about anyone or anything but herself.
She needs a rubber room and thorazine.

Go play in your own backyard - your inflammatory little flame wars are totally ineffectual at this site.

Perhaps you had best figure out how SP manages to bend the IRS and tax laws. The fact is, regardless of who we are or what we say about her, or what we do ... she is going down and hopefully it will be tax laws and a nice padded cell.

The IRS isn't a good agency to bribe and they certainly don't worship at her feet. They'll toss her in jail if she's tweaked the law.

midnightcajun said...

Well, that's what I get for being the first to comment! I missed all the action. 75 comments, and from the looks of things, most of them so foul they had to be deleted. I wonder why they descended on you today?

Is it just me, or do others frequently have a hard time figuring out exactly what Mansour and other Palinbots are trying to say? Perhaps one needs to be on the same wave length. (And Gary, please don't say that proves I'm stupid--I have lots of little diplomas hanging on my wall that say I'm not.)

Anonymous said...

@midnight cajun, it's not you. It's them. Because their leader Sarah Palin has no "brand." Palin doesn't stand for anything, so her followers can't make any sense. Palin lets the governance of Alaska fall to the wayside while she banters with comedians, and twitters with her fan club.

Gary said...

You liberal morons just get funnier, and funnier!

I know you idiots don't understand contract law, because if you did, you'd be screaming for that idiot Obama's impeachment. He has violated the US Constitution many times over with his GM and Chrysler meddling. Just ask the legit dealers, and the pension funds that got screwed over when Obama gave the car companies to his union thug buddies!

But you loons are stupid, so you won't understand. Of course, you've never had a copy of the Constitution any where near you, so at least that's understandable.

Liberals and knowledge are rarely in the same room.

The government doesn't have the right to negate a contract.

Of course, if you hateful losers attempted to even know the facts, Governor Palin has offered to disclose the amount to the proper authorities, under the same confidentiality rules.

Or, you may even know this, but choose to lie to the three loons that read your BS.

You people are just sick hateful liberal losers who need to go get a life.

Governor Palin will be Governor of Alaska for as long as she wants to be. She's expected to win re-election 2-1 in every poll.

She is also the odds on bet for the 2012 Republican nomination for President.

Now Jimmy Carter II (Barry Soetoro) has already made himself a one term President. He's even taken the title of worst President ever from James Earl Carter I (one hell of a feat!)

In other words, just about anyone who runs against the Moron-In-Chief will beat him.

2012 will be 1980 all over again. Reagan beat Carter with the largest margin of victory in history. 44 of 50 states. (won reelection with 49 of 50 states)

Look for this sort of margin of victory for Palin against Nobama in 2012!

You stupid idiots. You aren't even smart enough to realize that all of the hate you put out there has made sane people take a second look at Palin, and like what they see! And realize what turds liberals are!

Pretty ironic, huh?

Stupid liberals, brains are for humans!

I suggest instead of working your idiot selves into a stupor over nothing, that you all go seek psychiatric help. If not, you'll end up institutionalized!


Now, go find something shiny to play with!

Anonymous said...

Gary, if I reply to you, do you make more money?

Ah, heck. I'm gonna risk it to help the economy.

Anonymous said...

Gary seems AWFULLY worried! He is stalking Regina. Cyberstalking is illegal, Gary.

Anonymous said...


Ha Ha... You can keep telling Sarah that but it doesn't make it true. She does not have a future anywhere. She blue it and keeps blowing ie every day...Keep screaming!

Anonymous said...

I think she needs to go to another parade to have her feel good. Things are not looking so hot for her.

Nana of the Chesapeake said...

Didn't the Palins know about the requirement for disclosure? If they didn't: why didn't they know? No interest in learning about disclosure requirements? Maybe they should have read up a little about these requirements before they decided to run for Governor.

midnightcajun said...

Um, Gary... I think I'm familiar with the U.S. constitution. You see, I taught U.S. History. At a real live university. I'll refrain from asking if you've ever been to one.

You know, you might get more people to listen to what you have to say if you could say it without calling those you disagree with morons, idiots, stupid, sick, hateful, etc.

I'll quit feeding the trolls now.

Anonymous said...

Now back to the joint property. Where is it? Does it have the ability to make money with any roads, projects or anything that the state of Alaska could be working on in the future?

Alaska Is My Home said...

Two comments TOWARD Gary - and they are not actually for your benefit because you seem to be brainwashed via your hate of "liberals". But they will benefit other people, the ones who know how to think and learn.

One - we aren't all liberals, not that it matters. There are many fine conservatives who have the very same feelings/thoughts about Sarah Palin. Get over it! Name calling is easy, which is why children & immature adults do it. It only shows off your inability to process information and reality.

