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Fun with Kathy Griffin, Levi Johnston + Bonus: Conservative bloggers kicked out of Palin speech - Open Thread - UPDATE

After dealing with many serious topics recently, we thought that it's time for a light-heartened open thread. Fortunately, a new TV clip with Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston was just published yesterday. It was shot during Kathy Griffin's visit in Alaska last winter, and it's simply hilarious - comedy at it's best. We also see for the first time the entrance of Sarah Palin's house, where Kathy Griffin rang the doorbell and then left a note. Seems like a pure miracle now that she wasn't shot on the spot. ;-)

In addition, because we have so much fun right now, here is the clip of Kathy Griffin's incredibly funny appearance on the David Letterman show from June 10, 2009 - it's a classic:

If you would like to see the Letterman video in a larger format, please CLICK HERE.



I would put this also under comedy. Well, you see, there are two conservative bloggers from Virginia, J.R. Hoeft and Brian K, who write for the right-wing website "".

Last Sunday, June 27, Sarah Palin appeared at the "Freedom Fest" in Norfolk, VA, together with a bunch of other right-wingers, most of whom the world has never heard of. So the conservative bloggers thought, why not live-blog the speeches?

They wrote:

"Freedom 1650AM in Hampton Roads is sponsoring tonight “Freedom Fest” with Keynote Speaker Sarah Palin!

Bearing Drift is pleased to provide you floor-level coverage and behind-the-scenes access all night as Palin, Former Gov. George Allen, ACLJ’s Jay Sekulow, Lt. Col. Oliver North, Exodus Faith Ministry’s Bishop E.W. Jackson, Lee Greenwood, and 2nd Congressional District GOP nominee Scott Rigell talk about the importance of the conservative movement and how to advance the cause!

Check out the live-blog:"

The event started quite well for the enthusiastic conservative bloggers. From the link above, you can go to their website and can still see the live-blog (click on the large box). They started live-blogging at 6.23 pm and covered several of the speeches.

Then came Sarah Palin. Excitement rose! They shot out three messages at the beginning of the speech:

Conservative bloggers live tweets Sarah Palin Freedom Fest

And then...well...the two bloggers experienced the brave new Sarah Palin world:

Blogger kicked out Sarah Palin appearance screenshot - new

"J.R. Hoeft:
We're being kicked out. So much for transparency"

Haha! We always like a good laugh!

Read the recap of these events on a Democratic website HERE.


Addition to the events in Virginia:

Conservative blogger JR Hoeft was then accused of misrepresenting the real facts after he was kicked-out in Norfolk. On C4P it was posted that the claim that it was the "Palin-people" who kicked him out was wrong. I cannot find the comment right now on C4P, maybe it was deleted in the end, but it had seen it before, and it was also repeated in the comments on JR Hoeft's conservative website "":

JR Hoeft - response

JR Hoeft had a stinging response to these allegations:

JR Hoeft - comment

JR Hoeft - comment 3

He also makes no secret of his thoughts towards Sarah Palin:

JR Hoeft - comment 2



JK Hoeft reported his bad experience in Norfolk in the conservative "Washington Times" (page 2 of the article). He asks Sarah Palin at the end of his article to allow coverage by "anyone". Great idea! Problem is that it won't happen, as Sarah Palin is afraid of nothing more than "real" coverage.

He wrote:
And then it happened.

"Sir, you have five minutes to shut down and clean up," said a voice in the pitch-dark arena.

"Excuse me?" I said. I was dumbfounded. "I have permission to be here from the event coordinator and an 'all access' pass - what do you mean I have to shut down?"

"The governor's ground rules state you can only be here for the first five minutes - you have to leave."

What in the world was this guy talking about? We ignored him.

A few moments later, he returned and reiterated his point. Then he came back a third time.

Not wanting to create a scene in the middle of this exciting moment, and knowing Steve was extremely busy, I capitulated.

I typed my last entry into the live blog: "So much for transparency. We're being kicked out."

We shut down our computers, stowed the digital camera and stopped my hand-held voice recorder. We were done.

I thought about staying and listening, but the speech was boilerplate, and I was ticked. Brian stuck around.

Mrs. Palin, please change your rules. Let conservatives cover you. Let anyone cover you. You have a lot to offer.


A Palinbot live-twittered Sarah Palin speech which she gave yesterday in Georgia, at an event in support of the ministry "Zachariah's Way" (here is a press report, another one here). I haven't seen a transcript or a recording of the speech so far. Please let me know if you find anything.

These twitter messages are very interesting in several respects. First, Sarah Palin made fun of the allegation that the "Palin-people told the conservative bloggers to leave":

Twitter Georgia speech 3

The other twitter messages are also very revealing. Sarah Palin made "fun" of the Trig Truthers, and she "calls the 'triggers"'? What the heck does that mean? Please don't tell me that she meant what I think she meant.

Twitter Georgia speech 4

Also, here is something we have never heard before. "Trig delivered for Alaska"?

Twitter Georgia speech 5

Another of the legions of "real life stories" by Sarah Palin which she loves to tell in her speeches which don't pass the sniff test: A four-year-old girl uses the word "awkward":

Twitter Georgia speech 7

Twitter Georgia speech 2

Twitter Georgia speech 1



According to the new post on Sarah Palin's facebook, conservative bloggers are not trustworthy sources! The "Palin people kicking bloggers out" story never happened, according to Palin! Welcome to the distorted reality of Sarah Palin, conservative bloggers! Hope you enjoy the ride!

Sarah's esteemed facebook writers have the following to say:
Earlier this week, I spoke at the Freedom Fest in Norfolk, Virginia; and, evidently, the media was asked to leave – not by me, that’s for sure. I want my message out, so despite reporters making up a story about “Palin people kicking us out” (uh, the “Palin people” entourage would consist of one person – my 15-year-old daughter, Willow – and I have no doubt she could take on any reporter, but I know for certain she didn’t “kick ‘em out” of the event). Anyway, here are some of the key issues I spoke about.
I haven't read the complete post yet, but if you want to make a fact-check: Palin's complete speech in Norfolk was actually recorded and can be found HERE.



A physician in Ohio wrote a blog post about "babygate". Very brave! He doesn't know yet that Palinbots are not interested in medical facts, but only in praising her infallible queen.



JR Hoeft from "" left on his website a response to Sarah Palin's facebook allegations - as stinging as some of his previous comments:

JR Hoeft new comment

Seems like Sarah Palin lost a supporter - forever.

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