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Palingates Weekly Roundup August 17-20, 2010

By Blueberry Tart

Idaho Vandal presented an excellent guest post on Sarah Palin’s “college collage.” Beginning in Hawaii, true to future form, she dropped out of one college within two weeks, then spent one semester at Hawaii Pacific University, the next two at North Idaho College, skipped a semester before going to the University of Idaho for 2 semesters, then went to Mat-Su Community College (part-time) for a semester before spending three more semesters at UI, reportedly receiving a degree in 1987. Degree in what, you may ask…“journalism.” Or was it “communications.” Minor in poli-sci – or maybe not? As with all things Palin, her college story is hard to follow and doesn’t add up. This is her MO. She’s been getting away with things that are confusing and hard to follow for more than twenty years. Many ‘Gaters think the blonde throwing the mortarboard is Sarah’s sister.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 (1)

Micmac “alerts” Sarah to the glaring inconsistency in her endorsement of Governor Christie of New Jersey. Christie reappointed a judge who refused to grant a restraining order against a man who repeatedly abused his wife, claiming he was following Sharia law. Undoubtedly now (or perhaps by the time hell freezes over) she will rescind her endorsement and ask them both to step down. (Fortunately, the judge’s ruling was overturned by a higher court.) Patrick commented on the influence of Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal on the American media. He holds a large interest in Murdock’s News Corp, and uses it to influence American energy politics. The post also includes a video and links on Emily’s List “mama grizzlies” fighting back against Sarah politics that would set women back decades, and a link to Salon on the “mosque” fear-mongering.

Regina (!) has an excellent post discussing whether oil and wildlife mix, in the ANWR. Greta Van Susteren traveled there with Sarah and Todd, who gave their view of the area – flat, barren, devoid of any real value – except its oil. They implied that a few caribou visible from their site, along with 2 birds, were representative of the area’s wildlife. Regina’s research showed otherwise. The outstanding wildlife include muskox, arctic gyrfalcon, snow goose, polar bear, arctic fox, bowhead whale, and porcupine caribou, among others. Who do you trust for information about ANWR, the US Fish & Wildlife Service or Sarah Palin? Is there a connection between Greta VS’s coverage of ANWR and Patrick’s discussion in the last post on the promotion of gas/oil interests by Faux News?

Another excellent guest post, this one by FreeTrig, who shares on-the-ground observations of Sarah and Todd at the Ted Stevens funeral. Sarah had no role in the funeral, as the speakers, led by VP Biden, were colleagues who had worked with Stevens during his 40 year tenure in the Senate. Sarah was out of the limelight, a few rows back, where she chewed gum, tweeted, and – wait for it – rolled her eyes. (If you thought she might give up on that gesture for a while, after the Homer fiasco, you’d be wrong. She always doubles down on her gaffes.)

Republican activist Andrée McLeod

Andrée McLeod is one of the bravest and most determined people on the planet, and she is not going to sit down and shut up. She is now calling for an investigation into rampant corruption in the Parnell-Palin administration…Trans-Canada, AGIA, Enstar, Todd and Jim Palin lobbying, cronyism at the AK Energy Authority, Parnell using state employees to staff his campaign, dairygate…AK sure is a mess!

Comments of the Week

Sunnyjane: A new slogan for the Democratic party should be: You Have Nothing to Fear but FOX NEWS Itself.

Bluerinse: I asked her, but she didn't reply to me. @SarahPalinUSA Is yr latest twitapalooza because they upped or lowered your meds? Hope under #Obamacare they get it right for all our sakes

HelenNPN had a sobering report on a Quran-burning event hosted by a “church” in Florida. "We believe that Islam is of the devil, that it's causing billions of people to go to hell, it is a deceptive religion, it is a violent religion and that is proven many, many times," Pastor Terry Jones told CNN's Rick Sanchez earlier this week.

Bell Peppery: PepBelle@SarahPalinUSA Yes, you have the right to leak amnio fluid and fly ~10 hours while 8 months preggo but, should you?

Conservmommy: Now... on with the mission. Just call us the Anti-Palin 'Progressive Conservatives'!

Aha: It's too bad Sarah can't be arrested for Twittering Under The Influence (TUTI).

