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Palingates Weekly Roundup, July 26 - August 1, 2010

By Blueberry Tart

This fascinating post gives an inside view of the debate that went on among so-called “journolists,” when the rumors that Sarah did not give birth to Trig first surfaced nationally on August 30, 2008. The prevailing view was that this was too unseemly a subject to tackle, and might even be a dirty trick. Guesses and groupthink won out over investigation; the result was a conspiracy of silence that continues to this day. The ignorance of pseudo-journalists like Maggie Mahar is astonishing – these people are supposed to know what they’re talking about so they can inform the public? (Gagging.) However, there were several bright spots, including informed and inquisitive comments by Ryan Donmoyer, Kathleen Geier and others. One can hope that Lindsay Beyerstein’s prediction that this hoax will forever haunt Sarah proves true; she deserves no less. And that one of the “journolists” will redeem his/her reputation and write the story.

Patrick explores Sarah Palin’s associations with religious extremists. These include Pastor Muthee, who prayed that Sarah would find the way to wield power (Sarah later described his prayer as “awesome”). Mary Glazier of the New Apostolic Reformation is another extreme evangelical who preaches religious supremacy and exhorts her followers to “bring down the power structures set against the plan of God.” Glazier, whose prayer group Sarah was part of for years, believes in warfare and preaches a “message of deliverance.” The material also mentions Glazier/ Palin’s association with Aglow’s Prophetic Council and with the “End Times,” which Sarah may believe it is her destiny to bring about. The videos are excellent, but disturbing. (Kudos to Patrick, Oilwellian, Bruce Willson (, Leah Burton and others for their important work in revealing the “special mission from God” that Sarah believes she is on. Great links. Scary stuff.

Do you love your freedom? Well, so does Andy Borowitz, who particularly enjoys his freedom of speech, especially the wit and satire that is what he does for a living… unfortunately, Sarah and her minions would prefer to censor him and many others who dare to criticize or mock Sarah. But she makes herself such an easy target, with all the nonsense that she spews…how can anyone who does political satire possibly resist the temptation? The post ends with an invitation to Palingaters to take part in a new contest to create a cover for Sarah’s new book of inspirational quotations that she stole from others.

This week is turning into the first Palingates’ indie film festival, with two more BRILLIANT videos. These are originals, done by lidia17, in close consultation with P&K. They are wonderfully clear, convincing and professional, with excellent graphics and well-placed captions and blurb-zingers! The video includes some of the most compelling photographs, with the “veil of darkness” cleverly lifted to make Palin’s non-pregnancy all the more apparent. Palingaters collectively bow down to lidia17 and our peerless leaders for this excellent work, which we hope will go viral before long. Thanks to all the ‘Gaters for doing their part to get the link out.

The week, and month, wrap up with Patrick’s summary showing that Palingates continues to attract a phenomenal readership each month, including thousands of comments each week. And, continuing on the indie film festival theme, Palingates presents an animated “interview” of Sarah by Larry King! More information out there about Sarah’s lies, cleverly presented in an entertaining way. If Feedjit is any indication, this approach is very effective at bringing the truth about Sarah to a wider audience. This is a nice ending to an eventful month, and we urge everyone who believes that exposing Sarah’s many “gates” is important to please help support the work here at Palingates, at whatever level you can afford. Thanks!

Comments of the Week

I was away unexpectedly for several days at the end of the week, so I have not read the late-breaking comments yet; sorry! Please feel free to point out any comments or links that you feel should not be missed, in the roundup comment thread.

Guest: Look at the evidence for yourselves, and don't just dismiss it as too crazy to even consider. As Einstein said, "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."

Guest then gave an excellent recap of key aspects of the story that just doesn’t add up.

Macunaima (on Sarah capitalizing First Family): Oh, I think it's highly appropriate!
Todd = First Fool Track = First Felon Bristol = First in Fertility Willow = First Female Felon … and Sarah Herself, First Failure.

