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Palingates Weekly Roundup, July 18-25, 2010

By Blueberry Tart

Another late-breaking post after I finished the last Roundup – this one on the twit’s recent tweety-frenzy and some of the great tweet responses. To top it all off, Sarah suggests that she is following in Shakespearean tradition by coining such words as “refudiate.” OMG, she takes delusional to new heights! Brilliantly snarky comments and tweets from PG, KO, Ebert and many Gaters offer the best cure: laughter. Don’t miss the comments! Honestly, I am laughing so hard I’m crying… (And Sarah, hon – we’re laughing AT you, not WITH you ;-))

Nicole Sandler pic

Patrick had another excellent radio interview with Nicole Sandler, ably discussing Sarah’s history of covering up her many scandals, her extreme religious views, how her public persona is exactly the opposite of who she truly is, and how babygate is just one of the many skeletons in her closet. The post also highlights the continuing reaction to Sarah making things up – in this case, the non-word “refudiate.” Here we have C4P citing a reference saying that “refudiate” is not a word, as proof that it is a word. Huh? (Are we back in the Buñuel film?)

Patrick’s blockbuster post put together several pieces of the puzzle. The post highlights the Palins’ connections to the Morlock family, including additional confirmation that Bristol was pregnant earlier than with Tripp. Topping this off, Palingates received additional information confirming that Track is not Todd’s biological son, Sarah had an extramarital affair with Brad Hanson, and other sordid tales of the Palins’ “family values.” DumbdedumbDumb DumbdedumbdumbDUMB (my lame attempt to evoke the Dragnet theme)

Street view - NYC mosque
Eye on You’s guest post thoroughly debunks the claim that the Cordoba Center in NYC is on Ground Zero and that it is insensitive to the 9/11 tragedy. Contrary to the disinformation of Sarah and other right-wing extremists, this project promotes religious tolerance and repudiates violence. EOY also calls out Sarah’s willful ignorance of the First Amendment. The post highlights many responses to Sarah’s Facebook screed, filled with ignorance and bigotry. Once again, the ultra-right-wing turns truth on its head, and many people swallow it, hook, line and sinker. The post also cites an excellent piece by Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic: “…She calls the idea of a mosque there a provocation. But it is her opposition to the building of a mosque that is provocative...” EOY concludes with “There will always be those who seek power through intimidation and fear, but we can fight it, and we only lose to them if we allow ourselves to change who we are and what we do out of fear and intimidation.”

This post covers the interview that Nicole Sandler did with Shannyn Moore and Jeanne Devon at Netroots Nation. Moore argued that the “wild ride” is so damning in itself, because it shows such bad judgment, that there is no need to go any further in considering other issues. Nevertheless, they did opine on several points. Regardless of the disagreement of many ‘Gaters on these questions, Palingates has a lot of respect for the work these two bloggers have done. Patrick wraps up the post with this: “Sarah Palin was not pregnant. We want the truth about what exactly happened and who the real mother of Trig is, and I cannot pretend to follow a certain line just because it's politically convenient. Let's take Sarah Palin at her word and ask her: To whom have you shown Trig's birth certificate? Why should that be a taboo? Sarah Palin herself says that these questions are fair.”

Comments of the Week (So many excellent comments, I couldn’t keep up…)

Finny: ...and here is her next predicted tweet: Everything I do is adorable. No matter what. Writing on my hand, quitting my jobs, mangling words, neglecting my children. Got to celebrate it!

MamaGrisly: Also, too, there is a difference between coining new words and completely FAILing at using perfectly good words that already exist.

sally reposted from google comments: p_staatz‎: "@Zirgar: Sarah Palin has trouble pronouncing most words because she suffers from Irritable Vowel Syndrome."FOR SURE!Great#1 Buddy!

Not to be outdone, Ripley in CT: #Palin, I refudiate your mandation to usify ionic mesaging, esp when describulating ravaging beautificence of your progeny.

NJFan: A fitting quote from Shakespeare to Sarah Palin: "I did never know so full a voice issue from so empty a heart: but the saying is true 'The empty vessel makes the greatest sound'."

Lilylake: … Pretty soon, she's going to say she gave the Sermon on the Mount.

Mrsgunka: She's just like a dripping faucet....never stops and is so irritating.

sunnyjane gets my prize for the perfect Shakespeare quote: A poor player that struts and frets her hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is the tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. [We eagerly await the day when this idiot is heard no more.] ProChoiceGrandma then aptly likened her to Lady McBeth.

Mickey7: "mommadona RT @happylittletree: Listen, I'm pretty sure @SarahPalinUSA was just joking when she said "refudiate". It's all part of her self-defecating humor."

Aview999: "Measure for measure Sarah, thou is a tempest in a teapot who is much ado about nothing. So as you like it, a comedy of errors is thy game, but for you alas, all's well that ends well is not in the cards for a bard from Wasilla.”

