Thursday, 13 May 2010

Sarah Palin's priorities

Sarah Palin has very strange priorities... She spoke to an audience of parents and advocates for people with special needs in Birmingham for a fee, but will speak at the NRA convention in North Carolina for nothing.

The speech at the Rainbow Omega event had very little to do with special needs and a lot to do with bashing Obamacare, little anecdotes about her honeymoon and attempts at redneck humour. Sarah Palin reintroduced the idea of death panels, telling the audience that seniors and the special needs community would suffer as a consequence of the healthcare reform.

I suppose she would prefer children with disabilities excluded from health insurance policies as in the old system because they were deemed to have pre-existing conditions. During the short "press conference" she gave after the event, she reiterated the idea that people should help themselves or count on Christian charities to meet the needs of special children.

Sarah Palin wants government out of the way regarding all provision for people with special needs.

Babies don't choose to be born with special needs and certainly can't choose to be born into affluent families. In Sarah Palin's small mind, these babies, if born poor, should expect a lifetime of dependency on charities or go without. No healthcare, no early intervention, no education planned or provided by the government.

The Omega Rainbow center paid Sarah Palin to put fear in people's hearts.

As advocates go, Sarah Palin is the worst thing that ever happened to the special needs community, starting with Trig.

On the other hand, she will be able to give a much more positive speech at the NRA convention. Apparently she's not a sharp shooter, but she loves the idea of shooting, carrying firearms and selecting targets.

When Sarah Palin was the mayor of Wasilla, her position on gun control was very clear. Here's an excerpt from an article by Max Blumenthal and David Neiwert which appeared on

The following year, when Carney proposed a local gun-control measure, Palin organized with Chryson to smother the nascent plan in its cradle. Carney's proposed ordinance would have prohibited residents from carrying guns into schools, bars, hospitals, government offices and playgrounds. Infuriated by the proposal that Carney viewed as a common-sense public-safety measure, Chryson and seven allies stormed a July 1997 council meeting.

With the bill still in its formative stages, Carney was not even ready to present it to the council, let alone conduct public hearings on it. He and other council members objected to the ad-hoc hearing as "a waste of time." But Palin -- in plain violation of council rules and norms -- insisted that Chryson testify, stating, according to the minutes, that "she invites the public to speak on any issue at any time."

When Carney tried later in the meeting to have the ordinance discussed officially at the following regular council meeting, he couldn't even get a second. His proposal died that night, thanks to Palin and her extremist allies.

Sarah Palin would give a really heartfelt speech if somebody invited her to address a Blackberry convention... those are her real babies!


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