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Sarah Palin endorsed New Jersey Governor Chris Cristie - A supporter of Sharia Law?

Guest post by micmac

How ‘Bout Those Muslims, Sarah?

Just two years after you declared that Muslims “have a place in the Republican Party” in an October 2008 campaign interview, these darn people dare to build a mosque TWO BLOCKS from Ground Zero. What ARE they thinking?

Were they somehow confused by your campaign message? Did you, somehow, unknowingly, embolden these people?

And as if that were not enough, now this:

Are you aware that one of your political endorsements, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, appears to SUPPORT SHARIA LAW?

In May 2010, Christie reappointed NJ Judge Joseph Charles FOR LIFE to the bench, a judge who refused to grant a restraining order for a Muslim woman against her husband for sexual abuse in the Fall of 2009. . . ON THE BASIS OF SHARIA LAW?

Unbelievable, you say? I agree, but read it here.

Sarah, one thing you and I both have in common is a desire that Sharia Law never take hold in this fair country of ours. So, I am trying to do you a favor here, bringing this to your attention.

Surely Christie knew of the judge’s decision prior to reappointing him. I know, it’s late, and you were obviously hoodwinked by Christie -- I mean who knew the guy would not take a stand against Sharia Law creeping into our country, who ever imagined him “pandering to Islam?”

But there it is.

I expect you are fully capable of responding to this travesty, and I look forward to your statement withdrawing your endorsement of Christie for Governor. Go All Mama Grizzly on him, Sarah. Demand that Christie, and the judge who rendered this awful verdict, step down from office.

Sarah Palin, do the Right Thing!

Sarah, one thing that we both share is the penultimate desire that Sharia Law never take hold in this fair country of ours.

But all this time that the nation has been focused on a building located on private American property and all, I noticed something that the Mosquey-Hopey-Changey-Thingey controversy appeared to distract from something that I would assume would be dear to your heart. Something that you would wish me to draw your attention to.

Should you run for President and all.

A rallying cry against the creeping influence of Sharia Law in this country.

I know you don’t like this, Sarah. And I don’t, either.

I am a member of one of your pro-Palin websites, and gotta tell ya, these folks don’t like Muslims, of any stripe, and they are very noisy about it. I try to stick up for moderate Muslims there, but your supporters just ain’t buying into the notion that this sort of human being even exists.


Note by Patrick:

I wonder how one of Sarah Palin's "employers", Saudi Prince Alwaleed, views the current "NYC mosque controversy." My feeling is that he might not be too happy. Also, I wonder how many of the faithful Fox News viewers actually know that a representative of one of the most extreme muslim countries has a substantial influence on Fox?

Gosh, why are things always so darn complicated? ;-) Who is the Fox, who is the Grizzly, who is the Caribou, who is the Salmon? Sometimes you never know...

In the end, it's all about oil, of course - the great uniter.

Background about Prince Alwaleed and his involvement with News Corp., the parent company of Fox News, as reported on

"Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal now owns a 7 percent stake in Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., the parent company of Fox News, making him the company's largest shareholder outside of Murdoch's own family.

Alwaleed is best known for going to Ground Zero after the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks and personally handing then-mayor Rudolph Giuliani a check for $10 million to help finance relief efforts. Afterwards, Alwaleed released a statement blaming the attacks not on the Saudi airline hijackers, but on U.S. policies in the middle east. As a result, Giuliani returned the prince's donation, gaining him praise from Fox News for doing so.

Now that Alwaleed has a controlling ownership in News Corp., he is gaining influence over Fox News. In 2005, just months after Alwaleed acquired his first 5.4 percent stake in News Corp., Fox News covered riots in Paris under a banner saying "Muslim riots." Alwaleed allegedly called Murdoch and had him change the banner to say "Civil riots." Investigative journalist Joseph Trento also reported that a comment he recently made on a Fox Network morning news show, Fox and Friends, about Saudi Arabian money still financing Al Qaeda, was edited out of the show. Trento also reports that Alwaleed "has personally donated huge amounts of money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers."

In a rare interview with Fox News' Neil Cavuto in January, Alwaleed explained his personal reasons for seeking influence in American politics: the U.S. buys Saudi Arabia's oil, and the bulk of his country's gross domestic product (GDP) comes from oil. Fox News reliably broadcasts misinformation on clean energy, and aggressively fights efforts to move America away from being dependent on a fossil fuels."

Meanwhile, the mosque controversy causes some disruption in the GOP - as reported on Fox yesterday.

"Salon" published an excellent article on Monday, explaining in detail how the mosque controversy started and what had happened until Sarah Palin released her "twitter-rants." It turns out that Pamela Geller, a "right-wing, viciously anti-Muslim, conspiracy-mongering blogger" (Salon), started the whole thing, and then others, including Sarah Palin, jumped on it. Crazy minds think alike.


On another topic:

Pro-choice organization "Emily's List" presented a clever response to Sarah Palin's Mama Grizzly video - see also the article in "Forbes":

Please also read the article by Stephanie Schriock, President of Emily's List, in Huffington Post: "Sarah Doesn't Speak for Me".

In the meantime, Sarah Palin herself also observed that some "sistas" don't really like her too much. So Sarah today thought to herself: If I am the Queen, I can just declare that feminism shall have no relevance any more for now and in eternity, can't I?

Here we go:

Tweet Feminists



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