Kellygrrrl: …I can see journos not wanting to touch babygate w/o irrefutable evidence ... but there is more than enough video evidence of her participating in some insane cultish rituals…It pisses me off to no end that Rightwingers get a free pass on so many issues to which Leftwingers are skewered and destroyed: religion, infidelity, ethics ... to name but a few

Toccaro had an encouraging post about how his/her daughter recently realized that Sarah did fake the pregnancy, after not believing it previously.

AnnaLynne had a good catch from USA Today article: she also says "’I've never had problems with my other pregnancies, so I was shocked,’ said Palin, a mother of four other children." Ummm how about those 2 miscarriages?

Mrs TBB BS meter was going off: …Given that I have a degree in journalism (DING!) from a public university (DING!), worked as a journalist and editor (DING! DING!), as did Mr. B (DING!), and that Mr. B frequently reads resumes and hires people (DING! DING! DING!)…Well, all I can say is that once again, $P is lying through her dental veneers (DING!).

Leota2: The only thing I have to say to this is---this proves that Sarah is unstable. One transfer to another school--sure. Lack of funds doesn't usually send you scurrying around to different states and paying application fees to different colleges… I'm thinking Sarah just couldn't adjust, and tended to bolt when the heat was on or she was bored. Future quitter is what this says. Also, I'm thinking she may go through manic periods.

Jen: I think this aspect is extremely important. Her record on this is very distinctive, as you write, and points to an inability to see things through…

Yknott: Sooo...she had a faux pregnancy, a faux degree, a faux marriage, a faux book and she works for faux news. At least she is consistent! :)

And later: Her "college career" does not pass the smell test and I'm betting the McCain "Vetting Team" stumbled on to this early on and buried as much as they could.

Jk on a similar theme: …What I see is a woman who pretends to be an great athlete, pretends to be the hero, pretends to have perseverance, pretends to have a servants heart, pretends to be a good mother, pretends to be a good wife, and pretends to know what she's talking about…

This earlier comment was reposted: madisonhack …Palin never graduated from college. I called the University of Idaho and the Office of the Registrar has no record of Sarah Louise Heath having graduated there in 1987...NO RECORD... Again, they had no record of her degree in 1987, 1986, or 1988 for that matter.

Leota2: The most fascinating thing about all of this is---why would a woman who was a mayor, a governor and then a vice-presidential candidate ONLY talk about high school?

Kellygrrrl had the answer: I believe they call that "arrested development" -- emotionally, she never actually graduated from high school, that was her peak, and she will continue to be emotionally drawn to it until she works through her issues -- which we all know is never going to happen.
Guest had a detailed post (early Wednesday) reporting that he/she could not find anyone else with a degree in communications from UI in 1987; the post also provides current degree requirements.

Ivyfree: Some people grow up learning to be successful. Sarah grew up learning to lie to conceal her failure. Now she says she graduated from college. Please explain to me why I should believe her.

MadamDeal on the “señorita con cojones” article: … if Victoria was discussing Palin's feminine side it should have included…the "victim" persona as the "damsel in distress." …she is also a Mom Victim…You never say anything critical about mothers. Ever…Her lying and cowardice are hidden behind her Noble Mother image…

Palinized picked this off HuffPo (Many ‘Gaters made similar comments): "Most universities require a minimum of 15 credit hours /semester or 120 semester hours of credit to graduate. Assuming she took 15 hours of credits at Hawaii the D in economics would not have transfered to the University of Idaho. None of the credits from Mat-Su CC would have transfered since it wasn't an accredited school until after Palin attended. Even if University of Idaho were being generous they would not have accepted more than about 3/4 of the credits from North Idaho Community College and Hawaii. In changing majors frequently as Palin did one loses credits toward graduation because they don't apply to one's major. It seems unlikely she ever accumulated enough semester credits to graduate given the number of semesters she spent in accredited colleges and universities."

Anon: …She comes across as angry and maliciously envious of people who achieved higher education…

‘Gaters liked Conscious at Last’s comment: "The current GOP is the party of OIL and War".

kellygrrrl: of the top 5 contenders for the GOP presidential nomination, 4 are Fox employees

This led others to remind us that Fox just contributed $1M to the Republicans.

