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Sarah Palin: Why I am qualified to be President of the USA - UPDATE!

It's time for us to take a break from the ongoing Palin/Johnson marriage soap opera, and turn to politics again.

Is Sarah Palin qualified to be the next US President? What would be better than to let Sarah Palin speak for herself.

She did an interview with Bill O'Reilly on November 19, 2009, and probably because this was during her book tour, the interview didn't receive a lot of attention -it was overlooked. However, it should get a lot of attention! Because this was actually one of the very few times when Palin was ready after her resignation from the Governorship to talk about politics in greater detail. As you can imagine, as usual she performed badly.

You can watch the complete, one-hour interview by Bill O'Reilly here:

As it becomes more and more obvious than Sarah Palin is going to run for President, the time has come for us to revisit this interview. Let's start with a "biggie". Sarah explains why she thinks that she is qualified to be President - certainly a key question:

"Commonsense"! Brilliant! That probably means that a large part of the US population would be qualified to be the leader of the free world. You should expect nothing else from an "exceptional" country! ;-)

See the excellent comments by the "Young Turks" regarding this part of the interview HERE.

Let me also mention some facts, which Sarah Palin conveniently left out or distorted in this clip:

1. After Sarah Palin was elected mayor to the city of Wasilla, she had to hire the city manager John Kramer who then actually ran Wasilla - because Sarah Palin couldn't handle her job.

2. Sarah Palin quit her highly paid job in the Alaskan oil & gas commission after 11 months - because she couldn't handle her job.

3. Sarah Palin quit as Governor of Alaska after 2 1/2 years - because she couldn't handle her job.


Some more short clips from the interview.

Sarah Palin said that there were people who said that she should have "aborted" Trig:

Now this is a fascinating insight into the crazy mind of Sarah Palin! Who ever wrote or said that she should have aborted Trig? I have never read anything like that. Did she just made this up - or maybe she is convinced that this is the truth? I don't know which alternative concerns me more.

This woman is a whackjob. The fact that we are talking about her is like a scene from a surreal Bunuel movie.

Actually, to be precise, watching Sarah Palin in action is pretty much like Bunuel's great, highly recommended movie "The Phantom of Liberty." Does the description on Amazon sound familiar to you:

"None of it makes sense, except that it makes absolute sense."

Sums up Sarah Palin quite nicely!


Sarah Palin doesn't like it that the USA is deeply in debt with China. Well, say "thank you" to your friend George W. Bush!

If you have watched this short clip, please pay close attention to the next one. Would Sarah Palin actually have done anything different than George W. Bush? It doesn't seem like it. She praises him and apparently thinks that he has done a pretty good job!

She also thinks that America has to eliminate the "Al Quaida cells", because otherwise they would come over "to destroy America". It doesn't get much more simplistic than that, and with Sarah Palin as President, it's certain that the war in Afghanistan will continue - forever and ever, until the last "cell" in the Afghan mountains has been found and the last billion has been spent. I think the Russians already tried that before, and we all know where that got them. Perhaps Sarah Palin wants to ensure the downfall of the USA.


If you ask the future President Palin a question, make sure that you explain it properly, because otherwise she might not be able understand it. It''s really just a matter of courtesy!

And for Heaven's Sake, please don't ask her what she reads, also as a matter of courtesy.


What about healthcare, Sarah? OK, I see: You want "Free-market results-oriented patient-centered solutions", you think that Obama's healthcare plans are evil, and at the same time your family happily enjoys free Government healthcare in Alaska. Glad that we cleared that up!

Apart from that, she talks in this clip for example about "Gitmo", Obama's actions on the road to socialism which "scare the heck out of her", and whether she has ever met Obama (she just met him twice and said "hello").


Two short and pretty hilarious clips to finish this post.

Sarah Palin dives into the Bunuel movie again and explains that her only "skeleton in the closet" was a "D" on a college course:

Sarah Palin: You lie! ;-)

Your closet is so full, it's about to open on its own!

Let's finish on a high note. Sarah Palin says that it's fair to call out politicians by their associations with others:

Thank you so much, Sarah! We will expand on this point in later posts! :-)

I hope that you have enjoyed these insight into Sarah's qualifications, and please treat this post in the comments as an open thread, as so many other fascinating things are currently taking place in Sarah's world in beautiful downtown Wasilla.



I just found this amazingly well done video with Palin's various explanations what the Vice-President does. This should definitely be a part of this little insight into Sarah's limited intellectual capacities. But at least she has "commonsense"! (In Sarah's mind, that means: Make as much money as possible, as fast as possible and take the money and other goodies from as many people as possible)


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