Sjkfromthebellyoftheplane: Ms. Gusty...Did $arah appear pregnant to you in the "gusty" pic?
Yes your Honor.
Madame flight attendant...Did $arah appear pregnant to you during her flight [4 days later]?
Your Honor, The state of her pregnancy was not apparent.

Ella: Early on, a friend of mine (mental health professional) said "She is scared shitless - terrified she is going to be found out."

Ivyfree: Sarah's pregnancy scam is a deliberate, callous and warped attempt to achieve a political goal using a helpless child, as well as her own daughter. There are lots of things you can call this behavior. Sick, yes. Horrible, yes. Perverted. Abusive. Dishonest. Contemptible. Crass. Greedy. And I don't think Sarah understands any of this.

Psalm 73: …this premeditated disturbing behavior would raise red flags about this woman being a presidential candidate. Not too many people would have the nerve to go through with this, unless they were disturbed.

Kilob: @sarahpalinusa Yo Sarah: C4P just stated u never released Trigs birth cert. Bad deal when ur own cult calls u a liar! Free Trig!!!

Sallyngarlandtx: During the healthcare debates, the psych hospital my son worked at had to call the Secret Service because of the threats made by one of the patients--bad threats about DC. The people with the "right wing fueled rage" seem to be unstable people pushed to the brink. He can tell when they have been listening to FOX--pretty pitiful.

bluedogAK: She said that Frye is so devoted to Palin that she has cut off her entire family, most of whom are Wasilla Republicans. This acquaintance said it's as if Palin has assembled a cult around her… Another acquaintance who is a good friend of Bill McAllister (Palin's former press secretary) recently told me that McAllister said that he had no idea Palin was pregnant until she announced it, even though he saw her almost daily. The person who told me this is a mother of four, well respected in her community, and convinced that Palin was never pregnant. But, as we all know, there's suspecting, there's knowing, and there's proving.

EOY: I'm glad you made a post about this. We see now how willing the press is to ignore things that they don't want to discuss for fear of reputations like others we know of. Facts don't matter. The truth doesn't matter. Here we have someone who was running for the second most important job in this country and the fact that a hoax may have been being played upon everyone was not worthy of investigation.

Finny: ...and I know that this calls for a reasoned, mature critique of the American mainstream media, but I would first need to say to those journalists:
bawk, bawk, bawk, ba-ba-ba-bawk, b-bawk bawk baaaawk!!!

Kathleenpalingates: …now we have validation that our doubts are not "tin foil" as some would suggest. That's a good thing.

Ella: This gives Andrew Sullivan and all of US, VALIDATION! We were led to believe that only "conspiracy nuts" were talking about the improbability of the wild ride and possible fake pregnancy. Now we see that we were NOT nuts! Many legit journalists KNEW! They knew! WE KNEW!

Emma: If that kid is Palin's I think she in borderline criminally negligent in not providing proof of Trig's parentage for the sake of her own children. And if that kid is not her child and she stuffed pillow up her dress and lied about his birth to promote her political ambition, then McCain and his group are criminally negligent for letting a person that manipulative, that dishonest and that insane anywhere near our presidency. I would like someone with any balls in the MSM to step forward and write THAT article.

Buffalogal: No matter which scenario is true, there is a news story here. I understand them not touching it back then. It was brand new, nearly impossible to believe and there was very little evidence. But now, 2 years later, with all that has been uncovered, it's clear as day that there are 3 possible scenarios and each of them points to $P being mentally ill on some level and unfit for office.

Litbrit: And one more thing: these folks allowed her to continue on. She cost Obama months and months with her stupid death panel bullshit. She has bilked God knows how many people out of their grocery money. They had the chance to stop her in their tracks, and they Didn't Go There. Cowards.

Hj: Remember that the *brief* journolist *private* (then) discussion took place very early in the campaign when little was known about her… They were pretty clear in their thinking: with no proof, hammering on her private life was no-win for everybody, especially liberals. Now -- two years later -- is a different matter…

Sdilmoak: Well...there is a Pulitzer Prize waiting for the writer who breaks this story.....