Two - I'm a long time Alaskan, with roots which go back hundreds of years. Sarah Palin will not be winning any gubernatorial re-elections here, and she knows it as does the rest of the state. The tide has turned for her here (by her own selfish actions) and many Alaskans are very sick of her drama, lies and more of the same. We want someone who cares about Alaska, not their image in the mirror.

I would suggest that you dig really deep down, find some manners and ALSO, another candidate worthy of your energy. Palin will throw her ultra conservative base under the bus in a heartbeat as soon as it pleases her to do so.

You won't change any minds here, or anywhere for that matter. The writing is on the wall! You folks, blinded by your desperation for a candidate to represent you, are reacting out of fear and worry instead of common sense. There are lots of great potential candidates out there - look harder if you are truly passionate about your cause(es).

Oh, and what happened to President Obama being a socialist now that he's a communist? We can tell by your name calling that you don't know the definition of either, nor democracy. Need a civics / history course? I say you definitely do. Come chat with us after you complete some classes and maybe we can talk again.

Anonymous said...

How long has Todd be with Artic Cat snowmobiles. when did he stop with Polaris?

Anonymous said...

With all of that name calling and hate mongering coming from Gary, this is a good time to tell you all about a dinner we had last night. Our friends live in Israel, literally under the threat of missiles, nuclear warheads, terrorists. They also watch Fox News morning, noon and night. They used to be enlightened, educated people, and on any neutral subject, they still are.

But, they want President Obama to bomb-bomb-bomb-Iran, like that song that McCain sang during the campaign. I mentioned that neither Iraq nor Iran attacked us; it didn't matter.

When they talked about President Obama, their faces contorted with pure hate, racial hatred, illogical hatred, every Fox TV talking point. You know that he is a secret Muslim, and it was a plot to keep his middle name secret until he was sworn in.He took drugs in Harlem. And more of the same.

When we got around to the subject of John McCain, I spoke what was in my heart. I could not vote for someone who chose a totally unqualified person as his Vice President, given McCain's bouts of cancer. They adore her.

What I found so frightening was the fact that Fox is their only source of news, and nothing that they hear is ever questioned. They made statements that were totally illogical-- Bush kept us safe; there were no attacks during his presidency. What about September 11? After that.

So, dear posters and fans of Regina, when you try to have a reasonable discussion with Gary, it is a lesson in futility. My friends have been brainwashed by Fox; they truly believed what they were saying. They didn't want to hear any other opinion.There was no room for room for discussion. My mind is made up; don't confuse me with the fact.

It's the same thing with Gary; we won't change his mind. So, what did our wise parents tell us when we were kids, confronted with someone saying hateful things? No, don't argue; ignore him. He's just looking for attention.

Thanks, Reginia, for giving everybody a format for reasoned discussion and thought. No name calling needed; we're adults!

righty said...

Why do posters on this site keep saying that they are glad Obama is in the White House instead of Palin? Do you remember that Palin did not run for President, but VICE President? Where are your comments about that RINO McCain? I suspect your only reason for this site is to denigrate a fine politician that you fear. Just keep lying to yourself because that is what Obamabots do the best.

Anonymous said...

Gary is something else. If he is an example of one of her supporters, it doesn't say much fir the the whole lot. Look at all the names he called people. Only angry insecure men do things like that.

Actually his comments are hysterical because he has no clue how fringe and in the minority his beliefs are. People who can't have intelligent discussions call people names so put up his post as a typical Palinbot and just laugh when you look at it. Just imagine Gary in a real debate trying to have a real discussion. He is incapable as he showed in his posts!

And something really got to him here because he keeps coming back for more! Now it's liberals don't understand the constitution or have knowledge! I mean that is hysterical! President Obama went to Harvard Law school and was a constitutional law professor and We know Gary thinks he knows more about the constitution then him! And imagine Sarah trying to debate constitutional law!! Lol she already has misquoted it several times.

We all know the intellect and scope of knowledge of anyone who really believes Sarah is ethical and competent to be president? That tells you all you news to know about Gary.

See you can't argue with people incapable of discussion. They just name call and yell out generalties. I feel sorry for people like Gary. People who just come to a board and call a bunch of strangers names. Talk about pathetic. It's really sad!

GinaM said...

Wow...90 comments!! Regina have a struck a serious nerve. Someone sent out a siren call to the Cee4Peer's!! Can't you see the foam coming out of their mouths!!! Keep it are on track to something.

Anonymous said...

If I were big oil I would break those ties. She's gonna bring them down with her!

Anonymous said...

Look at the low value at which the Palin's home property is assessed:

Land: $17,300
Building: $0

Looks like the govt. "forgot" to assess on the house.

They only paid $185 in taxes! Must be nice.

Anonymous said...

