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Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck complain about all the "Marxists, Globalists and Communists" they will meet at the TIME 100 gala - But there is a SURPRISE!

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin caught up with each other again and had an "on-the-air" conversation on April 30, 2010. It was a truly memorable moment:

If you cannot stomach to listen to it, you are lucky - Glenn Beck provided on his website a transcript of the conversation:

GLENN: Are you in Texas today, Governor?

SARAH PALIN: I am in a tiny little town in Texas, just loving this sunshine.

GLENN: Where

SARAH PALIN: And getting ready to get on an airplane in Dallas.

GLENN: Where are you what tiny little town?

SARAH PALIN: I hate to expose the name and have them be but no, it's Giddings, Texas. Just the sweetest people who are here and it's great for my family to get to be here just kind of chilling until the next event tonight.

GLENN: I was in Tyler, Texas last Saturday and gave a speech and they made me an honorary Texan, which I appreciated. I said when Rick Perry handed me the honorary Texan certificate, I asked him, I said, is there going to come a time where I'm going to need to use this as a passport?

SARAH PALIN: Oh, I'm in Tyler in a couple of weeks and I do love being in Texas and I always kind of kick off my events here by saying how much I appreciate Texas. The independence of the people who are here and the patriotism. And it's always great to be in Alaska's little sister state of Texas.

GLENN: Little sister state. They appreciate that.


GLENN: I was I think you are at the same place that I was at a couple of weeks ago. It's amazing, Sarah, what is happening with this particular business owner. You know, he's bringing these conservative people in. The night before I was there, it was about 10:00 at night and they were doing a concert at this arena and there was ZZ Top. And he went into a bathroom or something and he tries to turn on the water and the water was off. And he went to his building manager and said, hey, what's with the water. Just then the health inspector comes in. The health inspector now, 10:00 at night in the middle of a ZZ Top concert. Health inspector comes in and says, we notice that your water is off. And he said, you noticed that our water is off? And she said, yes, absolutely. Can you show us where your water pump is? So he takes them around and shows them the water pump and she said, yeah, we notice that we noticed that these valves had been turned a couple of days ago. He said, excuse me? You noticed these valves a couple of days ago? She said, yeah, we're going to have to, we're going to have to shut you down and you are not going to be able to do anything else for the rest of the weekend.

Now, I was going to give my speech the next day. The next morning they called and said, you know, you are going to be in violation; you've got to cancel this. He said, what happens if I don't cancel? And they said, well, it's going to be a misdemeanor, it will be a $2,000 fine. He said, fine me. They shut them down on a Friday night and tried to keep them closed and he says he's convinced that it's because people like you are coming in, me, and he's holding conservatives. And he said, even in his little teeny town of Tyler, Texas, he's getting the regulation heat.

SARAH PALIN: Unbelievable. You know, along those lines, does it ever make you feel like you may need a food taster in front of you, Glenn?

GLENN: Yes. Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Sarah, I have to thank you for the Time 100. I didn't know that you were writing the thing on me and I it was wonderful. Thank you very much.

SARAH PALIN: It sure was wonderful, wasn't it? But the 200 word essay, it wasn't enough room there to talk about so many things that

GLENN: Oh, please.

SARAH PALIN: No, listen. That Americans would love to hear about. What I wanted to interject in there and didn't have the space to do so was to talk about some of your personal stuff that has shaped your thinking on political and cultural stuff because you have faced the challenges that so many Americans perhaps are facing today and you've overcome them and you have a healthy perspective then on what's going on in our world and you are able to have some right priorities and work hard for those priorities. I wish that there had been more room in that essay to talk a little bit about that, that a lot of Americans don't know.

GLENN: Well, I appreciate it. I mean, but I thank you for, you know, for what you wrote. Are you coming on Tuesday to the Time 100?

SARAH PALIN: It's my plan. Piper and I will be in New York. So our plan is to be there. What about you?

GLENN: Can we make sure that we're sitting at the same table? I don't I went last year. It is a nightmare!

SARAH PALIN: Well, how did you face them? Because you know that there will be criticism of, oh, yeah, she condemns the mainstream media and yet she shows up at one of the functions.

GLENN: Whatever, shut up.

SARAH PALIN: Hey, look who's I don't mind making a couple of people uncomfortable in the room if I'm there. That's fine, too.

GLENN: Yeah. You know what? They're going to say whatever they're going to say, whether we show up or we don't show up.