And quoting OneLegSandpiper RT @SarahPalinsHand: Teacher says every time @SarahPalinUSA tweets, an angel asks God: "WTF?"

A few more reposted by blue rinse; can’t resist: (from
Et tu, Bristol? #Shakespalin
But soft, what light from yonder window breaks? It is the East, and I can see Russia from my front porch.
"How's all that bein' and not bein' workin' out for ya?" #shakespalin
A Midsummer Night's Death Panel #shakespalin

Molly_WI: Andrew Sullivan has a great rebuttal, no, of Dave Weigel's lame "Believing Sarah Palin" post…

Louiecypher: Hey there Sarah, well after much contimplationary, examiphication I once again have come up with a perfect solution, just for you my TweetyBGoode™, first the breathalyser easily attaches to your blackberry… Next a full functioning dictionary!! … If you act now I'll even throw in ScrubUrPhuckup ™ it works so much better than whiteout you'll be amazed!!...
There was an excellent limerick and haiku mini-thread Monday evening!

Maelewis has a great post on how Bristol and Sarah relate to each other; here is a small part: My opinion is that Sarah and Bristol have been yanking each others' chains for a while. For a while, Sarah was in charge. The one thing that Levi said that made sense was that Sarah wanted to adopt their child and raise him as her own; she would even pretend to be pregnant.

Armchair Jane: But she's going too far, it's starting to wear on people. People like Palin always go too far.

Ripley in CT showed that Sarah had tweeleted “refudiate” last week (prior to the current verbal kerfuffle) #sarahpalinusa tweeleted again!!! She erased a tweet that used a made up term "refudiate".

Disqusux: Anything that gets attention she is doomed to repeat ad nauseum. The nature of the attention doesn't matter.

Mickey10: focus on the demagoguery, not the stupidity.

Many commenters on Patrick’s Wednesday post said: WOW!

Espresso4me: Pandora's box has been opened a little bit more! Hopefully soon all will see its contents!

Janpatches confessed to some subtle subterfuge: OK, I confess. The reason Us Weekly didn't sell as many magazines as they had hoped is because whenever I saw the magazine in the grocery checkout line, I turned it around. Walgreens, also too. [Fawn218 and sunnyjane did, too!]

Bluebell had an interesting comment on twin-to-twin syndrome.

Silver_desert: With her personality disorder she's not content unless she's stirring up discord somewhere, anywhere, everywhere. It happens within her own family and she gets off on it so will thrive on stirring up more hatred nationwide or worldwide even more - it gives her a high. She's mentally sick.

AnnM and other New Yorkers reacted passionately against Sarah inserting herself into this issue: New Yorkers, of ALL ETHNICITIES (yeah Sarah "we" include Muslims…) picked one another up, , dusted ourselves off and embraced one another. [She also recommended lilybart’s husband Jesse Kornbluth’s book, Because We Are Americans.}

Turuk1: Palin knows nothing, nothing about what it is to be a NewYorker…

Kasha Knish: It just struck me that $arah Palin is like someone who taunts people at a playground and disappears leaving people to fight among themselves. She posts something from afar (or her ghostwriter does) and quickly scurries away like a cockroach.

AnonPoster: She's a whiny child with a venomous tongue, faint heart, and clay feet. The hallmark of strength and confidence is taking responsibility for one's own mistakes and weaknesses, but Palin has ALWAYS blamed anything and anyone else for her own mistakes. Her toughness is a mirage, and always has been.

Voiceinwind has a disturbing post about how the 9/11 explanations do not hold up; I was particularly struck by this quote from one of the experts seeking to reopen the 9/11 investigation: What we are faced with is a lie of such proportions that even to suggest it makes one subject to ridicule and scorn.

Louie scores again: …How dare they open a community center in a community, now a sports complex that drives the city into deep debt using land it doesn't have a title to, that would have been the common sense conservative thing to do! Louie’s solution: Todd builds a fence at Ground Zero ;-)

Older_Wiser: …Truly, a ship of fools commanded by a female Capt. Queeg.

Smoke and Mirrors: Sociopaths count on the fact that ordinary people operate within the boundaries of conscience and at least some level of decency, and assume that others do as well. The mother-child relationship is universally seen as sacrosanct. Ordinary people simply cannot imagine that a fellow human being would exploit their children to the extent that Palin has…

Leu2500 put things in perspective: Come on guys, the glass is half full. AK Muckraker & Shannyn Moore… are taking the position that the birth story discredits Sarah. That's the same position that Audrey, Gryphen, Palingates, Andrew Sullivan, Phil Munger, etc take. WHY it discredits her is where the difference lies. But AKM, Shanny, Phil Munger etc are miles better than the MSM (with the exception of Andrew Sullivan) - the MSM didn't think enough was wrong with the story to pursue it at all.

anonPoster: We need to keep the pressure and scrutiny intense. If Palin wants the glory, she better have the guts. So far, she's just been one whiny mess whose only demonstrated skills have been lying and artful dodging.

