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Palingates Weekly Roundup - May 31 to June 6

By Blueberry Tart

Building on Fencegate, we start with Tyroanee’s guest post about the neighbor-from-hell who also built a high and ugly fence and then tried to provoke a fight about it. This post elicited many sympathetic comments and tales from others who had also dealt with crazy neighbors. NewsOne proposed a “museum for odd neighbors” – LOL!

Several readers linked to the brilliant Joe McGinniss Portfolio article on Sarah’s pipeline project. If you haven’t read it, please stop right now and visit this link. There are many great quotes (it’s clear why Sarah doesn’t like Joe!). so_many_unanswered_questions summed it up best, saying, “Not only does she have a new neighbor, she has a new resident inside her head and it’s a lot tougher to fence that in.”

There were other interesting comment threads worth noting. Several commenters reported on the military action by Israel against a relief ship heading to Gaza – a conflict with belligerent neighbor on a much bigger scale. Another thread among the comments focused on Palinbot Adrienne Ross’ inappropriate political/fundie-Christian proselytizing in the classroom about the wonders of Sarah Palin, Superstar! (A musical in the making?) Apparently Ross, who has been teaching for 13 years, was never aware of special needs children until Sarah and Trig opened her eyes and heart. Like her school has no special needs kids? What an idiot. She is obviously in violation of school policy about proselytizing, but then again, her uncle is reportedly the head of the NY State Senate, so maybe that’s why she still has a job. With her constant drooling over SP, she is a classic authoritarian follower, as sunnyjane pointed out. Finally, several readers quoted from an article on Rod Blagojevich, and accurately observed that you could substitute Sarah for Rod and the article would be spot on…they are cut from the same cloth.

The next post focused on a Frontiersman editorial excoriating McGinniss and ending with more violent rhetoric about the use of deadly force being legal to defend the Palin’s property. This story was picked up, along with Fencegate, and highlighted by the MSM. Frontiersman editor Tom Mitchell first tried to defend his editorial, but later in the week he apologized for the inappropriate last paragraph.

Sarah began a tweeting frenzy with a tweet advising Governor Bobby Jindal to ignore regulations and build berms to avoid a “ravished coast.” This post, illustrating not only her hubris but her unique command of the English language, disappeared from her twitter page before long ;-) She later mangled Helen Keller’s inspiring words (egads, is Sarah Palin admiring a socialist?) and lectured us again and again about the oil spill.

Patrick posted Palingates’ monthly message, which shows that the site is doing a great job of investigative journalism, attracting large numbers of readers each month, and welcomes your support – please donate if you can.

The open thread also includes the NBC interview with Joe McGinniss (the gist: Joe is making it known that Sarah twisted the truth and used unfounded innuendos to try to assassinate his character; this clip includes his “I’m not saying she’s a Nazi comment). Sarah and Todd posted a “rebuttal” rant on Facebook (falsely stating that he called her a Nazi, among other things); Sarah also claimed that NBC reneged on a promise to run the rebuttal.

Just when you thought you had seen the all-time best mean-girl-Sarah photo, Regina ups the ante with yet another image of Sarah looking particularly “ravaging.” (Bear with me, it’s my first attempt at Palinspeak ;-))

Perhaps Sarah got her meds mixed up, or maybe took some ExtremeGreenies, or she’s been locked in the padded room with her Blackberry – whatever the reason, she tweeted up a storm in the past few days, including some classic-Palinspeak “ravishing” of the English language along the way. Her multiple tweets about how the oil spill is the environmentalists’ fault elicited a lot of reaction, here and elsewhere. Sarah blithely pretended that her oft-stated “drill baby drill” meme was actually a nuanced call to expand drilling in places like ANWR, not offshore, and that it’s the enviros who don’t “get it.” But Queen Sarah stooped to bestow her enlightenment upon the ignorant masses who fought against offshore drilling because it is inherently unsafe; she has the utter gall to claim that the enviros are the cause of the oil spill. She turns the truth on its head in classic Sarah fashion, proving Steve Schmidt right about how she is such a liar that she would say up is down and black is white. The comments showed how much we readers all appreciated being lectured and “educated” by the 2009 Liar-of-the-Year.

Sorry to go on about this (beyond the scope of the Roundup), but this whole “blame the enviros” is so far over the top that I think it will backfire on her, and deservedly so. It’s a classic attempt on her part to rewrite history (“spin baby spin”), but it’s so blatantly a complete reversal on an issue where her stand is well-known. I mean, a lot of people aren’t paying attention enough to know that she is lying about being Trig’s birth-mother, or that she was the one who started the petty war with Joe McGinniss, or the many other lies and hypocrisies of Sarah Palin. But a LOT of people know that she is the shrill shill of drill baby drill – I mean, it was a mantra of her campaign and every friggin’ speech that she has made! I suspect that quite a few people who would normally give her the benefit of the doubt now have first-hand experience catching her in a big lie and sneaky coverup. If so, hopefully they won’t be so easily duped again.