Anon. at 21:14 June 21--your url for the "trust fund" bill was the same as for the real estate bill. Would you please leave a comment with the url for the trust fund bill?

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Maybe one of her high school buddies is the assessor?

Lisabeth said...

Anon 6:24. Building 0?? How can that be?? Something is really wrong there. Are you sure that is their house?

Fay said...

What do you people get paid to sling mud and hatred at a godly woman who has done nothing to deserve it? A woman with a servant's heart who loves her state and her country?

Yet you are deceived by the narcissistic One, who has yet to prove his eligibility to be President. In his few short months in office, he has done more than any President before him to destroy this country. He, in fact, was involved with the community-organizing ACORN, which pushed laws that contributed to the economic meltdown last fall.

I don't understand how you can be so deluded and so blind to what is happening in this country. But I will say that I believe the primary reason you hate Sarah Palin is because she adheres to the moral principles that you so long ago abandoned. A guilty conscience always reacts in anger when quickened.

The sad thing is that the quickest way to ease a guilty conscience is remorse and turning back toward what is right and principled. I think a little repentance would do this nation a lot of good. We would see once again the prosperity that our forefathers experienced after founding a Christian nation.

Anonymous said...

well, how interesting, such interest, check anything in your post or before "gary".

yes, indeed, you have struck a nerve.

Anonymous said...

sadly, back at ya Fey....."A guilty conscience always reacts in anger when quickened."

Anonymous said...

Well then, please apply this to how your "idol" reacts, and think on it, deeply.......

"A guilty conscience always reacts in anger when quickened."

FEDUP!!! said...

Well, I guess this must be a first - I posted a response, but the blog could not handle it and tossed me out! :/

Anyway... What I was trying to say was: Congratulations, Gary and Fay - you two are different than most other automatons that follow her holiness, ScaraCuda GINO.
The difference between them and you two is that you actually can spell! BRAVO!!!
But that is where your difference ends. Being 'holier than though' and spewing vile bile is all ScaraCudas' followers seem to be able to do. Interesting that you all chose to come here today - after the utter failure of your begathon for your supreme leader, ScaraCuda. It seems you fell totally short of her stated goal of $500,000, and only came up with a measly $109,000. THAT is what seems to scare her followers - that they are not worthy to be called her followers anymore!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I knew I saved it! Anytime some ill-informed Palinbot (like Gary, et al) spews about ACORN, just tell them about Mark Jacoby and YPM.

I did not know anything about either then Senator Obama or Gov. Palin, so I factchecked everything and was astonished at the outright lies the Republican Party repeated over and over and over until it became ingrained in the minds of the people like Gary who are incapable of thinking themselves.

And Fay, you can't help yourself because you were probably brainwashed from childhood to say god in every other sentence.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am shocked by the amount of unnecessary nasty comments. I stop reading a comment if the author spews venom. Not worth my time. But, it seems they started after Charlie's comments. Someone must have sounded an alarm, huh?!

Regina, would you consider doing a detailed blog about the properties the Palins own, in whole or part? Also, why on earth would the Richters own a portion of the Palins' residence in Wasilla? The Palins had a home loan with Wells Fargo in 2008 as listed on the above disclosure. Quite possible the Richters owned a portion of the land before the house was built. A title commitment would have required the Richters to be a party to the mortgage, or waive their rights at closing. And I wonder why the assessor's office failed to reappraise the property after the house was built. I just tried the two links Charlie provided, and received errors on both.

Anyway, keep up the good work, Regina.

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with most of the other people here, just delete Gary. He adds nothing to the conversation and purposely puts spaces between each line just to take up space and get noticed.It looks like just a cut-and-paste from ideas he would put be posting at the 'Echo Chamber'

We all know both Todd and Sarah are 'ethically & legally challenged' but I have to remind myself that they would not be able to pull of some elaborate scam. Not mentally organized enough.IE : Letterman.Todds remarks about Willow. We can play the tape back.. it's recorded.We KNOW what was said. For Todd to say otherwise is insulting out intelligence. He thinks otherwise. THAT says it all. We must think simple.

