Tuesday, 26 January 2010

GRIFTER WATCH: Pay $ 1,000 to be received in private by Sarah Palin - PALINGATES EXCLUSIVE!

Sarah, this is the closest...

1000 dollar bill small

...you will ever get to the White House!



On March 5, 2010, the people of Columbus, Ohio, will have a special visitor: Sarah Palin, Queen of the grifters, will be in town!

Ohio Life 3

The woman who charges $ 100,000 per speech, which was apparently an inspiration for her daughter Bristol to charge an equally outrageous $ 100,000 for her appearance in the gossip magazine "In Touch Weekly", wants to "rally Ohio" and "fight for life".

Good for her! Surely the people of Columbus will be thrilled. What about the money, though?


Sarah Palin seems to have realized that it was rather disappointing for the "grassroots" teabaggers to witness that she will receive $ 100,000 for her appearance at the "Tea Party Convention" in Nashville in February 2010.

Sarah apparently has a hunch that her demands aren't going down too well with the rabid teabaggers who despise the "elite" in Washington DC. Aren't very, very rich people also part of the elite?

Therefore, somebody apparently used his/her braincells and thought about a solution.

On March 5 in Columbus Ohio, Sarah will "rally the troops" for the amazingly cheap admission fee of a mere $ 40! Hurray! All hail Sarah! Back to the grassroots!

Ohio Life 4

But wait a moment!

Where will the $ 100,000 for the Queen of the grifters come from? Because for less she probably ain't going to get out of bed.

You would need 2,500 people just to cover the costs for Sarah's speech alone! Isn't that a bit risky? After all, there will be additional costs - rent of the venue etc.

Therefore, it seems that someone came up with a genius plan! There won't just be a speech - there will also be a private reception.

Ohio Life 1

How much will that be then?

Well, one of our readers found out - many, many thanks! Of course, you cannot just call this number and they will tell you. You have to leave your number and THEY will call YOU. Is this called vetting?

Thanks to our reader, we now know what the fee for the "private reception" will be.

$ 1,000 ! (one thousand dollars - a whopping grand!)

Do you think Sarah Palin is stupid?

It seems that Sarah is a natural talent when it comes to growing the monies on her account. That is clearly a great skill!

I see a new book coming up: OUT OF POLITICS - INTO THE MONEY - Sarah Palin reveals her secrets for success. It would surely be another bestseller. Too tempting to resist, Sarah, isn't it?

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