Okay, rant over, back to the Roundup! In the midst of this thread, proving Sarah is not the only idiot in AK with diarrhea of the mouth, Don Young declared that the Gulf oil spill is not an environmental disaster. Bill Kristol “somehow” got one of Sarah’s Facebook posts before it was posted… hmm, wonder how that happened…

I was collecting some of the best ScarahPlain tweets from Patrick’s challenge to include in the Weekly Roundup, but he beat me to it with the next post. These are hilarious twit-tweets that would make Catfood proud (Catfood, are you out there?)! I’m in the camp that thinks that a little humor once in a while is a good thing…

Regina’s Friday post nails Sarah in the huge lie she is trying to perpetrate to squirm her way out of any responsibility for advocating offshore drilling. As noted above, Sarah brazenly tried to foist the blame for the ongoing Gulf disaster onto the enviros, twisting our opposition to offshore drilling (because it is inherently unsafe) and claiming that it is the cause of the oil spill. (Down is up, black is white.) The post shows how oil companies have stated that Alaska’s tax on oil is an economic disincentive, making drilling offshore, where taxes are minimal, more profitable. Please also take a look at the excellent video from Rachel Maddow, with Sarah repeatedly expressing her support for drill baby drill, and specifically for off-shore drilling. Caught in a big lie, making lame excuses to deflect the blame from herself and her cohorts. The word hypocrite doesn’t even do justice to how outrageous Sarah Palin really is. She is a con-artist to her core.

This open thread started with a humorous "tribute" song called "Oh, Sarah!" and was much updated, running into Sunday. Sarah Palin's appearance at the Belmont Park racetrack, where she displayed a somewhat inflated chest, provided plenty of material for a very lively discussion. Sarah was also economical with the truth regarding her utterly inappropriate attire, blaming it on a limo driver who got lost for an hour, a highly unlikely little tale... Patrick used the simple trick of googling the route from JFK airport to the racetrack and came to the conclusion that any limo driver worth his salt would never get lost on a 13 minute simple journey!

This post generated over 1,600 comments, and as each update appeared, the ever growing number of Palingaters were refreshingly fired up!

Patrick also posted a new pdf document about Babygate on, which is a must read!

Comments of the week

There were so many great comments this week... here are but a few:

Posted by Elizabeth: 1987: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" 2010: "Todd, build this wall!"

newsOne pointed out that Sarah Palin's children deserve all the privacy that building a home 10 feet from the property line affords.

From Dorian: "[quoting Sarah’s FB] "...A corrupt, deceptive, and manipulative media can ruin the lives of good people, disrupt families, destroy reputations, and ultimately hurt our country." How true!! Fox News is an excellent example of this. (Thanks go to Sarah for confessing via accusation again)"

From Nin 1963: "TRANSLATION of Sarah’s rant: "NOBODY but ME is allowed to provide hyperbolic innuendo (graphic sexualized pedophilia innuendo about someone who happens to have a LOT of dirt on me!) that is used by my neo-concon propaganda "media" outlet dressed up like "news" to try and ruin the life of said writer, disrupt his family, destroy his reputation and ULTIMATELY hurt the country! HOW DARE ANYONE turn this back around on me when I STARTED IT!!! Harumph!"

Anna Lynn said: "Mature people welcome new neighbors, don't write on their hand, don't Sharpie on a visor, and don't piss and moan on a social media site."

Trisha: She is a lunatic. Normal people don't act this way.

From lilybart: "WALL OF FAME/SHAME:
US Border Fence = 11 feet Berlin Wall = 12 feet Palin Fence = 14 feet"

Sparky 0104: "I just attended a training session …about dealing with mentally ill people…They used the phrase "word salad" describing the way some afflicted with certain mental illness talk. I did not realize this term is actually a diagnostic tool for mental illness. The more she opens her mouth, or lets her fingers fly, the more she lets others know her illness. Keep twittering Palin. Not everyone knows how mentally ill you are, but they will soon."

Finny has a good long post beginning: "Keep it up, Sarah. You got upset because you have a neighbor (millions of Americans have lost their homes because of the economic crisis--but don't worry about being tone deaf.)" …

JCos: She values privacy the way a stripper values modesty.

The_problem_child and others reminded us of Sarah’s own words about offshore drilling:
"You even called drilling – safe, environmentally-friendly drilling offshore – as raping the outer continental shelf," Palin said at the debate. "There – with new technology, with tiny footprints even on land, it is safe to drill and we need to do more of that."

Posted by austintxx: “IF we’ve learned anything so far about the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, it is that it contains surprises. And that means an operator needs depth — depth in terms of resources and expertise — to create the capability to respond to the unexpected. ” These prophetic words came from a 2005 presentation by David Eyton, who was then vice president for BP’s deepwater developments in the Gulf of Mexico….the speech acknowledged that oil companies “did somewhat underestimate the full nature of the challenges we were taking on in the deep waters of the gulf.” (please read the full article)

h/t to LouieCypher for his Quest for the Extreme Greenie at the People’s Park in Berkeley, and his other brilliant letters to Sarah – Palingaters love Louie!

newsOne gave us the real Helen Keller quote, not the SP mangled version: "Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved."

ThanksABunchJohn: "These idiots put the con in conservative."

Posted by juicyfruityy: Why Are Teabaggers Willfully Ignorant? A Social Psychological Perspective
"By projecting their feelings of inadequacy onto others, people such as the teabaggers are able to blame others (the government, immigrants, the Democrats, liberals, etc.) for everything that is wrong in their lives… Can't get a job? Immigrants fault. No money? Government taking too much in taxes… Everything is always someone else's fault. Life is ruled by fate, God, or others.."

Guest (quoting Joy Behar): "Wasn't she the one that dragged them on stage at the convention and they passed the one kid around like a joint at a Grateful Dead concert?"

Say No to Palin in Politics: "Palin has always needed someone else to blame to make herself" viable…

Rebecca: "This new information (about the Belmont dress code and hotel) really sheds a light on how colossally inappropriate it was for her to show up dressed as she was. She is really driving home the point that she is a redneck and nouveau riche. And is too lazy or arrogant (or both) to take five minutes to learn about what kind of place she is going to visit. I'm not a fan in particular of old money east coast snobs, but even a peasant like me has enough sense to not show up looking like you're headed for a day at the Nascar track. What a monumental embarrassment she is!"

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