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Sarah Palin's imaginary threats to her daughters - projection, marketing strategy or distraction? - UPDATE: Oxford Houses

When Sarah Palin drops hints about perverts targeting her children, we get suspicious.

This is not the first time she has used her children in some imaginary scenario where her children are at the mercy of sex predators.

Sarah Palin used some alleged threats of gang rape against Willow and Bristol as an excuse to move them away from Juneau.

From Going Rogue:

"In that first year, I was alerted to threats against Willow by students at her Juneau school, one particularly disturbing. Someone posted a note on an Internet site threatening to gang-rape her at school. I never felt safe for her after that. Later, the same thing happened to Bristol."

Last year David Letterman was depicted as a dirty old man who craked jokes about the statutory rape of Willow.

FB rape willow

Now Joe McGinniss is supposed to get a kick out of peering through Piper bedroom window and watching her children swimming in Lake Lucille.

"Wonder what kind of material he’ll gather while overlooking Piper’s bedroom, my little garden, and the family’s swimming hole?"

Why does Sarah Palin have such an unhealthy preocupation with sexual threats against her daughters? Why does she paint an image where her daughters are the objects of men's fantasies? Who is sexualizing her underage daughters?

Bristol is now a famous teenage single mother. Encouraged by mom Sarah, Bristol associated herself with a company that uses sex in the most cynical way to sell their shoes and clothes while promoting abstinence as the only form of birth control.

Sarah Palin's own image revolves around a sexy image. Her own father thought it was appropriate to wear a t-shirt proclaiming his daughter to be the hottest governor of the coldest state.

chuck heath - hottest governor

Sex sells and Sarah Palin exploits the interest people have in all things sexual to stay in the headlines.

If she decided to become a pole dancer or pose for Playboy, good for her. But she's putting her own daughters out there as sex objects.

The grizzly mama conjured up images of Bristol and Willow being gang raped, of Willow being raped in the Yankee Stadium, of Piper taking her clothes off in her bedroom being observed by a dirty old man.

Sarah Palin has a very strange mind and projects her darkest thoughts onto men whose minds are NOT dominated with dreams of illegal sex with minors.

But there are plenty of other men who must be very grateful to Sarah Palin for providing them with the sexual imagery involving her own famous, good looking daughters to fuel their fantasies.

Sarah Palin uses sex to sell herself and uses her daughters sexuality to exact revenge on any man who dares to challenge or mock her.

Her latest stunt is generating many headlines and has Fox News in a frenzy. While they're discussing her fence and Todd's wrestling prowess as an alpha male, while people are debating the perceived threats to her daughters by the presence of a journalist and author too close for comfort, a number of other things that happened in the past weeek are not being discussed:

Rand Paul made a fool of himself.

Vaughn Ward lost the primary in Idaho.

Tim Burns didn't win
the vacant congress seat in Pennsylvania.

Nikki Haley's skeletons
are falling out of her closet.

Sarah Palin's speech in Las Vegas was a disaster.

She put her foot in her mouth regarding BP's donations to Obama.

The fee for her appearance at CSU Stanislaus was disclosed.

Chuck Heath
said she doesn't make her own decisions.

Is it a coincidence that she turned the spotlight on her new neighbour when she was being criticized by the media? Is it a coincidence that she portrayed him as a threat to her daughters?

Yes, sex sells, sex distracts. In Sarah Palin's case, sex is a weapon she reloaded when things became a bit tricky.

What a cynical move by a woman with a very disturbed mind!


UPDATE (by Patrick):

Shannyn Moore revealed on the Huffington Post that the house which Joe McGinniss now occupies was used as an "Oxford House" for recovering alcohol and drug addicts from 2005-2008.

We followed this story up. ABC made a report about Joe McGinniss (CLICK FOR VIDEO) and knocked on the door of his new home, asking for an interview - which Joe McGinniss didn't appreciate.

In this report, ABC also showed the address of this property:

ABC Screenshot address

If you google the address, you find the property still mentioned on the website of Oxford Houses. They state that the "Lake Lucille Oxford House" was provided for a group of six men:
Lake Lucille Oxford House
1160 West Lake Lucille Drive
Wasilla, Ak. 99654
907 357-9085
Six men a mile west of Wasilla
Oxford Houses - addresses - new with red

"The Alaska Oxford House website exists to help substance abusers recover from their problems by providing and encouraging the creation of democratically self-run and self-supported Oxford Houses all across Alaska."
The Oxford House Model in Alaska

The International Oxford House Model

All Oxford Houses have in common these characteristics:

* The House must be democratically self-run.
* The House members are responsible for all household expenses.
* The House must immediately expel any member who uses alcohol or drugs Oxford House is tool for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

In its simplest form, an Oxford House is a democratically run, self-supporting home free of drugs and alcohol. A typical Oxford House in Alaska has 7 to 10 residents, while those Outside have 6 to 15 residents. Past experience Outside shows that co-ed houses do not work well, so there are Oxford Houses for men, houses for women, and a few houses for women with children.

Anchorage has one house for women and four houses for men. Fairbanks now has two houses men. There is a home for six men on Wasilla's Lake Lucille in the Matanuska Valley. A house for men in Bethel will open soon; others are in the works. There is an effort underway to create a new Anchorage house that can become the home for several women and their children.
In order to obtain more information, I called the head office of Oxford Houses in Maryland. However, due to the fact that the house is no longer used for Oxford Houses, they couldn't tell me from the computer database when the organization first took over the organization of the house - however, they did indeed confirm that it was closed in 2008.

We are not saying that recovering drug and alcohol addicts necessarily pose a danger to the public! In fact, the concept of Oxford Houses is commendable, and we are very supportive of such organizations.

However, it is hypocrisy to the extreme on Sarah Palin's part to imply that Joe McGinniss, a renowned author with impeccable credentials, poses a possible threat to her children and is a potential pedophile - while Sarah Palin herself had apparently no problems at all to live next door to recovering alcohol and drug addicts for several years. And her children, not to forget, were very young at that time - Track was born in 1989, Bristol in 1990, Willow in 1994 and Piper in 2001.

While former addicts are certainly in most cases not dangerous at all, they are still people who often had to deal with serious problems in their life - and who could in theory be potentially dangerous. Because that's what we are talking about here: Pure theories, or fantasies, developed in Sarah Palin's crazy brain. We are not talking about incidents which actually happened.

And anyone with a sane mind should know that Joe McGinniss poses no danger to anybody!

Sarah Palin has now built a huge fence which most likely is a gross violation of building codes. But since when did Sarah Palin believe that laws apply to her?

Pictures from the fence, as shown in the ABC clip:

ABC Screenshot fence 3


Palinbots in the meantime published a death threat against Joe McGinniss in the Anchorage Craigslist. Who is in danger here? Certainly NOT Sarah Palin or her children!

joe mcginniss - anchorage craigslist


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