BS: Sarah - my favorite cartoon is SpongeBelly SquarePillow. What is yours?

Finny: Sarah, I want 2 look 7 months preg. Can u tell me what size pillow 2 wear?

Kilob and others noted this from journolist emails: Ryan Donmoyer Aug 30, 2008, 3:58pm
2) The state of Alaska yesterday removed official photographs of her the months that coincide with her third trimester.
There was a lively mini-thread on using the “wild ride” to introduce the topic to people not familiar with the story, and letting that “open doors” (Sarah’s favorite!) to presenting the rest of the story.

Anothersallly: Like the others have said many times, HIPAA doesn't apply if there is fraud. Also not sure if it applies to birthing a square pillow. I think many of the commentors here are not affected by HIPAA if they are only asking questions.

Aha: I would like to start a reward/donation of $10k for any information leading to the discovery of the Palin baby hoax. How would I go about setting it up? anyone know how I'd get the word out to the whole Wasilla / Anchorage community? [I would chip in – BBT]

Jk, Joe Christmas and others point out the hospital’s liability if the story were true, and that HIPAA does not apply to cover up a fraud.

BfromC told why she knows Sarah’s story is a lie, sharing her very personal story of premature rupture of membranes and the sad result. (((♥))) from Palingates to BfromC.

As ProChoiceGrandma pointed out, Bob Mackey (NYT) said: “…the issue shouldn’t be covering up for her daughter’s “shame”–it should be 1) did she use her position and authority for personal gain/use (much like the discussed issue of the state police) and 2) did she do it less for her daughter’s protection than her protecting her own “family values” agenda and political career? These are the questions that should be asked. ” [BBT: Okay, Mr. Mackey, ask and answer them!]

Sunnyjane (living up to her name): Bottom line, in my opinion: What Palingates and the other progressive blogs are doing is truly helping this country fight the right-wing on all fronts. Please, keep doing it and try not to get discouraged.

MadamDeal coined a great new one: “Waterdidn'tbreakgate” and had a great idea: Let's all buy [a fake pregnancy belly] and show up at all of La Palin's rallies with signs that read: WE'RE PREGNANT SARAH; JUST LIKE YOU WERE!! Will be especially effective when Serror sees all the pregnant men in the crowd.

StupidSarah: The disconnect between reality and fantasy-land is the zone where Sarah, and her supporters, believe that she has been given a hard time by the press. Never, in the history of world politics, has someone been given such universally positive, borderline cult-like, approval - not since the days of Hitler's rise to power.

Peacepax: Actually, Id rather be doing almost any thing other than talk about Palin.
But I know that all it takes for evil to flourish is for good people do nothing.

Helen thought lilly-lilly’s comment would make a great subject for a post: That is why French Queens gave birth in front of the court publically. Because baby changing, baby fraud has happened historically for reasons of state.

Jane reminded us: peacepax, yes, I think this is it... NONE (no DS births) in April. Wish I could remember where I saw that. It was in comments and at the time I wondered why no one seemed to notice it. I have been an active reader of this blog for months and tonight is the first time I have posted... [anyone have documentation on this?]

Anothersallly: Like the others have said many times, HIPAA doesn't apply if there is fraud. Also not sure if it applies to birthing a square pillow. I think many of the commentors here are not affected by HIPAA if they are only asking questions.

Sjkfromthebellyoftheplane: @$arah u cant Fake the Nation and Eat the Press for much longer bloggers r on 2 u & only 9% in NH want u.

Honestyingov pointed out HuffPo’s story on the location of the “mosque,” copying what EOY wrote here last week (without H/T). It’s good the word is getting out, anyway.

PUAAN had a brilliant post on the role of Mat-Su in this story (3:26 a.m. Tuesday).

Cheeriogirl had an interesting post about the risk of ear deformities when Accutane is used during the first trimester; that “microtia” occurs on the right side more often than left and in boys more often than girls; and that described “placental steal syndrome” (which can occur with twins/multiples).