GLENN: I just want to sit at the table last time I was sitting at the table, I don't even remember who I was sitting at the table with. Everybody at the table hated my guts and, you know, I think one of them was the head of Newsweek magazine, and I remember asking the question at the table, "You know you guys are all in love with all of this stuff. Has anybody, has anybody stopped to think what America looks like after all of these changes are put into place?" And nobody said anything at the table. And I could tell nobody had even thought of that. They were all looking at the individual pieces but they hadn't looked at the whole puzzle. And it made people uncomfortable and I enjoyed that for that moment.


GLENN: I'd like to double team them as well.

Let me just talk to you about this. Did you see the people that are on the list? Because you are on the leaders and I'm on the leaders of the most influential people in the world.

SARAH PALIN: No. I only knew about you.

GLENN: Well, you know and you, right?


GLENN: Let me give you the list of people that's on this and tell me if you see a pattern. First there's Lula da Silva, president of Brazil, a guy who was on the original founding, one of the founding members of the Workers World Party. Then there's Barack Obama. Then there's Ron Bloom, organized labor and Marxist, a guy who says that he kind of agrees with Chairman Mao, that power comes from the barrel of a gun and that the free market is dead. Then there is the prime minister of Japan who is described in Time as a revolutionary, liberal Democratic Party, wants more power and transparency. His election was called Historic Change. He's also a management professor, which I think Woodrow Wilson was. Then there's Dominique Strauss Kahn from the IMF, head of the IMF. He was running for president of France in 2007 under the Socialist Party ticket. He lost and now he's at the IMF. Then there is Bo Xilai. I don't know how to say it, son of the Chinese Communist Party leader. Then there is Christine Lagarde, minister of finance from France. She's described as being very brave because you ready she's for global interdependence. Then there is the prime minister of Turkey, openly critical of Israel and part of the Justice and Development Party. Then there's Nancy Pelosi. Then there's the prime minister of Palestine. Then there is the guy who was working for Prudential and helped bring on AIG. He's on the commission for Africa and the African Progress Panel. Bob Geldof loves him. Then there's Sister Carol Keehan, she was fighting for healthcare and fighting for social justice. Then there's the Sheik of the UAE. Then a guy named Li, a Chinese billionaire who is helping build China. Then there's you, Scott Brown, me, somebody in Atlanta who I have to meet. I have not met her. Hopefully she's going to be at this thing. We'll have maybe we can get her to sit at the table. She is the, one of the first people on the Tea Party movement and she also was the leader of the 9/12 project in Atlanta. John Kyle oh, her name is Jenny Beth Martin. And then Stanley McChrystal and you.

SARAH PALIN: Hmmm. What kind of company are we keeping there, Glenn?

GLENN: Isn't that amazing? Isn't that amazing? It is I mean, we see I look at this list and you can see. There are lines being drawn. It is Marxists, globalists, communists, and us.

SARAH PALIN: And some pieces of raw meat being thrown into the mix is what it sounds like. It's pretty fascinating and, no, I haven't known, you know, kind of what their criteria was for selecting these names.

GLENN: Well, I was surprised that you and I made it. You know, somebody I know that was in the room when they did the Time Man of the Year. Your name and my name was brought up I think by Giuliani and Gayle King and the others in the room said, oh, please. Gayle King said, don't make me vomit. So I mean, we were thrown out immediately and so were the Tea Parties, didn't even make it into the year end review.

SARAH PALIN: You know what this is going to allow us to do, Glenn, is just express further how much we love America and the opportunities that we have here, and it will be just the antithesis of so many of the statements and representations of all those other people that you just named off when we will be able to have kind of a platform then to even greater than you already have that allows us to remind Americans that we live the life that most people on the grove would never even be able to dream of and yet too many Americans find ourselves just taking for granted the American life that our founding fathers worked so hard to create. I'm looking at this as an opportunity to remind Americans of our exceptionalism that we need to re embrace and get back to and even in spite of the odd, odd characters that are included on this list with us. I'm going to capitalize on it and I'm going to do all that I can in kind of perpetuating what our message is reminding Americans of how fortunate we are.

GLENN: Sarah, we'll talk to you we'll see you Tuesday.

SARAH PALIN: That sounds wonderful.

GLENN: Thanks a lot. Talk to you again.

SARAH PALIN: Thank you.

I am sure that Americans are glad to hear that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are holding up the torch for "real America", the small towns with their good people, and defend their values against the flood of "Marxists, Globalists and Communists" which are apparently at America's doorstep!

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin complain about the "company" they will be forced to keep at the TIME 100 gala.

