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Palingates Weekly Roundup August 8-15, 2010 - UPDATE: Republican candidates in NH talk about possible endorsement by Sarah Palin (Video)

By Blueberry Tart

We’ll start right where we ended up last week – with the post on Sarah’s faux-fishing, which led to a confrontation with Kathleen Gustafson, a teacher who dared to hang up a banner proclaiming Sarah the “Worst Governor Ever.” The video of this confrontation has gone viral. It shows the Palins surrounding and intimidating Kathleen physically.

Todd and the other goon circling to block the person filming and deliberately bumping into Kathleen; Sarah and Willow feigning surprise at Sarah being called a celebrity; Sarah rolling her eyes on finding out Kathleen is a teacher.

Willow’s belligerent and snotty proclamation that Sarah “represents United States.” (In your wildest dreams, Willow.) There were many links and nods from other blogs to PG’s post with slo-mo eye-roll – great work, Patrick! Nice job stepping in it again and showing your true colors, Sarah!

Did Sarah Palin’s endorsement cost Karen Handel the nomination for Governor of Georgia? Handel won the first round, just last month, by more than 11% points, but ended up losing the runoff. Sarah’s Midas touch at work? Georgia Right to Life opposed Handel’s candidacy, bringing Trig Palin into the debate. How dare they use Trig?! Only Sarah can do that! Sarah said their claim was “disgusting,” failing to mention that she made the same charge against unnamed “liberals.” Then she brought Trig-the-prop onstage, because that’s what mama grizzlies do with their kids! The post also highlighted comments from a number of voters who decided against Handel because of Palin’s endorsement. The update covers Rep. Jack Kingston’s wish that Palin would “butt out” of state races.
(late Thursday for most of us!)

An interfaith group of forty religious leaders and scholars issued a statement decrying the opposition to Cordoba House’s proposal to build an Islamic center two blocks from Ground Zero. Their statement explicitly calls out the religious bigotry of Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and others who have inflamed anti-Muslim passions over this issue. “Mr. Gingrich, Ms. Palin and other prominent voices privileged to have the ear of the media would make a more lasting contribution to our nation if they stopped issuing inflammatory statements and instead helped inspire a civil dialogue between Christians, Jews and Muslims committed to a future guided by the principles of compassion, justice and peace. Fear-mongering and hateful rhetoric only undermine treasured values at the heart of diverse faith traditions and our nation's highest ideals.”

After all the serious stuff this week, Friday night was a good time to kick back and laugh our a**es off, enjoying Kathy Griffin’s D-List trip to Alaska. Oh, to have one of those mouths that will say all the brazen and outrageous things (often totally true) that most of us were taught NEVER to say out loud! She calls Sarah “the gift that keeps on giving…the Brittany Spears of politics” and calls Sarah’s town “Mucilla, Alaska, a digestive drink for older people.” As usual, she throws in some great insights amidst the irreverence and snark, like (in response to Sarah’s Oprah appearance): “[Sarah] keeps really insisting that she’s taking the high road, saying let’s dial it down, but she’s really not.” Levi comes off as gentlemanly if not too talkative, and a great foil for Kathy’s humor.

Sarah has been lobbing more “tweet-grenades” at President Obama, displaying her envy and inner rage at the man who dared to interfere with her grandiose plans to scale the heights of power. So, left without position and title, what can she do? Have Twitter tantrums! Since yesterday, she tweeted six times, along with one FB post on the Cordoba House controversy. Her inane, disrespectful, nasty taunts would simply be more evidence that she is stuck in the playground bully stage – or melting down before our eyes – were it not for the power-brokers who pull the puppet strings, and her role as a fundraiser and spokesperson for the RNC. Patrick calls on us to tweet right back to let her know just what we think of her. So – this post is a call to arms, attached to fingers, typing away on keyboards – instructions for Twitter are included in the post. Tweet away, ‘Gaters! Update about another mosque nearby: “This makes it even more obvious that the current ‘mosque-controversy’ is just a big show, a despicable manufactured controversy, designed to whip-up the right-wing base.”

Comments of the Week (6363 comments and counting since last Sunday’s post!)

