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Palingates monthly message - UPDATE: Sarah Palin at the International Bowl Expo in Las Vegas

This month seemed to go too fast, I can't believe we're already doing our monthly "housekeeping" post!

Palingates had another good month, with over half a million page views in June. We're getting nearer to breaking our own record for February, when the Family Guy controversy brought an unprecedented number of readers to the blog, curious about the full text of Andrea Friedman's press release. Sarah Palin may no longer carry Trig like a loaf of French bread, but her speech in Georgia showed her usual willingness to use Trig as a political tool.

Palingates stats February 2009 - June 2010

It goes without saying that we couldn't have had such a successful month without your help. Your selfless contributions, through the comments, via e-mail and the clicking on the paypal button give us a friendly push to continue our work in exposing Sarah Palin. A big thank you to all.

Kathleen assures me that Patrick does sleep. The big question is "When?" As I'm nearly two decades older than the youngsters in Germany, I can't pull the all-nighters with the same ease. This old lady needs her beauty sleep!

I had to sacrifice some of it to listen to Patrick's chat with Nicole Sandler. It was worth it, what a fantastic way to end a busy but rewarding month of palingating!





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UPDATE (by Patrick):

Sarah Palin appeared yesterday at the International Bowl Expo 2010 in Las Vegas, where she delivered her usual worn out talking points for a lot of money.

However, there are two things to note:

First, as Andrew Sullivan today wrote and was also talked about in our comments, the speech included apparently another "odd lie". Sarah said:

Palin recalled her youth when her father set pins in Idaho. "My Dad was on a Thursday night bowling league," she said. "He bonded with his buddies. I have memories of that point of my life which mean very, very much to me."

Well, Sarah Palin left Idaho, according to her own account in "Going Rogue", when she was three months old. As we know that Sarah Palin invents facts basically on a daily basis, her remark in Las Vegas is not very surprising from our point of view. She has this insatiable urge to bond with her audience, and lots of her speeches are full of made-up stories. It's almost impossible to keep up with all these invented "facts".

Then of course there was her outfit. As some of our readers remarked, she proudly displayed her "brand", and I am sure many of the usual "bold-headed guys" in the audience were happy. ;-)

From a news clip we took the following screenshots:

Sarah Palin Bowling Convention Las Vegas June 30, 2010

Sarah Palin Bowling Convention Las Vegas June 30, 2010



Phil Munger from "Progressive Alaska" just left the following comment on Palingates, which I would like to repeat here:

She also claimed in her speech, "There were a lot of cold nights where I'm from where after basketball games we would meet at the bowling center."

The Wasilla bowling alley, on the Palmer-Wasilla HWY, was completed in very early 1985. Before that, there were no lanes in Wasilla. By the time the lanes were in, she had given up basketball, and was somewhere between her 2nd and 3rd college.


Our reader litbrit published another excellent post on her blog (also here).

Hopefully this post will be picked up by Andrew Sullivan as well, like her previous post! :-)

In short, the candidate is asked to explain himself. The narrative--the heroic soldier bona fides--that helped define him as a man with a "servant's heart" is, at least most of the time, exposed as a partial or complete fabrication.

Yet with the latter candidate--who in this case is embodied by one Sarah Palin, former half-term governor of Alaska, vice-presidential running mate and likely, if not certain, presidential candidate in 2012--the vast sea of inconsistencies and outright lies in her narratives are simply accepted, or else acknowledged in private by those with functioning ears and eyes but never questioned fully and responsibly by our national media, and, to a great extent, by bloggers of any political persuasion.

Other than a handful of Alaskan bloggers, Palingates (which is written and read by Europeans and Americans and has unearthed and published a staggering amount of linked, on-the-record facts), Andrew Sullivan, and now, me.

This is unacceptable. I find it deeply troubling in ways that go well beyond the story of Palin, even. And I believe it to be sexist in the extreme that our press will investigate, and hold responsible for their lies,
male candidates--and do so in the adversarial manner in which the press should approach its subject matter--yet when a conservative female is the topic at hand, everyone takes a Don't Go There attitude.

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