FormerRepublican tells of growing up with an evangelical, narcissistic mother: We were taught to see the world as black and white, as believers and non-believers, and that Satan lurked everywhere and would try to tempt us and snatch us back from God.

Smoke and Mirrors: …The only reason Palin isn't going to get away with perpetuating a massive fraud on the American people is that a relatively small group of people have refused to sit down and shut up. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, people…

Eclecticsandra: This post is the most important one because it reveals how SP is a pawn… she is dangerous. Not because of what she believes or says, but because she captures the imaginations of the unthinking and exploits the motives of those who control her.

Links of the Week

Sickntiredofpalin linked to an excellent letter to the editor

EOY: This is a good read as it gives us an insight into how the journalists were looking at the Trig story and their reasoning behind not pursuing it.

And some good news: That new poll out of New Hampshire also finds that 51 percent say they're less likely to back a Palin-endorsed candidate; among moderates that number is 65 percent.

anonPoster: Corn's post. (on Sarah’s FB claiming that the mean media caused her to quit the Governorship)

mxm: Bristol and Levi, Together Forever?

Cheeriogirl found a great fake pregnancy site. Uh-oh Sarah- GOTCHA!!!

Midnightcajun: Ho-Ho-Ho: did y'all see this!

Several readers posted this link

Juicyfruityy had quite a few great links:

On Arizona immigration ruling:
On O’Reilly and DADT
H/T Andrew Sullivan

Annettek: Read this front page from Kos
Lots of Palin punditry in the news round up, and she ain't gonna like it.

Kilob (quoting KarenJ): KaJo503 @SarahPalinUSA - my favorite cartoon is SpongeBelly SquarePillow. See a resemblance, esp, Apr 2008 Elan Frank vid?

Patrick: BIG NEWS! Alaska Dispatch linked to our "babygate" posts!! The Palinbots will go nuts!

And: Great new post by litbrit about babygate! Well, actually, it's a guest post ;-)

Disqusux: Here is JESUS CAMP, the video that I downloaded for Palingaters on Wes's recommendation. Have a box of tissues handy - in a lot of countries this would be a documentary about child abuse.

Redwood Palinizer’s daughter had a wonderful blogpost that gives me some hope for her generation.

OMG. Patrick found THIS

Later from Joe Christmas: Ich bin ein paliner.

Sunnyjane: Republicans = Tea Party (Say It Loud; Say It Strong)

Patrick: Babygate is being discussed in the comments to this article in the Washington Post!

Sickntiredofpalin had this heartwarming link re our young friend Max

Bluerinse had another great “dummies” video on the Teapublicans

Ilovepoodles: Max Blumenthal went to Alaska and shot amazing video with former Alaskan Independence Party chairman Mark Chryson.

honestyingov: EVERYBODY read this story on Huffpo by this screenwriter Robert J. Elisberg. And have a look HERE.

Aview999 quoting Anne Rice 'I Quit Being A Christian':
"I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control. I refuse to be anti-Democrat. I refuse to be anti-secular humanism. I refuse to be anti-science. I refuse to be anti-life."

Cheeriogirl: Check out the newest ad from the DNC- The Republican Tea Party. It's FABULOUS!

And: Wowee- Politico's on FIRE! Comments are SIZZLING, and are almost 100% AGAINST the GOP, for their vote to deny benefits to the 9/11 First Responders… Trust me folks THIS is BIG. People are LIVID…

Litbrit’s 10-questions post has gone viral!!

PaulaCD: Here’s a great website about theocracy and how the right wing through Christianity invaded US politics beginning in the 60’s.


Palingates Moneyblast Update:

We are incredibly happy to report that so far we have had an excellent response to our moneyblast!

Up until now, $ 1441 has been donated!

We had a few larger donations, but also a high number of smaller donations, including many new donors. We really appreciate all donations, regardless of the amount!

The moneyblast is running until next Monday. We want to raise $ 2 million, just like SarahPAC, and it looks as if we are well on our way. ;-)

Thank you very much for your support, Palingators! :-)

We will give another update tomorrow.

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