Junebug: …She just can't take any criticism whatsoever. She could never, ever run a campaign again. Her skin is the thinnest anywhere. She is a mess, completely undisciplined, and that ain't gonna change…

Laprofesora: …Scarah knows deep down inside…that she doesn't belong. She has no education, no innate talent, intelligence or social grace… All she has is being mean. She is a sad, pathetic nobody who hasn't figured out that the group she does belong to is the mentally ill.

Redwood Palinizer: Yes, she is a tremendous bully!! This video showcases it so well and that is why it is so very important that all of us keep the spotlight on her so we can continue to expose her true character.

Ella gave us all the gift of her beautiful song, Plenty of Heaven, from the CD Copia. Thank you!

Moon: some "40 something" women often have a hard time transitioning to a more mature Chic look. Often times these women have gotten by on their youthful good looks in the past, and not their accomplishments and intellect. Sarah falls into this catagory. She needs to put away the above knee skirts (and skull boots! lol) and behave like a mature woman. Somehow, i don't think she ever will. She's already passed the cut off where she looks stupid instead of cute.

JTme was eating Crunch Wrap Supremes and channeling Sarah! Uh-oh, time for an intervention!

Espresso4me: …nothing would surprise me about this hypocrite. Palin is morally, ethically, emotionally, and intellectually bankrupt and has no conscience whatsoever. She's capable of anything to feed her cavernous and empty self. Later espresso was writing poetry about Sarah:
There once was a woman who wrote on her hand
Writing over and over again as she planned

Dreams of great power, money to burn
Worshipers at each and every turn.

Then one day, her magic marker went dry
Her illusions -- gone in a wink of a wonky eye.

Whisked off to a place for the mentally ill
No magic marker to make her world fill rill.

She insisted she was POTUS--yep, for real.
Yes, of course dear, but time for meds and a meal…

Barb_Dwyer on Palin-Stevens connections: She worked on the Stevens campaigns starting back in the mid 90's. I'm sure Ted and Bill helped her build her home, her house of cards and taught her all sorts of ways to lie, cheat and steal.

JCos said what I was thinking also2: Shouldn't the headline of the article at HuffPost read, "Alaskan [Teacher] Confronted by Angry Former-Governor'?

Things turned very ugly as Palinbots smeared Kathleen Gustafson and tried to get her fired, prompting Patrick to say: That's really disgusting. The Palinbots are the brownshirts of the internet.

Kellygrrrl: Peaceful Conservatives: Please rePudiate the insane tactics of the rabid palinbots. EOY followed up on Twitter: Peaceful Sane Conservatives, pls repudiate Sarah Palin fans attack on AK teacher. Those actions stab the hearts of all educators!

Mxm: It is a bully tactic intended to belittle and denigrate Kathleen. Palin and her family members are BULLIES. They practice the behavior and reward one another for successes. She and Willow were working together from a basis of lots of practice.

Frag Monger (quoting Sarah on Handel): "She's going to lead Georgia, proudly, into the 21st century!" - Uh...someone needs to let Palin know that the 21st century started about 10 years ago! LMAO!

Louie’s back! Well Sarah, been a while (some of us actually have a job), but it looks like things have been going swimmingly (or drowningly, feel free to use that.)….

Sallyngarland,tx: If Palin wants to talk about ugly abortion comments, how about Todd Tiahrt, who she endorsed, who said…Obama's mother would have/or could have aborted him…

Ripley in CT: Waiting for Palin to point the bony finger of refudiation at Kingston.

Ginny had an interesting quote: "…Most children who are victims of parental abuse do not know how to resist. They fear rejection by parents more than they fear the abuse, it seems. The 'power differential' is huge between parents and children and the dependence on parents is virtually absolute…”

HelenNPN found this on Goldwater Conservative August 9, 2010 at 7:57 pm
Which one is Trig? Is that the kid that Palin carries around to get sympathy and votes or is that the illegitimate child of Palin’s daughter? [BBT: Both!]

Trisha had a good headline: Palin attacks woman for using her DS child as a political prop while concurrently using her DS child as a political prop.