The whole Artic Cat deal with the amount of discount probably is a little shady, otherwise they could be honest about it. Some 'DEAL' was in place sure.It might be a little unethical, but maybe not illegal. I think back to the SI story and Sarah's interview with WC Chopper where she says she get Todd's 'leftovers'.It is reported he would use at least two machines. You would think that the two NEW leftovers after the 2nd year would be replacing last years leftovers. The OLD leftovers have to be sold or given away EVERY year... to somebody.Who bought them? (where is a bill of sale with the price-this is income )2 (or more )machines for 16 years is a lot of machines to get rid of.He got them at 'His' discount but what and where were they sold.All of these 32 machines or more are 'income '.Has all this income over the years been recorded. Is it on the returns... and at what cost? He got the machines at severe discount (or nothing?)and can sell the leftovers every year. (2x cost of each machine-how much is that)That Income better be on the return AND match. If it doesn't match or is completely missing, the IRS will ask questions.As an example somebody might sell a used car and say they sold it for less to benefit the buyer so the buyer can pay less tax. But if the Bill of sale price has to be reported by Todd also because now it shows up as 'income 'did he undervalue the machines to show less income for taxes.Are all of these 32 machines on his returns over the years? This is the sort of ' simple thing 'He might think nobody would notice or ask about. He might think... just put the cash in his pocket.He has had two machines to get rid of every year... who got them, and at what price.It's not unlike all those 'construction materials' when the new house was built are going to be showing up on a return either.If you can fudge with big numbers like that it would be pretty easy to try to hide the snowmachine income. Filing an incorrect return will bring the IRS though. Tell me if I am way off base.I think you posted the 2007 return once before. I would be interested in interviewing people who have bought His used machines over the years(because he has had to get rid of a LOT of them ) to compare to a return showing income.

gregory said...

anon ar 7:35 - Lawsuit: OMG! are you sure? I know who that is. THNK for a moment and you will know too.
Where did you find this info - please tell us.

Esq Leonard said...

Regina I know you want open and free discussion but the reason I never go to c4 pee or adn is I can't stand listening to how stupid the palin supporters are. I just hope they don't continue to post here because I won't be able to come here then. They don't want a discussion. They can't talk or be objective about Sarah and they demean our president which I think is wrong. I don't agree with president Obama on everything but I don't expect to. The point is that this blog is not about him! Can't they talk about Sarah without bring in Obama? No! On every post they make, they first insult you, second they insult our president!

It's very distracting because they ignore all the facts you present Regina. Can't you have some ruleike posts have to stay in topic or they'll be deleted. ? I just hope this blog is not ruined by their negativity and nastiness. This Gary was hostile.

To the Palin supporters if all you want to do is criticize President Obama I hope you all leave. We aren't even talking about him. You are wasting your time and energy
and can't you find a better place to vent your anger? I would never go to your blog and start calling all of you names. What is the matter with you? Is this how you always talk to those who don't agree with you? I have conservative friends that don't call me stupid and other names.

Regina I hope you delete name calling and off topic posts. It has been really negative here. I don't know what these nut jobs hope to accomplish! They sure don't make Sarah, their idol look good. They come across as horrible ignorant and stupid people. Their idol will never win the presidency with their 5% of the vote so why they go around I insulting is beyond me.

They show zero respect for our president which also bothers me. I just wasn't raised line that. He is popular for good reason. They might try to be better people by looking for the common ground and finding postives. If they see all negative they are blind or racist because Obama is not a socialist or communist and they sound like uneducated hick idiots saying the the things they do. Fay talks about morality and then in the next breath ACTS immoral? Fay don't you see what a hypocrite you are being! Mark have you studied economics and political history? It doesn't appear so. And don't you have any manners or morals about how you speak to people. Saying all liberals are this or that makes you sound stupid . Calling people names makes you sound unknowledeable about the topic, angry and also stupid. Can't you talk about Gov Palin without being an ass to people. I guess you achieved what you wanted though-to insult everyone. Hope you feel better. I do not think you are a very nice or smart person. And I am a doctor and a liberal. Am I stupid Gary? You need help if you really believe all liberals have a low IQ. Only someone with very deep psychological problems would make such an uneducated comment .

Anonymous said...

Gregory I thinking know who that is too. Whomever posted about the slander suit, tell us more please?
Palin will really do ANYTHING to quiet critics won't she? This is why people say she is the most dangerous woman they have ever met. And Fay Sarah PLin is NOT Godly! You might think she is but she isn't? Does Gid condone lying and cheating? And NOONE is paying us! We care about our country and TRUE freedom of speech and individual freedoms including a womans right to choose when it comes to her body!

Anon where is the slander lawsuit talked about? And minor children? Sarah had better be wellprepared for counter suits for fraud and better be able to prove parentage with DNA tests or she is making a big mistake. She thinks she can railroad over anyone but she can't! She even wants laws to stop people from talking negatively about her. Clearly she is paranoid and losing it mentally!!

Anonymous said...

NO- IF she filed this suit everyone will be outraged. IT will come back to haunt her forever. Ahe will never see support like he will get.

Anonymous said...

Sorry SHE will never see support like he will get.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is why Bev was let go. Let's see if she pruduces a birth certificate now.

Fay said...

Actually, we're quite pleased with what we raised for Sarah Palin, considering that there is a $150. yearly limit on an individual contribution.