Tan had many interesting comments this week; here is part of one: Her hatred for Shariah law and the middle eastern theocracies is rooted deep in her envy of these things; the only part Sarah thinks is wrong is 'islam' should be 'christian', 'mohammed' should be 'jesus'. She admires them but despises their wrongness i.e. Their faith in Islam rather than Christianity.

anonPoster: …It's time for all reasonable folks to recognize that Palin and the GOP are deliberately manipulating the public into angry, rancorous arguments about divisive cultural issues every f* cking week in order to avoid discussing the substantive issues.

Deb: You ask, "Who hijacked the term, feminist?" It is those of us who have been fighting for equal rights for ten, twenty, thirty, forty years prior to you ever trying to claim feminism as a way to line your pockets with donations. Yes, Sarah, we have been there paving for the way for your silly ass to run as a VP candidate…

CaliGirl22 led many ‘Gaters in celebrating the departure of US combat troops from Iraq!!!

Rockyintexas: sarah palin opening her mouth causes...much more hate...than any Mosque, anywhere.

There were MANY comments on Sarah’s tweets during and after Ted Stevens funeral, including the one urging Dr. Laura Racist to “reload.” Laprofesora summed it up: Can she be any more pathetic, tweeting from a funeral? This is a new low, even for her. I swear, she's going off the deep end...

Dag: …Sarah Palin seems perpetually angry, always being provocative with some adversary or another, always with a perceived enemy.. If…people start to notice that this woman can't seem to shutup, that she is always expressing anger - and that she…is now siding with a racist - they will form unpleasant associations with her at the very least, and hopefully dismiss her because of it…

Ebbtide: She is not amusing. She is not entertaining. She is a loud-mouthed demagogue who has done nothing but bring shame to our country.

Louiecypher: the Queen has her English so why not you!?!? We'll call it Plinglish for starters…Gafferastical, see this is where you make a gaffe and use it in your favor.. Splainwreck, this is where you try and explain something you are supposedly an expert on and fail...

Kellygrrrl: Bitter Quitter Twits unite in Free Hate Speech. Cackle on, Rad Fem'bots! And: Passe Posse of Cackling Cliche Quitter Queens

JCos: Greta, Grizzly and Toad = Arctic Death Panel

Avasmom: Sarah must have known that it was offensive to tweet the world "shackles" in her defense of Dr. Laura's use of the n-word. However, in typical childish Sarah fashion, she decided to repeat the word and use it a few more hundred times in spite of it.

Bandit Basheert translated RAM-Sarah’s FB: Let me translate: I love racists but I don't like being called a racist and it's ok even if I use the "n" word because like Dr. Laura I am allowed to use the "n" word as long as I don't call someone the 'n' word and this is a plot by Obama to once again condemn conservatives because I reloaded when this happened to me and now Dr. Laura is being shackled by her detractors when she is falsely accused of being a racist .... and EOY added: You forgot the part about everyone trying to steal her 1st amendment rights!

Maelewis: …It also explains why Sarah needs to bring along members of her family when she attends events and gives speeches. It reminds me of a time in school when some girls needed a "best friend" [who] was the recipient of gossip, and together, the two could laugh at people, make remarks or tease. It was a mutual kind of psychological devise, because neither could hurl insults and smart remarks without the other… Later mae took on Sarah’s use of the word “shackle” in her FB post.

ThanksABunchJohn: In one day Palin completely offended two huge voting blocks, women and minorities. Twitter shut down - many times - and it was all negative reaction. She must be insane, there just isn't any other explanation.

Deb: Roh Roh, the Governut forgot that she said this previously .
LMAO. Oops, she did it again!!

ApparentReality: …She doesn't have that inner "silent witness" that keeps insane behaviors in check.

Trisha: Oh I see, in Palin's view, using the word "retard" on a adult cartoon program is unacceptable and she lashes out on facebook and attacks the show and it's writers. But, Dr. S. using the "N" word over and over is just fine....even good.

CaliGirl22: Hey Sarah, what college did you graduate from? Sarah replies "any of 'em, all of 'em".

D lusia: In fact, I have compassion for Palin in a general way because I believe she has a mental illness. That said, I am acutely aware that her backers are militaristic, intolerant, and fanatical followers of various isms and creeds--from neocons to religious fundamentalist extremists and that she's a potential threat as long as she fronts for them. She operates as a fulcrum at the intersection of a dangerous, blind militarism with religious zealotry and bigotry.

