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Sarah Palin's CSU Stanislaus visit: Police receive special anti-protest training by Homeland Security


Sarah Palin's planned appearance at a fundraiser for CSU Stanislaus foundation on June 25, 2010 has already caused a lot of outrage and controversy, for example with

Now comes the next chapter.

Valley Police Trained On Protesters

Officials Allude To Sarah Palin's Visit To CSU Stanislaus

MODESTO, Calif. -- Central Valley police agencies got training Wednesday on how to deal with protesters, which could come in handy when a high-profile speaker visits California State University, Stanislaus later this month.

Homeland Security officials trained officers with the Modesto Police Department, Stanislaus and San Joaquin County sheriff's departments and other agencies. Police learned how to safely remove protesters who lock themselves to each other.

Authorities didn't mention former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin by name, but they said the techniques could come in handy in a little more than two weeks.

"We have a university just down in Turlock where a protest could go on, so something similar to this can happen. Now we have actually trained people throughout this county who can go out and detach these devices," said Doug Ridenour, with the Modesto Police Department.

They said firefighters have also been taking part in this kind of training.

Screenshot Valley Police Training

So there we have the "private citizen" Sarah Palin showing up, and the police receives special training by Homeland Security. It may have been a scheduled training, so why make it public by linking it to Palin's visit? What a great way to intimidate potential protesters!

It's true that protests are being organized, for example on facebook (you have to login to see the page).

We hope that the protesters won't be intimidated, and we know that some readers of Palingates also plan to join the protests on June 25.

Nope - Sarah Palin

One of most outrageous scandal of all is that the money being raised through the event with Sarah Palin won't even be used for scholarships. So all this damage which is being done to the reputation of CSU Stanislaus has just been caused by the desire of the CSU Stanislaus foundation to pay for their administration and services (see update 3 in our previous story about the internal emails), while scholarships are being cancelled at the same time.

This is all just a show by Republicans in the CSU administration to boost their own pockets and egos, and to show blue California that Sarah Palin won't go away.

In addition, these new developments show the whole hypocrisy of the official line of the CSU Stanislaus foundation. On March 29, 2010, Susana Gajic-Bruyea, Vice President for University Advancement and Executive Officer of the Foundation Board of Directors, said:

"Absolutely no tax dollars will be used to fund this event and that it is being funded completely with the use of private funds."

So who is going to pay then for the extensive police efforts? Is this not the taxpayer?

CSU Stanislaus Professor Patrick Kelly, one of the most outspoken voices against Sarah Palin's visit, commented regarding this new development on the public facebook page "Sarah Palin, Terrible Choice for 50th Anniversary of CSU Stanislaus":

"To put it mildly, this KCRA story is ironic. Who said "Don't Retreat, Reload"? Who actually put crosshairs on a map of targeted (pun intended) Democrats from Arizona to Florida and New England? Words like those have the potential to incite hatred and violence, neither of which have any place on a university campus. "

However, there are also positive news. Students and staff of the CSU Stanislaus faculty don't accept that no scholarships are being offered by the foundation any more - and take matters in their own hands. reports:
TURLOCK - If it's possible to feel simultaneously blessed and bizarre, that's what Courtney Jespersen was experiencing Wednesday. Such was the range of emotions for the 18-year-old valedictorian from Ripon Christian High School as she stood at midafternoon in a conference room at California State University, Stanislaus.
On the positive side, Jespersen was receiving a much-needed $5,000 scholarship. On the believe-it-or-not side, the price of doing business for this apolitical scholar was to be linked to America's No. 1 lightning rod.

"I feel so blessed," Jespersen said of the scholarship.

"It's weird," she said of the presence of reporters and a television camera on hand to chronicle the moment.

But that's what happens when you're linked, however unwittingly, to former Alaska Gov. and current tea party icon Sarah Palin.

Palin's association with the university began in March, when the university announced that the former vice-presidential candidate would be the school's guest of honor at its 50th anniversary gala June 25.

She was an unpopular choice among some members of the school's faculty and student body, and opposition only grew louder when it was later reported that Palin would be paid $75,000, plus $18,000 in expenses.

Jespersen would soon stumble into the fray when the school's foundation - which is paying Palin - canceled a scholarship program that last year provided funding for 28 students. One of those affected was Jespersen, whose 4.44 grade-point average should have earned her one of those scholarships to the only college to which she applied.

"I was so disappointed," Jespersen said.

Please watch the video about a scholarship award for Courtney Jespersen - several of the Professors who are highly critical of Sarah Palin are featured in the video:


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