Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sarah Palin's next tweets - already revealed on Palingates!

Sarah Palin is addicted to twitter, her output is remarkable and a great source of wonder and hilarity.

Due to a common psychic effort by the Palingates community, we can already reveal Sarah Palin's next tweets!

ScarahPlain - anyone seen Bristol

ScarahPlain - oil for bumpits

ScarahPlain - Benjamin Franklin

ScarahPlain - fired too pretty

ScarahPlain - DBD against now

ScarahPlain - RAM button up sweetie

ScarahPlain - Obama give us bandwith

ScarahPlain - just fridge magnets

ScarahPlain - no fish 4 din

ScarahPlain - 10 years to die

ScarahPlain - Nicki - attack away

ScarahPlain - pots-n-pants

ScarahPlain - intrusion commonsense Wasillians

ScarahPlain - they look ravaging

ScarahPlain - stay strong Kellerish

ScarahPlain - 1

ScarahPlain - need to come kleen

ScarahPlain - Obama Oil & Gas

ScarahPlain - Whoos Willow

ScarahPlain - Satan Obama help

Scarah Plain - Kath P

ScarahPlain - what you can do for meee

ScarahPalin - ask for papers

ScarahPlain - American Idol

ScarahPlain - BP stock

ScarahPlain - not a nazi

ScarahPlain - LSM neanderthal

NEW tweet - correcting LSM

NEW tweet - Highland park & China

NEW tweet - Obama Goldman Sachs

NEW tweet - Holy Lands

NEW tweet - drilling ban nonsense

NEW tweet - ions

NEW tweet - Rob Gibbs

NEW tweet - ravished

(the last 8 tweets are real tweets by Sarah Palin
- she deleted the last 2 tweets shortly after sending them out)


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