Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sarah Palin's cousin Jason "JD" Morgan has fascinating pictures to share! - UPDATE!

Sometimes you think you have "seen it all" - and it's nice to be proven wrong!

Sarah Palin was so kind to introduce her cousin Jason "JD" Morgan from Albuquerque, New Mexico, at her recent "endorsement speech" for gubernational candidate Susana Martinez in New Mexico (from about 0:50):

Most people would not have noticed - but one of our brilliant readers sent us an anonymous tip via my shiny new ultra-secret "Privacy Box", and it's gold dust indeed!

Jason "JD" Morgan seems to be a genuinely nice guy and surely would pass the certification as a "Palin approved real American": He has muscles like a bear, is an active duty soldier in the Air Force and a member of the rock band "Missing Stateside" (guitar & vocals), who are proud to perform their own version of the national anthem in order to support veterans:

More importantly for us, Jason "JD" Morgan also has a public myspace profile!

But not just that: Hidden in this myspace profile are pictures of truly historical importance - the only backstage pictures taken on election night on November 4, 2008 I have ever encountered!

See HERE and the following pages. They show many members of the extended Palin family, including the Sheeran sisters, the sisters of Sarah Palin and of course Sally and Chuck Sr. Also including Todd, Willow, Bristol (!), Lauden Bruce, Piper and Trig.

JD's band also played for John McCain (surprise!). Included in the collection is also a previously unseen picture with Sarah Palin, taken in the early 1990s.

Plenty of new photos to discover.


EDIT: The pictures on this myspace-profile are private now, but a reader uploaded them to a photobucket album HERE.


Jason's father, Brian Morgan, is a psychoanalyst, living in Omak, Washington. I would know somebody to analyze! ;-)

In addition, I am sure that you will enjoy this hommage to one of Sarah Palin's favorite fashion items:

Fluff it up, Sarah! ;-)



This picture comparison which includes at the top the new picture we have found today reveals the two pregnancies of Bristol Palin:

The pregnancies of Bristol Palin

In addition, please SEE HERE for more pictures from September 14, 2007 and the comparison with pictures of Bristol from June 2007.

See also HERE for pictures of Bristol from October 8, 2007 (video HERE)

Here is the comparison between Bristol in June 2007 and September 2007 - more examples in THIS FOLDER:

Bristol Palin - Comparison 10th June 2007 - 14th September 2007

A very interesting comparison is also this recently discovered picture, which shows Bristol Palin in 2005, at the last day of school (Promotion Day) when Bristol attended Teeland Middle School in Wasilla. Photo taken in the Teeland gym:

Bristol Palin in 2005 - Last day of school - Teeland middle school Wasilla

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