I am just aghast at the meanspiritedness and lies that people like you have toward a remarkable woman who has done nothing to deserve your persecution. That you would come here to dream up dastardly attacks against her just appalls me.

But what you don't realize is that you have lost your credibility. And the truth will prevail. Sarah Palin will rise above all the slander and frivolous attacks because she walks the principles that she talks. As she has said before, her faith will see her through.

Anonymous said...

Oh barf go away. You are totally blind. If we had no credibility you wouldn't come here. Sarah Palin is a national joke! And you are right the truth will prevail! It already has! It is the reason she is not VP and it is why the GOP considers her a poisoned diva!! She just doesn't get it and either does her cult of simple minded followers.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Fay, I believe you are breaking the First Commandment.

Anonymous said...

Fay have you ever even read any of Regina's articles on this blog? These are not made up stories simply to be vindictive. You are wrong about that!

And prochoicegrandma is right, you have broken the first commandment. If you really are a Christian and you took the time to really read and educate yourself , you would know that. It saddens me that you say you are a Christian but are so closed off to the truth. And that you don't realize that Sarah is as far from Christ like that a person can get. She openly lies every day. Please you sound Luke a nice woman, for your own sake try to read more of the facts. Regina has many references. She is not vindictive. Most of us are nice people that just don't see Sarah the way you do. Some of us even voted for her as governor but she has let us down time and time again! She is the one who has list credibility and favorability rankings, not us!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon at 9:25, nicely put.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@ 06:24 said...
Look at the low value at which the Palin's home property is assessed:

No, that is not the property that their house is on. That must be one of their recreational properties.

This is the link to their current home & property information:
Land value: $116,200
Home value: $416,300
Total value: $532,500
Taxes(2008): $6,773.71

If you go to:

Type in the last name of "Palin" under the owner search you will find the listing of their properties.

You need to also look under the RICHTER INVESTMENTS INC & Richter, Scott properties, because it seems that Todd is also listed on those as "owner".

Anonymous said...

here is a really good article that sums up Palin in a nutshell

"When she talks to “the base”, she inspires them not to bring out their most “Christian” side, but instead she fuels their paranoia & hatred for anyone who is not like them. Hearing her speech at the Republican National Convention last fall sent chills down my spine. It was not the speech of a leader, but of a divider who seeks to conquer & rule. Her philosophy is not based in Christian beliefs but is based in demagogic insanity.

"What is scary about her appeal is the essence what she is saying to the base: “Stay uneducated. Don’t try to better yourself. Don’t open your mind to new ideas. Hate anyone who is not like you--anyone who is not 'Christian'. Be prejudiced, because all those ‘liberal types’ are makin fun of you anyway.” Those are not the words of Christian. They are divisive not inclusive. A real Christian has empathy for all. A real Christian wants to inspire, to do better, not just stay in the same old rut. Jesus didn't preach the gospel of hatred, prejudice & ignorace.

"The “Joe Six Packs” of this country deseve respect. However Palin doesn’t respect them. She thinks if she drops the “g’s” off the end of her words that they’ll fall for her hokey charm...They deserve to be heard & their ideas considered (they have loads of common sense), not pandered to by someone who thinks if they’ll fall for what you are trying to them if “I’m talkin yer language.” It is an insult to them. A real Christian reaches out to everyone, not just “the base.”

i wont hog anymore air time it is all in the link

jo said...

Palin supporters always say the left and MSM hate Sarah, are scared of her and are trying to destroy her, because she is moral. Wrong, I don't think it's all hate, we were just dumbfounded that anyone like her male or female could ever had been elected to a government office, let alone VP pick and she has always wanted to be POTUS. She will let nothing stop her, she is insane. The media just reports what she says and does, and we react to the incredible lack of knowledge, lack of morals, and her lies, hate and vindictiveness.

Did you guys read the financial report? My God they have over 18 million in investments, 18 million, and $27,952 in holdings. How do you make $265,000 a year and have that kind of money? Do we have to ask. I hope IRS or someone who can put her in her place does though. Toad's IRA alone is over 12 million. She has a lot of gall to ask for money from people. Top that off with her millions from a book deal and she has no room to cry.

Anonymous said...

OT! sorry
but for those that say she didn't have hair extensions (big hair days recently)
Where did all her "hair" go?

Will probably be to her knees sometime next month.. like a chia pet

Anonymous said...

13. and 14. - Jan. 26 - Two complaints filed by McLeod alleged two of Palin's top aides misused their official positions for Palin's personal and political gain. The complaints said then-press secretary Bill McAllister and Kris Perry - director of the governor's Anchorage office - worked on state time to benefit Palin's interests during and after her vice presidential quest. Pending.

