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Fox News and Sarah Palin's "Real America": LLCoolJ says "Thanks, but no thanks" - TRAILER

The show has not even started, but Fox News has already achieved something: Mrs. Screechy, the ugly voice of America, has now magically been transformed into the sweet sugarcoated voice of "Real America". See the brand new trailer:

Sarah Palin, currently probably the greatest divider in America, now hosts a show with the subtitle: "One Nation United". You just cannot make it up! She says in the trailer:

“As Americans, we aspire to greatness. When we dream, we dream big. We reach out, we pick each other up. We pride ourselves on our make up and our character.”

However, somebody else wasn't convinced. LLCoolJ tweeted yesterday:

fox - llcoolj twitter misrepresenting

In fact, Fox News made it appear in an earlier promo that LLCoolJ would be part of Sarah's new show, so his complaint was fully justified:

Fox realized that they had a problem and they have now cut LLCoolJ from the show, because he clearly does not want to be associated with Sarah Palin. The LA Times reports:

"Fox News said the program, “Real American Stories,” included an interview the performer gave to the network as part of an online project of the same name that launched during the 2008 election. But producers are now excising his interview from the show after LL Cool J, whose real name is James Todd Smith, raised objections."

The LA Times added:

"In its original release about the show, Fox News said LL Cool J and former General Electric Chief Executive Jack Welch would be featured in the first episode, talking about making it in America as part of a segment called “In Their Own Words.” The network did not specify when the interviews were conducted.

Palin serves as host of the program and conducted some studio interviews, a role that is part of her larger deal as a regular contributor to Fox News. The premiere episode of “Real American Stories” is re-airing Sunday, but does not yet have a regular time slot."



It appears that Fox News are just as bitchy as Sarah Palin herself when they are caught out!

TVNewser received the following statement from Fox News:

"A Fox News spokesperson tells TVNewser, 'Real American Stories features uplifting tales about overcoming adversity and we believe Mr. Smith's interview fit that criteria. However, as it appears that Mr. Smith does not want to be associated with a program that could serve as an inspiration to others, we are cutting his interview from the special and wish him the best with his fledgling acting career.'"

(h/t EyeOnYou!)



Toby Keith is another "surprised participant" on Sarah's show. Popeater reports:

"Keith is slated to talk about his patriotic anthem 'Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American).' He, too, was caught off guard by his involvement. 'Toby was not asked to participate nor has he ever done an interview with Sarah Palin,' his publicist told PopEater when reached for comment. Like LL, Keith's interview for the special was also taped in 2008.

'FOX has never contacted me about this special,' Elaine Schock told us. 'We found out about it yesterday.'"

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Our "special friends" from the Peezoo are also displeased that LLCoolJ had the audacity to "reject" their idol, queen, goddess Sarah Palin! How dare he! Is he even worth licking her shiny boots? The Peezoo writes:

"Also LL, don't flatter yourself my man. Fox News doesn't need you to promote the show that Governor Palin is hosting. As everyone can see, you were little more than a footnote as your name was buried in the press release. Neither Fox News nor Governor Palin needs you to bring in an audience. In fact, judging by the sales from your last album, you should probably be thanking your lucky stars that Fox News would consider placing your Real American story (and it is one that I respect and admire) in the same breath as the story of a 'Marine Medal of Honor recipient who gave his life to save his comrades.'"

Or was this from a Fox News press release? I am really getting confused here. ;-)


On the Fox News website, the commenters are enthusiastic about Sarah Palin's new show. No negative comments so far at all. I think some fairness and balance is urgently needed there.

What has Sarah Palin ever done to be amongst those "great Americans"? She was never somebody who "overcame adversity", or achieved great things. When the going got tough, she just hired somebody else to do her job, or just quit!

Let me recapitulate:

1. After Sarah Palin was elected mayor to the city of Wasilla, she had to hire the city manager John Kramer who then actually ran Wasilla - because she couldn't handle her job.

2. Sarah Palin
quit her highly paid job in the Alaskan oil & gas commission after 11 months - because she couldn't handle her job.

3. Sarah Palin
quit as Governor of Alaska after 2 1/2 years - because she couldn't handle her job.

And not to forget, amongst many other things, she faked a pregnancy while she was Governor of Alaska.


By the way, Sarah Palin - are these comments which were left on by your huge fan William Henley, who lives in Wasilla, enough "Real America" for you?

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