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Sarah Palin and her "Women of Joy" speech - "Connecting" with the Christian fundamentalists - Part 1

Download the complete transcript of the speech as a Word-document HERE.

Video-clips of the speech: See overview HERE.

Sarah Palin made an appearance at the "Women of Joy" conference in Kentucky on April 16, 2010. Who are "Women of Joy"? From their website:
"Women of Joy presented by Phil Waldrep Ministries is a conference ministry thoughtfully designed to enhance and energize the spiritual lives of Christian woman. With the very best speakers in the country, the brightest stars in the contemporary Christian music universe, and sound, biblical teaching, the Women of Joy conferences offer an exciting, spiritually fulfilling experience for today's women."
So Sarah was speaking to a potentially Christian fundamentalist audience - the same audience she already appealed to with her book "Going Rogue", in which she persistently mentions "God". Her speech in Kentucky on April 16 is a direct continuation of this strategy.

The media was barred from this event, a fact Sarah joyfully mentions at the beginning of her speech. However, an enthusiastic Palin-fan taped the complete speech and put it on youtube. This speech already caused a scandal after ABC reported that Sarah Palin stated in the speech: "Don’t let anyone try to convince you that God should be separated from the State."

However, there is much more in the speech. First, it is a classic example of the typical Palin word-salad. But second, there are some other very disturbing parts in it. For example, in Kentucky Palin tells the audience the "christian fundamentalist version" of her already disputed "McCain's staff didn't want to pray with me" story. This story angered former McCain staffers in the past. This time, she spins it even further:
But I’m heading out on stage looking around for someone to pray with and no one nearby on the campaign staff was real eager to (ah have/hold hands) ask the Holy Spirit you know to just fill us up. So I ran into Piper, at the time my seven year old. So I grab Piper and I say “Piper just pray for Mama. Pray pray that I win the debate” (I tried to keep it really simple for her but but you know just tried to keep it really simple for her) and I had to ask her “Piper, pray that God just speaks right through me”. And Piper looks at me and she says “God speaking through you? That would be cheating.”
How strange! In "Going Rogue", the story sounded very different (pages 295 and 295):

Going Rogue - page 294
Going Rogue - page 295

So she offers her Christian audience a "tailored" version of the story, so that they can identify with her. Sarah wants her audience to think that God can speak through her - and that's the scary part. She apparently sees herself as a "modern day Elijah". Sarah's "scripted" answers in the debate, the words of God? Yeah, right, only in "Palin reality"!

Sarah, if you want people to believe your version of events, you better stick to the same story! ;-)

Therefore I thought that it's important to get this speech "on the record", because it includes several good examples of Palin's insanity, her constant lies and her delusions of grandeur.

Read and watch the rest for yourself. Part 1 contains the first three clips and the transcripts. Part 2 with the last three clips will follow in due course.

Many thanks to our brilliant reader Tildama for making the sacrifice to transcribe Sarah Palin's speech! She will probably need to go into rehab now. ;-) Unfortunately the sound quality is not too good, therefore Tildama couldn't understand everything, and she has highlighted these parts in the transcript.

Part 1:

Transcript part 1:
*Loud applause and cheering*
Thank you. It’s my honour to be here. Thank you Thank you so much.
I can’t tell you what an honour it is to share this evening with you. And oh my gosh we will we will have fun tonight. I appreciate that Bill said that um there weren’t reporters in the crowd. *loud applause and cheering* Great. That’s really refreshing. Oh thank you so much for that big Kentucky welcome. It’s great to be here and um my husband Todd is here *applause and cheering* (turns face away from microphone – not audible) ......... they call bear (?) thank you all so much .......
Thank you Bill for the wonderful introduction and for the invitation. We’re we’re. Can’t tell you how much we appreciate getting to be here. So preparing for this conference, I was preparing at the same time for a political conference and trying to separate the two because this isn’t a political night, but while I was preparing for the political conference earlier, I couldn’t help but think of the story about politics and faith and how the two kind of merged ....?...... a story about a surgeon and the engineer and the politician. They got together and they got into a big debate about who was most important and really whose profession was the oldest. And the surgeon said “well the bible says that Eve was created by carving a rib from Adam, so you know that takes a surgeon that’s surgery is the oldest profession”. And no no no said the engineer, the world was created in just six days out of chaos and that’s a job for an engineer so my profession is the oldest. And then the politician chimed in “yeah but who do ya think created all the chaos”. *laughter* *applause*
But ...?.....politics...?... and I promised that as tempting as it is because you know there is something else in the political system and it’s talked about this is about being us being good moms, wives, good employee, and employers, and contributors to our community its about being good citizens giving us tools to allow us to being good citizens and much is at stake in our country today too an what’s going on in America culturally and politically it does affect us and I want you to know that you have opportunity to contribute in such a positive way just by being a good mom and a good wife and a good citizen of this country. Yes the greatest country on earth we are so blessed to be here *applause* *cheering* (inaudible)
God truly has shed his grace on me, on this country and blessed us - and we better not blow it and that’s why I’m talkin’ about politics; why I just can’t help it but (inaudible) .....?...things like a Judge’s ruling that our national day of prayer is unconstitutional *booing* Yes think we’ll be challenging that one. Go Jay (Sector?) on that one he’ll challenge that one *applause* Any leader declaring that America isn’t a Christian nation, and poking an ally like Israel in the eye, it is mind boggling for, to see some our nation’s actions recently. But politics truly is a topic for another day. Just know though ladies, just know, that General Macarthur was right back in ’62 he gave a speech at Westpoint and he talked a little bit about the importance of being involved as a good citizen, he said “history fails to record a single precedent in which the nation subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline there is that either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral act or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster”. I don’t know about you but I’m going to go for the former, I want that spiritual awakening in America. *applause cheering*

