Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sarah Palin's wildlife, right next to the mashed potatoes

Sarah Palin is going to speak about wildlife conservation:

Former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker for the Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation's second annual Heritage Banquet May 15 the J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa.

Palin, an avid hunter and angler, will share her views on wildlife conservation and the importance of participating in the public process to protect and further hunting and fishing heritage for todays sportsmen and future generations.

Tickets for the event start at $150 per person, with a wide range of individual and corporate sponsorships available. The event will also feature a silent auction including an African safari, hunting expeditions and wildlife mementos.

I wonder about the wildlife mementos. Elephant tusks? Wolf paws? A stuffed Beluga whale?

Wildlife conservation, in the eyes of Sarah Palin and the Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation group, means having plenty wildlife for trophee hunters.
On this occasion she will be speaking to people with the same views as her own regarding wildlife conservation, which is not the case in the Discovery TLC controversy. The Arizona Sportsman couldn't care less about preserving wildlife for future generations unless they can employ the services of a taxidermist and display their cherished wildlife on their walls or scatter specimens around the furniture.

Sarah Palin personally supported the appointment of Corey Rossi, a commercial hunter, to the Board of Fish and Game.

Screenshots from e-mails published by Alaska Dispatch:

corey rossi

cory rossi

Our friend Crystalwolf found out more about Corey Rossi and posted it on the Facebook group "Sarah Palin, a danger to wolves and other wildlife"

Corey Rossi "The gopher choker" Sarah Palins personal friend and newest appointee to SOA Fish & Game, his motto is to smoke a pack a day! He means a Pack of Wolves!

Biologists in Alaska expressed their concern, as reported by KTUU:

Nearly 40 former state biologists are requesting that the head of Alaska's Division of Wildlife Conservation, Corey Rossi, be replaced because he's not qualified for the position.

In the letter, they say they are "deeply concerned about the direction the division is heading in managing Alaska's wildlife resources".

Their concerns heightened with Rossi's appointment. They say he is a "single issue advocate," and that the leadership change is a signal that "professional management will be replaced by a simplistic abundance management model where maximum production of wild game meat is the state of Alaska's single overriding objective."

Palingates reported on Corey Rossi's business interests:

Corey Rossi, the designated new head of the AK Department of Fish & Game, has also a commercial interest in hunting. He owns the "Great Northern Safari Company" in Alaska.

Sarah Palin's stance on wildlife is centered on the hunter, not the wildlife.

Discovery, on the other hand, built their name on a very different agenda, which they chose to forsake for a quick buck, banking on Sarah Palin's notoriety, regardless of her disrespect for endangered species or any other wildlife in Alaska.

Sarah Palin and wildlife don't sit comfortably in the same sentence. It will always mean a death sentence for the wildlife.

There's still time to take action:

Credo petition
Defenders of Wildlife petition

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