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Palingates Weekly Roundup - August 3 to August 8, 2010 - UPDATE!

By Blueberry Tart

Following up on last week’s brilliant videos by lidia17 and Patrick, we started this week with more creativity from Palingaters. This time it was a contest to redesign the cover for Sarah’s new book. The envelope please…and the winners are…BabyLooey (7), krbmjb05 (14) and Ennealogic. Many thanks to Leadfoot for donating a great prize! Patrick also got us going on another fun pastime (addiction?): making short “xtranormal” videos. We gave an Oscar to Buffalogal’s brilliant “the Queen Hears…” piece, and there were quite a few other great videos by Palingaters as well. Bookmark this one for when you need a good laugh!

Today marked a HUGE step forward for Palingates: Patrick’s interview by Verna Avery Brown on the radio program “What’s At Stake” on Pacifica Radio. Bravo, Patrick! This is tremendous progress in getting the word out about Sarah’s faked pregnancy, to a wider audience. As always, Patrick expressed himself well and brought out many of the facts regarding Sarah’s hoax. Many thanks to Ms. Brown, who not only took a courageous step in airing this interview, but was also very well prepared, and had done her homework at Palingates.

The Palingates film festival continues! Patrick compiled all the video that Elan Frank shot of Sarah on April 8-9, 2008. It’s noticeable that her fake pregnancy belly had not arrived in time for this photo shoot, so she had to rely on the “camo-scarf” and the square pillow. See for yourself at points such as 1:18, 5:53-6:03, 7:53, 8:47, 9:00 – oops, no pregnant belly. But, of course, there is the classic “cat swallowed canary” scene (4:30-4:51) where she says “I HID it…I didn’t even have to hide it...tight abs” blather – while thumping on poor SpongeBobSquarePillow (AKA Tex, w H/T to ProChoice Grandma). I challenge anyone to watch that segment and conclude that she isn’t lying through her teeth, with a big, sh*t-eating grin on her face. Notably, Greta Van S’s voiceover confirms that the video was shot “just days before she [claims that she] gave birth to Trig.

Sarah is now the face and powerhouse of Republican fundraising, leading Patrick to coin a brilliant new nickname for her: “mad cash cow.” He predicts: “With so many skeletons in her closet, combined with her severe mental challenges, Sarah Palin will be able to single-handedly destroy the Republican Party. That will be a riot. ;-)” The post also features an excellent 2009 Cenk Uyger commentary on Newt Gingrich calling President Obama a dictator, concluding that tryng to work constructively with the Republicans is a fools errand. The bonus update highlights Palin’s recent camping trip with Kate Gosselin…they are made for TV/each other. Great Blingee, also2!

Queen Sarah claimed she was working her butt off on her family’s fishing boat, setting hooks for halibut off Homer, AK -- except that her family’s fishing business is out of Dillingham, setting nets for salmon on Bristol Bay. Oh, we get it – she meant her “family business” of being celebrities and filming fake “reality TV” shows! Her lies are starting to catch up to her in real-time, instead of being discovered months or years later. The lie of the week was her claim that President Obama didn’t have a plan to let tax cuts expire for the wealthiest Americans while extending them for those with lower incomes. rated it a “pants on fire” lie and her/RAM’s later juvenile rant-buttal as “false.”

Finally, throughout the week, Palingates has been holding its first, week-long moneyblast to raise funds to help support the costs of our tremendous blog. Please donate -- your support really helps. Thank you!

Comments of the Week

Annes_123: …This is why I call her her own puppet. She turns herself on when she gets attentions and starts pulling her own strings (which we've all seen ad nauseum)….

Ella (with sunnyjane’s edits): It has just occurred to me that she is most of the "OZ" characters rolled into one. Like the tin man, NO HEART. Like the lion, COWARDLY. Like the scarecrow, NO BRAIN.
Like the "wizard" behind the curtain, FAKE FAKE FAKE. Like the wicked witch - will she MELT away?

With H/T to maelewis, I just had to include this quote from the Queen herself, which Tina Fey used verbatim in one of her skits; you can’t make this stuff up: "That's why I say, I, like every American I'm speaking with, we're ill about this position that we have been put in where it is the tax payers looking to bail out, but ultimately, what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the healthcare reform that is needed to help shore up our economy, helping tho— it's got to be all about job creation too, shoring up our economy, and putting it back on the right track, so healthcare reform and reducing taxes and reigning in spending has got to accompany tax reductions and tax relief for Americans. And trade, we've got to see trade as opportunity, not as— competitive— scary thing, but one in five jobs being created in the trade sector today, we've got to look at that as more opportunity. All those things under the umbrella of job creation. This bailout is a part of that."