It's only fair then that we should take a look at the company THEY are keeping, isn't it?

Let's for example have a look at "this particular business owner", who is "bringing these conservative people in" that Glenn Beck mentions above, and who remains unnamed in this conversation with Sarah Palin.

When Kathleen and I listened to this video clip today, she immediately said: "If Glenn Beck doesn't name him, there must be something wrong with him."

And then God told us to start, that was a joke. ;-)

So who is he then?

Well...Glenn Beck gave a speech on Saturday, April 24, 2010 at the "Oil Palace" in Tyler, Texas. Governor Rick Perry was also present and made Glenn Beck an "honorary citizen of Texas." See the short clips HERE and HERE.

Here is a longer clip of Glenn Beck's appearance at the Oil Palace in Tyler on April 24, 2010, and it's worth watching. Glenn Beck is a demagogue par excellence:

Glenn Beck - Oil Palace event - screenshot

So who is the owner of the "Oil Palace"? The article I have mentioned above gives it away:
"Governor Perry's attendance will certainly enhance Glenn Beck's only Texas appearance and his testament to the importance of East Texas in the coming battles that we face in November and beyond," stated Bobby Manziel, owner of The Oil Palace.
So the owner is "Bobby Manziel". That's already where things start to get slightly complicated. However, we have done our homework and we have double-checked our findings with a professional genealogist - one of our committed Palingaters (thank you!). In fact, there are THREE "Bobby Manziel's"!

First we have Bobby Joe Manziel Sr. He was born in 1905 and died in 1956. Various sources show that he led a colorful life - see for example the article in TIME magazine from May 8, 1948.

The Manziel family originally comes from Beirut, Lebanon. The family immigrated to the USA in 1907. When Bobby Joe Manziel Sr. was active as a boxer, he was known as the "Syrian Kid".

One of his sons was Bobby Joe Manziel Jr. He was born in 1938, and he is the person of interest here - because he is the owner of the Oil Palace in Tyler (see also HERE) and the person that Glenn Beck was talking about. Part of the history of the Oil Palace can be found on Wikipedia, and also on their own website:

Screenshot Bobby Manziel Sr

One of the sons of Bobby Joe Manziel Jr. is Bobby Joe Manziel III. We will get back to him later.

Let's have a closer look at Bobby Joe Manziel Jr, the owner of the Oil Palace, a man who is apparently held in high regards by Glenn Beck - and by Governor Rick Perry.

The United States Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit had the following to say in 1968 about Bobby Joe Manziel Jr.:
In 1963 Howard Wallace Barbee and Bobby Joe Manziel, then gullible and motivated by avarice, lost ten thousand dollars in a confidence racket. The memory of that hoax lingered with them, and two years later, still motivated by avarice, they sought to recoup their losses by instigating the same racket for their benefit. The only difference was that their intended victim notified the police, and Barbee and Manziel were arrested. They were convicted in a federal district court for illegal possession of altered currency in violation of 18 U.S.C. 472, which currency had been the subject of their fraud. Their appeal, unlike many criminal cases that come before us, is not burdened with significant factual disputations. Barbee and Manziel admit the facts of their scheme and even concede that it may have been morally reprehensible. They contest merely its illegality.
The confidence racket which was employed in 1963 and in 1965 involves a 'stir man,' a genuine federal reserve note, an altered federal reserve note, and of course a 'sucker.' The 'stir man' contacts a 'sucker' and shows him a 'counterfeit' reserve note which is an exact duplicate of a genuine note and which even experts would claim to be genuine. He guarantees that a revolutionary duplication process can be put in motion for quite a reasonable investment. To the 'sucker's' dismay, after contributing his share of the investment, he learns that both reserve notes were genuine and that the only process performed had been the altering of serial numbers and other markings on one note to correspond with the other.
Two facets of this confidence racket concern us on appeal: (1) The 'stir man' never intends to make counterfeit notes or even to pass the altered note. He uses the note only to get the 'sucker's' investment. (2) The racket can succeed only if the 'sucker' is willing to participate in an illegal counterfeiting scheme. We also note that Barbee and Manziel (appellants) were convicted under 18 U.S.C. 472, possession of altered currency, rather than under 18 U.S.C. 471, the act of altering. Nevertheless, though the facts be somewhat unconventional even in the world of counterfeiting, we hold that such facts are harbored by Section 472 and affirm.
We can see no abuse or prejudice to these appellants in the denial of the Bill of Particulars.
Finally, the appellants contend that a 'sucker' cannot be defrauded because to be a 'sucker' he must be dishonest; i.e., it is impossible to defraud a dishonest man. This argument is completely without merit. The victims of most confidence rackets have avarice in their hearts. Mutual dishonesty might bar a civil action, but the criminal law does not operate on a set-off or counterclaim policy. Moreover, as we have described, supra, the counterfeiting statutes seek to protect the integrity of the currency. Therefore, the malevolence of a victim cannot purge a currency alteration of its venality.
Therefore we have evidence that Bobby Joe Manziel Jr. is a convicted counterfeiter.

