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Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston: Hello, stranger! - UPDATE!

Sometimes blogging about the Palins feels like talking about a huge soap opera.

Unfortunately, it's more serious than that, because "Saint Sarah", the woman who is not only a huge warmonger, but also an expert in lies, deceit and manipulations is preparing her run to become President.

But today, it's soap opera day, mixed with hard legal facts which show again how secretive the Palins are when it comes to their personal dealings.

Bristol Palin's famous condo in Anchorage has been talked about a lot lately. The recent posh story featuring Bristol Palin by Harper's Bazaar was shot in her condo - and she had some strong things to say about her former lover Levi Johnston:

"I just ignore it. He is a stranger to me," she says, visibly rattled by the mention of Johnston's name, though she refrains from saying more. "I don't want to get into it. It's just dirty laundry." She is not seeing anyone at the moment: "I'm in no rush. One day I'll find a nice guy."

However, in the world of young people, things can change easily, and the today's news can become old news very quickly.

The new mysterious Alaska online gossip magazine "AlaskaWTF" yesterday published a short story under the sensational headline:

"Levi Johnston banging Bristol Palin again!"

In the short article, AlaskaWTF claimed that Levi has been "staying over" at Bristol's apartment for the "past week".

Shortly afterwards, this article was then removed from AlaskaWTF, and a short notice was put up, saying:

"We had a post up earlier that we took down for a few ($$) reasons. Check back later next week for more details."

Another short message by "Dirk Diggler", the owner of AlaskaWTF, followed in the comments:

"Dirk Diggler says:
June 11, 2010 at 7:10 PM
WakeUpAmerica – It had nothing to do with Flea Trap. The story actually gets better."


So this made us very curious, and our brilliant contacts in Alaska (BIG WAVE TO OUR FRIENDS IN ALASKA) yesterday checked the situation out - with success.

I would like to disclose here that Palingates has already known Bristol's exact address in Anchorage for quite a while. We not only know the address, but also know who the legal owner of Bristol's shiny condo is - for more details, see below.

But first let's talk more about Bristol and Levi, the young participants in this great soap opera. Levi is the proud owner of a big red truck, pictured here with his sister Mercede and a friend:

Mercede with red truck

Our brilliant contacts went to see yesterday if they could spot Levi's truck at Bristol's condo - and there it was, parked just in front of Bristol's condo.

Levi Truck close up 1 - crop

Levi Truck 2

Note the yellow motorbike, which we haven't seen before. We are pretty certain that the black truck next to Levi's car belongs to Bristol.

We post a cropped version here of the photo taken yesterday, showing only the cars and not Bristol's condo, as we have no intention to disclose her address. We also would like to ask our readers not to make guesses in the comments.

We also want to make absolutely clear that so far we do not know whether Levi "stayed over" at Bristol's place. We therefore cannot confirm this part of the story in AlaskaWTF, as the only thing we know is that Levi's car was parked in front of Bristol's condo yesterday, that the truck was there at that point.

We think it's great that apparently some attempts of "reconciliation" are being made here, and that Levi now also gets to see Tripp more often. This is very good news for everyone who feels for the young child and wants him to grow up with a mother and a father in his life!

But we have more to report.

Some of our readers have wondered in the past who the legal owner of Bristol's condo is, as Bristol Palin's name was nowhere to be found in the property listings.

"She's also fiercely proud of her newly purchased condo. (Before she bought it, she and Tripp were living at home in Wasilla, an hour and a half away.)"

Palingates can now unveil this secret and can prove that the Palins went to great length to conceal the legal owner of the condo.

The legal owner of the property is the company "SM Properties LLC", with Yvonne Robinson as the registered agent, office address: 711 H Suite 620, Anchorage AK 99501.

SM Properties - Screenshot 1

SM Properties - Screenshot 2

Yvonne Robinson, unsurprisingly, works for Sarah's and Bristol's preferred expert for all legal problems: Thomas Van Flein.

Yvonne Robinson - screenshot

Here are the Articles of Organization (download PDF here):

Screenshot SM properties Articles of Organization

In addition, these are the records from the Municipality of Anchorage regarding the ownership of the condo - please note that this document does not contain Bristol's address (click to enlarge):

From this document, we learn that condo has a market value of $ 272,000. Teen pregnancies pay nicely these days!

Please note that we have obtained more documentation about the condo in order to properly verify it. We have even checked the pictures from the estate agents listings, and they match - compare them with pictures from the Harper's Bazaar video from the photo shoot:


Bristol video - kitchen

Bristol kitchen

Living room with fireplace:

Bristol Fireplace 2

Bristol Fireplace

So, it's clear that the Palins didn't want the world to know the details about Bristol's condo. In classic Palin-style, the name of the company also has this typical "hint" to real life events, because Bristol's full name is Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin - so why not name this company which they apparently set up just to buy the condo "SM Properties LLC"? ;-)

I don't know which tax consequences this construction has, if there are any benefits or whether they "just" wanted to conceal the purchase.

This new development in the relations between Levi and Bristol, although the details are cloudy, is very interesting indeed, especially since Mercede complained just several days ago, on June 2, on her public facebook page (every facebook user can see the page with the "wall", it's not a private page) that Bristol served her with a subpoena, although the details of the subpoena are not clear:

mercede subpoena

Mercede subpoena comment 1

Mercede subpoena comment 2

Mercede subpoena comment 3

Mercede also reveals many interesting details and news from her life on her public facebook as well. She is for example very proud about her new car, a VW Beetle, and buys presents for her mom:

Mercede Beetle

Mercede Car accessories

mercede wii

Therefore, lots of things are at present happening in the world of the Palins and the Johnstons, and there will certainly be no shortage of news in the near future.



Please note that Mercede Johnston made her previously public wall on her facebook private now.


One of of our brilliant readers has found a "Special Liability Warranty Deed". For the SM Properties LLC, only Bristol Palin signed as "Managing Member!"

I won't post the link, but only screenshots of this document with the exact details of the property blacked out:

Limited Warranty Deed 1 - edit

Limited Warranty Deed 2Limited Warranty Deed 3

Limited Warranty Deed 4

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