Given the chaos these days just kinda standing up and speaking out for common sense; that can become a full time job and it’s keeping me pretty busy. Some days are pretty crazy. And my faith and my family, they are what keep me grounded - keep me going. Prayer warriors all across the country and I know some of you are here tonight. You allow me to go forth you give out strength, providing a prayer shield that is the only way to put one foot in front of the other and get through some of these days rejoice *applause* I don’t know of any politician could or would want to do this without knowing that there were prayer warriors out there holding you up and and seeking strength and wisdom for you *applause* ......? appreciative of their efforts.
Sometimes ....?....... I confess as I walked out the door ........, to come to this convention and catch this flight for a couple of different events that we have on this trip. I step out onto this icy cold dry way/day(?) and I’m wearing four inch heels because I wanted to be 5.9, (I’ve always wanted to be 5.9) *laughter* And shootin’ around in my heels and hearing my Mom’s voice in the background. I know she saw me on TV in one of the events the other day and she’s like “Honey just be comfortable, why do you have to wear those shoes?” So I’m feeling really guilty about that and (running?) around.
And new snow. It’s still snowing in Alaska, and new snow falling and I’m still wondering if spring will ever arrive and they’re stuffin up on top of the truck and I notice I got baby food on one shoulder and over the other shoulder I grab my diaper bag and this little laptop bag and........ I’m running late. I remind myself of that race car great Mario Andretti he used to say “Hey if everything’s under control, you’re going too slow” remember that? *laughter* .... control, so I’m thinking maybe its one a those days already. I’m thinking aw maybe it’s not too late for Phil to nab a different speaker I’m not sure I have a lot of inspiration to share with this crowd of nearly 16,000 evangelical Christian women. You know these are “perfect women” *cheering* kind of intimidating y’know an some of those worst fears of other speakers I see them on tv and um kind of intimidating and then .....
So before I do anything big in life and work I gotta pray and I gotta find somebody to pray with. That always helps me, so I’m thinking up on the truck who can I pray with before I head out and no one around the kids are still sleeping. And this reminds me of a day on the vice presidential campaign. And it was kind of a big day it was a busy day. I was getting ready to go out on stage and debate Joe Bidan for the Vice Presidential first debate and I think that there were like 40 something million viewers tuning in and maybe many tuning in to see if I crashed and some hoping that would be the case. But I’m heading out on stage looking around for someone to pray with and no one nearby on the campaign staff was real eager to (ah have/hold hands) ask the Holy Spirit you know to just fill us up. So I ran into Piper, at the time my seven year old. So I grab Piper and I say I say “Piper just pray for Mama. Pray pray that I win the debate” (I tried to keep it really simple for her but but you know just tried to keep it really simple for her) and I had to ask her “Piper, pray that God just speaks right through me”. And Piper looks at me and she says “God speaking through you? That would be cheating.” *laughter and applause* I must always be cheating because that’s what I’m after, but um so we go outside and get in the truck and Todd pokes his head in and says Kentucky is gonna be great you’re going to have Sisters in Christ there you’re gonna love being there so...
Part 2:

