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Heroic Media: An evening with Sarah Palin, and another example how to distort history

"Heroic Media" invited their supporters to an evening with Sarah Palin on April 29, 2010 in Austin. We extensively reported prior to this event, and it didn't escape our attention that the President of "Heroic Media", Brian Follett, was a leading "Swift-Boater". Unfortunately, it seems that the rest of the media completely missed this noteworthy fact. No, not everyone: Comedy Central mentioned it as well!

Here are pictures from this evening:

Sarah Palin speaking in Austin - Heroic Media

Sarah Palin with Brian Follett - pic 2

Judging by these pictures, Sarah Palin seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself, and Rick Perry was certainly very pleased to rub shoulders again with his "favorite" female politician. Perry was such an enthusiastic participant that he afterwards published 61 (!) pictures of this event on his flickr account.

Palin's and Perry's next meeting will probably be when they both will have the honor to meet a conman from Tyler, Texas.

As previously reported, "Heroic Media" is an anti-abortion organization. They openly admit that their billboards are designed in a way that it's impossible to tell whether "they are pro-life or pro-choice", and they add: "That’s intentional because women in crisis respond best to photos of women they can relate to."

They have posted several of their clips on youtube - here is an example:

So, what news is there to report about this evening?

Well, one of our brilliant spies (aka "Palingaters") sneaked into the venue after the event was over and got hold of one of the programs which were distributed at the event. This program does indeed give a lot of interesting information, and it also is a brilliant example of the illness which so many Palin-supporters seem to suffer from: The "negation of reality and Palin delusion syndrome".

You can download the full program HERE.

Let's have a look. Here we have the general plan for the evening:

Heroic Media program - list of speakers

"Governor Rick Perry"? "Governor Sarah Palin"? Okay...

Well, the former half-term Governor is currently freelancing for Fox News and maybe soon for Discovery, when she is not giving directions to Rebecca Mansour which issues should be tackled next on Mansour's facebook...just saying.

So what else do we uplifting message by the swift-boater himself:

Heroic Media program - President's Message

The "abortion ratio dropped 24% in Austin" since Heroic Media "entered the market"? And that was...because of "Heroic Media"? Right! No need to see statistics or other data. We have to believe the President, the President cannot be wrong.

Now, let's meet: The Governor!

Heroic Media - Introduction Sarah Palin

There is one expression, sometimes enthusiastically used by bloggers, which I am not particularly fond of: "What am I missing?" But that's the only phrase I can think of right now. Sarah Palin's abbreviated "Curriculum Vitae" seems distorted like Leo Trotzki's CV in Stalinist Russia. For God's sake, people! She voluntarily, without any pressure, resigned - so that she would be able to earn the big bucks, what she craved for like nothing else! It almost happened a year ago, on this beautiful July 3, 2009! I can still hear my screams of joy from that day! Unfortunately, Brian Follett seems to have missed it. What a shame.

I on my part seem to have missed the message of "principles" and "reform" in "Going Rogue". Brian, can you please drop me an email and point me to the right page? That would be awfully nice, thank you very much.

Here we have more speakers - lots of smiling guys who by the grace of God will never have to cope with an unwanted pregnancy:

Heroic Media program - other speakers

Heroic Media also proudly presents again their cunning billboards:

Heroic Media - Program - Billboards

We find some extremely interesting info at the end of the program - who belongs to the "National Advisory Board" of Heroic Media:

Heroic Media - National Advisory Board

This was not a "heroic" event, but just another meeting for those people who would like to turn the USA into a theocracy - with the "pure" Sarah Palin as the poster girl. As "pure" as "whiteout"!


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