Finny: By my count, there are 3 Bristol Palin exclusive interviews on radaronline, and 3 on tmz online. But isn't it awful how the media intrudes into the lives of Sarah's children?!

ThanksaBunchJohn started an interesting O/T mini-thread on non-competitive models for teaching: BEST reality show EVER: If You Really Knew Me (and yes, it's on MTV)… It is a microcosm of social divides, it is a revelation. …It is not only a lesson in toleration and acceptance for high schoolers, it could ignite a whole new generation of people who actually care about others

Insider5 had several tantalizing posts (7:43 and 8:33 p.m. Tuesday). This anonymous media insider provided some inside information previously on the Levi-Bristol sideshow, possible (un)reality series and how Sarah was being set up for a fall.

Drpatois: I love this community! All of you reassure my faith in humanity. I knew you were witty, intelligent, insightful and civil (almost always;-)) and today we got to see just how wonderfully creative you are! The book covers and videos ALL rock! How to choose?! All of them! Any of them! … Big applause to all who contributed and much appreciation for the laughter!

Wayofpeace: The "weak tea" trend continued Tuesday in a series of marquee primary battles stretching from the upper to lower Midwest…Unfortunately for the tea party, the so-called "mainstream" candidates--Moran, Blunt, and Snyder--swept Tuesday night's races.

Tan: Babygate is baffling me; I just cannot work out why the media refuses to even acknowledge ANY of the evidence? Rolling out an expose on the evidence behind babygate would send ratings through the roof for months as the scandal unfolds and make a reputation and likely win awards. Why hasn't someone, anyone, just tried to present just ONE part of the evidence? And later: Do you want a President that is capable of such deception? Of such disregard for their own daughter to force her to go underground? These are all fair questions until proof of Trig's birth is provided with Sarah as mum.

Turuk1: She is a media whore and fraud, just like Palin and Prejean. The three should get together for a reality show: "Media Whores for Jesus" [or] "Carrie, Kate and Babygate"

Smoke & Mirrors: Personally I love the fact that the RNC is hitching their wagon to Palin's star. How are they going to distance themselves from her once she comes back down to earth?

bluedogAK: …This is the real deal. This is She Who Must Not Be Refudiated. This isn't one of the hired hands, because they can never muster this perfect pitch, located somewhere between the Bay of Bitchy and the Straits of Screech.

Sdilmoak (who knows AK) called her out about her “working her butt off fishing for halibut.”

(((♥)))and beautiful poems to GrannyJ to ease her loss; many thanks for her wonderful ppt showing lots of the wonderful piggy avatars that have sprouted on Palingates recently…

CDNpotpourri and forgotmyname had this from the DNC: While former half-term governor Palin is certainly an expert in not being vetted, we put our trust in the judgment of the American people who rejected not only the broken policies she and Republicans continue to call for, but also this very kind of childish politics she continues to engage in. What's been fully vetted and thoroughly rejected by the American people is the failed approach in tone and substance offered by Sarah Palin and her ilk.

Joe Christmas: She may be deceitful, but she is not clever. When she says with that smug, snide, self-satisfied tone that, "it's been so easy," every phony red flag goes up. Remember, we know she is lying -- and insulting our intelligence and humanity, and one must ask two questions here: 1.) How could it been so easy if you know you are about to deliver a DS child? What could be easy about that? Only a psychopath knows for sure. 2.) It is the EXACT same tone, meter, delivery and content as her talking about the Wild Ride afterwards. Not only does she return to the scene of the crime, but it is readily apparent she is lying on both ends. The petulant readiness with which she utters such statements belies the concoction.

Sparsam (quoting Joy from 8/31/08): As a nurse who practiced for 40 yrs., I can inform you that when the amniotic sac breaks, it is extremely dangerous to travel because there is always the possibility of the umbilical cord dropping down into the birth canal. When that happens, the baby is deprived of oxygen during each contraction and will most likely be brain-damaged. No woman in her right mind would take such a chance. You can easily 'stage' a pregnancy with some stuffing and 'stage' the water breaking with a little water(!). I would surmise that the chance of the baby being her daughter's is fairly good since Down children are either born to older women or younger girls as a general rule. Posted by: Joy | August 31, 2008 at 07:58 AM

Honestyingov had a clever idea about a video of women who are really 7 months pregnant, getting up out of chairs… MamaGrisly (7 months pregnant) is on it! And maelewis found the Jenna Elfman clip.