Transcript part 2:
*clapping* .... so blessed to be in America. The stakes are so high and whatever your calling, know that what you do now is now is for a contribution towards a good citizen. Every little step forward that each of us takes, has the power to make a real positive difference. And today you may take your first step towards something good. Tomorrow you help your neighbour do the same. And the next day help the gal down the street. And pretty soon all this working together, our whole nation starts taking those steps towards that more perfect union, that destiny, that God has called America to reach. And no matter what your calling there is purpose in what you do.
As Lou Holtz said “I can’t believe God would put any of us on this earth just to be “ordinary”. Each person has the potential to make an EXTRORDINARY difference. And that’s why we’re created. And we are blessed to call this country “home”. And together we do have the power to set things right. Surely again America can be that inspiration for all of us.
So the third and final key to keeping joy in life has gotta be perseverance. Ya gotta get out there and get movin’. And I always think of that saying “Do to me whatever’s wrong, so you can live tomorrow while others can’t”. And I keep that in mind when I’m tired. Maybe I don’t want to write another chapter or read another report. Maybe I don’t want to do one more brutal interview or run one more mile or deal with the drama in the workplace (mumbles about dramas and some laughter from the audience) maybe I got to try to fight with a child to get her to do her homework or brush her teeth. It’s just easier to just say “OK. Let’s solve this. Go to bed.”
But no, for me the best practical preparation for the hard days, when I am tired has been my preparation, coming from a world of sports. And I come from a family of runners and I have no practical preparation for what I face in this sport. You don’t have to be particularly talented or co-ordinated to run. And that’s why I do it. You just put on the shoes and you hit the road. Thank goodness you don’t have to be too talented. I had a sweet run in Kentucky today, and runnin’ around, it was beautiful.
The roads, at least for me, they hold some really precious life lessons whether you walk it or you run it. And take for example the moment that, say you decide you’re going to train for a marathon. I know one summer I decided to do this. And you could only think about the first mile, because it’s impossible to look all the way down the road. It seemed to be endless and you wonder “How would you ever finish this gruelling task?” It looks impossible. But it is imperative that you pick a point to focus on. And then you go fence post to fence post, for me, it’s snow drift to snow drift *audience laughter* there too. And you stay focused because determination comes in the immediate presence.
And I learned that, the summer that my son Track got his driver’s licence and I was training for the marathon. And oh my gosh. Some lucky days Track would drive out ahead of me and he’d set water bottles that he’d “sharpied” a note on along the route. And he’d hid ‘em in the culvert or somethin’ for me to run to. And these were notes of encouragement. And (modified?might?) say “Run Mom Run. Love Ya” and (miles well ?) never know “Don’t give up. Don’t tack out” and (for the team?) “You’re old, but you can do it” *audience laughter* that summer I ran note to note. And I got tired and I would get thirsty and I’d get sick to death of taking another step forward and I would think “Gosh, gotta make it to the next one.”
Track taught me that the trick to tacking the big things, is he didn’t take one step at a time. In that case it was one mile, one note, one step at a time. And eventually though even the best runners they get tired, and there’s a mile where your head catches up with your body and there’s no thinking your way through the pain and you (fill up? *coughing nearby*) with every step. And it was at times like that that I’d remember in Hewbrews, Hebrews 12.1 “Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of it all. Who for the joy that was set before Him that endured.” Remember what he endured he endured the cross, despising, the same. Remember He was so mocked and now He has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. He endured. So, *applause* get there (on ?) or state or Vice Presidential race, or whatever it is that you’re up to.
You know supporters along the way they can ease the pain. They can ease the way for you and just when things seem like they’re at their worst and you don’t know where you’ll get that second wind. You round the corner and there maybe someone there cheering you on and that helps. And it reminds us to cheer on others.
But that’s not where you show what you’re made of. That’s not where you show what God is capable of doing within you. Real inner strength shows up when no-one is looking and when no-one is cheering you on. If you really want to reach your goals in all things, you have to put in those tough, drudging thankless lonely miles. And Women of Joy I beg you to do that, even when it’s hard and especially when it’s hard, even when you don’t want to. Because I promise you that when it seems you can’t take another step and you’re out of breath, there will be a hidden reservoir of strength that you can call upon and endure and finish well. And it is God that provides that strength to all of us. And you must have that faith, so when you need it most it’s gonna be there, it will be there. Christ strengthens me. *applause* Call upon that faith *applause*
Much is at stake and God will equip you. He sees what we cannot. He knows that you have special skills, he created them in you. And He has something amazing to allow you to contribute wherever you may be in life. Our world needs your contributions now more than ever, so that others can find (??.........), so that others can find joy. Not just this group of Women of Joy, but the rest of the world can see what it is that we see and how within us what it is that Christ is offering. I beg you women of joy to bring light and be involved.
Loving America and praying for her, really it is our solemn duty. Praying for true spiritual awakening to overcome deterioration, that is where God wants us to be. Don’t let anyone try to convince you that God should be separated from the State. Our founding fathers, they were believers. And George Washington, he saw faith in God as basic to life *applause*
He wrote:
“Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity; religion, faith, morality are indispensible supports”
So women of Joy, remember that. And remember that even today the nation needs you. Know the facts, search them out, and call elected officials accountable and stand for what’s right and get involved as good citizens and don’t be ashamed or intimidated ever. Don’t be discouraged by any mocking by those who want to claim that we just “cling to our religion”. Because I would be the first to admit that I do. Yeah I do *applause* cling to my religion (all to God?)
*applause* Don’t be afraid to admit that “momma faith”. It’s kinda like a momma faith movement that I feel is coming on. It’s Mommas Faith. It’s felt somehow that this is all some kinda low cost brand of ignorance, because really it’s just the opposite and I think the more we’re involved, we’re gonna rock this world and we’re going open up a lot of the eyes of those who are kinda the leaders and kinda critical of the Momma Faith.
The smartest thing that you can do is help bring up the next generation in faith – our children *applause* The greatest and most important job in the world is being a Mom. And Moms have a voice. And women were very important in biblical times. They’re very important today. All kinds of women, young and old, married and single, those with children, those without children, (helping needy children?) single, divorced, widowed. Women we have a voice and I ask you to use that voice to keep praying for America and showing her your good courage. And more than anything, remember this, that no matter what you’re thinking, what your future looks like at this moment, perhaps it looks less than ideal, remember the words of Malachi that he wrote:
I the Lord do not change.
Malachi 3.5
Circumstances change, fortunes change, plans are not our own, but His faithfulness endures.
Part 3:

Transcript part 3:

*applause* and I know that I’m not the only one and and we talked about how blessed we are; that that Trig is born with other health problems but things are good. And Todd reminds me all the time. He says “well, think about”. I know there are many of you who are that Moms of special needs children or the daughters of, and raise you hand we want to honour you. And those of you who have someone in your family who *applause* have that special need *talking over loud applause* I truly believe that they make the world a better place. But it is our job to make it more a welcoming place for them.
And I want to tell you something about Trig. He has changed my world; teaching me compassion for those with greater challenges and more patience. And I really keep things in greater more healthy perspective because of him. He has already taught us many more lessons than we will ever teach him.
And here’s something that he teaches us, that I want all of you to learn too. I think his take on life and his take on each new day is something that God would want us to live out. Trig wakes up every morning and he rubs his sleepy little eyes, and he looks around and he applauds *laughter* and I just think he’s thinkin’ “Yep. There’s gonna be some challenges today, but come on world, whatcha got? It’s gotta be good. I applaud this new day”. And I believe that that is what our Lord would want for us too, no matter what. Get up in the morning and even if we’re forcing ourselves *applause* give it another applause, we can handle it with God’s help. Trig has been teaching me that. So all that would be met in your time span. And I’m thinking OK when it rains it pours eh? But that was enough, that was enough. Not yet though. A few weeks after Trig was born, our teenage daughter Br in case you missed it on the front pages *laughter* of the American newspapers. Yes our teenage daughter Bristol, she comes to us and she says that she’s gonna have a baby. And this is another curve ball. And those two were (enough) my circumstances. And my reaction was “no, no, no, no, no. How can this can’t be? She of anyone of everyone, she was not to be one that would end up getting pregnant. I was ( calling???) No, this couldn’t happen. And what would the Youth Group think? *laughter* *talking over the laughter* like she has no idea how tough it is and how tough it was going to be for her. And knowing that when the challenge is over, you know, ok, but this is going to be a whole new chapter. But she and I and the rest of the family kept holding on to faith, that things could work out realising we’re not the only family whose gone through this; there are a lot of others. And really what a blessing a baby truly is. We see the blessings even in those circumstances. And the lessons learned through this for me, a greater respect for life and greater respect for those taking responsibility for making decisions that they shoulda wished they could unwind or they woulda held off. And dealing with it though; not bucking up, not whining, making sacrifices, going forth. That’s what Bristol has done and it’s made me less judgemental because I see what Bristol goes through on a national stage. She’s called a hypocrite because her message is “Hey, other teenagers. Don’t do what I did. This ain’t fun. This ain’t easy. Pause before you play” is what the psa asserts *applause* She’s got an abstinence message and I applaud it too. But much of the world mocks her message and call it hypocritical. This is how upside down and backwards our society can be. But she’s clever about it too. She recently did an advertisement reminding kids that the only sure-proof way to prevent pregnancy is abstinence. And that’s the choice that she’s made. *applause*