Psalm 73: Sarah's orcs don't disappoint. If they think she's appointed by God, well maybe, for the purpose of using her to weed out the true christians from the fake; by using her to see who will follow a liar, schemer, and reckless mother, someone who is uncouth and belittles others…

EyeOnYou: …in my opinion, the worst thing that could happen to her is for her to become a laughing stock, a joke in every sense of the word. That would kill her. It would destroy her to think that no one cares what she does or thinks any longer. With an ego like hers, she craves adulation like a drug, and the less she gets of it, the more she will crave it. When it stops she will really lose it.

Ennealogic: I think we should call palinbots what they really are: members of the Cult of Palin.
Sarah is not a politician. Sarah is not a celebrity. She is a cult leader…She has worshipers…

Patrick from Wonkette: I think she regards “the truth” as the enemy.

Drpatois and others quoted President Obama: “This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable. The principle that people of all faiths are welcome in this country, and will not be treated differently by their government, is essential to who we are.”

Leota: Now, now everyone--- the WGE and twittering idiot went twenty- four hours before she stuck her cloven hooves into another pile of shit. She couldn't lambast the religious leaders, so she had to go after the President--again…

ThanksABunchJohn: …if we did what Palin and the haters proposed, and made them move the mosque, then the terrorists would win. They would have effectively caused us to shift our tenet of the freedom of religion, in direct reaction to their treacherous acts. We would appear to have sold our souls, and that is encouraging to them, and a great recruitment tool as well. She spews about "protecting" and she endangers us every day - feeding the fear, caving to terrorist intimidation, and more importantly, attacking the President of the United States in times of war...

kathleenpalingates: @sarahpalinusa I thought that you read everything? Obama has already supported the mosque you twitter fool!Do your job read before you twit!

Dusty17: My tweet to her: @SarahPalinUSA Thank God we have a real Constitutional Law Professor as our President as opposed to you and Gramps uh?

Ella: ha ha ha , she had the nerve to call the stimulus funds (for States) a BRIBE! The $1200+ check to every man, woman and child in Alaska, however, is not a bribe? HUH?

There were many great tweets in regard to the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy; here is one that honestyingov found: caradox .@SarahPalinUSA As long as we're deciding whose religions are nice & whose are scary, we have some questions about your witchdoctor. #p2 2 minutes ago via Echofon

Historygoddess had a great post Saturday about challenging the generalities, revisionist history and disinformation of Beck, Limbaugh, Palin and their followers. ProChoiceGrandma aptly compared their rants to a virus. Ontohertricks cautioned us: But hitting 'below the belt', engaging in personal attack, and degrading the humanity of ANY person merely obliterates our message, causes the truth to once again become obscured, and makes us vulnerable to similar attacks by others. If we don't watch ourselves closely, we can easily become that which we hate.

Toccaro: Er....WGE...If I'm not mistaken, did you not,just a short while ago, tell Ms. Gufstavson (sp) that you had annointed yourself to "fight for our constitutional rights?" Did one of your daughters not say that you represented all of America? What happened? Did you lie again? If you're fighting for American's CONSTITUTIONAL rights, why are you all atwitter about the proposed community center in NY? FREEDOM of RELIGION is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, ok?...

Mocha: “I think this is bigger than Palin making crazy-ass tweets.”

Jdevine806 had an excellent post on how the anti-Muslim screed is setting the stage for something bigger, such as war on Iran; he/she cites and interesting article: My Alma Mater Is a Cesspool

I’ll wrap up the comments with a great PG tweet from earlier in the week, w H/T to ForeverAnonymous: @sarahpalinUSA Wiki has the leak u left in Texas, it is waterbreaking news. Refudiate it before it refudiates u.

We all send (((♥))) to Mr & MrsGunka

Links of the Week

Sickntiredofpalin: What’s surprising is how enthusiastically Palin’s tweets are covered as news. She’s become the avatar of a new breed of quasi-journalism. Call it tweetalism. [This was the beginning of last week!] Later in the week, sickntired had this on how Sarah, Armey and others are trying to use the Tea Party.

Bluerinse linked to dailykos: The tax ratchet

Lillibird found a great video from campaign period.

Maelewis had this on Sarah at U of Idaho and later some photoshop snark.

Mrs TBB found another great Monty Python skit, this on a pet halibut!