18. - April 27 - Contends Palin is misusing the governor's office for personal gain by securing unwarranted benefits and receiving improper gifts through the Alaska Fund Trust. The fund was recently established by supporters to help Palin pay off more than $500,000 in legal debts stemming from other ethics complaints, including troopergate. Complaint filed by Eagle River resident, Kim Chatman. Pending.

TwoBlueJays said...

Gregory said...
"anon ar 7:35 - Lawsuit: OMG! are you sure? I know who that is. THNK for a moment and you will know too.
Where did you find this info - please tell us."

The post at 7:35 does not appear: please clarify your information and post/repost a link to the lawsuit.


Helen said...

I'm checking in at the bottom of this thread as I hear that the Palinbots dance the dance macabre. ATTENTION PALINBOTS such as Gary and Co.! Your hate postures only entice people away from what you spout and towards light, air and freedom. Your ugly name calling, crazy anger and strange mental manipulations of facts are a representation of something inside of you, not something external. Every gyration of your fingers on the keyboard in hate drives yet another person away from your cherished goal.

Take a day off! get out, get some air, and get your bearings.

In the end, we wish you sanity, and health and a better life. Come with your balance and facts intact or just go in peace.

Anonymous said...

To Fay and Gary,

In debate, there's a word for the first person who uses name-calling to further their argument: LOSER.

Anonymous said...

A post from Gryphen's blog:

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is, where did Sarah and Todd get the tens of millions of dollars in investments they reported in their financial disclosure forms? Seriously. Up until a few years ago, this woman's salary was in the five figure range, as was Todd's. Has anyone ever looked into this? I smell something really, really rotten.
7:37 AM

Anonymous said...

I believe Sarah will have some kind of breakdown, meltdown, or other melodramatic episode in the next few months. I only hope it occurs on the record or in the presence of those who can and will speak out about it. I say this because it's clear she's beginning to come apart a bit: ever more hypersensitive, reactive, brittle, and shrill. She no longer basks in the adulation she craves... and her affect and the tone of her communication increasingly show someone who feels persecuted. She apparently shrugs off even the pitiful guidance she gets from her famously incompetent handlers and advisors. She is further isolated by her arrogance, petty vindictiveness and control needs. She's spinning further and further out of control. Drug use would fuel the weight loss, rapid speech, all-night tweets, word salad, and disjointed messaging. But so would mental illness on a downward, accelerating slide. Just saying.

LisanTX said...

I think the number next to Todd's BP 401(k)is his account number, not the balance. If you add up the itemized investments, they total around $6,000.

elena said...

anon at 19:25 - I agree. It does appear she is unraveling. The hysteria and over-reaction to both the RNC dinner invite and the Letterman episode left no doubt. But, I am not sure I agree that it should be out there for the world to see. I am quite sure she has no future in politics anyway (very small base) and the compassionate part of me would want her family to gently lead her to the rubber room.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sjk from the belly of the plane said...

sjk from the belly of the plane said...
"Even BETTER, we are only talking about $1000 or less of a discount."

Its still a gift or income and is more than the minimum thatneeds to be reported , and if you think we belive they are only getting $1K off a $10K plus machine, you have the wrong group of fat lazy stupid liberals. MAYBE she got a $1K discount on her leathers!

Rogue said...

First off, for the racing to be a business, instead of a hobby, there has to be an expectation of making a profit. With the maximum prize per person of $12,500 and over $26,000 of expenses (based on 2007 return), there is obviously no expectation of making a profit.

Second, the FMV of any item received from a sponsor less the amount actually paid to the sponsor is considered taxable income. So if the discount on snow machines is greater than that generally available to the public as a whole, the difference would be considered sponsorship income. If they are paying manufacturer's cost (per Sarah and need for secrecy), then the discount must be greater than the normal discount you or I could receive.

Also, considering they bought a snow machine in June 2005 and sold it in December 2007 for more than they originally paid, there is obviously a greater discount than the general public could receive. This also indicates that they did not report the discount as taxable income, since any amount reported as income would increase the basis of the machine when sold.

fwiw said...

Pro-Choice Granma-I went to Google Earth and Safari Lake is off the Denali Hwy, west from Trapper Creek, no road, must have to fly in. There are some buildings there, looks like mostly small cabins, although seems to have some large homes too. Hope this helps--maybe that's where Miss Sarah and Toad stach all their freebies!! I think we should leave the poor pee'ers alone, their so hypnotized by Scarha, they've put her up on a pedestal(she's so beautiful and God like)their wholwe world revolves around her, when she falls and cracks into a millions pieces- kinda like that glass ceiling, their whole world is going to be in shambles. They'll really need Obama care!!

Anonymous said...

Gary@22:16 said - "As for Todd's racing, with the prize money involved, I'm sure they treat it as a business. Buying a new Arctic Cat would be EXPENSE to the IRS not income."