So she’s a clever and a funny little gal. I starred on a national um ad and the psa message in the ad. She wrote on the palm of her hand “Pause before you play” *laughter/applause* Aw I don’t even get any respect even by my own kids. She’s even teasing me. *applause/laughter* She’s using the poor man’s version of the teleprompter *laughter* that’s what we do. *laughter/applause* (looks at palm of her hand) I’ve always done that. Since the media gave me a hard time for using a “sharpie” on my hand, I’ve, I been doing that for 20 years, and I’m gonna keep doin’ it.

And if it’s good enough for God in Isaiah 49 write the name of us on the palms of his hand *cheering/laughter/applause* you know that I got to tell a reporter that and I think it made her go look it up so But all this in that time span and you know nothing could get more dramatic. Nothing could be more tumultuous I think in a family you know and that was enough. But then a few weeks later when nothing can get more dramatic, surely, I get a call from Senator John McCain and he asks “Do I want to run for Vice President of the United States of America” *hooting/cheering/applause* Oh, and I’m thinking, “ooo just another little life (???) moment, you never know” and “You betcha” I said, “Yeah”. *talking over applause*
But confirmation with that call, the steps along the way were purposeful, that there was reason for everything that had happened. And too, by the time I got that call, for some reason, I just wasn’t shocked. It was just like, you know. There was preparation needing opportunity and much of my preparation like yours will have to be the family.
I grew up in a great family. My Mom and Dad, a school teacher, just (pure ??) good people who took joy in my siblings and me. Ah we were raised in a house where hard work was expected and love was never in short supply. We were expected to work. *applause* That’s right. It took me five years to get through college. I had to keep stopping and working and making enough money to go back to school.
But I was baptised Catholic as a baby then grew up to be Assemblies of God. So, you know, quite, yeah. So, you know, lots of diverse background there. But growing up Assemblies of God my family was and is a very tight-knit group. I’ve always known that they have my back. And even if I try and I fail, I know that they’re cheering me on. But a happy childhood, trust me, it’s not a prerequisite for success or future joy. Family is not just who you’re born to, it’s who you choose, it’s who you choose to be around. And I was blessed when I met Todd in high school and then we were blessed with Track, and Bristol, and Willow, and Piper and Trig and Tripp. I hope I got them all. But really it was the best thing that happened to me. Maybe I shoulda written their names on the palm of my hand.
But we’re a real busy and we’re a robust crew. We do a lot of things together. But still we were kinda surprised during the Vice Presidential campaign when people would ask, “Well how would I balance all if we were to win the race? How would I do this with kids and I thought they really don’t get it. I wouldn’t be balancing it, we’d do this as a team. And if we’d have won, we would have approached the White House like we do everything else, and that is as a team.
And I have been asked the same question for many many years throughout my career. People always asking, kinda double standards women get, you know well “How would you do it with children and still serve in office?” and I’d always ask the reporter, “Y’asking the guys the same questions that you’re asking me?” and they never would. But I let them know I handle my responsibilities the same way that they do, but perhaps things would be a little bit easier if I too had a wife. *laughter/applause* *talking over applause* But you got the solution to the life/work balance that we hear so much about. And um in our house we pitch in, we help each other. They’re unconventional roles perhaps, but we pitch in and do things together.
Professional is personal. Because whether it’s work or school or sports or some of Todd’s activities. He is the 4 time world champion of the world dog and snow machine race *applause/talking over applause* And all of those vocations and advocations, whatever it is, if it is important to one of us, then it’s important to all of us and we act as a team, getting through it and we’ve had a lot of practice with that the past years.
Keeping joyful then. First key, is the family comes first and the second key is making the time to find their inspiration. Alaskans are lucky. We never lacked inspiration, all we have to do is just walk outside our front door and there we see God’s incredible creation that is Alaska. The majestic peaks and the midnight sky and the wild waters and the wild (??). You can’t help but see and feel the Holy Spirit in Alaska. And still greater inspiration of what is even around me is the time that I take with the one that created that grandiose state. I think of (??) song 16.11 “That in His presence, His fullness of joy, is that joy that assures resilience and strength.”
And one summer when I was about 11 years old, when I was at an Assemblies of God christian bible camp, I, I looked around at all this beautiful creation and it hit me. If God knew what he was doing (I thought this as a kid) God knew what he was doing when he created all of this for us, then he certainly had some ideas in mind when he created a speck like me.

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