Aview999 (quoting DSCC petition): “Stand with us and tell Sarah Palin we don't buy her lies and we'll fight against them to protect President Obama's agenda for change. Tell Sarah to stop lying..."

And this from DailyKos on WillowPalin’s vandalism.

Several great posts with links later, PCG dubbed Aview999 the “Queen of Links”!

Patrick linked to Sully (who picked up story of the eye roll and ridiculous boots).

And this from Sarah Jones: The Palin cult are going after Kathleen Gustafson hard…

a brilliant take off on the eye roll video.

the “Anatomy of a smear campaign"

Excellent comment on a conservative blog regarding the Homer video.

Levi’s reality show: “I just want to show people who I really am.”

Sickntiredofpalin donated $100 to the Homer radio station in support of Kathleen G – how wonderful!

Pam posted a link to a Palin bio from the Biography Channel; it includes a fair amount of Palin-worship along with some “balance” and a number of photos that I had not seen before.

Honestyingov linked to a Facebook page supporting Kathleen Gustfson.

And later to Jimmy Kimmel on Levi’s mayoral bid.

HelenNPN: this is interesting - it unravels the backwards spin the entire right wing blogosphere has worked feverishly on to discredit Kathleen G.

Kellygrrrl: the piece in DKos today has great links that blow the lid on some of the biggest lies out there right now.

ThanksABunchJohn linked to a good Palin smackdown in the Homer paper. EOY points out the poll on the right side of the page; currently (Thursday a.m.) it shows 81.5% think Sarah was “rude and condescending.”

Bluerinse had a few good Jon Stewart clips: "Jon Stewart Yet Again Reduces Sarah Palin to Irrelevance" and "Jon Stewart Exposes the Financial Idiocy of Sarah Palin, John Boehner, and Other Republicans."

Lilylake linked to HuffPo on how to spot liars (appropriately featuring Sarah, among others):

Fashionplate linked to video of a young woman named Dani commenting on Sarah’s confrontation with Kathleen.

BfromC from “...Whatever she does in 2012, and however much she is hurting or helping Republican primary candidates this year, one thing is for certain: Jack Kingston isn't the first Republican Sarah Palin has frustrated, and he damn sure won't be the last.”

Curiouser11 linked to “Lashrew & Squirrely” – LOL!

Lilylake linked to Kos: "My favorite Sarah Palin moment" Palin is an attention monger, selling herself as a big runner with a splashy magazine layout in a premier running magazine. Yet given the chance to actually, you know, run, she couldn't even finish a measly 5K run. Is there a better anecdote to illustrate the essence of Sarah?

Cheeriogirl had this on the eye roll and this from Wonkette.

Sdilmoak linked to this from flyinyoureye.

SickntiredofPalin linked to reports that Levi and Bristol reached a custody settlement.

Dusty17 linked to an excellent post by Malia Litman.

Amazed had a request: Please do a blog post on this topic ... A Confused and Clueless Palin Doesn’t Know What a Stimulus Package is.

Wes in Oregon linked to an excellent photo album.

Excellent point from ontohertricks: They are making this THE obsession topic of summer 2010, just as they made 'death panels' THE obsession topic of summer 2009. Everyone please note: she/they are directing the discussion/talking points, not the dems. The dems and others must 'get out in front' and control the talking points on every agenda, rather than let them be erroneously (and thus divisively) defined by those who wish to create civil turmoil in this great country for the purpose of their own power lusts.

Curiouser11 also found this photo that many of us had missed, purportedly of Sarah at her graduation, from Greta VS “An American Woman.”


As this graduation picture received a lot of comments from our readers, I would like to add another picture to the discussion, which can be found in "Going Rogue" (large size HERE):

Sarah Palin Graduation Day - Going Rogue


There are some new inexpensive Zazzle goodies available:

Palingates smart pets

Special Gandhi quote mug



I had to make an update, because I just saw an extremely interesting clip which was posted by Phil Munger on Progressive Alaska. In this clip, four Republican candidates for New Hampshire's 2nd congressional district - Charlie Bass, Bob Giuda, Jennifer Horn and Wesley Sonner are being asked what their position is regarding a possible endorsement by Sarah Palin. Watch the reactions!


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