Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday evening fun at Palingates - Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston, the complete program - Open Thread

After such a heavy (and successful) week with lots of serious stuff, culminating today in Sarah Palin twittering that American soldiers are getting killed in Afghanistan for a website based in Iceland and Sweden which is run by a guy from Australia, we have deserved a little break from all the madness.

It's time to have some really good fun, and today I discovered that somebody put the complete program of Kathy Griffin's meeting in Alaska with Levi Johnston on youtube, and it's absolutely hilarious. We have previously seen only some smaller parts of it, and trust me, the complete program is an absolute "blast" (Palinese) - it's hilarious and full of little treasures and even includes some more serious remarks which are very interesting (watch out for example what Tank Jones has to say about Sarah Palin...).

This needs to be seen, take it from me. It's hugely funny and gives some "unfiltered insights" into life in Alaska as well (well, more life in Anchorage and Wasilla, that is).

If Levi's new reality show gets close to that, then it will be an absolute winner. ;-)

Here are the five parts - ENJOY!


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