Ocliberal: …The Trig story keeps popping up. And it pops up because it is an unbelievable story no matter which version you accept. Either she faked a pregnancy and stuffed herself (rather haphazardly) with pillows OR she climbed on an airplane, with a high-risk 8 month pregnancy, leaking amniotic fluid and having "big" contractions to fly 12-13 hours putting herself, and her unborn child at an amazingly dangerous risk. Which is it? Both are the actions of an unstable, foolish and dangerous woman.

Links of the Week

Anne_123: another S.P. is a Psychopath article... and a link to an article about how the Repubs appeal to a very limited demographic.

KarenJ: I guess Mark Halperin has gotten his "orders from headquarters", a memo from the Media Overlords.

Midnightcajun: An interesting article on Sarah, the Emergency Committee for Israel, Bill Kristol, and Scheunemann.

Sjkfromthebellyoftheplane, quoting Glenn Beck: You know, it took me about a year to start hating the 9/11 victims’ families… when I see 9/11 victim family, you know, on television, or whatever, I’m just like, ‘Oh, shut up.’ I’m so sick of them. Because they’re always complaining. And we did our best for them. And again, it’s only about ten.

Sdilmoak: O/T but I just reviewed all of the great works of Flyinyoureye~! Gosh I had forgotten some of these......great fun!

Sickntiredofpalin has a link on Sarah’s connections to the AIP

From Nicky in NY: More of Sarah's qualifications....not

Aview999: …The Globe and Mail weighs in on her TWEETS

Regina: Bumper sticker and New t-shirt available

PMom (GA) and newsOne linked to a GREAT Andrew Sullivan rebuttal of Weigel:

Say NO to Palin in Politics: Help pass this around's very disturbing information.

BuffaloGal: New website - The Global Muckracker - A blog for investigative journalists worldwide

Patrick: Andy Borowitz "Palin Says Refudiate Appears in Fictionary"

FormerRepublican linked to a brilliant new wordle

MariaT linked to firedoglake on the tweets

Bookmark this site (H/T to Bandit) for those times when you need a good laugh: Shakespearean Insults Generator

EOY, espresso4me and others came up with many BRILLIANT insults that will keep you ROFL!

Ella: DO see this film put out by the U.S. War Dept. in 1947 that was recommended by a poster on the last thread - I highly recommend it!

Aview999 was on a mission with many great links:
A peace-making mosque is NECESSARY near Ground Zero
A Sarah Palin Rethink
Watch Out For Mosques!!
Enough Already
November -- A Gathering Storm

Guest1234: Obama’s Business Plan

Huge article on Andrew Sullivan about Trig again!

And: The Palin-led tone of the GOP is increasingly, well there's no other word for it, neo-fascist. As if it is now un-American to support freedom of religion - especially near a site destroyed by those who oppose it.

Sickntiredofpalin had an excellent post on daughters whose mothers who are narcissists:

HelenNPN: Here is a fitting take on Palin and her cronies "tea partying" from the last issue of Vanity Fair - curiouser and curiouser.

Lisantx and curiouser11 posted a gem: To Be Or Too Nuts To Be - by Wasilla Shakes Beer

Kathleen linked to: some very revealing information there regarding the connections between politicians and dominionists. They both feed off authoritarianism.

Disqusux had some links : about Pastor Muthee
and these are part 1 and part 2 of "In the Name of Jesus" (be warned)

And: "Outfoxed" - a documentary about Rupert Murdoch and Faux News - you need to watch this! (slow internet) (fast internet)

Drpatois: If you have not read this, I highly recommend it… about her interference with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, [and] … how she is a threat to our National Security.

Great posts from litbrit

Sdilmoak: Here is the story about the small business owners who were stiffed by Discovery Channel/Sarah Palin's Alaska Show

Cheeriogirl (from 2009 article): "The pattern is inescapable: she takes disagreements personally, and swiftly deals vengeance on enemies, real or perceived."

Joey: "… fundamentalism is one of the three major components…of the right-wing rage that…could make her the Republican presidential nominee in 2012. The two other elements are anti-intellectualism and class resentment that serve as an accompaniment to and a mask for racism."

BanditBasheert, SoCalWolfGal and others posted links to Sarah’s lame claim of a coordinated attack by the liberal media during the campaign (vintage whine alert)

Joey also posted on this topic.

Cheeriogirl gave us something to cheer up about:
The more people learn about her, the less they approve of her"

Say No to Palin in Politics linked to Olberman’s excellent statement on Faux News:

Yknott: Here is Jimmy Kimmel's take on Sarah's knowledge of geography.

Another from Sully, posted by ella.

We’ll give the last word to Sully: Trig One More Time

There were also links to some great cartoons:

Sickntiredofpalin posted a couple of great illustrations, including this one:

Cartoon 1


Palin Refudiate Pees

Palin Refudiate Muslims

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