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Sarah Palin seen as "fundraising powerhouse" for the Republican Party - Bonus: Celebrity News!

Sarah Palin, the blackberry bunny - made by Kathleen

Republican Fundraising Powerhouse Sarah Palin

The Republican National Committee today made the fans of Sarah Palin happy. AP reports:

WASHINGTON – Fundraising powerhouse Sarah Palin is helping the Republican National Committee raise money.
In a solicitation letter and survey the RNC is sending to people across the country, she says she's working within the nation's two-party system to, in her words, return the country to greatness.
The 2008 vice presidential GOP nominee and former Alaska governor has spent the past two years castigating both Democrats and Republicans, taking a more independent tone. But she now is calling the RNC the political home for commonsense conservatives.
And Palin says there's no question that President Barack Obama's policies and those of the Democratic-controlled Congress are hurting the country.

Isn't that sweet? Sarah Palin, the fundraising powerhouse for the RNC! The fraudster from Wasilla is apparently the new (mad) cash cow for the Republicans. Which says a lot about the state of the Republican Party.

I would say, full steam ahead, RNC! With so many skeletons in her closet, combined with her severe mental challenges, Sarah Palin will be able to single-handedly destroy the Republican Party. That will be a riot. ;-)

So it seems that the RNC now fully embraces Sarah Palin and the "values" she stands for. Good luck with that!

It should also be mentioned that other GOP leaders have used quite radical rhetoric since Obama became President, but they seem to "fly under the radar", as most of the attention is focused on Sarah Palin and her frequent hateful rants.

One example is Newt Gingrich who these days propagates a radical agenda with a strong religious flavor. He thinks that judges who want to upheld the separation of church and state should be impeached or the respective courts should even be abolished (watch the his major speech from December 2009), the Democrats are imposing a "secular-socialist machine" on the country and are a "mortal threat", Obama is starting a dictatorship etc.

See the great commentary by Cenk Uygur from April 2009:

So it's not just Sarah Palin who is busy spreading hate and division. Other prominent figures of the GOP like Newt Gingrich have a very similar agenda - but they don't receive the big headlines like "mad cash cow" Sarah.

If anyone has received this email-message by the GOP, please forward it to us! Thanks!


BONUS: Celebrity News

kate-gosselin-with kids

Celebrity Sarah Palin went camping with celebrity Kate Gosselin - and apparently it didn't go too well:

Kate Gosselin Cries While Camping with Sarah Palin

(...)My, oh my, has Kate Gosselin become a huge diva lately. As the mother of 8 children, you'd think she'd know how to get down and dirty. But anything less than a 4-star hotel is clearly not good enough for her. We just have one question: Why did Kate agree to go camping with Sarah Palin if she is so totally scared of camping?

Kate Gosselin was headed out on a camping trip with her kids, Sarah Palin, and Sarah's dad and brother. The trip was to be filmed for Kate's reality show and now we know it will bring plenty of drama. According to sources, Kate wasn't happy with anything on the trip and they ended up having to put her in a cabin with electricity and a bathroom just so she would shut up!

According to the Enquirer, "They handed her a bucket with a toilet seat on top... Kate said, ‘What the hell am I going to do with this!'Then she burst into tears and started moaning that she wanted to leave... When it was time to eat, Kate opened the cooler prepared for her and the children and three another fit when she saw prepackaged mini meals... She said ‘My kids can't eat this crap, they need a real meal! Then she started griping - in front of Sarah - that the ex-governor's food was better than hers. Sarah's meal was grilled hamburgers and hotdogs!"

Well, that's what can happen if "TV-personalities" aka "celebrities" meet! ;-)

Speaking about celebrities:

The rap-star Wyclef Jean ("Fugees") confirmed that he will run for Haiti president. Maybe he can give Sarah Palin advice for her highly anticipated run for US president in 2012! From celebrity to celebrity. I think that would be very appropriate.


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