That's right. It is "Todd Palin Racing" on the tax return. Treated as sole-proprietor self-employment. Fact, there IS a sponsorship deal with Arctic Cat. It's not a "gift", the value of the sponsorship is income.

A couple of points:
1. Sole-proprietor, not partnership. So Scott Davis' business with Arctic Cat is separate. I make this point because some of the defense spins that the Arctic Cat contract is Scott's and equipment and clothing are gifts to the Palins through Scott. Clearly, not the case. Right?
2. Yes, obviously it's managed as any other business - income generated offset by expenses paid. Right? So, there must be snowmachines purchased as equipment. Well, there isn't. He does have almost $11,000 in depreciation as an _expense_. He took depreciation on the "cost" of "2 F6 SLEDS" of $7,460, but he doesn't list purchase of machines as part of the $26,000 total itemized expense. Huh.
A possible explanation would be that he didn't actually _purchase_ the machines and that he recieved the equipment as sponsorship. In which case, that amount would be considered INCOME.
That's pretty sweet; I'm taking notes for my own taxes. You depreciate something of value that you DIDN'T buy and then write it off as an expense!
He took 55% depreciation on his previous year's machine and sold it for $5,000. Nice. Did he also not buy that one either?

There actually isn't an explanation of the $17,000 income generated. Is that prize money? Is that Arctic Cat sponsorship? What about the value of sponsorship from more than 10 other sponsors, like Spenard Building Supply, Alaska Pacific Leasing, Debenham Investments?
The form it comes in doesn't matter, sponsorship has a financial value that constitutes income.

And ya know, in the end, I really don't care. I'm not interested in going through other people's taxes. I've got enough stuff of my own to take care of. I don't care how much money they make or how they manage it. More power to them if they find tax loopholes to their advantage.
What I do care about is being lied to. That's my interest. And I particularly resent being flim-flammed by someone who not only represents themselves on a platform of truthfullness and transparency, but who would also judge me harshly for my beliefs.
The hypocrisy is painful and hard to swallow.

Anonymous said...

Obambots - I was so delighted with inundation of my email address with more senseless jibberish and laughable rubbish about Sarah Palin. (Many of the comments, however, your focussed on someone by the name of Gary. My feelings were hurt that you didn't take more time to respond to my comments.) I even received a comment from Queen Regina. I was so surprised and honored. So glad that you swine have done your homework and studied Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. Specifically, you seem very adept at applying Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon and Rule 11: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Your passion for using these rules is admirable. And your compassionate obsession for the minutia of the Palin's lives is astounding. Do you have any time at all to accomplish constructive projects in your life when you spend such a seemingly inordinate amount of energy investigating such unimportant information (i.e., their ownership of property located in some remote location of the state). You have managed, however, to provide an amusing diversion. I do appreciate your effort.

Josie said...

OMG!!! I am laughing my lungs out at the totally moronic comments made by liberals about a person they don't even know, Governor Sarah Palin. You guys crack me up!! The ways in which you try to attack Governor Palin are TEXTBOOK for Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals'. Was that ACORN's class textbook? It is Obama's playbook for ruining (not running) our country. Your methods targeting Governor Palin are so blatantly obvious as Alinsky's Rules and tactics, and the other people commenting above me have you pinned. Why are liberals so fearful of the possibility of a non-socialist, female President in 2012? She's just looking out for your best interests, unlike the current President. Obama has you all fooled so easily, which baffles me why you cannot see where he is leading our country. I don't think you understood what 'change' he had in mind for America.

Anonymous said...

Been working hard all day, so I did not get a chance to read any comments. (I use commas by the way, if you notice). Note to Gary: I have friends/family who have been involved in formula 1 racing for many years. Yes, sponsors can demand, through contracts, to not disclose prices, etc. IRS is a different story. Taxes and SSN are considered private and not releasable until your death--UNLESS you are elected to public office. As you no doubt have seen, all candidates are required to disclose tax forms.

Palin is playing cute on this one, because the contract probably states that if the amount is disclosed (no matter what the circumstances), Todd may loose the sponsorship. So it behooves (sp?) Palin to try to fudge out of this, if possible.

I am great buddies with the IRS, as I make a lot of 1099 money and have to tell them everything. Family buds who do F1 moan and complain at tax time because they owe the IRS!

Gary, your little Kawasaki is kind of laughable to me. I can really start a "pissing" contest by saying that I have friends (and I do) with racing Honda's (supposedly the best) and several high end Ducati's. AND that's just for fun.

I am well educated and make a considerable salary here in the Wash DC metro area. I like these blogs as they are very informative and bring out a lot of details that most of us here often ignore about the local politicians. I wish we could say more and hold them more accountable all over the US.

