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Summary of Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy - Bonus: Real boobies!

Bristol Myspace 2


If this headline doesn't attract many readers, I don't know what will. ;-)

A very dedicated group of people have been researching Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy since autumn 2008. Many of them are still actively on the case and are working together with Palingates. It all started with Audrey and the now defunct Palindeception blog in September 2008, and it has surely been a wild ride for us since then. Kathleen and I joined the Palindeception research team in November 2008, and from day one we were determined, alongside the other team members, to find the truth, and we all worked hard for it. In addition, Regina has written about babygate many times since she started her blog in February 2009 and gave the "Trig Truthers" lots of support right from the beginning.

Maybe one day somebody will write the history of the "Trig Truthers" - that would be a riveting read indeed, I can tell you. ;-)

While the investigation is still ongoing and we are currently following new leads, the time has come to publish a summary about "babygate". This document is a short overview and I have updated it again today. It touches some of the details of babygate, but not all of them. The purpose of this document is to have a concise summary, which can be sent to other people in order to raise their awareness and their interest, including people who have never heard of babygate before. The summary is certainly not perfect, but I am quite happy with it for now.

It's interesting that we have already seen the first attempts by Palinbots to claim that we "photoshop" pictures in order to make Sarah Palin appear "non-pregnant". This is of course nonsense. We have never photoshopped pictures. This wouldn't be necessary in any case because there are dozens of picures out there which show Sarah Palin clearly not pregnant in the last stage of her alleged pregnancy with Trig.

Some Palinbots might even ask themselves why Sarah Palin doesn't simply sue the Trig Truthers for libel, slander etc. and get rid of the nasty rumors? Well, it's simple: She can't, because what we are writing is the truth, and nothing but the truth. It's that easy.

Many of these pictures, including video footage, were only uncovered quite late, when the general elections and the great media interest was long over. The MSM never dared to touch "babygate", apart from the brave Andrew Sullivan, who received lots of abuse for his courageous stand.

Hopefully this will change soon, and the MSM will start to write about this huge scandal which has been right in front of their eyes for almost 2 years now.

Please download the summary document HERE and pass it around to your friends and contacts.


Our brilliant reader "Ripley in CT" had a great idea: Sarah Palin urgently needs more recognition in the Urban Dictionary!

Ripley in CT created in the comments on Palingates the word "tweeleted", after Sarah Palin deleted, no, "tweeleted" two of her twitter messages - and here we are:

Urban dictionary - Tweelete

We thought that Sarah's famous "Palingates" (or the singular) should get the proper recognition in the Urban Dictionary as well:

Urban dictionary - Palingate

Please give these new definitions the "thumbs up" in the Urban Dictionary (you don't need to login or register)!


Real boobies:

Palingates, ever mindful of the "rill dill", offers you the real thing today.

Our valued reader BanditBasheert was on holiday on the Galapagos Islands during the last weeks, and she came back with pictures of some very pretty boobies - enjoy! :-)

DSC_0336 new

DSC_0338 new


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