Long time ago, isn't it? All forgiven and forgotten?

Let's take a look into more recent events.

Google is your friend. "Google books" is an even bigger friend!

In 2005, Roger W. Shuy published the book "How Law Enforcement Uses (and Misuses) Language" (Oxford University Press).

Guess who we meet in this book again - Bobby Joe Manziel Jr. and his brother Paul Manziel, full name Norman Paul Manziel, born in 1942:

Bobby Manziel - Book - screenshot 1

Bobby Manziel - Book - screenshot 2

Bobby Manziel - Book - screenshot 3

Bobby Manziel - Book - screenshot 4 new

"Bobby Joe Manziel (...) was thought to be willing to engage in some kind of criminal activity if given the chance."

"Bobby Joe agreed to invest two thousand dollars in a quick-money drug scheme suggested by Williams, providing the evidence needed to indict him."

Probably as a result of these FBI investigations, Bobby Joe Manziel Jr. was imprisoned for about two weeks in April/May 2003 after a Federal detainer had been issued (no hyperlink possible - search HERE for "Manziel, Bobby).

It should also be noted that (Norman) Paul Manziel, Bobby Lee Manziel Jr.'s brother, was subsequently sentenced to eight month in prison and a $ 5,000 fine, because he violated the terms of his probation.

In 2004, Norman Paul Manziel again was sentenced to seven months in prison because of another felony to which he had pleaded guilty (no hyperlink possible - search HERE for "Manziel, Norman").

CLICK HERE for the official mugshot of Norman Paul Manziel from the Texas criminal records database.

Given this background, it is certainly not surprising that Bobby Joe Manziel's company "Oil Palace Inc" is currently "not in good standing" with the Texas tax authorities: "This entity is not in good standing as it has not satisfied all franchise tax requirements."

Oil Palace Inc - Taxes screenshot 1

Oil Palace - Tax Certificate

Just like Sarah Palin, it therefore appears that Bobby Joe Manziel Jr. is not too keen on paying his taxes.

Knowing all this, it probably should also not surprise us that Manziel's son Bobby Joe Manziel III has acquired over time quite an impressive criminal record.

CLICK HERE for the official mugshot of Bobby Joe Manziel III from the Texas criminal records database.

Amongst his charges in the past were serious drug charges, but these were thrown out. Bobby Joe Manziel III received a seven-months prison sentence for a felony (theft) to which he pleaded guilty in late 2009 (no hyperlink possible - search HERE for Manziel, Bobby). You can search in this public database and will receive the following result:

New - Bobby Joe Manziel III - criminal record 1
New - Bobby Joe Manziel III - criminal record 2
New - Bobby Joe Manziel III - criminal record 3
New - Bobby Joe Manziel III - criminal record 4
New - Bobby Joe Manziel III - criminal record 5
New - Bobby Joe Manziel III - criminal record 6

So that is the company that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin like to keep. No "communists" and "socialists", just ordinary criminals!

Sarah Palin will have the chance to shake the hand of counterfeiter and drug-expert Bobby Joe Manziel Jr. herself very soon, because she will give a speech in the "Oil Palace" in Tyler, TX on June 26, 2010. Governor Rick Perry will also be a special guest again. The event is sponsored by CBS 19 (!):
"John Gaston, general manager and vice president of CBS 19, said Mrs. Palin is relatively a political newcomer and it will be interesting to find out “what makes her tick” when she comes here. He said hopefully she will shed some insight on why she resigned as governor. She has quickly become fairly big on the national scene, he added."
Since when does CBS sponsor Sarah Palin's events? Does Katie Couric know about this? ;-)

Oil Palace - Sarah Palin event June 26 - 2010

After this event, Sarah Palin will be at least $ 100,000 richer. "Pecunia non olet", regardless where it comes from, right, Sarah?

Surely Sarah Palin is also eager to follow the footsteps of other distinguished wing nuts, like Sean Hannity, who made an appearance at the Oil Palace in Tyler in July 2009:

Sean Hannity - Oil Palace


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