Krbmjb65: I call it "Tweet and Retreat" and "Drive-By Facebooking"

Carriesblank is going to the 8/28 Washington rally; here is a sign idea from mxm: He had a dream, she quit. Ivyfree: Terrorist funder Al Waleed pays Sarah & Beck salaries- WHY?

Greetings to Suelu814, a long-time reader and first time poster. Drpatois and others had excellent comments late Saturday/early Sunday. There were so many good ones that I ran out of room!

Links of the Week

Patrick: from Daily Beast: "The irony is that Palin and Gingrich do not represent the idealism and philosophy of America, a nation that is liberal, open, democratic, and secular. Gingrich is a false American; Palin is a falsetto American." Other links: The Political Carnival and Democratic Underground.

Excellent 2008 article in The New Republic on “The Resentments of Sarah Palin”: “A trip through Palin's past reveals that almost every step of her career can be understood as a reaction to elitist condescension--much of it in her own mind.”

“…opponents of the center are playing into the hands of Al Queda.”

GhostbusterTX and Older_Wiser linked to TPM on distortions of the President’s statements on the mosque controversy.

Tan found a great list of the 25 most devastating quotes about Sarah. Also2 this, on Sarah Palin's vocabulary, and this, on fascism.

disqusux: 9/11 Families Group Announces Support for Islamic Cultural Center in Lower Manhattan

Older_Wiser linked to Gottalaff – Support for mama grizzlies drops and an excellent post by Sarah Jones later in the week.

Sparsam had this link showing what is 2 blocks away from WTC site.

Bluerinse linked to Phil Munger's of Progressive Alaska report on Emily’s List targeting SP and her reactionary candidate endorsements.

disquxus had this from Newshounds on GVS ANWR series.

With H/T to Andrew Sullivan’s blog, here is Kimmel’s Johnston interview.

aview999 had many links; here are a few: this followup from

Poll: Most Don't Want Sarah Palin to Run for President

Palin's Poll Numbers Hit Historic Lows, Even Among GOPers

"…another mark of just how toxic Palin has become to the rest of the world -- and how out of sync with public opinion the media obsession with Palin's influence really is."

SAY WHAT? The 15 Craziest 'Palinisms' So Far (PHOTOS)

Geoffrey Dunn: Rocker Sheryl Crow Records Anti-Palin Anthem

Think Progress on GVS promoting Palin without disclosing husband’s role.

Open Salon's Greer McVay on Sarah’s race-baiting, “real America” quote from John Birch Society, and her MO: “just rant and run.”

Myrtilla had a great summary of all the people who knew Sarah during her college career (early Wednesday thread) and this link to NYT. (same link from Caroline)

Elizabeth: …an amazingly honest description of Granny Palin's modus operandi.

Guest: Here's an article in NYTimes regarding Alaska "feasting on Dollars" from Washington DC while calling anything…that President Obama does as socialistic!...

Ontohertricks reported on a law pushed and passed by Republicans under Bush, limiting local authority to regulate building by religious institutions.

Sparsam had a link to Dr. Laura dissing Sarah Palin.

Disqusux had a great link on ANWR.

and more: Here's the'fair and balanced' part: After 6 Pro-Drilling Segments in Alaska, On The Record Airs One Against

Primary losses blunt Palin's 'mama grizzly' claws.

Austintx: PLANS to build a state of the art library next to Republican catastrophe Sarah Palin are causing outrage across mainstream America. Campaigners have described the project as insensitive and a deliberate act of provocation by people with brains…

Caligirl from NE on the how Palin neutralized Levi.

Anony in Fl: Sarah Jones schooling Palin on feminism.

Maelewis’ link had a few Gaters thinking it is Heather throwing the mortarboard.

Kathleen linked to GVS’s interview of an environmentalist on ANWR.

Clairey: Sarah Palin's tweet in defense of Dr. Laura was ridiculous and indefensible.

Kasha Knish had a letter from George Washington on freedom from religious bigotry.

ForeverAnonymous has this on “the corrupt bitches club."

So_many_unanswered_questions linked to FrumForum on Republicans pandering to racists.

History goddess found this: Get your "Cackle of Rads" membership card. Three versions are available :)

And to end the week on a lighter note (or is it?).

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