JCos: Yes, I am trying to imagine that I'm seven months pregnant, in my mid-forties, with a baby-to-be that I know will have problems and I'm sitting in a filmmaker's office in Hollywood… and he says he wants to come sometime in April to film me about my normal routine.......AND I FAIL TO MENTION THAT I'M EXPECTING A BABY! My head hurts.

BfromC: Palin is in Homer working the family business. It just isn't the fishing business. It is the family grifter, publicity machine business. [also had an interesting post on cognitive dissonance].

Lilylake: Her communication method of taunting and bullying seems to be getting worse, and indicative of a sick-o.

Leu2500 detailed Sarah’s prior conviction for Criminal Negligence for Using a Drift Gillnet Without a Permit, and getting away with fishing without an ID.

Maelewis: "Bristol, fresh from her appearance on Secrets of the American Teenager told that to US Weekly after she finished her interview with People Magazine, and she will be discussing how much Levi loves the limelight on her coming speaking tour." (Joel McHale) In the background, they flashed all of the covers of magazines that Bristol has been appearing on. Who loves the limelight?

Links of the Week

Cheeriogirl had several comments based on this Palin-Parnell campaign piece.

Anne2_123: from april but an interesting read [from The Guardian]: Sarah Palin has been corrupted by wealth and fame.

Honestyingov and daisydem linked to Politicususa, pointing out that Sarah is a hypocrite and SHE has no ' cajones '. [BBT says: I love this quote from this source: Mike Lupica of NY Daily News calls her a “a hypocrite of the absolute highest rank.”]

ForeverAnonymous and EyeOnYou linked to Andrew Halcro’s piece on Sarah's AGIA project.

Patrick (quoting from conservative blog): “She is doing nothing except making a fool out of herself and as my brother said in his text message, dragging the rest of the Republican Party with her. I just hope we realize that before it’s too late."

Scorpie, from Salon on “The Palins’ un-American activities" (10/08).

BfromC linked to this excellent Mother Jones article.

Sickntiredofpalin: Top 10 Sarah Palin Haters.

Austintxx:the Facebook comments Sarah doesn’t want you to see

From bluerinse and ProChoiceGrandma: Jon Stewart, not to be missed.

anonPoster: Greg Sargent of the Washington Post offers "more proof Sarah Palin is toxic outside her bubble."

Cute video link from WesinOregon.

Patrick: A Grand Unified Theory of Palinisms - Why Sarah Palin says all those stupid and ridiculous things.

And later, this on Sarah the Whiner.

SickntiredofPalin (great new avatar, BTW): on Palin’s lie about President Obama seeking to let tax cuts expire.

Kudos to GrannyJ for her first foray into political videography, saluting the Palingaters.

Check out ProChoiceGrandma’s xtranormal video (Sarah breaking Pillowgate on Larry King, with gems like “The Immaculate Deception”, “the birth of SpongeBobSquare Pillow,” “a quitting, I mean sitting governor” and “a pillow named Tex, short for latex foam…”

Juicyfruityy: Taking a Stand against Sarah Palin’s Jealous Contempt For Barack Obama
Posted on July 30, 2010 by Sarah Jones

And this one too.

Round 3 in the Politifact-SP bout.

ThanksabunchJohn had another excellent piece from Sarah Jones: …But back in Alaska, cries from multiple Republicans calling Palin a “sociopathic narcissist” with unmanageable ethics problems double down on the description of Palin by Schmidt and the authors of “Game Change”. It seems that once people meet The Other Sarah, they’re immediately disenchanted, disturbed, horrified even. This story took on a palpably sharper edge when we realize that Schmidt is warning us, at a probable cost to his own career.

AnnaLynne and lexky linked to Newsweek on Palin's gibberish.

Honestyingov: vintage Jon Stewart on Palin’s “qualifications” for VP.

Apologies, I lost track of who posted the link with this quote: Palin is not seen as so unqualified to be president, by such a majority of voters, because of the evil liberal media or the evil Katie Couric. She is seen as unqualified because she says things that are crazy, says things that are wrong, and says things that are nasty.

(Note from Regina: Thanks BBT, for making the links easier!)



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We will discuss the despicable actions of the Palinbot-brownshirts, who are now going after Kathleen Gustafson, at a later point. Let us right now have some fun. Watch the brilliant "eyeroll-remix": "Baby, don't hurt me."


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