Part of me feels very sorry for Sarah. She obvously needs help. she is not a good speaker, nor a good writer, and not a very good Mother. I am a spiritual and sometimes religious person, and she is certainly not a good example of Jesus' tolerance or compassion.

God bless you Gary, cause I think you really need it. Stay warm and take care of yourself.

ss said...

Who uses Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals'? Is it sent out by the cee for pees for all to read. I have never heard of it. You guys definately give yourselves away.

righty said...

I think it is pitiful that some posters here say they are afraid of having Palin near the White House but support a President who has an entire administration full of tax cheats, stolen cash in their freezers, backdoor deals, ACORN fraud, and the list goes on and on. But the libs. are too blinded by their hatred for Palin at the moment to see that this Chicago thug is taking our country down the old sewer pipes as fast as he can. Hope they can live with the change that they support.

womanwithsardinecan said...

wow. nutballs out in force. Do they have a schedule of which Alaskan-oriented blog to spam each week? Love the comments about libruls who don't know Sarah, considering how many regulars here are Alaskan residents. As for my street creds, my mother was born down the road from Palinland, much of my family still lives in the area. I used to be an Alaskan resident. My sisters still are.
Your turn Josie. Where ya from, dearie?
Thanks for the laughs. You go Regina!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

To FWIW, thank you for the Google Earth info. By the time I read your post, I had already found the information I was seeking. :-)
However, I will still have a look see in case it adds more.

womanwithsardinecan said...

Do the nutballs get a memo each day with the current talking points they are supposed to spam the blogs with? Funny thing, I never heard of ACORN until the election, at which point I did some NEUTRAL factchecking about it and found it to be an innocuous organization demonized by right wing nutballs. As for that Saul guy, never heard of him or his handbook. But you conspiracy nuts sure have, all of you. And you all bring up the same talking points, which makes it clear that you get them all from the same places, which are right wing nutball websites, or maybe super secret nutball conspiracy meetings in the basement of your homophobic church. I can just see your meeting place. Bookcases overflowing with conspiracy books, Christian warrior books about killing all the libruls, books about evolution being the work of the devil, written by people who reference each other instead of independent scientists (oh yeah, scientists are evil, I forgot), books about how the commies, socialists, athiests, and elitists are going to take away your guns and churches and put you in concentration camps. On the walls are dozens of flags, including the confederate flag, schedules for Christian Warrior childrens' summer camps, meeting schedules for Operation Rescue, pictures of Sarah Palin, snarky hate-filled bumper stickers, a tattered old poster of Anita I getting it right? You betcha.
I'm really tired of all of you hate-filled fake Christian, uneducated people, none of whom have even the faintest clue about anything Alaskan, trying to filibuster the good folks of Alaska as they attempt to rid themselves of an incompetent, unrepentent fraud who has done her best to ruin their state. Go home and knit some red white and blue booties for your next grandchild that you are going to brainwash and drag to hate-filled rallies.

Duncan said...


I agree, however, as a former "organizer" I know something about Saul Alinsky,

I feel the see4pee members use the book because of the effectiveness of its suggested techniques. Just like reading "The Art Of War" helps you navigate the landscape of your opposition.

Obama was a good student.......


womanwithsardinecan said...

Duncan, I assume that some "libruls" do know the book, especially community organizers and former poly sci majors, as well as the occasional aging retired "radical." However, I'm just your typical lifetime registered Democrat, classic bleeding heart liberal, who believes in representative government, incremental change, working within the system,etc., actually wants a strong 2 or 3 party system, believes if they don't do their job just vote them out, no conspiracy theories grandma. The whole "war" aspect of the right wing crazies just baffles me. I don't want to read books about war or strategy or how to build a bomb. I leave that to the feisty younguns and the nutballs.
I used to be politically active in college, but again, within the framework of the Democratic Party, not waging war on the Internet.
God, I'm old.

womanwithsardinecan said...

I lived in Eugene, OR for a few years. Eugene is a bit of a hotbed for anarchists. Lots of disgruntled young men wearing black. lol. Anyway, one of them gave me what he apparently thought was the ultimate putdown. He said, "Oh, you're just a LIBERAL." Oh, what an insult! NOT.

Duncan said...


When I was in college in the Los Angeles area, I demonstrated for a lot of things. I guess that's what we did in the 60's, I'm old too, but not a grandpa at 71.


womanwithsardinecan said...

Duncan, yeah I used to demonstrate for this and that. Finally put my signs away after the Gulf War. I got spit on and called a commie by a WWII vet. Made me sad. I respected him for fighting for us and wished that he respected me for exercising my right to protest. Ah, well. So much fear and hatred out there. Now I just settle for waving my 25mph sign at speeders on my street. lol.