Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Goodbye, my friends

I'm leaving Palingates. Yep, I'm having a facelift, a boob job and embarking on a new career as pole dancer. I already have my costume ready: the black bra, the flimsy white t-shirt and the capri pants. I'm waiting for the bumpit to arrive...

Now, seriously. The personal circumstances for Mr Palingates and myself have changed and I won't be able to contribute to the blog anymore.

When I started Palingates 17 months ago as a modest hobby I could not have imagined that one day it would host such a fantastic community of intelligent, thinking, articulate people. There are so many incredible achievements, I could explode with pride! My little baby came of age and in a role reversal, mom is ready to fly the coop.

There are exciting developments for myself and for Palingates, but they are not compatible. If only days were a bit longer... 72 hours, at least!

I made many very good friends, learned many new things, acquired new skills, Palingates has been a wonderful experience. But I have to embrace new opportunities and would not be able to give either project the attention they deserve, so Palingates will have to become one of my most cherished memories.

The good news is that Patrick and Kathleen are creative, dedicated people and Palingates could not be in more capable hands. Together with this very active, vocal community, there you have it: the perfect team.

Cheers and thank you.

Much love to all.

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