Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bristol Palin's problem with the truth

Bristol Palin seems to be having some difficulty in keeping her message straight.

Here's Bristol Palin having a hard time at the Time 100 event, together with one of her cousins (the one who sold her auntie's Naughty Monkeys shoes on ebay), Britta Hanson and her sister Piper.

Poor Bristol. It must be really hard going to a baseball game in Arizona, then flying to NYC for an evening rubbing shoulders with very famous celebrities...

Her employers must be incredibly sympathetic, giving her so many days off from a full-time job. After all, buying formula and diapers must cost a fortune and the $1,750 Tripp's father pays every month don't cover any of it, let's be fair. It must be lonely to live in an apartment in Anchorage all alone, with only a room mate and Tripp for company. (Sorry if this sentence doesn't make sense. She said she lived alone, and then she had a room mate, I got confused...)

Bristol is a single parent earning a living to support herself and her child, all by herself. She has to pause before considering an evening out with friends, but it could be much worse if she didn't have all the opportunities, if she didn't have a famous, supportive family. (Oh dear, I'm confused again.)

For somebody who keeps such punishing hours, with a full-time job and a baby she can't switch off, Bristol looks the picture of health at the Time 100 dinner and at her appearance in The View. Yes, it could be worse. Bristol could have a sudden urge to tell the truth (for a change) and risk the wrath of her oh so supportive mother!

Poor, poor Bristol. She has endured so much in such a short time! Those threatening boys who managed to by-pass the Secret Service and reached her front door in the middle of nowhere in Alaska, the pictures of her newborn baby being splashed all over the internet in September 2008 after that bad boy guessed her brainy mom's security question for her (no government business) personal Yahoo e-mail account, feeling isolated without her cellphone or a landline, cut-off from family and friends, receiving horrible e-mails, anonymous phone calls and text messages from all over the country, living alone, struggling to buy diapers and formula for her 28 month old baby, it's all too much for a single parent!

At least other members of the family are just for show and don't say much.

I wonder if Willow had to look after Trig, as both of them missed out on all the fun...

Poor, poor us, having to be subjected to so much BS from this "honest, truthful, hard working" family! OK, I'll give them the last one. They do work hard. They seem to be all over the country all the time, lying their heads off, it must be tiring.


Whatever happened to Bristol in the last twelve months?

bristol may 2009-may 2010
Bristol in May 2009 and May 2010

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