Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Patrick talks on Pacifica Radio, hosted by Verna Avery Brown, about Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy

Our reader Leadfoot recently had the great idea to send a professionally worded appeal out to media contacts, asking them to take a look at the evidence regarding Sarah Palin's pregnancy with Trig. We are happy to report that this initiative had the first result, as I was earlier today a guest on the show "What's At Stake" on Pacifica Radio, hosted by Verna Avery Brown, who is a "radio-veteran" with about thirty years experience. They are a very well known program on a liberal radio station family that airs in five markets, including LA, Houston, Washington, DC, Houston and Berkeley, California (San Francisco).

I was pleased to be able to bring many important points across, and I do hope that more journalists will get interested again in the "hoax of the decade", which is currently the biggest taboo-subject in American journalism.


In addition, we can announce the winners of our "America By Heart" parody book cover competition!

Once again, our reader Leadfoot stepped forward and donated the first prize: It's a gift basket with $100 worth of pet care items!

We just have to know for which type of pet it should be. ;-)

The "runner-ups" in second and third place will receive a Palingates-mug! Please let us know which design you would like.

The winners are:

*** Winner of the great prize - Gold Medal: ***

Cover 7 - BabyLooey


*** Silver Medal ***

Cover 14 - krbmjb05:

everything I know

*** Bronze Medal ***

Cover 5 - Ennealogic

ennealogic new

Congratulations, everyone, and a big "Thank You" to all participants! :-)


Update Palingates Moneyblast:

We are happy to report that we received more donations, and the count of our Palingates Moneyblast, which will close next Monday, is now at $ 2081!

Thank you so much, everybody, for your donations!

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